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22-10-2007, 17:44
Hi everyone!
I don't post very often here on Warseer (I don't post too much everywhere anyway), but I've decided to start a Log of my (too) many projects, the vast majority of them being Heresy-era projects.

Just for the remembrance, who is Tiriel?
20, Wanabee player from Paris who always liked things at least as old as he is, defender of the Imperium since his wargames beginings and forever, converter much more than painter (and far more than player).

Now, first thing done, let's start with the log.

I've recently started a Thousand Sons era army (what? one more?) and I'd like advices, c&c, as it is usually what pushes me to continue.

So far, I'm transforming 1500pts, still two rhinos, one termie, three scouts and few bits to add (which I'm still waiting for, my order seem to be lost in the warp of the french postal services...).

The Army list (based on SM codex with heresy restrictions):

-Ames Tiat, Great Company Captain (chapter master) in TermArmour, with Storm Bolter and master power weapon

-Nefer Neb, Terminator Squad (all SB+Powafist)
-Ansou Tiat, Dread with lascans

-Dechercheni Nekhet, Tactical squad of ten marines (8 bolters, heavy plasma, veteran sergeant with power weapon) plus rhino
-Saimen Nekhet, same as above
-Wad squad, five scouts (two bolters, sniper rifle, missile launcher, vet sarge with power weapon)

-Simian Nekhet, assault squad of five men (3 "standard marines", 1 flamer, vet sarge with power weapon and teleport homer)

Sereth Shema, Devastator squad, two lascans, two heavy bolters, vet sarge with power weapon, rhino.

So far, one complete Tac squad being painted at the time, plus the assault squad and the Chapter Master. Fo the rest, as written just up there, I'm waiting for some bits (like the heads... it could help giving the marines some life...)
I'm also building two attack bikes, for a patrol list.

But enough talking, now, the pictures.

First, the hole wip army, whithout the totally unassembled elements.

Next, wip view of the captain:

Then, Almost completed view (just the base to go):

the Wip Dread:
I'll add a bunch of cables and wires to the lascan arm once the rest will be painted.

to be continued in the next post, just two more images (hope I'm not breaking any rule).

22-10-2007, 17:46
And now the rest.

Now, the WIP term squad (in fact, termi command squad, that's why one got a standard)

And finally, some teasing of the wip in painting sarg of the assault squad:

Currently, I'm painting the tac squad, it's rhino, and the assault squad for some tournament I got this week-end.

I'll post clos-up views later, once I'll have done some more painting.

Hope you'll like it, c&c are most welcome!


22-10-2007, 18:07
hey, nice work, I fething love that captain and those termis, but I am not sold on the dread, the arms just look awkward and tacked on. I say stay with the originals, you can dress them up, your gs is pretty sweet

22-10-2007, 18:30
very, very nice work there, i had my doubts about the guy with the thousand son's helmet but the trmies cleared that up. are you using the heresy art as a guide?

and did rhinos look like that pre-heresy?

22-10-2007, 18:49
Thank's for the comments!

Yeah, I have the chance of possessing one of the few limited editions of the Collected Visions from black library, and it really roxx

For the rhino, the illustrations show them like the ancient RT ones, So I tried to convert new ones with pieces of the old ones, to keep this "ancient" feeling.

Thanks again, I return on that rhino ;)

22-10-2007, 21:03
Looking amazing, btw did you scratch build your jump pack or did you manage to get your hands on some of the old RT era jump packs?

22-10-2007, 21:13
Thanks to you ;)

The jump packs are just actual ones whom I removed the top part, then I glued the central part of the track wheels from a leman russ. Just add a bit of GS and here you go!

23-10-2007, 00:09
Just a few up with my painting of the evenning.

The first WIP Combat Squad, with an extra Vet Sarge:

And the Wip assault squad:

The thing to note are the banners. I don't know why, but I absolutely wanted to give every single tac marine a banner. But now here's the problem: how would you paint them? I thought red outlet, white inlet, with the legion's symbol in the middle, but finally...



23-10-2007, 00:13
From one TSon pre heresy player to another...damn fine work keep it up, how are you going to do the bases?

23-10-2007, 00:16
ow, thank's a lot!

As for the bases... hum...well... That is my biggest problem. I initially thought about doing them temple-like, in some bleached bone tones or so, but it has been done again and again, so I'm searching for something else.

