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16-10-2007, 23:53
my brother was in a charity shop and he noticed a box of chaos regiment, the copyright on them says 1997 on the bottom, if you wanna know specifics ill look tomorrow, just ask for them, there was also a packet of metal chaos maraurders, (3 maraurders plus 3 extra weapons, maces i think or flays did it say?)

i know they arent 40k, but im sure you guys can guess at the value....

he asked how much and they shouted to the back of the shop "how much for the little toy soldiers?) he was quiet, knowing they didnt know the value he paid 4

they are all still on sprues... theres about 8-10 complete models available, unpainted and still on the sprues...

im just curious as to how much you would have to pay to buy it new if you even can

17-10-2007, 00:13
I assume you're talking about the plastic Chaos Warriors from late 5th edition. The box should contain 16 Warriors with handweapons and shields or 2 hand weapons each including full command. They aren't worth much; probably people will pay even less than for the current Chaos Warriors because most people find the new ones to be superior to the 1997 ones. My assumption could be wrong though. What do you mean, "it sais 1997 on the bottom"? On the bottom of the bases? In that case, it could be even new Chaos Warriors. You can find pictures of Chaos Warriors from 4th edition up to now here (http://whfb.lexicanum.de/wiki/Chaoskrieger). Maybe you can find the ones your brother got on this page.

Same with the Marauders really and it will be a bit hard to find buyers for those since you can get them in plastic now. So all in all, I'd say your brother can sell the whole bunch for about 20. You can't buy the stuff new because it's all out of production but not for long enough to be worth much, mainly because there are new products to replace them which are regarded as superior by most.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
17-10-2007, 00:27
Original ones didn't have the two hand weapon option.

First up, they had H/W Shield, with a metal blister for command, then they released the Halberdiers, with metal Halberds and Command.

Then, with the advent of 6th Edition, they came with HW/Shield and Halberds, all in plakky, including command.

17-10-2007, 01:10
And they were awful models to rank up.

Not sure why this is in the 40K general discussion mind you