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22-10-2007, 22:32
HI there I made a new list because, I found out that I maybe should try out a list where I picked the models which I liked the best, and make an army out of it. And I was surprised that I actually could, altough I had to cut a few things.

General: Alexander von Kemperbad, full plate armour, shield, barded warhorse, sword of battle, Total: 131

Captain: Ricco, Bsb, full plate armour, barded warhorse, total: 97

Warrior priest: Tristan the blessed, great weapon, armour of meteoric Iron, total: 119

Battle wizard: Ludwig, level 2, dispel scroll, total: 125

23 Spearmen, shields, champion, standard bearer, (Bsb goes here), total: 154
Detachment: 10 halberdiers, total 50

20 Swordsmen, full command,, total: 145
Detachment: 6 archers, total: 48

18 Flagelants, total 180

20 Greatswords, full command, (priest goes here), total: 230
Detachment: 10 milita free company, total: 50

9 Reiksguard knights, Standard bearer, champion, inner circle, (General goes here), total: 266

5 outriders, total 105
Steam Tank, Total: 300

Army total: 2000 Points.
MC: 125
PD: 4
DD: 4, and 1 scroll.

Overall the army is quite different from what I usually play as all of the units are moving and not partially stationary. Instead of the hellblaster, mortar Cannon I put in my steam tank which Ive only used once :wtf:. Anyway I feel the army is quite manouverable and balanced, its a quite agressive army for the empire especially for me, and this is something I wanna try out as Ive always played defensively. The only real weakness it has which I see is magic heavy armies.

PLease tell me what you thinkof this army, and advice/ suggestions to changes are always welcome ;).

23-10-2007, 14:02
not bad.. just use the steam tank as a ram and your good to go! ;)