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The Black Lotus
21-10-2007, 16:44
what warbands do we have running around in the ruins of mordheim :)

let me start ...

im playing pit fighters:


pit king:
name: Goliat
exp: 69.
m5 ws6 bs6 s4 t4 w3 i4 a3 ld8
skills & spells: pit fighter, hardned, resiliense, step aside, mighty blow, web of steel.
qeuipment: ithilmar helbard, gromwell armour, shield, helmet, lucky charm, healing herbs.

dwarf troll slayer:
name: smush
exp: 37.
m3 ws4 bs3 s3 t4 w3 i3 a2 ld9
skills & spells: pit fighter, hard to kill, hard head, hates orcs and goblins, horrible scars, death wish, grudge bearers, resilient, strike to injure, mighty blow, step aside.
equipment: 2x dwerf axe, lucky charm, healing herbs.

name: bruce
exp: 40.
m4 ws6 bs3 s4 t3 w1 i5 a1 ld7
skills & spells: pit fighter, hatret (carnival), hardned, resilient, step aside.
equipment: 2x axe, helmet.

name: samson
exp: 38.
m4 ws4 bs2 s3 t3 w1 i5 a2 ld9
skills & spells: pit fighter, body slam, resilient, horrible scars, mighty blow.
equipment: 2x axe, helmet.

name: none
exp: 13.
m4 ws4 bs2 s3 t3 w1 i2 a2 ld6
skills & spells: step aside.
equipment: spear, helmet.

name: none
exp: 8.
m4 ws3 bs2 s4 t3 w2 i2 a1 ld6
skills & spells: step aside, resilient.
equipment: spear, helmet.


ogre pit fighter:
name: none
exp: 4.
m6 ws3 bs2 s4 t4 w3 i3 a2 ld7
skills & spells: pit fighter, fear, large, slow witted.
equipment: sword, spiked fist.

wardogs (x5)
name: none
m6 ws4 bs0 s4 t3 w1 i4 a1 ld5
skills & spells: none
equipment: none

total warband rating 289 ...

21-10-2007, 18:04
Dugans Daredevil Dungeneers - aka DWARF TREASURE HUNTERS

Link to my Afteraction reports...

Status after 6 games (but before having sold my pt. stash of 7 wyrdstone and purchased new goddies! ...aswell as getting a free Hired Sword for a "666" on the exploration roll).


name: Dugan Donnersmith
exp: 38
m3 ws5 bs4 s3 t4 w1 i2 a2 ld10
skills: Master of Blades, Weapon Expert
equipment: 2x Dwarf Axe, Helmet, Crossbow, Shield and Blunderbuss

name: Utz Malmfeldt
exp: 24
m3 ws4 bs4 s3 t4 w1 i3 a2 ld9
skills: Resource Hunter
equipment: Helmet, Crossbow, Hammer, Ithilmar Hammer, Shield, Rope and Hook, Wyrdstone Pendulum

name: Svend Ulbrecht
exp: 20
m3 ws5 bs3 s3 t5 w1 i2 a2 ld9
skills: Master of Blades
equipment: 2x Dwarf Axe, Lucky Charm

name: Krakan Donnersmith
exp: 19
m3 ws4 bs3 s3 t4 w1 i2 a2 ld10
skills: Master of Blades (just gotten now)
equipment: Hammer, Lucky Charm, Tarot Cards

name: Ulli Ultenbrann
exp: 9
m3 ws3 bs2 s3 t4 w1 i2 a3 ld8
skills: Master of Blades, Strike Mighty Blow
equipment: 2x Dwarf Axe, Helmet and Shield


Beardling (x1)
exp: 6
m3 ws3 bs2 s4 t4 w1 i3 a1 ld8
equipment: 2x Hammer

Beardling (x1)
exp: 6
m3 ws3 bs2 s3 t4 w1 i3 a2 ld8
equipment: Hammer, Shield, Helmet

Thunderers "Bjarki' Bullseye Gang" (x4)
exp: 6
m3 ws4 bs4 s3 t4 w1 i2 a1 ld10
equipment: Hammer, Crossbow, Helmet

