View Full Version : 2250 Tourney Dwarf Army?

23-10-2007, 04:10
Howdy all,

So I am getting close to completing my dwarf project and I figured I would look at what type of list I could pull together for some tourney play. I wanted to reach out and get some feedback here and see what comes back my way.
Now I have not played in a WHFB tourney yet, and only played a very few 40K tourneys. I am thinking that this list would not be too bad to play but not abusive either. Not having played many games, please let me know if I am way off the mark.
So the idea is not an overwhelming new idea, but is a basic engineer guild Dwarf army with black powder and a Gyrocopter. List follows:
Dwarf Engineering Army

1x Gyrocopter
1x Organ Gun + crew
1x 9 Slayers (5 slayer/4 Giant slayer)
10 Miners
Blasting Charges
2x Cannon + crew
2x 10 Warriors
1x 21 Longbeards (6x4)
2x 10 Thunderers
1x Dragon Slayer (deploys with slayers)
Runic Weapon
Master Rune Swiftness (Strike First) & Rune of Fury (+1 attack)
1x Dwarf Lord (deploys with Longbeards)
Great Weapon
Runic Armor
Rune Fortitude (+1W) & Rune Resistance (reroll save) & Rune Stone (+1 armor)
Runic Talisman
Rune of Spite (4+ Ward)
1x Thane BSB (Deploys with Longbeards)
Runic Standard
Courage (no fear/terror) & Stoicism (double unit size)
1x Runesmith
Runic Talisman
Spelleater & Spellbreaking

So, the big questions…..

First, I am unsure how well Slayers fit with the army but I like the look of the unit. The little buggers gave me fits trying to paint them so I want to put them on the table. Do they seem horribly out of place? Then, are Giant Slayers worth the extra points for +1 Str, WS, In, Att? With a 3 init they will still usually go last (right?) and the STR should not matter because of the slayer rule (right?).

Next, should I consider adding in a Master Engineer? He would fit the overall theme famously but I am not sure what to drop to put the engineer in. Further, my Lord is modeled as a Master Engineer looking Dwarf with Shield bearers, so that might work overall for the theme. If I do put in a master engineer, do I drop the Dragon Slayer or the Runesmith?

Lastly, as this is primarily a gunline army, do I have enough other troops in here to keep the game interesting? I know that’s a horribly objective question but I would prefer to do a little more than sit back and wait for a charge. With 3 units of warriors, the slayers, and the Gyrocopter, I should be able to do a fair amount of march-blocking and tactical movement/redirects limited by my short movement, right?

Looking forward to your comments!