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17-10-2007, 12:31
Battle Report Overwhelmed:
2000 pts High Elves vs. (2000 Points Brettonians and 2000 pts Orc’s)

Sorry No pictures, but a good story report.


Raynor woke from his nightmare, The High Elven lord had the same recurring nightmare the past several weeks ever since slaying the Troten Daris the Tomb King Lord. He kept seeing it over and over again, as he struck the finishing blow on the Tomb King and eerie smile appeared on his face. And then he exploded in a cloud of dust covering all of Raynor’s army not just himself.

It had been weeks since that battle, but now his entire army was seen by all others as an enemy. Weeks ago they attempted to trade with the Brettonians and their scout’s were slaughtered. The Brettonian’s began to hunt his army and followed them for weeks. In a desperate attempt to remove the curse he retreated to Atren and place of Elven Lore and sent for magical aid from Helglen the Arch Mage of Saphrey. Now his scouts reported a band of Orc’s from the East and the Brettonians from the West were both approaching. In fact, his scouts reported the Brettonians and Orc’s met and coordinated their attack. “It was weird, the Orc’s spoke in Orcish and the Brettonians is Old Worlder, yet both seemed to understand each other perfectly”, reported his head scout.

It was obvious to Raynor this curse had somehow teamed to enemies against his army and that no help from Helglen had arrived. Tomorrow would be a bloody day he thought…


From Memory

High Elves:

Raynor - Elf Prince, Hvy armour, Shield, Elven Steed, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Corin

Alios - Mage, Upgrade to level 2, Seer, Jewel of Dusk.

Taleth – BSB, Armour of Protection, Pure of Heart, Bitting Blade

Caeth – Commander, Reaver Bow

19 Spear Elves, full command, Joined by Alios
19 Swordmasters, Full Command, Warbanner Joined by Taleth
2 Chariots
5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Ellyrian, champion with Amulet of Purifying flame

5 Silver Helms, Full Command.

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower

6 Shadow Warriors.


Nathan – Lord of Hippogryph, with armour that gave -1 to hit him in close combat.

Rafael – Paladin, BSB, with War banner, Lance of killing blow

Shiela – Mage, level 2, dispel scroll

Kromwell – Paladin

7 Knights of Realm, Full Command, joined by Kromwell and Rafael.

6 Questing Knights, Full command.

5 Grail Knights, Joined by Shiela

20 Men at arms, Full command,

10 Archers

3 Pegasus Knights, standard

1 Trebuchet


Griknok - Orc Boss on Wyvern, Sword that gives +1 attacks for enemy characters with-in 12”, 5+ Ward Save

Oddnog – Black orc, BSB, On Boar

Stinky Leather Boots – Goblin Shaman riding in Chariot with Wolves.

20 Black Orcs, Full Command, Banner that lets them move D6 extra during a charge Joined by Odd Nog
25 Orcs, Full Command
10 Savage Orcs, Full Command

2 units of 2 bases of snotlings

2 Spear Chukka’s

Grogg – 1 Giant

5 Wolf Riders, Full Command

Rules of Overwhelmed:

Defender gets half the number of points of the attackers. Defender sets up in the middle with a 20 Inch Square 10” from the center on all sides. Both enemies will enter the board 18” from the defenders deployment zone on the short side of the tables. Any units not able to fit in 5 inches of the table edge because of length cannot be deployed and must move on the table on turn 1. Game length is 5 turns, Defender gets 100 points for each character alive at the end of 5 turns, No points for Quadrants would be gain. 1 Piece of Terrain per Quadrant (4 Total (Attackers Place 2 and defender places 2). Attackers go
first. On a side note: Any model may dismount to enter a building.


