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06-09-2005, 20:38
K, quick background:

I first get a PSP about 3 months ago, I ordered it off a hong-kong based import company and went along happily playing it. Anyway, now it's been released in the UK it's become aware to me I should update it to 2.0 (it's 1.50 right now). I've followed a few instructions I've read.

Setup the USB connection, download the EBOOT.PBP file into the UPDATE folder in the PSP's directory, ensure it's charged to 100%, connect it back to the mains an go to update on the Game: Memory Stick option. Except unlike updating as it should, it says "The game cannot be started (80020148)". After a quick search it may be that I cannot update directly from 1.50 to 2.0 due to there being the 1.51 patch too.

Ok, fair enough. Whoops, I can't find a 1.51 download link. :mad:

If, of course I don't even need to 1.51 it, then what am I doing wrong in updating it to 2.0 directly?

I need this update bigtime, or I'm only getting a fraction of the worth out of it, help!

07-09-2005, 19:42
NO YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPDATE repeat after me YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPDATE... psp 1.5 or below have the ablity to run homebrew apps ect. search for psp hacks for more info.. this means gba emulators soon to be n64 emulators .. ect.. DO NOT UPDATE.. you need to exploit an expolit but it puts things like rss readers.. podcast support .. ebook's ect!! DO NOT UPDATE.. the only advantage w 2.0 is a cruddy web browser that donse not work on many site. .. now unless you want that in
http://www.tomshardware.com/game/20050727/ is a good start.. as they put it hacking has never been this easy scimnce the axe was invented!