View Full Version : Orc talsman ?

22-10-2007, 19:48
Ok, i usualy use the army builder to create my army lists. generaly i like to run a black orc warboss (wich ever is the lord) on a boar, with martogs best basha, Iron back boar and usualy take the effigy of mork or what ever the 35pt item is that makes him -1 to hit. In the army builder it wont have the talisman im looking for when i have my warboss selected, even though in the book it has no restrictions to who can take it. I also looked up the eratta and faq for orcs and saw nothing. So is this a smiple omission or am i playing thigns wrong ?

warlord hack'a
22-10-2007, 21:04
no you are righ, effigy of mork is not in, small error in armybuilder..