But if I haven't found in two days, I'll hav to stick with this 'cause they have to be based for sunday...

Next update tomorrow I hope, surely the same guys, maybe the rhino with them.


23-10-2007, 00:20
I love the way they look, keep up the good work.

23-10-2007, 01:09
No psyker for a Thousand Sons army? Hersey! :eek:
Seriously though, awesome army Tiriel. :cool:

23-10-2007, 06:12
Looks awesome, what did you use for the helmets on the marines?

23-10-2007, 07:01
thanks for comments!

@spacemonkey: yeah I know, I should've put some psychic power in there, but my army theme takes places after the Nikaea council, so at least on the battlefield they act like they were respecting it... What? they don't? :p

@Reinn: they Helmets are simply chaos warriors helmets (the new ones) with a little shape of plasticard glued to the top!

still working on it! (well right now I think I'll just return to bed a while, but I get back on them as soon as I'm up!)

23-10-2007, 20:04
A little update, I'm still working on my marines at the moment but I've made two little shots.

I've now finished the base coating of the two squads, here they go.
First, the combat squad plus the extra sarge:

And then, the assault squad:

Now, I think I'm going to work on the attack bikes and the rhino, and next, shades, highlights, weathering, and bases for everyone... still plenty of work!

(and I still don't know how to do the banners... any ideas?)

23-10-2007, 20:19
those look rally great. some good tips for my fothcoming thousand sons

i love the use of the DA robes which look great. and the termies are cool

the assault amrines look just like the ones from HH.

good work!

23-10-2007, 22:08
those look rally great. some good tips for my fothcoming thousand sons

i love the use of the DA robes which look great. and the termies are cool

the assault amrines look just like the ones from HH.

good work!

Thank's! Any idea you want to use, feel free to do so! In fact, several of the ideas I use are not mine :angel:

For the DA robes, when the new boxes came out I just couldn't resist. I bought one to have DA veterans, and one other just for the bitz! (the hole range of the new DA sprues are in fact really excellent for this... I've just finished my attack bikes with ravenwing bitz, and the Captain is almost completely from DA bitz...)

And thanks again for the assault squad, for it was my purpose to make them look as i the HH artbooks!

Hopefully, tomorrow you'll get the Rhino and maybe one bike or the two.

24-10-2007, 23:40
Hi guys!

I couldn't paint my Thousand sons today for a damn good reason (I've ran out of skull white...) so you'll get'em tomorrow.

But instead, I've worked on another time-consuming project, my Heresy era (what a surprise) Ultramarines.

So here's the first of them, a captain/sarge (I've not decided yet) "doghouse pattern".

I want to thank a lot Doghouse for his method. I had tried the same one years ago for my loyal SM "own chapter" but had no skill at the time for GS... so his tutorial convinced me to give it a second try.

Here is the result.
The captain, front view:

Next, rear view:

Close-up on the helmet (I really love those helmets in the HH artbooks):

And finally, close up of the power axe:

Coments and Criticisms are deeply welcomed, for it is one of my biggest uses of GS at this time!


25-10-2007, 11:05
sweetage, but i think you mean white stuff, not Greenstuff

25-10-2007, 15:56
Just a small update ;)

Thanks! In fact I don't know exactly, so it should be blue stuff right now, then?


As usual, c&c welcomed!


26-10-2007, 17:34
they are really cool. any chance of a close up "face on" view of the ultramarines helmet?


26-10-2007, 17:35
Update time!

Today, big update. My firsts 400 patrol points are in a good way to be finished tomorrow.

The army on what will be the display:

And a close-up on the attack bikes:

I'll post close-ups of the rhino in the evenning, for he is back on my paint tray right now!


26-10-2007, 17:42

26-10-2007, 18:24

And for the Ultra helmet, I give you the photo tonight, with the rhino. Right now I'm "goldenning" both of them ;)

EDIT: Here are the current state of the Ultra and his helmet! Very simple, but I really like the artworks from which it comes.



C&c welcomed!

27-10-2007, 13:52
Update Time!

The Rhino isn't painted yet, I'm getting on it right now, but I've mostly finished my Ultramarine (just the base to go)

Se for yourselves. Front view:

Rear view:

Close up on the head:

C&c welcomed!

27-10-2007, 21:00
Wow, thats amazingly well painted. I like how it seems so soft, if you get what Im saying? I know most of the time people compliment others on having a nice, crisp paintjob, but this seems pretty soft to me. Which is just as well, because it makes the face look great, and the armor too.

