View Full Version : Cypher Valid?

17-10-2007, 21:17
Okay, with the release of chaos codex 4.0 everything from the 3.5 codex and the eye of terror was deamed obsolete. Okay. And the Chosen of Ahriman is also obviously gone due to the way the rules were written...

But what about Cypher? I ask this because he was never "Tournement Legal" but was playable in stores and in most just about any store function that permitted named charecters. But what about now?

The reason I ask is the way the rules were written. It reads in a very specific manner that does not refer to ANY codex. It also is written for the fallen as being undevided CSMs. So because of this would Cyphers rules be considered valid still?

17-10-2007, 21:19
They are as valid as you or your opponents want them to be.

He's never going to be "tourney legal" (which is a farcical expression in itself, as Tournemants can make up their own rules) so use away!