From West to East High Elf Perspective:

Brettonians from the West and Orc’s from the East:

North West = Woods, North East =a Gully, South West=An Elven Hall, South East and Elven Shrine

High Elves:

Raynor gave orders for his men to prepare for battle. Raynor knew from previous battles the Brettonians would surely arrive first and thus he prepared for them. Raynor knew the woods to the Northwest would divide the Brettonian forces or at least funnel them and that his Dragon Princes Banner may prove useful. He deployed his Dragon Princes facing the woods and using the Gully to prevent from being rear charged. Next to him he deployed the Swordmasters and Taleth facing the Brettonians also making sure to use the gully from being rear charged. Raynor then gave commands to Caeth to set up with the archers inside the Elven Hall facing the Bretonnians. Raynor then ordered his Scouts to into the Elven Shrine hoping to march block the Orcs. Behind and to the side of the shrine the Spear Elves and Alios with a Chariot on both sides of the unit and the Unit of Silver Helms off to the left, but behind the shine. Lastly, he ordered the Repeater Bolt Thrower to set up in the middle of the table at the Tip of the gully. He then told his forces that Caeth would be in charge, because he would be riding out to face the enemy.


Nathon and his Hippogriff along with the Pegasus Knight deploy behind the Woods, hist unit of archers. Next to them 7 Knights of Realm, Full Command, joined by Kromwell and Rafael. Then he deployed his Trebuchet. Next to them the Questing Knights took up position directly across from the great hall. With the Grail Knights and Shiela on their flank.


Griknok and his Wyvern deployed across from the Shrine with Grogg the Gaint next to him and the Wolf Rider on their flank. Next came 2 units of snotlings, then stinky and his chariot. The Savage Orcs, 2 Spear Chukka’s, The a unit of Orc’s and finally Odd Nog and the Black Orcs.

To Battle:

The Brettonians and Orc’s both surged forward. On the west side of the battlefield the Brettonians and Orc’s from the east. Nathon flew on his Hippogriff behind the wood shielding him from the High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower, seeing this the Pegasus Knights also flew over and landed on the opposite side of the trees. Rafael and Kromwell with their Knights of the Realm rode Forward towards the Swordmasters, While across the field the Questing Knights and Grail Knight with Shiela also moved forward towards the Elven Hall.

On the east side the orc’s moved forward. Griknock and his wyvern along with Grogg the Giant and the Wolf Riders move towards the Shrine and the Shadow warriors inside. The rest of the Orc forces moved forwards staying in line.

The Prophetess and Goblin Shaman cast many spells, but Alios was able to dispel them all.

The Brettonian Trebuchet landed a rock and squashed 2 Swordmasters. Both Goblin bolt throwers fired at the Elven chariots, but failed to hit target.

Raynor had seen the Brettonian hide behind the woods just as he had planned he charged his Dragon Princes towards the only visible Pegasus Knight, and suddenly his banner glowed and his unit charged right through the Woods and into the surprised Pegasus Knights. The battle was fierce and all but one of the Pegasus Knights were hacked down, even with the general and Battle Standard nearby the last Knight could not hold his ground and fled, Raynor and the Dragon Prince chased after him over running into the Brettonian General Nathon behind them.

At the same time on the other side of the battlefield one chariot attempted to charge the Grogg the Giant, but the sight of him caused the chariot to flee in terror towards the Swordmasters, but stopping just in front of them. The other chariot moved down around the shine daring the Brettonian Grail Knights to charge. Then, Alios left the spear elves and joined the Swordmasters who turned to face Griknok and his Wyvern. The Spear Elves reformed and faced the chariot setting up a flank charge if the Grail Knights charge and don’t over run far enough to kill it.

Now Alios had a new target. He summoned a spell at the Brettonian Battle Standard Rafael. Rafael suddenly felt sick and Alios felt replenished and full of life.

The Silver Helms repositioned themselves next to the Shrine preparing to take the Charge of Griknok and the Wolf Riders.

Inside of the Elven Hall Caeth had seen Raynor make his charge and knew he needed to target the weak unit in the Brettonian force and take it down. He ordered his unit to target the Questing Knights. He fired his Reaver Bow and 1 knight fell then another Knight fell from the volley of arrows from his unit. This caused Panic and the Questing Knights Fled away from the onslaught of Elven arrows and off the battlefield.

