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19-10-2007, 12:46
This army is going to be used on Sunday against Tzeentch Army.

TK, Destroyer of Eternities+Talisman of Protection+Vambraces of the Sun
TP, Chariot+Blade of Setep+LA+Shield
IB, Chariot+LA+Mirage Standard
LHP, Enkhil's Kanopi+Collar of Shapesh+Blue Khepra
LP, Casket of souls+Hieratic Jar+Brooch of the Great Desert
LP, Steed+Dispel Scroll+Dispel Scroll
LP, Steed+Staff of Sorcery
10x Skeleton Archers, Blessing
10x Skeleton Archers, Blessing
24x Skeletons, LA+Shield+Spear+Banner of the Undying Legion+Full Command
3x Chariots, Full Command+Icon of the Sacred Eye
13x Heavy Horseman, Full Command+War Banner
25x Tomb Guard, Full Command+Icon of Rakaph
3x Ushabti
Tomb Scorpion
Bone Giant
Screaming Skull Catapult

3985 Pts Dispel Dice: 7

This army was built with all the Characters I have, but I have 1 more Catapult and another unit of chariots and 3 carrion, another scorpion and about 40 more skeletons.

What do you think the odds will be against him and his Dragons?

19-10-2007, 15:34
Way to many points in Characters.

19-10-2007, 16:38
Some thoughts:

-Give your High lich priest Neferra's Plaques. Since your opponent is fielding Tzeentch, you'll probably be against a lot of dispel dice, so it's good to avoid low rolls with your incantations.

-Dragons, you say? Then a Tomb King with the flail of skulls is in order! I suggest a tomb king with flail of skulls, wearing the collar of shapesh and mounted on a chariot of fire. Give this monster a retinue of 4 chariots, along with the Icon of the sacred eye, and you have the ultimate dragon-killer! Just make sure you protect the unit from flank charges where the king will be out of combat...if this happens, then it reall is a matter of time before it goes "pop". Still, this unit is guaranteed to make its points back; just focus on the dragon(s), which cost a lot of points, and you can't go astray!

-Not sure about the heavy cavalry...It seems too frail to field against chaos.. What you really need is strength in numbers, so as to exploit the fact that tzeentch has the worst leadership of all chaos powers.Maybe you could divide it in units of 5 to act as charge-baits, diverters and skirmisher-hunters.

-get another unit of chariots, they're a must, if you don't want to get outmanoeuvered.If you have the points and models, make them 4-strong, they'll work better that way.

-Tomb guard is fine, glad to see the Icon of rakaph. Against chaos, where things are down to close combat from turn 3 or so, the extra reform is a battle-winner! I suppose khalida goes in here?

-No need for spears in the skeleton unit, a waste of points if you ask me. I'd get another one, since you have the models and you'll need the extra bodies to soak up magic damage.

-3 Ushabti won't take you far; either take four or leave them back in the pyramid...:D Four, however, can work really good, especially if they are backed up by the icon bearer (they'll neet to lose combat by 3 to even start losing wounds)

-A second scorpion is in order..use it in a supportive role, don't waste them on charges the are not capable of winning. mage hunt, combine charges and hope for the killing blow against the Chaos Lord!

-Some say the bone giant is too random for their taste, I like him and I think he is fun! So, take him and watch him draw an extraordinary amount of enemy fire /magic.. (you should name him Phyr-em-Agkhnet..:D)

-Enkhil's canopi can either be a big waste or an item of great importance...It all depends on the lore! Tzeentch has 2 RiP spells and a bound item that is Rip. So, good call...

-Tomb prince is sweet, just aim for the chaos knights!

-Not a fan of the casket myself, though it can prove very useful against low-ld armies, and tzeentch does have mediocre leadership. If it gets off, you'll be able to deal with many danges, such as minotaurs, skirmishers and the such.

In general, I'd say the odds are looking good. You are faster (chariots, scorpions, giant) , have firepower (as opposed to none from your opponent) and can combine charges with ease due to the incantations. Concentrate on eliminating some mages early on in order to have the upper hand in later phases.

Hope i helped,
keep us posted!

19-10-2007, 18:42
Many thanks, this not something I face everyday. I'll amend my list.

