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Xenocidal Maniac
20-10-2007, 18:33
Hi there. I am a 40k player, and I was wondering about modifying the Mighty Empires rules for use with my LGS' 40k club, but I am unable to get ahold of a copy of the rulebook.

Can anyone tell me what it's like? And do you think it would be easily adaptable to 40k?

Thanks! I appreciate it.

20-10-2007, 20:24
Well, the actual "book" is a bit lame, something like 30 pages including pictures and "how to set up the map"... In 4 languages !
You can get a copy of the old (but great) mighty empires there:


You'll need some work to adapt this to a futuristic environement (remove magic, and i don't think most of the race have a problem with supplies as they've got better vehicles than horse carts etc.).

Duck Dodgers
20-10-2007, 20:30
Well, from our recent Mighty Empires campaign, I can say that it wouldn't be too hard to adapt. But I can also say that, compared to the old rules (posted on PDF form on GW now) that teh 4 pages of rules are skimpy. And, the nature of the hexes wouldn't directly translate to 40K either.

But, I have looked at getting a set, and doing a 40 mock-up. It would, to me, be a lot like the campaign game in the Dawn of War computer game. It's doable.

I'd recomend getting your group together to discuss rules, and I mean all of them (all players and discuss all rules). I had a player get freaked out in our fantasy game when the Empire player used DoW against my HE... because he thought they were not allowed. When we pointed out that he was thinking of the rules in his old group (2 years ago and 1000 miles away), he calmed down. But this is the type of thing you don't want popping up 3 rounds into a campaign...

Xenocidal Maniac
23-10-2007, 03:03
Hmm. I looked over the old Mighty Empires rules... what a mess!!! Overly complex and, unfortunately, not what I am looking for at all. I might just try to come up with my own ideas for a fun campaign system. The hex boards are really cool, so I will try to incorporate that.

Brother Loki
23-10-2007, 10:53
The old mighty empires was a fantastic boardgame in it own right (like Shogun or Axis & Allies), but not so great as a campaign system for warhammer.

23-10-2007, 11:43
You shouldn't really have a problem using the basic rules. You can just swap out the buildings with some home-made pieces and you're ready to go:

Castle - Base
Town - Hive
Mine - Factory

The effects stay the same. Ry out a single short campaign and you'll quickly find that it has room for customization to give it that WH40k feel.


Mad Doc Grotsnik
23-10-2007, 21:01
*shamless plug mode on!*

Why not download the latest issue of the Watchman, where a certain Mad Doc Grotsnik who I here frequents these very boards has written an article on expanding Mighty Empires....

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23-10-2007, 21:21
Damn straight! You'd better listen to this Mad Doc Grotsnik fella! If half the things he says about this Mad Doc Grotsnik fella is true, then he is a force to be reckoned with!

(Nice article, by the way)


23-10-2007, 21:37
Well, the actual "book" is a bit lame, something like 30 pages including pictures and "how to set up the map"... In 4 languages !
You can get a copy of the old (but great) mighty empires there:

All due respect to Napalm, but he (like many others) are mired in a very unfortunate misconception about what the latest incarnation of Mighty Empires set out to be in the first place. The original is like a mini-game in itself, which is all well and good, if that's what you're looking for. However, the recent Mighty Empires is just a neat framework for actual games of Warhammer. Now, if that's what you're looking for (I'm looking at you, Xenocidal Maniac!), then it's absolutely fantastic.

My impression of the Mighty Empires box is very positive. The rules are simple, and while some people might try to convince you this means they're shallow, far from it! From a glance, they might appear to be so, but you only have to play a couple of rounds before you realise how tactical the various choices you make are, in your quest for total domination. I'd say the few pages of rules are an advantage, because they don't distract from the actual playing of the game Warhammer.

As a side note, people have been complaining about the value of the box. Their argument is that you can easily create the same content with a xerox, scissors, and some pencil drawings. Those are the words of sad people. Why do we play Warhammer? To have fun. Why do we play campaigns? For the grand scale sensation of carving out your own little empire. Is it fun to carve out an empire of flimsy paper cutouts? No. The whole argument is like saying the Lord of the Rings trilogy would be just as good, nay, better with hand puppets instead of actors, because it would be cheaper to produce.

As for how Mighty Empires would be to convert to 40k: Very simple. Again, it's a very general framework of a campaign system, so there's very few Warhammer-spesific rules. Those few there are, are mostly concerned with "special events" that gets played each round, and would need a slight retooling (for instance replacing additional Rare and Special choices with something appropriate, like unlimited access to Elites, that sort of stuff).

So I say go for it. Don't listen to the naysayers. Take it from me, it's awesome for what it's supposed to do.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
23-10-2007, 21:46
But do pay attention to the suggestions in the pamphlet.

My local store used it for the Nemesis Crown, and it worked nicely...up to a point. The trouble came when the map was so densely populated in conquered tiles, that players could only expand by playing the same opponents over and over again. Clearly, this isn't much fun.

However, if you want it to run bigger sessions, then just expand the map by adding an additional set. Or two if you want it run and run..... Best thing is (plugging again!) as my article demonstrates, you can bring in other Specialist Games to offer distractions, or indeed, included players whose armies aren't ready for a campaign (they can run a Kill Team or summat disrupting the enemy as best they can)

And thank you T10. Nice to get feedback!