The Repeater Bolt Thrower crew had many targets all around the battlefield, but then they saw him The Black Orc War boss on the Wyvern and they knew they would probably only get one shot before he was on them, so they took it. The single bolt flew deadly true and stuck the Black Orc General, but amazingly the bolt failed to harm him. (Authors Note: I rolled a 1 on the wound roll)

The site of their general not being harmed by the Bolt inspired the Orc’s and the Wolf Riders charged into the Silver Helms, who moved just far enough to be out Griknok’s charge arc. The battle was a loss for the Elves, but they held their ground. The Spear Elves braced for the charge, but amazingly Griknok flew over them and landed behind them causing terror in every direction, but the Elf General Caeth was positioned well and his commands kept the Elves calm and none of them gave into their terror.

Back at the shrine the Shadow warriors fired a volley at the Grogg the Giant, but their bolts failed to hurt him. Now however, Grogg had reached the building and their fear of him showed as they fled in terror out of the back of the building.

The Rest of the Orc’s closed in on the shrine, while Stinky summoned the Foot of Gork on the Repeater Bolt Thrower, but it was dispelled by Alios.

Across the battlefield behind the woods, the battle between the Dragon Princes with Raynor and the Brettonian lord Nathon continued. Nathon Challenged and Raynor Accepted. The two attacked each other but neither side could gain the upper hand. Nathon was outnumbered, but the battle continued.

Nearby on the other side of the wood, Rafael and Kromwell left their unit and went around the wood hoping to aid Nathon if he could just hold out a bit longer. While the Knights of the Realm unit they just left moved forward preparing to charge the Swordmasters.

Next to them the Men at Arms moved forward under withering fire from Caeth and the Archers in the Elven Hall, thus far 5 of their number had been downed, but they continued forward.

Next the Grail Knights and Shiela charged by the Elven Hall into the Chariot facing them. The chariot held knowing that if it fled it would run into the silver helms and wolf rider combat and most likely be destroyed. The combat was quick and the Grail Knights put 3 wounds on the chariot which broke and fled into the Silver Helms and Wolf Riders combat. 2 Silver Helm were killed, but 4 Wolf Riders were killed also before destroying the chariot. The Grail Knights pursued and attempted to reach the Silver Helms rear. (Authors Note: they needed and 11 on 3 dice if they made it they would surely kill the Helms and could over run, but they rolled a 10 and came up short). This left their flank now open and the Spear Elves charged into the Grail Knights. Their spears were deadly accurate and the Lady’s will allowed 2 Knights to fall, with no attacks in return the Grail’s will to fight on and protect Shiela had been broken and they fled off the battlefield with the Elven Spears chasing after them.

Now that the chariot had done its damage the Silver Helms hacked down the last Wolf Rider where he stood and charged into the Giant behind them. The Helms were able to wound the giant once. He swung back with his club and killed one Silver Helm. The Silver Helms had won the battle, but the Giant refused to budge.

Behind the woods the battle between the lords was fierce, Raynor summoned the power of the Flaming Sword and slashed at Nathon, who could not parry the blows Nathon was killed and fell from his Hippogriff, who bravely decided to defend Nathon’s body. But the Hippogriff attacks were easily dodged by Raynor and the large beast knew it had been beaten fled with the Dragon Princes and Raynor in pursuit.

Seeing their general fall and not being able to charge the Dragon princes as they ran past, Rafael and Kromwell both moved back towards the Swordmaster hoping to rejoin their unit of Knights of the Realm who moved into charge range of the Swordmasters and Taleth.

In the middle of the Battle Field the other chariot rallied and faced the Wyvern and Griknok while the shadow Warriors continued to flee. The Swordmasters angled to face Griknok and hoped that the Knights of Realm on their flank were not in charge range.