27-10-2007, 23:09
Thank you very much, I perfectly see what you mean ;)

Well, in thanking for your comment, here is the based version:



I think I should put something in the foreground of the base, but I don't know what... any ideas?

C&c welcomed, and good night to you all!


Metal Fingered Villain
28-10-2007, 03:17
I think I should put something in the foreground of the base, but I don't know what... any ideas?

A rack of Pabst and some marbs. Seriosly though, some candles might look cool, or maybe even a decapitated head.

31-10-2007, 12:37
Thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll put some broken statue/column.

Right now, I'm working on a tac squad to go with him.
Here they are, still WIP.

I still have to finish the legs, plus the loin clothes.

C&c are welcomed!

31-10-2007, 13:59
wow, looking great!!
feet look atouch big, though not to bad

i love what your doing with these

only thing i dont get is the green glow at the fornt of the painted sm >.>

01-11-2007, 10:46
Thanks! I have noticed the feet, I think I'll try to hide them in some rubble and paint them dark, so they won't attrack the eye.

Well well well... been a while without update.

Now, here comes a wip of the first tac squad to go with the captain.

I still have to give them few bits (ultramarines symbols down every leather strip, plus loose chainswords at the waist) and two bolters, and they'll be good for painting.

C&c are welcomed!

01-11-2007, 20:35
Wow, the chaos legs look really great on those marines. I may have to steal that idea, if it wasn't an already borrowed one at that.

01-11-2007, 21:12
yeah those helmets really are cool.

like the flamer ;)

02-11-2007, 18:09
Your Ultramarines are impressive, love the helmets. Any morks work on the Thousand Sons?

02-11-2007, 19:22
I love the TS terminators/assault marines. I've been wanting to make a pre-heresy version of my chaos TS for a long time but never got around to it, your thread isn't helping with that =). Also, if you are ever going to use a landraider, look in us WD 303 for marinus calgars landraider conversion, I am working on one for my TS and changing it up a bit, sofar it looks sexy.

02-11-2007, 21:33

I've little worked on the TS recently (red overdose), but I'm going back on them on monday probably.

As for the LR, Marneus' one was precisely my reference, as I'm converting one :D
But I'm making it on the FW preh-heresy pattern so it's a bit more complicated.

Update soon, blue update!

Brother Handro
03-11-2007, 01:25
Love the helmets, took me an hour to make 2 I was happy with, your skills are impressive!

03-11-2007, 06:16
I've been meaning to make some of those helmets, too, my first test model was less than impressive. Good work.

03-11-2007, 06:33
the U's look awsome :)

03-11-2007, 10:53
Well, in fact the helmets are pretty simple to do.
I just take some standard MkVII/VIII SM Helmet, drill a little hole under it to put it on some metal rod (easier to manipulate after that.

Then I file every thing on the helmet except a smal part of the top bar and the ears.
After that, a small GS strip on the face, carefully smoothed, two smal GS balls on each side of it, shaped, and two holes for the eyes.

You've got it, and making them assembly-sculpting you can make them 5 in an hour, drying included.

03-11-2007, 13:17
Those Ultramarines look fantastic; I love the helmets.
Great work on the TSons too; I'm very interesetd to see more of that army :)

03-11-2007, 13:38
Give me more pics to look at!! These are great :D well done on em... and those guys with Chaos Warriors legs actually look good... usually when people stick marine bodies on warrior legs it just looks like marine bodies on warrior... but what you've done makes them so much better :D Keep it up

05-11-2007, 15:48
Thanks for the nice comments!

Been away for the week-end, but not without my painting kit. So I worked a little on my Ultras.

Here's the result:

So of the dark parts will become golds, others will be silvers, and the rest will stay black or brown!

C&c are welcomed, as usual!

14-11-2007, 17:35
Yay! Finally, I found the way back to my brush, so I painted a bit on my Smurfs.

There almost done, just few details to go.

C&c are welcomed!

bram kuijpers
14-11-2007, 17:38
im not sure bout the painting looks a bit unclean even though its still need the detail, when do you think they are gonna be finished?

14-11-2007, 18:16
It looks like the sergeant is pushing the flamer guy away or something. I quite like the conversions and the different style helmets look ace.


