View Full Version : Bob Tries To Get Organised (Chaos with BANEBLADE) [pic heavy]

22-10-2007, 21:06
For the lucky few who read my previous log will know that I start off optimistic and meaning to update, and slowly trail away as my other trivial occupations catch up with me. I'll be better this time, I promise. Well, I had nearly finished making all the stuff from my Chaos army box, when I had to pack it all away. Hopefully I can find all the bits. Maybe they could make a TV dramatisation of the whole traumatic event. Anyway, I was in the local GW stockest, and I hadn't realised apocalypse was out, and so before I new it I'd added a Baneblade to my pile of stuff. After about 5 hour's work, and cutting myself 3 times (once dramatically) I've pretty much done making it-





I need to cover up the shrine at the back, bit it's pretty much done. C+C welcome
It'll be part of a traitor guard detachment, probably a tank heavy one. The troopers will be Forge World, and I'm
As well as the contents of the Army Deal, I have an old Defilerthat I may use if I can improve the paintjob enough so I'm happy with it, and a SM Dread. I need some ideas as to how to make it look chaosy because it doesn't. I'll have a pic in the morning, check out my photobucket account for the rest of the army. Thank you for listening