View Full Version : Which WD was the Index Astrates article on renegades in>

18-10-2007, 19:34
As the title says, WD did a feature article on SM's that talked about chapters going renegade. I need to find it for a piece of fluff from it, however a quick skim through my massive WD collection didn't locate it so I want to know which one it was in, Iíve probably just skimmed over it by accident as Iíve been looking through my collection, as Iím sure I own a copy of it.

p.s. the UK WD number.

Cheers Guys.

18-10-2007, 22:54
Just to add to my last post, I remeber it having a big bit about the Red Corsairs and the whole mess their in it, I still can't find it:cries:.

18-10-2007, 23:07
It's not exactly what your looking for, but the article is reprinted in the IA4 book.

18-10-2007, 23:12
not much good as I don't have that.

Theirs some fluff in one of the sidebars about another rebelious chapter I need for my Apoc datasheet submition in the contest.

Cheers for trying though, trouble I think it's nearly 2 years old or so, maybe more.

thanks again though.

18-10-2007, 23:35
Nevermind, found it myself in WD 303, very easy to miss as it's only 3 pages in size and the first page at a glance looks like a CSM relatd one, not a rouge SM one.