14-11-2007, 18:18
hi there, only my second post, but i love the way you've done all your heresy marines, especailly the helmet's on the smurf's, wish i could model my marine's like you have, just a quick question how did you do the heresy shoulder pads on the terminator's.

cyphers fallen

14-11-2007, 20:04
Thanks for the comments!

For the sergeant's position, I know the position looks a bit odd from here, I'll try better pics tomorrow.

For the helms, it's very simple I can assure you. I think I've explained it some posts ago, but if I don't, I'd be glad to do it again.
And for the termies pads, it's just plastic tubing, splitted in two halves, and cutted into the desired form.

I believe I'm not really good at explaining with words, mmostly because english is not my primary language, so as some people here ands there asked me the same question, I'm doing some tutorial. If you want it, just simply ask! ;)

14-11-2007, 21:18
hi, cheer's for the reply to previous question, very helpful to know hoe to make the shoulder pads will be having ago at that for my da fallen terminator general, and a little tutorial would be great, and the sergeants position is'nt odd, hes just keeping an eye out for the enemy while signalling to his squad to halt.
again a great job on the minis, very inspirational.

08-01-2008, 16:22
Hi there! it's been a terrible and too long time since I've been reading you all, So I'll catch-up and post everywhere something attract my gaze ;)

But in the mean time, here's some feeding for you all, wainting for the numerous tutos I promised.

Just done this yesterday, after a pretty busy week-end (busy with 40k, and Heresy era... just so gooood!)

main view:

Rear view, for the booster:

So, as usual, I'm eager to read your c&c!

Tiriel, I'm back, I'm back...

09-01-2008, 05:58
That thing is awesome!

09-01-2008, 12:40
I agree with DarkSoldier, that thing is pure awesome!
Especially the front cowling, that looks great. Did you get it off another model, or was it something you built? I am a huge fan of the scythe-weapons, fits right in with the background.
Your Ultramarines, too, look great. The blue is magnificent, really well executed. And I might just be grabbing that helmet-idea sometime.... :)
Also, you are pretty damn good at painting faces. Those skin tones are very nice, and blends really well.
Congrats on a great job!

09-01-2008, 23:53
Well, thanks a lot!

For my part, I see still one thing to be done: connecting the lower exhausts (the big ones) to the motojet, because for now they exhaust nothing :P

Update anyway! I've "finished" turning the marine armour to techmarine armour. r at least, I'm pleased with this result.

Here is a pic of the techie at his final stage. I think once I'll have found the miraculous pipes for the connecting that will be a "go for painting". So I think tomorrow he'll taste the white primer :P

Any c&c are deeply welcomed!

11-01-2008, 20:25
Yeah, I've fallen into the trap again...

3 PE army in the batch, a fourth coming, I'm totally PE-crazy!

I love to test new way of modelling, so I've started a true-scale DA army, synapse pattern
So without further ado, the marine:

Just few things to correct, specially the little things on the torso, but I'm pretty pleased with myself for a first time.

So, as usual, c&c are deeply welcomed!

13-01-2008, 20:39
No response, so here's Barathiel, Chaplain of the 5th company of the Dark Angel Legion, just primed (in white, of course! :p ).


So, please c&c! And don't hesitate to be harsh!

Velkyn Kyil
13-01-2008, 22:00
So.. uh.. how did you make that jetbike? It looks awesome!

13-01-2008, 22:19
I'm very impressed with the truescale Dark Angels - they look great.
My only complaint is that the skull on the chaplain is far to small to actually be a helmet with a head in it, it looks more like the guy's got no flesh on his head. Funny that GW's current skeletons' skulls seem to be about the right size to be the skull of a 10' space marine.

13-01-2008, 22:40
I'm very impressed with the truescale Dark Angels - they look great.
My only complaint is that the skull on the chaplain is far to small to actually be a helmet with a head in it, it looks more like the guy's got no flesh on his head. Funny that GW's current skeletons' skulls seem to be about the right size to be the skull of a 10' space marine.

For the head, I know it's not clear on the pic, but he's wearing a mask, not an helmet nor his bare skin. It's actually only a normal space marine head, with just a skull's face on it.

14-01-2008, 23:57
Hello guys!

Quick update now, here's Barathiel's current painting status:

On the pics, the shading on the tabard seems little at the most, but I can assure you it's there! (I'm gonna push it tomorrow, now it's a bit too late!)