Clansman (x1)
exp: 6
m3 ws4 bs3 s4 t4 w1 i2 a1 ld10
equipment: 2x Hammer, Shield, Pistol

Now you might wonder: Why all the shields ...well we play with shields giving +2AS in closecombat ! So whether or not to employ shield or free dagger/other hammer... basically depends on who charges who ?!


exp: 3
m4 ws2 bs2 s2 t3 w1 i4 a1 ld7
Skills: Haggle
Spells: Scry and Age of Stone
equipment: Staff

21-10-2007, 18:25
Mordheim Warband (Cult of the Possessed)

Elewynn - Magister w/ Sword – 80gc

Njord Heifing - Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Haldren Kastl - Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Ellyra Nadrin - Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Naria Tenet - Mutant w/ Extra Arm, Shield, Sword– 80gc

Kaji Fukimi - Mutant w/ Great Claw, Axe – 80gc

Neil Londers - Brethren w/ Bow – 40gc

Joana Sinderfield - Brethren w/ Bow – 40gc

No XP yet as I've not gotten to play! <,<

22-10-2007, 05:40
Carnival of Chaos

Carnival Master
Equipment: Sword, mace, lucky charm
Skills & Spells: Daemonic Vigour, Wyrdstone Hunter
Injuries: Horrible Scars
Has gained an extra Attack

Equipment: Double-handed hammer, lucky charm
Skills: Strongman, Resilient, Step Aside, Cause Fear
Injuries: None

Equipment: Double-handed hammer, lucky charm
Skills: Strongman, Resilient, Step Aside
Injuries: None
Has gained an extra point of Weapon Skill.

Tainted One
Equipment: Bow, sword, mace
Skills: Bloated Foulness (-1M, +1T, +1W), Dodge, Resilient
Has gained an extra Wound.

Tainted One
Equipment: Bow, sword, mace
Skills: Bloated Foulness
Has gained an extra Wound.

1 Plaguebearer

5 Nurglings

1 Brethren
Bow, spear, dagger

Rating: 136
Gold Crowns: 96
Shards: 1

22-10-2007, 10:13
At the end of the campaign, here's what I had and what I ended up with after a month of being in the campaign (I was only in it for the 2nd half; one month of a 2 month campaign):

Marienburg Mercenaries

Captain - Helmsley
Dueling Pistols (Brace)
Ithilmar Axe
Lucky Charm

Champion - Nash
Ithilmar Flail
Lucky Charm
Madcap Mushrooms
Wyrdstone Hunter

Champion - Hall
Ithilmar Mace
Lucky Charm

Youngblood - Michaels
Hunting Arrows
Lucky Charm
Trick Shot, Eagle Eyes, Nimble,

Youngblood - Waltman
Ithimar Mace
Hunting Arrows
Lucky Charm
Trick Shot

Swordsmen - 2x
Sword, Dagger

Marksmen - 2x
Crossbow, Dagger

Warriors - 6x
Hammer, Dagger

I didn't list all my stat boosts and whatnot, but they weren't anything special. I kinda got crappy rolls and kept getting Ld increases with my Champions, I got +1 Attack with a Youngblood, my other Youngblood got all skills, no stats, and my Marksmen got a +1 Strength boost. Bad and unlucky rolls after the games. Keep in mind too, that I was a month behind everyone else when I came into the game, and that I missed out on a lot of skills and stat boosts. Even so, I managed to finish 5th out of 8, so I didn't do completely horrible. I found that when my Youngbloods with the crossbows rolled well, my whole team did a lot better.

23-10-2007, 08:18
At the end of the last campaign...

