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22-10-2007, 23:59
Hello everyone.

My question today involves things mounted on 50-mm "Monster" bases, specifically Bloodcrusher, Daemonic Heavy Cavalry, models from the Daemonic Legion Army.

You can field a minimum of 3 of these as a single unit, but up to 8. 8 would be enormously wasteful and stupid given their massive frontage (can't think of why anyone would want to field that many in 1 unit)....but I am debating going with 4-across. This would be a frontage of 200-mm !

Here's my question... given the rules that specify that when you charge/have a combat, you should strive to always have "As Many Models" in Base-to-Base contact (and thus fighting) as possible...does this mean that you would/could adjust the exact positioning of your Bloodcrushers bases during their charge (or if charged) so that all 4 of them would contact most normal enemy formations of 5-6 across (20mm or 25mm infantry bases) ?

In other words:

BB= 1 Bloodcrusher model base - 50-mm

E = 1 Enemy infantry base (either 20-mm or 25-mm)

So if the enemy is deployed like this:


NORMALLY, if I put my Bloodcrushers "lined up" with the enemy, you can see that the 4th one hangs off to the side, IE - he wouldn't be able to fight

EEEEE = enemy

So my question is, when I do the charge, am I able/required to maximize base-to-base by setting my Bloodcrushers up, not flush with the end of the enemy formation on one side or the other, but rather - so that all 4 of them are able to fight in the combat ? (thus maximizing B2B on both sides of the fight)

Can/Should they be set up like so ???

-----BBBBBBBB (8-B's represent the 4 Bloodcrusher 50-mm bases across)

Which set-up / formation is accurate ? Hopefully the diagrams (crude though they are) show what I am asking about ! Thanks in advance !

23-10-2007, 00:06
When charging you have to maximise the number of models fighting from both sides.

23-10-2007, 00:08
Just get in as many as you can. It's as easy as that.

23-10-2007, 00:13
As corners count for base contact you simply ignore the end 2 models and concentrate on whether the middle model(s) will be able to get into base contact with the enemy fully.

With 50mm bases a unit of 3 needs the enemy to be 2 25mm models wide for all 3 to attack or 3 20mm based models wide to get all able to attack.

With a unit 4 wide the enemy needs to be at least 100mm wide for all to get to attack.
So vs 20mm base models thats 5 models wide.
Vs 25mm base models thats only 4 models wide.

You do of course have to maximise the number in base contact unless this is somehow impossible(due to having to make a lot of manovers during the charge for example).

5 wide needs the enemy to be 150mm wide.
Thats a rather silly 8 20mm base models per rank needed, so no good for fighting ranked units in general, but great for lines of archers perhaps.
But it's a mere 6 25mm base models, so slightly less improbable as there are plenty of these such units often elite infantry(so easily killed).

Gorbad Ironclaw
23-10-2007, 09:17
As others have said, they are required to set up as in your second example, unless there is something that would prevent that, such as insufficient movement or terrain.