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06-09-2005, 11:08
My Mordheim rule book has been gathering dust since way back when it was released and I played it for half a year or so. But now I got inspired and is thinking of getting it going again.

I would be most thankful for some pointers on good combinations, preferable weapon options etc. Its been awhile and its good to get it right from the start.

I'm contemplating having a human mercenary warband, possibly Reiklanders. I've always had a weakspot for the mere mortals in the Old World. :)

Am I correct in my assumption that ranged weaponry is a must in Mordheim? I'm thinking that its a good think dealing with the enemy from afar as it is a long way over the tabble, even if cluttered with terrain. And what are good weapon options in general? Two weapons? Sword and buckler? What about great weapons and halberds?

Any help would be most appreciated!


06-09-2005, 11:46
For ranged weapons, you have to go all out or not bother. Saying that, however, I have (for some reason) terrible luck with them, so they may be useful to others... my two archers (longbows) ALWAYS roll a 1 and a 3 to hit, except for the time that I got so annoyed that a made them shoot each other (one OOA, one stunned). Oh, they always fail their climbing tests aswell.

Sorry, I'm drivelling a bit there. In summary, two or three archers/crossbowmen are a bit of a waste of time. If, on the other hand, you go for a full-on Reiklander warband with 5 or more marksmen, they'll be pretty good. The only problem is, if the terrain is against you you'll have no way of dealing with the enemy in close combat. A proper Mordheim board needs lots of terrain, and it can be very easy to hide from shooting. Personally, I prefer a combat-orientated warband.

On the subject of equipment:

Armour is pretty useless. Forget it for the moment (they want to fix the rules to change this at some point apparently), except for bucklers (see below) and helmets, which are good.
Hammers/Clubs/Maces are excellent. They are cheaper than axes, and more useful since axes only affect armour (which is taken rarely, being useless), whereas hammers affect everyone. Well, except Dwarfs. I like to give my standard henchmen 2 hammers (but then I play Middenheimers :D)
Halberds are OK if you have high strength (S4 or higher) or 2 attacks. Otherwise, I don't really like them, although it's nice to have a couple to deal with high toughness enemies.
2 handed weapons work well as charge-takers. They strike last anyway, so there's not much to lose. They can also hurt anything. Giving then to cheap troops seems to work (I have to Youngbloods with great weapons and helmets).
Spears are similar in this respect - they do less damage, but stick them in front of everyone else and they discourage charging.
Swords are nice either as a pair (with the Expert Swordsman skill) or with a buckler for good defence. I wouldn't bother with a buckler otherwise though.
Longbows and Crossbows are good missile weapons. Pistols are good for close combat, and duelling pistols are nice for both. The Blunderbuss is good against large warbands (e.g., Skaven). Other blackpowder weapons are a waste of time.
I've only used thrown weapons with the Lizardmen warband. They were OK, but then that was partly due to the fact that they had access to cheap poison.
I think that's it (turned into a bit of a tome really...)

06-09-2005, 19:39
It depends on your situation really. It seems when I face off against a good opponent we end up squaring off with our cheap troops in front and our heros behind. Whoever charges first risks opening themselves up to the opponent's dangerous troops unless they can wipe out the first wave. Having a few missle weapons can force your opponents hand into making the first move. This is especially dangerous if you play a pit-fighter warband where if you can make them charge you split their forces.

Overall I'd say the club is the best weapon for it's cost, followed by the sword. For ranged weapons the crossbow seems to be the popular choice, but I've held the opinion for awhile that the most dangerous shooting warbands operate at short range where cover isn't as much of an issue. Skaven with a ton of slings and str4 throwing stars, or my personal favorite: Marienburgers brimming with pistols.

As far as reiklanders, the "steriotypical" warband for them is a bunch of marksmen with crossbows, and every hero with a crossbow. I've faced it, and it can be pretty scary, but as has been said terrain or a fast warband like skaven can rip it a new hole sometimes. If you went that route you might wanna consider giving a hero or two some pistols to take the enemy down at close range.

07-09-2005, 05:45
You may want to check out the Specialist Games forums (http://www.specialist-games.com/forum/default.asp), in particular the Mordheim experimental rules section.

In a month or two I'll start running regular games of Mordheim with two of my non-gamer friends (starting with the three human mercenary variants) and as such I've been doing a bit of research. It seems everyone is agreed that armour isn't worth it, that hammers are the most effective weapons and that if you're going to wield a close combat weapon, you'd best take a pair. Other than that preferences vary, but typically players will equip their warband in a uniform fashion; if one hero has a pistol, they all have a pistol.

I've decided first of all to tweak some of the rules and points values, and then planned a set of warbands according to the available miniatures and general background image. They might not hold up well in a campaign full of powergamers, but since we'll just be playing against eachother it doesn't matter.

To me, gaming is not so much about winning as it is about proving your strategical and tactical skills, and personally I'd much rather do that with a characterful, fun force. If anything a weak warband offers you greater challenges to overcome. It's not as much fun when you only play against gamers who don't share this view and use whatever is most effective, but then that's not the kind of group I'd like to game in.

The Judge
08-09-2005, 20:48
Lucky Charms!

Til they changed the rules...

A Reiklander or Marienburger list crammed with crossbowmen and heroes with braces of pistols is one of the beardiest things I have ever played against.

09-09-2005, 01:33
I understand that there's an armor rule set out now where the armor does little to protect you in battle but the saves come in to play at the end of the game before you roll serious injuries (to see if the guys wakes up and shakes himself off, or, well, gets seriously injured).

Reiklanders - tough band. Try and have as many guys as you can, and get them kick as in hand to hand. Do go ahead and get some ranged weapons, but bear in mind that in a Mordheim game your opponent is getting lots of cover.

If run into people who play Skaven, see what you can do to get some fear causing going on. With their crappy leadership there's not much they can really do about that.

09-09-2005, 08:28
From my personal experience crowd of thugs with clubs and knives works great... missle weapons have many disadvantages (they don't always hit on 4+ or better and you can't finish off enemy you wounded but not took out of action). Then, they cost almost as much as another cheap guy with two attacks.

I agree they are important for covering enemy approach routes (scaring factor), but rather then wasting gold on marksmen of my own, I buy one Tilean Marksman; with BS4 and couple of useful skills, this guy actualy hits his targets.

It seems when I face off against a good opponent we end up squaring off with our cheap troops in front and our heros behind. Whoever charges first risks opening themselves up to the opponent's dangerous troops unless they can wipe out the first wave.

That's what Bluderbusses are for. As they do not require you to nominate target, just to place template, you may charge with cheap, expandable thugs then shoot through combat, hiting your scum, enemy combatants, enemy behind combat, everyhing. With automatic hits, you send enough enemies to the grond to have omst of your elite unengaged and able to charge next turn.

Lord of ???
09-09-2005, 10:13
I've found that with Skaven having every guy armed with a sling and throwing Zen Gardens at people tends to do some damage

09-09-2005, 14:59
A fairly nice combination (but one which takes a while to obtain), is a shooting oriented hero with a repeater crossbow and fast shot. Four shots a turn is very fun.

09-09-2005, 15:32
Skaven all armed to the teeth with slings was pretty devastating, if you took as many of the buggers as you could.

Then as they got better you bought them more H2H weapons and got some fearsome H2H skills. You'd have a band that could tear down any band that doesn't cause fear.

And if the band causes fear? Well, let's just say that's a form of game balance :) .