Ithilamr Sword, Count of Ventiligilia's Misericordia, Heavy Armour, Unholy Relic, Lucky Charm, Bow, Black Lotus, Hunting Arrows
+1WS, +1W, +1A, Sprint, Jump up, Strike to Injure, Resilient
Sword, Bow, Lucky Charm, Hunting Arrows
+1LD, +1W, Spell of Awakening, Spell of Doom
2xClub, Bow, Helmet, Lucky Charm, Hunting Arrows
+1BS, +1I, +1A
2xClub, Bow, Helemt, Lucky Charm, Hunting Arrows
+1WS, +1T, +1I, +1LD
2x Club, Bow, Helemt, Lucky Charm, Hunting Arrows
+1W, +1A
+1WS, +1S, +2W, Striek to Injure, Sprint, Lads got Talent
3x Ghoul
+1WS, +1LD
3x Ghoul
+1I, +1A
+1S, +1T

Hired Swords: Warlock, Ogre

I was one of the weaker bands in the game! First time out with undead and I made the mistake of taking zombies and dire wolves... they got shot..alot! We were using the old rules for Lucky Charms, and most importantly Jump up! My vamp was ignoring everything except OOA results, but the rest of the band were not so good. I never got to use the spell of awakeneing :cries: and the thorn in my side was the Skaven band with Veskit and a sniper rat armed with hochland rifle!
The campaign rocked. We had territory specific rules, and since my vamp took control of the clock tower, I could freeze time to allow myself another turn once per battle.

01-11-2007, 11:16
My Witch hunters after a long and still going campaign..
EXP: 78
Name: Vandire
M4 WS4 BS5 S3 T3 W1 I5 A2 Ld9
skills:Burn the witch, Leader, Tactician, Hunch, Nimble, Eagle eyes, Quick shot, Trick Shooter
Injuries: Hardened, Horrible Scars
Equipment: dagger, Crossbow, Heavy armour, Shield, Helmet, Blessed water, rabbits foot
Warrior Priest
EXP: 32
Name: John
M:4 WS:5 BS:2 S:4 T:3 W:2 I:3 A:1 Ld:9
Skills & Spells: Prayer, Soul fire, Hearts of Steal
Injuries: one eye
Equipment: Dagger, Crossbow, 2x hammer, Light armour, rabbits foot, blessed water
Witch Hunter
EXP: 47
Name: Dorian
M:4 WS:3 BS:5 S:4 T:3 W:1 I:4 A:2 Ld:7
Skills: Burn the witch, Nimble, Trick shooter, Quick shot, Eagle eyes
Injuries: One eye, Hates Vampires
Equipment: Dagger, Cross bow, Axe, Shield, Rabbits foot, Blessed water
Witch Hunter
Exp: 33
Name: Tyrus
M:3 WS:3 BS:4 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:1 Ld:7
SKills: Burn the witch, Nimble, Quick shot, Trick shooter, Eagle eyes
Injuries: Leg wound
Equipment: Dagger, Crossbow, Rabbits foot
EXP: 42
Name: Argon
M:4 WS:5 BS:3 S:4/7 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:4 Ld:10
SKills: Fanatical, Strong man, Steep aside, Mighty blow, Strike to injure
Injuries: 4x old battle wounds, miss next game
Equipment: Two handed weapon, lucky charm, rabbits foot
EXP: 6
Name: Casttellan
M:4 WS:4 BS:3 S:4/7 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:1 Ld:10
Skills: Fanatical, Strong man, Mighty blow
Injuries: -
Equipment: two handed weapon, rabbits foot

Flagellant (1x)
EXP: 14
M:4 WS:4 BS:3 S:4/6 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:2 Ld:10
Skills: fanatical
Equipment: Two handed weapon
Flagellant (2x)
M:4 WS:3 BS:3 S:4/6 T:4 W:1 I:4 A:1 Ld:10
SKills: fanatical
Equipment: two handed weapons
Warhounds (3x)
M:4 WS:3 BS:3 S:4 T:3 W:1 I:4 A:1 Ld:5
Skills: Animals

Hired Swords
Elf Ranger
Exp: 14
Name: Elrond
M:5 WS:4 BS:6 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:6 A:1 Ld:8
Skills: Seeker, Excellent sight, Quick shot
Equipment: Elf bow, Elven cloak, Sword
Name: Bill
M:6 WS:3 BS:2 S:4/6 T:4 W:3 I:3 A:2 Ld:7
Skills: Large, Fear
Equipment: Light armour, Two handed weapon