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22-10-2007, 16:44
I'm a 40K player new to WHFB and building a Lizardmen army. When i started people told me the main differences were that combat and magic were more predominant and determining factors in fantasy.

In a 2000 points battle would the following list do well or not?(disregarding the fact that it could be considered a powergamers list because our area seems to make lists that powergame so fair's fair):

Skink Priest w/lvl 2, Diadem of Power, Tepok
Skink Priest w/lvl 2, Tepok

Hero(3)-120pts ea
Skink Priest w/Lvl 2, Tepok

Core(4)-80pts ea
10 Skinks w/Scout, Shortbows.

Core(2)-70pts ea
10 Skinks w/Scout, Blowpipes

Core (2)- 60pts ea
10 Skinks w/ Shields

Special(2)- 174pts ea
3 Kroxigor

Special- 175pts
5 Terradons

Rare(2)-130pts ea
2 Salamanders

The list there has:
112 models
14 PD(+2 from diadem)
6DD(-2 from diadem).

Generally i would keep the priests back and use them to cast supporting magic and lightning when in range. I would usually use the diadem for more power except for againt lists like tzeentch where i would go defensive (10DD). Each priest will take the first spell in heavens as the re-rolls can be useful to get more kills, pass panic checks (3D6 taking lowest 2 and re-rolls means even skinks can stay in combat at times), pass armour, and to cast spells such as 9+ cast value ones.

The skinks will try to move backwards away from adavancing opponents whilst shooting however i am worried that some people could catch them and slaughter them all, this is what i mean by combat, is it important. Is 6" move enough to keep away from the majority of people as detailed and could the kroxigors be enough to counter any threats that do get a charge(mounted units), assuming skinks flee and krox get a counter charge.

Terradons are primarlily my warmachine hunters but i have made the unit size 5 so that they can deny rank bonus' with a flank charge (assuming that flyers can do that, please correct if wrong).

Kroxigors are the only real combatants in the army and as such winning combat is their job, are 6 kroxigors enough? (they could have back-up from terradons and salamanders[fear] if things are dire).

The salamanders would be general support all round.

Is this list with its very minimal combat able to survive in a game where combat is,(or so im told), a very important part?

22-10-2007, 17:58
The southlands list is slightly different from the regular list, in that your saurus warrior are only available through certain list choices.

With that said, I run a southlands list. The thing I've found is that the skink shooting, even with shortbows, is not enough to decimate an army before it gets to you, especially if you're facing armored units. The magic helps, but the heavens magic is not near as good as it used to be.

I've found over and over that taking another unit of salamanders along with units of 4 kroxigors, allows me a lot of other tactics besides just trying to poison and magic people to death. The salamanders are worth using all your rare slots on them, as they take out stuff that would normally give the skinks fits (i.e. skirmishers and horde units). The terradons are nice, but if they take casualties, they have to take a panic test on terrible Leadership and they'll likely be out of range of the general. I don't like them, as the skinks can kill war machnes faster than terradons can get there, especially with the 8 units you're running.

22-10-2007, 20:08
The Kroxigors are pretty tough, but you may find you need to take a couple of more of them. If you really intend to use them as your only close combat troops you should have more than two units and probably have four or five models in one or two of those units!

Now, that's a lot of points, but remember that 4 kroxigors have a pretty good chance of doing significant damage against even a charging unit of knights, not to mention grinding down a fully ranked infantry block.


22-10-2007, 20:13
4 kroxigor are amazing as a unit in combat, decimating all lol. Combat, in WHFB, is an inevitability, so really you need to be prepared to face your enemy, and good infantry/cavalry are essential. Cold Ones are awesome for Lizards, they are hard and tough.