View Full Version : 40k rules in different countries

floyd pinkerton
18-10-2007, 22:19
Hey guys,

Could someone tell me what different types of rules there are for 40K, and what languages they are in.

I believe there is

English language + inches-


Europe/Japan(?) + centimetres

Are there any other ones, and how do they change?

I believe i heard something about the effectiveness, or lack of, blasts in CM rules.

Also, does this mean sometimes we are talking nonsense, especially in the Rules Subforums?

18-10-2007, 23:26
I remember the whole Blood Angel/White Dwarf debacle... where rules for the chapter were different depending on the country of origin from which the WD was released...

Proof positive that rules are not universal from country to country. Now to what degree, that is a whole other question.