19-10-2007, 20:10
Here is the amended version:

Khalida 420pts
TK, Collar of Shapesh+Chariot of Fire+Flail of Skulls 313pts
TP, Chariot+Blade of Setep+LA+Shield 199pts
IB, LA+Standard of the Sands 142pts
LHP, Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations+Blue Khepra+Talisman of Protection 330pts
LP, Casket of souls+Enkhil's Kanopi+Brooch of the Great Desert 325pts
LP, Steed+Dispel Scroll+Dispel Scroll 173pts
10x Skeleton Archers, Blessing 100pts
10x Skeleton Archers, Blessing 100pts
25x Skeletons, Full Command+LA+Shield+Banner of the Undying Legion 275pts
3x Chariots, Full Command+Icon of the Sacred Eye 220pts
9x Heavy Horseman, Full Command 172pts
24x Tomb Guard, Full Command+Icon of Rakaph 358pts
3x Ushabti 260pts
Tomb Scorpion 85pts
Tomb Scorpion 85pts
Bone Giant 220pts
Screaming Skull Catapult, Skulls of the Foe 110pts
Screaming Skull Catapult, Skulls of the Foe 110pts

3997 Pts Dispel Dice: 6

I have seen this opponent play before and he gets the Horror spell off on war machines and really buggers them up so i'm not to sure how to stop that.

As for hunting his dragon and the hero on the disk i hope the chariots with the Boys in it will be able to handle them.

I'm also sure Khalida's incantation with the Tomb Guard will come in handy.

I'm thinking of putting the LHP in the big unit so that he can give his MR to them when he attempts the horror spell.

Please give any thoughts on this.

19-10-2007, 20:54
Hello again!

This list is better, but you'll need more hard hitting units!
Right now, your chariot unit is plain overkill! You don't need bboth a Tomb King and a Tomb Prince in the same unit. Get another unit of chariots to act as a retinue for your tomb prince. the best way to do this is to substitute the skeleton horsemen.

Khalida will keep the tomb guard alive and kicking. Be wary, however, of the Hellfire sword menace: A chaos lord armed with this weapon need only cause one wound on her, and it's bye-bye (flaming doubles wounds and cancels regeneration, thus rendering khalida helpless). Should you get such a hing, challenge the lord with your champion!

I judge from the points cost that you've raised the number of ushabti, that's good!

Standard of the sands will help you a lot when combined with the massive fire from your catapults. Remember to deploy khalida and the tomb guard close to a catappult, so as to make full use of her irresistible incantation!

Other than that, the list is good to go, although Khalida drastically raises the character cost, even by tomb kings standards! Nevertheless, it's a good list and will fare nicely.

P.S. On the horror thing,remember that this spell has a high casting cost and is difficult to get in the first place (random), thus worrying too much about it won't help. If he manages to cast it, and it's early on in the game, then maybe a dispel scroll is in order. Also remember that most of the times, the spell won't hurt your skeleton crewmen much; On average, a single horror will be created and you will be able to send him back to the warp quite easily!

19-10-2007, 21:07
Ok i Removed the Heavy Cavalry and replaced it with a:
3x Chariots, Full Command 170pts (What character should go with what unit?)

The Ushabti are still 3 I dont have more models and am trying not to Proxy Models.

Once again thanks for the help, I will let you know how it plays out.

22-10-2007, 06:27
Well we played the game and I had him concede by the end of my CC round in turn 2.

I had lost nothing except my Catapult that got a 1 on the miss fire chart, my King also had 3 wounds on him. But I had killed the dragon from the flank(thanks Happy_doctor, they have dubbed the king and his chariots The Tomb Kings Dragon) and proceeded to flank the rest of his force by using the Standard of the Sands so that he kept in a nice straight line.
It was when I chased his lord off the board with his unit of knights and over ran into his Warriors that had just been charged by a bone giant, which would mean I get another go with the chariot unit, that he decided Chaos had come a little to far south. :)
Thank you for the help, this game really put the fear of Khemri into the group.

22-10-2007, 17:48
Hey, nice to hear you won! (and Tomb Kings should be feared, they are powerful!)
Now send your friend over to Warseer and we'll take a look at his list (so that next time your game will be more challenging!!) :D

On the tomb king, yes he is powerful and can make his points back in every single game (as long as he has some chariots riding along with him and provided you choose the juiciest target available for a charge!!)

Anyway, glad to be of help, see you around!
(any pics of the battle, perchance?)

22-10-2007, 20:23
TK have amazing special and rare choices, why are you not maxing them out?

23-10-2007, 07:48
Sorry no pics! Next time i'll make a video as it doesn't take long :)

@Maelx: I was playing with the models I had and I think that TK's with chariots as core are a potent force.