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20-10-2007, 11:12
Hi and thanks in advance for your responses. Is there anyway you can field a unit of infantry without having to be part of a platoon. ie without the command squad etc. Also can you in anyway have an infantry unit with a grenade launcher and a flamer. Finally, if you add a commisar it says the first one must be part of the command squad HQ selection. Does this mean he is a sixth member (literally an addition) or does he take the place of one of the 5 members. I hope this makes sense. Thanks again in advance.

20-10-2007, 11:26
Oh maaan, i really dont want to have to say "Buy a codex", but , you really ought to...

In answer to the questions then

not basic infantry

20-10-2007, 11:29
Hardened Vets., Ogryns, Storm Troopers, Ratlings and Armoured Fist Squads appear to be independently organised from platoons. Only Hardened Veterans and Storm Troopers can have both a grenade launcher and a flamer in the squad.

I would have thought that they are in addition to the five man squad. The Command Squad in the battle report in WD 334 shows 7 members in it, with a Commissar and Psyker in addition to the original 5 members.

Time to invest in a Codex?

Lord Merlin
20-10-2007, 11:33
1:No, unfortunately
2: Try a special weapons squad of lots of weps.
3:Yes You literally attach him

20-10-2007, 11:36
Thanks for the response gitburna. Im pleased you didnt say "buy a codex" as that is the whole point of me posting this article on here. I fully intend to in the future but as I have no way of getting down to the shops to buy a codex for at least another week and i had a question that i wanted an answer to right now i am taking advantage of this forum. I always find it amusing that people asume you should own every codex and armybook and if you dont then you dont have the right to ask any questions on the forums. I personally couldnt justify spending hundreds of pounds on books just to get the answer to one question on a specific race. If other people can then good luck to them. If anyone wants to ask me a question on any armies i do have books for then i would be delighted to help and certainly wouldnt judge them, im pleased you are the same. Thanks again and kind regards, Neale.

20-10-2007, 11:40
Welcome to Warseer and the best army in the universe, neale.:)

First off, IG has one basic troops choice: Infantry platoons (= command squad and 2-5 infantry squads of 10 men each). Without them, nothing goes. For every Infantry platoon you have, you may choose one Armoured Fist squad which basically is an infantry squad and a Chimera which counts as a troops choice too. So to fulfill the requirements of your force organization plan in terms of troops choices, you have to have an infantry platoon and and armoured fist squad at least.

You also have the option of having a platoon of Conscripts (even cheaper and less capable guardsmen; recruits or militia basically), but as a prerequesite, you have to have an infantry platoon. Conscript platoons act like a single unit and you're allowed to have one special weapon for every 10 men in the platoon which would allow you to have a grenade launcher and a flamer in this unit but the reduced ballistic skills of Conscripts make grenade launchers in those units an unpopular choice. For firing flamers, BS is irrelevant so they are the only popular special weapon for Conscripts.

There's also the option to have special weapons squads. Those consist of less guardsmen than the infantry squads but they are allowed to carry two more special weapons than regular infantry squads which would also make a unit that can have a flamer and a greande launcher in one unit. Then there's Veteran squads. Those are more flexible than regular infantry, have better ballistic skills and leadership and cost a bit more. Those are also allowed to have two more special weapons than infantry squads. Stormtroopers, which are more expensive than infantry squads but have improved ballistic skills, leadership and armour, may have one more special weapon than infantry squads too. Command squads also can get more special weapons.

All these above-mentioned units (apart from the command squads of course) are alwaysd fielded on their own, without being part of infantry platoons.

The Advisor special rule sais that Commissars have to be in command squads, effectively making them a sixth member of the command squad. If there's a Commissar in every command squad already, you may attach the surplus Commissars to any other squad. There's a doctrine to bypass the advisor rule but it makes the Commissars a bit more expensive and they'll take up an Elites slot.

Feel free to ask any further questions.:)

20-10-2007, 11:46
Thanks sigur. Thats brilliant help. I really appreciate the clear and helpful response. Just one other question, how many standard bearers can you have in an army. The reason for all these slightly odd questions is that ive been offered some models for sale but i dont want to buy things that i wont be able to use together. Thanks again in advance. Neale.

20-10-2007, 11:55
You can have one standard bearer in your compulsionary HQ command unit but this doesn't stop you from adding standards to the other command squads too. As long as you point out that only the standard in the HQ command squad has an in-game effect and as long as the one in the HQ command squad looks a bit flashier than the other standards, it should be perfectly okay.

20-10-2007, 12:01
Great. Thanks again for your help and have a good weekend. Neale.

20-10-2007, 12:27
Is there anyway you can field a unit of infantry without having to be part of a platoon, ie without the command squad etc.

On the paper, armoured fist squad is a unit of one squad with chimera, but as you need to buy infrantry platoon to get it, it's more llike sixth squad in platoon which brought chimera with themselves and used up extra troop slot. And it's rather not worth taking.

If you want to fill up mandatory your troop slots with usage of minimal points and model you may try grenadiers doctrine, which allows 0-3 stormtrooper squads as Troops. I would not recommend that until you know what you're doing, through.

Also can you in anyway have an infantry unit with a grenade launcher and a flamer.

Yes, with swamp fighters doctrine - they can replace heavy weapon with grenade launcher. But this obscure doctrine was printed in WD year or two ago and may be hard to come by, or even to be accepted by some opponents / tournament organizers.

Finally, if you add a commisar it says the first one must be part of the command squad HQ selection. Does this mean he is a sixth member (literally an addition) or does he take the place of one of the 5 members.

He is member of the squad (not independent character). He does not replace anybody, he's attached to exiting unit.

20-10-2007, 13:20
gday mate, you sound like i was just a few months ago.

Dont worry though, ill try to help you without being biased towards you being a beginner.

First of all, the doctrines that the Imperial Guard can choose from (basically extra rules that they have to choose five of and that help in different ways) include one called the 'grenadiers doctrine'. This basically means that you can field a unit of a grenadier sergeant and 4-9 grenadiers as a troops choice, when they are really just the same as storm troopers (which are an elite choice so do not count as a troop choice). They are a bit more expensive points-wise as they carry a hell gun instead of a lasgun and have carapace armour as standard instead of flak armour. Also, this option helps with your second question about the two special weapons, as the unit CANNOT field a heavy weapon, but may instead field TWO troops with special weapons instead of hellguns. Therefor, you may have your wish of a grenader and a flamer!

hope all this helps as i have tried to phrase it to help you when you do not own a codex :)

Captain Micha
20-10-2007, 15:03
Well, you can... but you have to take Granadiers.

Otherwise one platoon and second command squad, and an armored first or conscript squad....

21-10-2007, 08:32
Thanks to everyone for your help. Most appreciated indeed.