View Full Version : Spiel 2007 news

22-10-2007, 08:27
I saw these guys at the Spiel and thought you might appreciate a picture.

22-10-2007, 10:24
they're ok, i suppose. Not a patch on some of the ranger sculps, but they're ok. Not inspiring enough to make an army of them.

Kroot Lord
22-10-2007, 16:03
Corsair captain and mate!

The pics are already on the GW site at sneak peeks- and its been there a few weeks now.

22-10-2007, 20:44
Looking good!

23-10-2007, 21:03
the corsairs are kick a*s fight value 4 8 points and have you seen the bo'shun peter jackson lookalike or what anyway hes classed as a banner so thats alright saw the stats at games day