Plus, I still have some problems with the highlights, even with photos to see it more clearly. It's kinda hard!

So, comments and criticism are deeply welcomed!

15-01-2008, 00:07
Your very brave, making true scale and all that..

Looks really good though!

15-01-2008, 07:39
On behalf of Warseer, I demand a size comparison shot of your Synapse pattern Terminators, your Doghouse pattern Ultramarines and some regular Space Marines. :D

And a quick description of how you paint your Ultramarines to get that soft effect without the armour looking too flat would be appreciated as well :)

Anyway, excellent stuff. We need more Heresy marines on here!

15-01-2008, 10:31
I second that CELS, I would like to see just how big those guys are!
The models are great. I have an ongoing little race with Crazy Ivan regarding some guard, but I think I just might have to go out and get some Termie bits to try this thing out now. It just looks too good not to.
The first one is utter brilliance, his pose makes him look like the angriest little marine ever; I can't put my finger on it though. A shame, because if I could, it would be copied in a second. :D
My only complaint is that you have used the Silliest Backpack In The Universe (tm), where some techmarine have decided to replace the reactor with a candle, but that's a personal thing. ;)
Also, a quick walkthrough of the way you painted the blue and the highlights on Barathiels armour would be highly appreciated, just like CELS said. Those highlights look a bit off right now, but it seems like a good idea. With a bit of refinement, I'm fairly certain it could look brilliant!
Thank you for a buttload of inspiration, and another reason to empty my wallet! :)

15-01-2008, 12:11
Yes sirs! Here is the scale comparison:


I putted Barathiel, his fellow Sarge Dude, an Ultra Doghouse pattern, Post-Heresy TS sorceror and a Cadian for size comparison. From the descriptions of a regular human reached at the most a SM's chest, My Doghouse Pattern marines seem a little too small. But I think for other armies that finding some way to make them taller, and keeping the Synapse Pattern for Primarchs can be a good way to have a perfect scale.

As for the highlights on Barathiel, they are not finished. Quick explanation:
To paint his armor and his fellow's one, I started from white primer, lining with a mixture of mechrite red and dark flesh in all the depths, and a thin layer a ink. The ink used is pretty old, not a GW one (colorex, french art products I think), and the color is "Oriental Blue". It's a kind of turquoise, So it should be easy to make with GW inks (as long as they are still here...). After that, several layers of diluted black, leaving the highligh points just grey.
At this point, the turquoise and the brown seem to have almost completely disapeared. Now I start highlighting. Extremely diluted layers of white on the highlight points, and this is where my secret weapon reveals itself. My ink doesn't ever completely dries, so when I put my white layers, the turquoise blends with it. And here's the color you see. About a day after that, (ie today :p ), I can put some definitive layers of white on the extreme highlights. You'll have the pics later today ;).

The blue of the Ultras now:
White primer, uniform base coat of diluted Necron Abyss, first highlight of diluted enchanted blue, several times, each time leaving more necron abyss in the depths. Finally, true highlights of enchanted+white (I think ice blue can do it, but I haven't got it :p ) and pure white. Then, the magic Oriental blue ink mixed up with Ultramarine Blue ink from the same origin on the hole mini. touches-up on the white highlights, a coat of varnish and we're done!

Hope this helps! I haven't tried yet this technique with GW inks, so I don't know if this works, but if some of you try, I would deeply apreciate feedback!

15-01-2008, 13:26
I'm torn between Doghouse and Synapse style armour. I have nowhere near the practical speed or motivation to do synapses armour... AND I do feel they are just a tad too big. I really want to do Doghouse's gothic style marines, if it weren't for one thing... chaos warrior legs come in only 1 pose.

19-01-2008, 17:54
Here's a small update!

I made a standard bearer for my DA true scale army.
Here he is, in his white primer!

Btw, there are stranges things on the chest whith the primer, it's just little cat hairs primed on the mini :D They have been already removed, but I hadn't seen them before taking the pic.

So, any further c&c please?

19-01-2008, 17:59
Thanks for the explanation and the scale comparison pics. The DA standard bearer looks good, though I do wish you'd posted a bigger picture and more angles. While the model itself looks good, my criticism is that the pose doesn't look very natural. It's hard to say what he's doing exactly, but it's almost like he's sneaking forward with a huge battle standard. Which, of course, is a difficult thing to do :D