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16-10-2007, 20:11
I have started a new renegate space marine army some time ago. Its based on the new chaos list and has some funky little chaos twists in it :p. But it remains a renegate army, so there are no mutations, funky chaos spawns or other strange things in it (expect for some deamons perhaps but they will not come in the near future).

I have finished some units, let me know what you think about it.

unit Fallen, this will be the chosen.

unit normal renegate marines.

WIP biker unit

I'm also working on some raptors and a predator atm.

16-10-2007, 20:18
Real nice painting and conversion work :D

I really like those dark angel models, have you thought about maybe converting a chaos lord to Cypher, leading the army? :rolleyes:

16-10-2007, 20:28
good stuff here, the chosen are my favourite.

16-10-2007, 20:28
Wow, amazing renegades! The painting is absolutely fantastic, especially the freehand on the shoulder pads (from what I can see). The purple armour looks excellent too.:)

I'd love to see this army progress, will you be doing a project log on these chaps?

16-10-2007, 20:34
Those look awesome! i like the conversion work on the bikes, and cypher would be interesting.
Also from all the units you've mentioned are in this you could play them as regular SM if need be (troops,bikes, assault and pred)

16-10-2007, 20:41
Renegade, maybe.

Enjoying the bikers.

16-10-2007, 20:56
thx people for the comment, I'm going to make this a log i think, dunno if this is the right place but it can always be moved...

and about 'renegate'... it was a long day for me too and I only saw it after I submitted the thread :(

17-10-2007, 00:47
Renegades look awesome, I'm digging the DA conversions, keep up the good work.


Xenocidal Maniac
17-10-2007, 00:52
Very nice!! I like both squads, but I really love the purple marines! Nice work.

17-10-2007, 06:36
Even though I've seen them in real life, I'll say it once more...Good job ^^. These models are a great improvement since your guard. Too bad you couldn't finish them for the GT.


17-10-2007, 07:29
Looks really good.

17-10-2007, 09:00
Not "really good", they look ace, simple as that. The purple, to me, looks like it has a very natural highlighting without it being, you know... natural light.

Also, the biker holding the axe is probably one of the sleekst conversions I've seen in a long time, excellent if you ask me

17-10-2007, 10:47
wow they look really nice, props to the guy who gave you the idea for purple chaos marines! (grappig he)

keep up the good work ;D

floyd pinkerton
17-10-2007, 15:29
nice purple:D

Any more soon?

17-10-2007, 17:06
I found a pic of the 'chapter' marking i want to give my marines.


The normal marines wil get a smaller version on there leg armour. Still have to work on that tho, its a lot of work :p

17-10-2007, 19:35
eek - nice chapter marking, but replicating it dozens of times will be hard - unless you deliberately give each marine a slightly different version?

as Dugaal suggest above, with a little care you'll have an army you can _mostly_ alternatively play using the loyalist marine rules, which is always good value and stops you getting bored.

the purple is excellent, which colours and highlighting did you use?

17-10-2007, 21:34
main colour is lich purple, build up out of a 50-50 dark angel green - lich purple base. Highlights are lich purple mixed with bleached bone.

18-10-2007, 03:02
hadn't thought of using green as a base for purple, but yeah, I can see how it works

18-10-2007, 09:28
its good, unnatrually good, freakishly good, CHAOTICALLY GOOD

18-10-2007, 09:33
I am loving them robes and your freehand on that shoulder pad is top drawer

19-10-2007, 21:00
a little update, the predator is practicly finished, perhaps another marking somewhere but my insperation ran dry so that will have to wait :p


the heavy bolters are magneticly attached to the predator so they can turn and be removed and replaced with lascannons

24-10-2007, 15:20
Looking good :). Once again good job on the freehands, simple yet very effective. Could have done a better job with highlighting the black parts, but this is good tabletop quality.


24-10-2007, 16:03
Wow. they look amazing.
I love the Fallen and your colour scheme.

Amazing job at the free hand. im envious

24-10-2007, 16:31
Love them all.

The conversions for the ravenwing are A+++

Really like the scheme and the free-hand.

24-10-2007, 20:47
absolutely brilliant:D

love the look of the chosen, the robes are brilliant

24-10-2007, 21:02
thanks people for the compliments,

I hope to finish a unit of raptors somewhere this weekend and after that its terminator build time!! :p


24-10-2007, 21:59
Fanstic renegades! IŽll keep track on this, im especially interested in renegades now after reading Bloodquest.

25-10-2007, 02:48
Awesome army man, I really want to see more pics! Keep up the great work!

30-10-2007, 14:13
Finished a biker last week, the two other bikers still have to be painted though. The raptors are almost ready, still need to base them but i ran out of city of dead pieces so that will have to wait :(



30-10-2007, 14:19
the bikers have a brilliant sense of movment.