View Full Version : mengils manhides and extra VP

warlord hack'a
17-10-2007, 12:46
I was wondering about the special rule of the manhides: they get 100 VP for each enemy unit broken in hth. But is syas in their rules that THEY get the VP so this makes me assume that if they are slain then the DE player does not get the VP earned by this unit (similar to how capturing standards works).

However, it does not say this in the rules anywhere. Bt it also does not say the VP are scored immediately. So what should it be?

17-10-2007, 13:12
I'd like to see that as a house rule. It makes sense, after all.


18-10-2007, 19:58
But that's not part of the real rules. So don't expect many people to agree with it.

I also don't see that they need that as a drawback. They are prohibitively expensive and take up valuable slots, even for Dark Elf players (for whom they don't even offer that much), and the 100 point bonus already comes with its own drawback as the unit is unable to pursue (which is a huge drawback). If your foe rallies those 100 points pretty hollow compared to the 100 for a standard and 200+ for running down the unit...

19-10-2007, 01:56
Mengil and his Manhiders rock your socks. They do require a lot of finesse because they're expensive and frail, but that aside, they're elf commandos. The rules say they get 100 VP for flaying their enemies: Whether this is because they "capture" the skins of their enemies, or because they perform the deed, is left undiscussed. So, without any further detailing in the rules provided, I'd say you get the VP's no matter if the Manhiders are promptly obliterated later in the game or not.

As for running down a unit and **** like that, that's a moot point because they're skirmishers after all, and even if being very good skirmishers at that, they're unlikely to break a unit on their own (although they're certainly capable of doing so). So they're best used as a primarily shooty unit, staying out of harms way with their banner combined with skirmishing (making them almost untouchable by missile fire), and assisting other units in combat for easy VP's. Don't throw them in there alone without having a good plan to back it up.