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23-10-2007, 11:21
Its a random idea but i played with my friends dwarfs a few days ago and i loved using the cannon(im a DE player so ive never used one...)so i thought about a ' gunnery school' empire army

i havent made a list yet though but i was thinking of 3 cannons a hellblaster and tons of units of handgunners

23-10-2007, 16:00
Ah yes - a gunline. Its possibly the most boring army to play (and play against for that matter) and most armies can tear it to shreads, as long as the table has a reasonable amount of scenery on it.

The new empire lists can kick ass, AND be fun to play. Arch Lectors, fanatics, cavalry, pistoliers, dare i even mention the evil steamtank of doom... so many things you'd be missing out on just taking a boring old gunline ;)

Taking a few cannons is fine, a hellblaster maybe, and perhaps even a mortar, and a few units of shooters (thunderers or crossbowmen for instance), but personally id always keep a healthy number of troops that can move around - to harry the enemy and protect the shooters from getting charged.

Dont underestimate how good things like detachments are either! a really nice ability for empire imo...

23-10-2007, 17:01
Neither you nor your opponent will have much fun with a 'pure gunline'.

Besides which, empire shooting is more effective when used in balance with the rest of the force. By all means take a strong missile contingent but don't let it dominate your list to the exclusion of other vital troop types.
In 2000pts I'd suggest maybe 20 missile troops and 3 war machines is sufficient to draw the enemy onto your line, remove key threats (chariots etc) and weaken combat units for the leisure of your infantry.

Count Sinister
23-10-2007, 19:26
I have to agree - shooting combined with combat troops and a few surprises (Flagellants?) would make for a better army, but still give you lots of shooting. I'm putting together another Empire army, under the new rules, and I think I have two units of handgunners (ten in each unit), a unit of outriders, and a cannon and a rocket battery. After that, it's mostly infantry, with a small unit of knights (just five models) to give the army some muscle.

Oh, and I'm taking as many Hochland Long rifles as possible - basically, to shoot enemy wizards.

23-10-2007, 21:31
nasty army but are you going to have anything that in combat would hit hard like knights with a general maybe

23-10-2007, 21:55
this is pretty much turning into "a generic empire shooty list".

it consists of: 500 points of lord and hero choices with a scroll caddy or two, a 12 strong knight of the inner circle with the banner that makes them cause fear on the charge, 4 cannons, 2 hellblasters, 60 handgunners, and 80 swordsman in 2 blocks of 40 with detachments of halberds and... you guessed it... more handgunners.

it is not a fun army to play, terrible to play against, and is completely droll. however, i won't stomp on your dreams of playing this type of army. go with a lot of small blacks of infantry (25 strong) with detachments galore. a couple dedicated shooting units, and flagellants and you're looking at a pretty fun all infantry army.

24-10-2007, 02:32
Shooting is the Empires strength. More than half the units in the army list are dedicated to shooting. You can't get upset with a Empire player who comes to the table juiced up with rows and rows of cheap handguns. It was the way the new book was written (not very happy myself about that). None of our infantry can use a magic banner and there isn't even a 50 point one that is any good. Not to mention our elite infantry (Greatswords) aren't really that "elite".
The Empire book is very powerful but the basic theme is, whittle your enemy down to a goohy puddle with your shooting, then hit him with what you have left.

24-10-2007, 04:37
In 2000pts I'd suggest maybe 20 missile troops and 3 war machines is sufficient to draw the enemy onto your line, remove key threats (chariots etc) and weaken combat units for the leisure of your infantry.

I agree with this 100%, some time i go shooty heavy, but my shooty heavy is 25 missile troops & 4 or 5max war machines. I find this being much more then enough.

How if you really want to go a gunnery school "themed army" you SHOULD take engineers, yes they suck and are a waist of your points and hero slots. But if you ran 3 or 4 master engineers in a 2K, i would have no problem with any amount of black powder/warmachines/steam tanks that you were running.

24-10-2007, 07:44
I dont see Empire winning any games with infantry only.

Infact, id have to say empire is the most reliant on the shooting phase. Used to be wood elves, but they can melee well with their last update. And then empire get bagged for going gunline. Life of an empire general :)

24-10-2007, 16:42
I'm one of the strange Empire players in that case, I guess.... I'd rather leave home without black powder than without my knights. This doesn't mean that I don't like 2 units of handguns (or crossbows, actually) on overwatch, mind....

I stick to twin cannons for artillery though, to deal with terror causing monsters. I can see the use of mortars, but I'd rather push tin soldiers around, and as it so happens, I've got a boatload of swordsmen and spearmen to work with.

24-10-2007, 19:27
I dont see Empire winning any games with infantry only.

Depends. I've known quite a few people who advocate Empire infantry. It's cheap and has the added advantage of the detachment rule. Writing them off in favour of shooting seems a bit premature. I reckon Empire can do fine with a cannon and a couple of units of pistoliers as it's shooting base.


24-10-2007, 19:32
Even though they lack any real elite units empire can do good with heavy infantry. big blocks with detachments and relatively cheap (core) knights in say loads of 5 squads do some damage.
Unlike the more dedicated cc troops of other armies though empire is much more built on multiple units supporting eachother.
Oh and some cannons are always nice?

24-10-2007, 23:10
If you are not upgrading your handgunners to have a marksman with experimental weapon, take them as detachments. This way they will not cause panic when they run away. It makes them less of a liability. I like units of 8 guns for detachments.

06-11-2007, 17:16
it seems to be a no then but thanks for giving your opinion

ill stick to Dark elves