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17-10-2007, 22:23
I'm building a cult of sigmar themed list and I've hit a speed bump. Does teh cult have any specific colors?

And also- arch lector on an altar + 3x warrior priest = fun AND fluffy!

18-10-2007, 14:41
Good question

But I would think that Sigmar would have the same color than Altdorf but I not a reference for empire color.

May you find thruth in your quest for the blessing of Sigmar.

18-10-2007, 15:24
Blarg, oh well. Custom Colours it is!

Mad Doc Grotsnik
18-10-2007, 15:35
I don't think so, at least, no to my knowledge.

I'm doing something similar with the War Altar, and I intend to field 3 units of Flagellants, and lots of under equipped Spears and Halberds, with minimal support. The way I envisage it as an army of the disposessed following Archaons invasion, men with nothing left to live for.

18-10-2007, 15:47
When i was on the drawing board for my army, i came to the conclusion that my army will be recruited to join the faithful cult. So instead of bringin flagellants, i decided to go with swordsmen and a full unit of great swords. They must prove themselves worth of sigmar's grace in battle. I'm running 1 cannon and thats all of my artillery(Sigmar's hammer!)

I like your idea a whole lot. I wish i woulda thought of that!

Grand Warlord
18-10-2007, 16:08
Outside of colors I suppose the only identifyer (if any) would be the hammer symbol?

Mad Doc Grotsnik
18-10-2007, 16:10
Hasn;t happened quite yet. Got a bit carried away with some Artillery and my love affair with my Pistoliers, but it's getting there.

And just because I've posted the concept, doesn't make it mine. Go for it dude! My original plan was to have the troops in browns, with a single sleeve, or ribbon, denoting their former City or Province, giving it a unified, but ragtag look. Then I found I couldn't be arsed, and just gave them a single Mechrite Red arm each! ;)

18-10-2007, 16:21
LOL! I too have had a love affair with pistolliers. They are so much fun:D

And i caved in and added in handgunners cause this army would suck without some firepower :P

But making this army boiled down to me hating tomb kings. So i made this army using ever itm that has a bound spell. SO i've got 9 bound spells going off on one turn and 8 on my other 5 turns! TAKE THAT TOMB KINGS!!!

19-10-2007, 05:15
Just played last night with a version of this army with the war altar and 3 mounted wps in units of 9 Sigmarite knights. Also 3x25 flagellants. The ammer is my unifying theme, rather than color. All of my knights have cavalry hammers (use White Wolf rules) and all are bald, essentially fledgling warrior priests led by a full WP with great weapon in each unit.

I have no magic items in the entire list, other than the Hammer of Judgement on the Arch-Lector (seemed fluffy). Ran into Tomb Kings and handled them pretty well.

19-10-2007, 05:44
I would have plain backgrounds on banners, with golden hammers and golden comets. If you make this iconography strong enough, I think you could do well actually using multiple colours for your army.

Off the top of my head, you could have multiple factions in the army:

(1) The High Delegate from the Church of Sigmar and his retinue. They all are dressed in pristine while with gold trims. Lots of iconography. I would go mainly for an open book as the predominant icon for these guys. They include:

- Archlector
- Greatswords (templar bodyguards for him)
- 1 unit of (maybe inner circle) knights
- War Altar

(2) The Order of the Heralds of Sigmar (just made it up). A local church/monastry. They have a dark-blue or black colour scheme with bright gold comet symbols on everything. Representing the comet the heralded sigmar's arrival. They could include:

- Warrior Priest
- 2 x Units of basic troops
- Maybe a unit of knights
- Whatever limited missle troops you wanted.

(3) First Redeptionist Sect of Harlzberg. A crazy preacher who has stirred up the locals and started this whole crusade. He is the one that brought the attention of the high church and called for assistance. This lot is all ragtag and uses the Hammer icon on everything. Maybe a red colour scheme as they probably think blood is holy.

- Warrior Priest
- Lots of Flaggelants
- Free Company (the local faithful, armed with weapons off the zombie sprue, pitchforks, scythes etc)
- Huntsman (the local hunters and others that know the area)

If you use a strong enough tie-in for your army, you can get away with multiple colour schemes, if hte factions are strongly themed and obvious. In my skaven army each clan uses a differrent colour. In my HE army,

I have 2 villages worth of citizen levy. Each village supplies 1 unit of spearmen and 1 of archers. One village is green, one village is red. They both use the same symbols though. Characters are themed as coming from 1 of the 2 villages and are painted accordingly.

Non-local troops like Whitelions and Pheonix Guard are painted white, so they are a neutral colour and look good next to the others but have no clear alleigence.