Alios decided to seek refuge inside of the Elven Hall with Caeth and left the Swordmasters and joined Caeth and the Archers. Caeth and the Archers continued to fire on the Men at Arms approaching, killing 5 more, but they kept coming.

Griknok charged towards the Swordmasters and they braced for impact but at the last moment he flew over them and into the Bolt Thrower crew, hacking them to bits and destroying the machine. The Knights of the Realm charged into the flank of the Swordmasters and Taleth, who was positioned on the wrong side of the unit and could not fight. The Brettonian Lances impaled 6 High Elven Swordmasters, but in a challenge the Swordmaster champion killed the Knight of the Realm champion. The Swordmasters had lost combat and when their will was nearly broken. Taleth began waving his banner and yelling “For the Asur!”. Amazingly the Swordmasters held their ground. (Authors Note: The general was with-in 12” and the battle standard allowed a re-roll. I needed a 4 and got it on my second roll)

Across the battlefield the Hippogriff rallied and turned to face the charging Elven Lord and Dragon Princes, but Raynor’s Flaming Sword Struck true, along with the Lances of the Dragon Princes. In return the wounded animal flailed at the Dragon Princes, but their armour deflected his blows. This time the Beast ran off the board with Raynor and the Dragon Princes in pursuit off the board also.

In the center of the battle field the 2 Spear Chukkas’s opened fire and wounded the remaining Elven chariot. This was followed by a volley from the Brettonian Archers which finished off the Elven machine.

The Silver Helms attacked Grogg the Giant and put a second wound on him. He then yelled and balled at the Silver Helms who lost combat and were outnumbered and fled from the fear causing behemoth. Out distancing him, but his pursuit move ran him into the flank of the Spear Elves. Grogg swung with his club killing 5 spear elves, but in return the champion managed a wound on Grogg. The Spear Elves lost combat, but held their ground.

Next to Grogg the snotlings and Savage Orc’s had finally reached the middle of the table, and now had left and opening for the Black Orc’s to get into the defended elven zone.

Combat, between the Swordmasters and Knights of the Realm was joined by the Charging Paladins. Rafael and Kromwell. Taleth moved over to face their threat, and was wounded by Rafael in the battle. The Knights of the Realm lost 2 of their number to the Great swords of the Swordmasters, and their champion. The battle was close, but the elves held their ground.

Near the Elven Hall the Men at Arms who were peppered with volleys of arrows finally got to charge the Hall. Caeth dropped his bow and pulled his sword, along with the rest of the Archers striking before the Men at Arms and killing 4 in return 2 archers went down. The Elves had held for now and the Men at Arms backed off and prepared to assault again. But just as they began to charge Caeth and archers fired a volley and 5 more men at arms fell causing them to panic and flee.

Raynor and Dragon Princes returned to the field of battle and saw Griknok and his wyvern preparing to charge them. Once again his Dragon Princes Banner began to glow and both he and his unit galloped into the woods next to Griknok and the Wyvern.

In the Elven Hall, Alios called on the powers of the death magic again and drained the last piece of life the Paladin Rafael who fell dead from his horse while in combat fighting the Swordmasters. It was too late however as the rest of the Swordmasters and Taleth had already fallen in combat.

Caeth then heard a loud thud on their building, “could it be the Trebuchet had hit its mark” he thought to himself. But then he realized what had happened, as the rest of the archers turned and looked through the other side of the windows at the Giant who dispatched the Spear Elves and over ran into the Silver Helm causing them to flee into the side of the Elven Hall and destroy them.

