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20-10-2007, 17:28
Hi all,

well i just got in after picking up one hell of a bargain in a market in town.

I bought a Necron army consisting of:

80 Warriors
8 Destroyers
3 Tomb Spyders
8 Flayed Ones
4 Wraiths
Lord w/resurrection orb
Night Bringer
1 Monolith
17 scarab bases
Codex: Necrons

oh and for some reason 3 old metal warriors. all painted to an acceptable gaming standard.

I haggled down to 80 ( i know, i know, i'm a cheeky scamp).

I have little idea about Necrons though, its the one army I've never used, painted or played against.

does that look like a balanced force or should I add to it?

also, some of the warriors are carrying different weapons, sort of like short versions of the gauss flayer the rest have, looking through the codex I cant figure what this is (gauss blaster?) but the Warriors entry doesnt give any options or upgrades, what is this?

any help would be great.

20-10-2007, 17:37
I regularly play against Necrons. I only win when he makes mistakes, if that makes any sense.

Protect or hide enough necron warriors so you don't fall victim to phase out.

Don't forget the gauss weapon ability.

Don't be shy with the monolith. I haven't been able to destroy his yet.

Destroyers seem to be pretty fragile in the games we have played.

Support your smaller units with the tomb spiders so they can make WBB rolls even if they are all killed.

Hope that helps.

20-10-2007, 17:44
thanks for that canon, yeah reading through the codex they do seem to be powerful and different, guess i wont know for sure till i have a few games. Its all very laid back with my group so losing isnt an issue.

still wondering about those other weapons, anyone built up necron box sets have any idea?

20-10-2007, 18:05
Some sort of conversion. No idea what, and aside from appearance it doesn't matter, since Warriors only have access to a single weapon.

20-10-2007, 18:28
yeah you're probably right Bookwrak maybe the previous owner just fancied some variety (hardly suprising if you have 80 of the bleeders to paint!)

20-10-2007, 20:33
Enough gauss can destroy titans. Remember that wisely.

20-10-2007, 21:44
80 pounds?? That's the deal of the century right there. And they're painted! :wtf:

21-10-2007, 02:32
it's a reasonable starter army, as is. When you look at expansion, I'd add some Immortals and some heavy destroyers

21-10-2007, 11:41
Get about 10 immortals and another couple of flayed ones and your good to go....
Another couple of monoliths and you'll be laughing in apocalypse too :D
We played with the necron phalanx *7500 Chaos vs necrons* a few nights ago, what a killing - 5 strong phalanx monolith, 1 pylon both c'tan and Hundreds of necrons of various types. Much fun was had.

Oh, and deceiver killed more than the nightbringer by LOADS!
Think he dealt with 2 baneblades, 2 chaos lords, and a few squads of chaos..
Man of the match!

21-10-2007, 15:51
Are the funny warriors metal? If so they may be Immortals, and if not they may be converted to represent Immortals. These guys are great. If you don't have any get a full squad and another pair of Flayed Ones as Lord_Squinty said.

22-10-2007, 09:22
nah they arent immortals, looking closely it seems like they are just converted gauss flayers

22-10-2007, 14:36
Enough gauss can destroy titans. Remember that wisely.

Actually, I don't think they can.

You take a penalty on the titan damage table when rolling glancing hit results. If I remember correctly you can't get anything more then weapon destroyed (which aparently the titan can repair).

22-10-2007, 16:29
To the OP : That is one of the best deals ive ever seen on 40k! I would not use the ctan, and use the rest for a 2000 point army. Add one more lith if you want, and add immortals at some point.

22-10-2007, 18:56
I have tried MANY combinations with my Necron force over the years. Everything from warrior spam, destroyer speed army, Flayed-one close combat style, and monolith madness.

Here is what I learned: Leave the Heavy support home. The only things worth a crap is perhaps the monolith, and the heavy destroyers if you will be facing A LOT of long-range tanks.

My standard take-all-comers 2,000 point list has two lords, 20 immortals, 40 warriors, 5 destroyers, 6 scarab swarms. No heavy support at all. Basically the Lords and a 10-man unit of immortals veil all over the board shooting at stuff (up to three units a turn if you want to be risky), the other immortals make a fast march towards any objective or pesky units, the warriors form a solid firing block, the scarbs are a tie-up unit or basilisk hunters, the Destroyers are flankers or quick-response back-up. So far the only problem I have had with this list is when my opponent has a boatload of 2+ saves. (Deathwing will destroy me)

Captain Micha
24-10-2007, 15:20

I suggest you start there. Also read Turanos's battle reports while he is new to the game and new to Necrons, his reports are useful especially in the regards of his mistakes. (my own game's improved because of looking at how he's done things) As well as his tactics which usually are sound.

Machine cold logic (I think that's his name)also has a very very very good grasp on the game, and his threads are a must read for any necron player.

I can give you bits and pieces of advice as well. But my Necron success rate is much lower than my Tau's is currently. (I don't have the models that I need so my army list is kind of gimped at the moment)
However you seem to have inherited a model set similar to the one I will be acquiring. I'd have bought different things here and there, but over all it's a good choice of units. With a wide tactical variety

Ps, buy a second monolith... You'll understand once you start reading some of coldmachine logic's tactics... it becomes a very frightening force when employed properly. Don't worry about phase out... That's some advice from me.

We have plenty of ways to avoid taking that many casualties. Being that you already have one mono and some Ts you're well on your way to avoiding phase outs. which is partly how -I- get the success rate I do have. I tend to do much better when I play the necrons with the Ts and monolith. We can be fairly mobile providing we take the monolith or two, or a mono and veil, along with our lovely jet bike type units like destroyers and yes I dare say it heavy destroyers. Don't rely purely on guass to down vehicles. The odds of double sixes even with warriors hosing something are pretty slim.

Also the funky looking gauss weapons are probably converted Immortals. A few of us do that because we absolutely refuse to pay 100 us dollars for a meager ten units