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21-10-2007, 22:02
Rand Al'Thor:
Inquisitor Lord
Power Armour, Rosarius, psychic Hood, Inferno Pistol,Power Weapon, Digital Weapon.
Scourging, His Will be Done, Divine pronouncement

Reasons: The armour and rosarius is Him using the power to protect Himself. The Psychic Hood is to represent how he can sense other channeling. Inferno pistol is bale fire. The power + digital weapons are for his ability as a swordsman. The digital is showing his speed/grace.
Scourging is the Fireballs he is oh so fond of!
His Will Be done: he is the dragon reborn, wouldnt you be scared to face him?
Divine Pronouncment: Same as above

Lan, Moraine, Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, Min, Calandor, Aviendha
3 Crusaders (1 maidens of the Spear, Lan, Aviendha)
+Represents Lan, aviendha and a spear maiden well.
2 Acolyte (2 Aes Sedai)
-hexagramic Wards
+Represents 2 of the Aes Sedai who swore to rand. The reason for the acolyte equipment is to represent the Aes Sedai powers. mancatcher and hexagramic for them using the power to hinder oponents. And the armour represents them protecting themselves.2 Chirgeon (Nynaeve, Moirane)
2 Penitent (Elayne, Egwene)
+Represents them protecting rand from Female Chanelers
2 Familiar (Calindor, Min)
+ Calandor as a familiar for obvious reasons. Min, because the extra power represents rand protecting her

Perrin Aybara
Techpriest-Evicerator (if possible) if not Power Weapon (his axe)
3-4 Combat servitors (wolves)
+Reason: A fitting model (a Smith and a Futuristic Smith). Also the servitors will represent wolves well

Matrim Cauthron
Commisar or possibly Veteran Sergeant of the veterans

Tam Al’Thor
Vindicare Assasin

Priest – Evicerator
Maesema's zealots
6 Arco-flagellant

Option 2: Sisters Repentia (zealots and Maesema)

The speed and Special abilities represent the Aiel well. Hit and run tactics

Band of the Red Hand
Obvious. Led by Matrim, what ever he is

Imperial Guard Regiments
Mix of Tairan, Carahein, Illian ect. Troops
Reason: obvious. Command Platoons will just be a noble who leads them

Legion of the Dragon
Inquisitorial Storm troopers - hellguns represent the hand-cranked crossbows. The shields the carapace armour. 2 Plasmaguns to represent their deadly fire. Veteran with Either a Combi weapon or a Power weapon .
Reason: Obvious. They are the slightly more elite warriors.

Matrims Firework cannons
Missile Teams
Reason: needed AT in there somewhere and I think these represent them well.

Carahein/Tairen Nobles
Reason: I think this makes sense. Since nobles in the books are always mounted

Two Rivers Bowmen
Either: Heavy Bolter or Autocannon teams. Or rattling/deathworld snipers.
Reasons: Heavy bolter or autocannon team's represent the range and power of the bows. Or the Ratling/Deathworld snipers to show their deadly accuracy
Have i missed any key charecters ? i dont think i have. nor any key forces.

Im just starting to think and plan this project now. For this will be the next force after my Novamarines are done.

21-10-2007, 22:52
Needs more Tinkers

Besides that...Don't read WoT so can't help you...

21-10-2007, 22:56
Why are you doing a (never ending) fantasy series in 40k? Wouldnt WFB be more appropriate?

21-10-2007, 23:10
I dont play WHFB though. But i do play 40k =)

22-10-2007, 00:05
Why are you doing a (never ending) fantasy series in 40k? Wouldnt WFB be more appropriate?

Seeing as the authors dead, I'm pretty sure it's ended. :D

22-10-2007, 00:22
well...it feels never ending if you pick up book 1 then say "Wait...this is 700 some odd pages...all the books are this big? and there's 12 of them?"

22-10-2007, 00:56
well...it feels never ending if you pick up book 1 then say "Wait...this is 700 some odd pages...all the books are this big? and there's 12 of them?"

11. Robert jordan died of a rare blood disease mid way through writing the twelth and final book of the series

22-10-2007, 01:04
and the rumor mill has it that his wife has all of his notes and was charged with the task of finishing the serries. I believe the speculation puts book 12 and about 12-1400 pages...

22-10-2007, 01:14
Yah. Though i have heard she wil lfinish it and some say she wont. only time wil ltell

In myopinion, it will be released on the aniversery of his death as a memorial thing to him.
but thats just me

22-10-2007, 08:56
Jordan had been making contingency plans for a while in case he died before finishing the series, so the last book will make it out eventually.