View Full Version : Best Fliers for my armies?

22-10-2007, 14:54
My current plan is to have at least one flier for every army I own. I all ready have an Imperial Guard Lightning, a Dark Eldar Raven, an Ork Fighta, and a VDR Necron flier.
What should I get for Chaos, Eldar, Tau, Space Marines,and Inquisition?
I love the shape and flow of the Hellblade for Chaos. It looks easy enough to scratch build as well, aside from the windows.
The stats for the Eldar nightwing in the Apocolypse book are amazing, so that seems like a winner.
When it comes to Tau I'd love to get a Manta, but a Remora would fit my wallet (and house) better. I wonder how easy it would be to scratch build one?
Space Marines and Inquisition have me stumped. It seems all they have to offer is the expensive Thunderhawk, and the mostly useless Aquila lander. I guess these will be my last purchases, just in case they introduce a Space Marine fighter aircraft in the near future.

What do you guys have as personal favorites?

22-10-2007, 14:55
Tigershark with railguns for Tau.

Cry of the Wind
22-10-2007, 15:51
I second the Tigershark AX-1-0, that thing is too cool to pass up IMHO. Don't forget about an Inquisitorial Valkyrie or Vulture, I'd be looking at the Valkyrie myself (it's what my Inquisitor rides in!).

I wouldn't count on a Space Marine fighter as they don't have those in the fluff, Thunderhawk (and variants) is basically the only aricraft they fly. Still not too too hard to scratch build one if you're good at that kind of thing, it is just a box with boxy wings on it...

22-10-2007, 16:32
attempting to get a hold of a Tigershark AX-1-0 for my army, so thats my suggestion. ;>

Less ya have money to burn to buy a Manta. ;>

22-10-2007, 16:45
Don't overlook the new drone flyers for the tau, For their points they're very good for what they can do.

22-10-2007, 18:18
i thought the void dragon flier was a dark eldar thing?(altho,why is it named after a c'tan??)

22-10-2007, 18:31
Void Dragon is Crafworld Eldar afaik

22-10-2007, 18:44
Actually, the Void dragon can be used by either Dark Eldar or Craftworld Eldar. They are flown by Corsairs that rent themselves out to both sides.

floyd pinkerton
22-10-2007, 18:58
I'd suggest the Manta for Tau:D

Or the new remora drone fighters, they're quite nice

22-10-2007, 19:15
Yeah, as much as I'd like a manta, I just can't justify it. I think the Remora is the best way to go. It can be stored easier, easier to use in-game, cheaper, faster to paint it, and I might be able to scratch build it.

Probably a Vulture for my Inquisitor force and a Hellblade for Chaos. I think I will hold off on a Thunderhawk though. I am all ready scratch building a Warlord Titan and I think I need a year off from all the plasticard.