View Full Version : Wood Elves or High Elves?

19-10-2007, 16:33
which one? attributes etc?

19-10-2007, 16:52
well wait a till next month. He get a new book next month.

WE are lots of skirmishing and lots of arrows (something other armes don't relly get) and HE looks to be a veyr powerfull elite infantry.

Crazy Harborc
20-10-2007, 02:42
The Woodies are more for hit and run, skirmish, move in woods like it's open terrain. Having said that......the Dryads make good HtH units.;)

Like the man said.....November should see the release of a official 7th Edition HE Armybook.

From the discussions on Warseer, the HE army will be improved in a variety of ways.:D

Mad Doc Grotsnik
20-10-2007, 12:10
HE are revoltingly tough in combat now, what with always striking first, but they remain as squishy as ever I'm afraid.

We've knocked up a few trial lists at Veterans night, and the best we could come up with in 1,000 points tended to have 4 very small, very fragile units, which nevertheless could kick your teeth down your throat.

Definitely wait for the new High Elf book, ignore the internets opinion (which is invariably ill considered and downright wrong) get both the books, read the *background* of each, and see which you prefer.

the anti santa
20-10-2007, 18:03
Also consider the model range.

I'm not all that impressed by the new HE models. The Dragon is cool, but I prefer the forest dragon, I like the plastic High elf Heroes but the Wood elves have some amazing metal heroes and their mages are much better.

Of course the Treeman and Treekin are pretty awful and high elves have the wonderful new lion chariot and I've heard that more models will be out for them in the future.

The special characters are nice models but not really speacial enough, in particular the shadow king.

But as others have said, wait till the new book is out and watch the new HE in action to see if you'd enjoy playing them.

20-10-2007, 19:31
I agree you should wait till HE comes out and deciede then, the previous poster had a good point about the models, while the new HE models look good, the old ones that didnt get released till whenever the 2nd release will be really did get shafted, while pretty much everything in WE looks great as is.

Still I would reserve judgment till then, but my opinion is if its cavarly you like go with HE, if its archers go with WE

20-10-2007, 23:54
i agree the WE have a better model range

sing Sang a song
21-10-2007, 06:46
if u like wild look on ur army u should do WE but if u want elite and shiny army u should go for HE