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22-10-2007, 15:41
Horus was first, i know that and Alpharius was last i know that. What about the rest of them. I'm not looking for definates here, although if you could provide me with an official and definate list that would be great.

22-10-2007, 15:46
Well...Horus first, Alpharius last. Uhm...Magnus was found before Lorgar if Im not mistaken.

22-10-2007, 15:56
Horus was supposedly first. Thirty years later, the next Primarch was supposedly found. Jaghatai was probably before the Lion. Rogal was found seventh. Magnus before Lorgar, as said. Fulgrim before Konrad. Roboute possibly before Konrad. Alpharius was probably found last.

Fulgrim may have been found fairly early on, but not very. Fulgrim mentions Fulgrim's flagship being made two hundred years ago to exacting standards fit for the perfect Primarch, strongly implying that Fulgrim was pleasant. It's likely that two hundred years is rounded up, in my mind (so perhaps 150 or a bit above), but Fulgrim is also said to have been travelling with Horus for decades, which implies less than a century, though a hundred and fifty years is still fifteen decades...

Given that we know Rogal, Konrad and Fulgrim fought together on Cheraut, it's possible that he spent time away from the Luna Wolves, but we don't know when this was and if it was a one off.

Any thoughts?

Captain Stern
22-10-2007, 16:00
My guess is that Rogal Dorn was 2nd. Based, mainly, on the "feel" of the old background, and the newer to a lesser extent, and also If it were me writing the background, you'd have the "senior" primarchs being found first. So the list would be something like (with spaces in between to (crudely) illustrate the length of time between when each were found):


Rogal Dorn

Angron (old, pre-gladiator, Angron)


Leman Russ
Lion El' Jonson


Rouboutte Guilliman
Then at the bottom you'd have:

Night Haunter