He then heard it echoing across the battlefield “WAAAAAAG”, he watched in slow motion as the Orc’s all moved forward towards his building, but by some unforeseen force they stopped (Authors Note: He rolled a 1 for his Black Orc’s move and for his other units he rolled low also)

Suddenly, a lightning bolt arched across the Sky then striking the ground and sending a flash across the entire battlefield. Caeth looked airborne it was Helglen the Arch Mage of Saphrey riding on his Great Eagle Nesra and below him units of High Elves. Caeth “Breathed a sigh of relief. He had gotten the message and come to their rescue”. After the Lighting bolt struck the ground, suddenly the Brettonians stopped fighting and looked around as if in a daze. Then they began charge the Orc’s and the Orc’s fled from the battlefield. (Authors Note: Turn 5 Ended and thus the game)


Helglen landed next to the Great hall and said “You can come out now I have removed the curse from your army. The Brettonians see you as High Elves and the Orc’s as Orc’s. The rest of my troops have chased the Orc’s from the battlefield. You have fought valiantly today, and your battle and story will be recorded in Elven tomes.”

That’s it: We never counted, but with 3 heroes left and 2 standards and general and BSB dead that 700 for me right there plus I nearly killed all the entire Brettonian force, the Orc's however were barely touched. We still fairly sure it was a massacre in the High Elves Favor.

Hope you enjoyed it.

17-10-2007, 13:55
Whew old HE massacre bretonnians and orcs with half points. That's quite a difficult battle!

17-10-2007, 18:25
Yep he had some terrible rolling for ward saves and armour.

17-10-2007, 19:07
1.) This is an interesting game type. I'll have to try it someday.

2.) Your report was superb. I felt like I was watching a movie, not just reading a static and uninteresting report.

17-10-2007, 20:01
Really good battle report. There were a few issues I noticed (like the black Orcs rolling for a Waagh. They automatically get a 6!), but a really good result by the old rule HE's.

18-10-2007, 09:39
nice going, and considering the opposition and the result the tomb king curse can't have been that serious :D

18-10-2007, 18:58
Thanks guys, It's been a while since I posted.

Now I'm back. as for the black orc's I know they passed their test, but they rolled a 1 for their move

28-10-2007, 07:06
Nice report! I love cinematic battles.

Just one question, when the Grail Knights were flanked by the spearmen and broken, were the knights in lance formation, or in a straight line?

28-10-2007, 23:01
There were only 3 models, 2 Knights and a damsel.

So not the lance.

30-10-2007, 11:50
So the spearmen flanked them, hitting a single knight in his flank?

If this is correct then the Spearmen could only kill that one Grail knight, despite the amount of wounds they cause as Grail Knights count as champions.

Wouldn't have made much difference in your game, but it is nice to remember.

30-10-2007, 12:02
If this is correct then the Spearmen could only kill that one Grail knight, despite the amount of wounds they cause as Grail Knights count as champions.

This is not correct.

30-10-2007, 13:12
This is not correct.

I disagree, and for proof I'll direct you to this...


And to the 4th question of the miscellaneous section.

"Q: A unit is charged in the flank and the only model in
base contact with the enemy is a champion model. Is it
possible to kill more models than the champion?

A: No."

30-10-2007, 15:07
Thats interesting I didn't know this. Are you saying when fighting the Grails you must always direct your attacks at models?

So if your spears are fighting grails to the front (3 wide) and you have 15 attacks you must declare how many are at each of models? (ie. 5 at each) Instead of just rolling attacks and having him remove the casulties?

That seems weird, does it state this somewhere?

31-10-2007, 00:41
Thats an interesting point, I hadn't considered that... that does seem wierd, but that would seem how to do it by the rules...

to the Rules board!

31-10-2007, 02:27
I would disagree with all grail knights are champions
pg 50 bretonian army book "every model in a unit of grail knights can issue and accept challanges as IF they were a champion" emphisis mine

if they were champions the IF would not be in there...other then challanges they are rank and file soldiers

31-10-2007, 12:35
I checked the book last night and thats how I read it also. So if he had challenged and I had a character in combat with him on the flank then I accept I would only be allowed to attack him. But he didn't challenge, so I think we played it correct.

01-11-2007, 02:52
My mistake people, I was wrong.

01-11-2007, 13:38
Hey no problem. I'm just glad we could figure it out.