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07-09-2005, 01:38
Looking around the forums I've seen a few orc and goblin tacticas. But these include alot of tactics using goblins and other things the Ard'Boyz just dont have. So please any Black Orc generals out there please post any tactics and/or tips you have to playing the Grimgor's Ard'Boyz!

07-09-2005, 20:21
I second that... not that I have any experience with the 'Ardboyz army, but I'm switching to one from standard O&G.
So good idea, Amornar! :)

08-09-2005, 20:40
Uhmm well..Can't realy give you any advice^^ My pal (Mirakel_Jocke) plays O&G but he uses goblin's and stuff^^ Maybe you should just test units and see how they work together?(without any goblins to harass...)

08-09-2005, 22:03
Well, as i see:

No gobs, no tactict.

So simply : P. Or at least, VERY difficult. Gobos are fundamental.

09-09-2005, 00:00
That's a pretty narrow view..
As far as I can tell, the main difference is there are no real expendable units, so everything has to be able to take a charge and either win by themselves or hold while a supporting unit counter-charges. Luckily, there's enough animosity-preventing stuff in the list that it should usually be possible to coordinate this... I think.
But I don't know for sure yet... so somebody who has experience with them should post!

..Please? :)

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
09-09-2005, 00:51
A friend of mine used to play with that storm of chaos list...but he mostly used lots of big uns. Which rock.

I recommend taking mostly big uns for troops they roxxorz my soxxorz

09-09-2005, 07:54
The other major problem when you look at the list is a distinct lack of fast manuverable units. This includes skirmishers and fast cav - Ard boyz have neither, so virtually no way of stopping march blockers save magic (which is curtailed by the restriction on maxing the magic phase), Arrer boyz, and overlapping charge arcs.

I imagine that you're going to have to take lots of units, plausibly deployed in an echelon type of formation (that's a column/wedge). The other thing you would max out on in order to make the list worthwhile is Black Orc heroes in the central battle line. (near the Idol) in order to grant you the extra dispell dice.

Some armies will destroy you, no matter what you do. HE Seer Cavalry sound like one such example. Wihout the pace to catch them, forever march blocked, they will most likely torch you from afar with Fury of Khaine. It seems that the 40K skink list will also give you much the same problem; they outnumber and outmanuver you, and shoot you the whole time. You might attempt to answer this difficulty with arrer boyz and an MSU style of army list - try to close off their army from escaping you by surrounding with small units with overlapping countercharge options.

That said, you will have to win combat. That means maybe 2 -3 big blocks of big uns/black orcs - for the above reasons, I wonder whether the points cost (and the being outnumbered/outmanuvered problem) in Black orcs may prohibit them where the 0-1 restricts them in a list that actually allows gobbos.

Now I've never played black orcs, but was thinking about them for a while. I've only really been able to ID the problems - maybe some1 else can fill in the solutions?

09-09-2005, 14:02
--Black orc general, on foot, in the center of your army. With lots of Black orcs.

--Chariots are grand. Take a couple. Artillery too. War machines are REALLY good at drawing unreasonable firepower, saving your important Black orcs.

--Dont dawdle and try to position your units 7 inches away or some other elfish nonsense. Just get close, the boyz can take a charge if they need to.

--A shaman or two is handy, just make sure he doesnt kill himself.

--Dont underestimate Arrer Boyz. Your opponent probably will. I use them like empire uses detachments.

--Dont skimp on "Da Boyz", try to have at least a hundred in a 2000 point game.

10-09-2005, 13:04
I think the main ideas are basically take an Idol thingy (technical term) take a hideous number of orc boys which are fantastic for their points lead them with 3 black orc heros and a Lv3 with 4 dispels and then charge!!! Maybe mix in some chariots but I would avoid using artillery and then you head towards a standard O&G list but without goblins and therefore a weaker list. I think the key is to go toe to tow with the other army and relie on toughness 4 and numbers.

10-09-2005, 20:01
well, actually, i use a complete different ´ard boyz army.
i have 2 black orcs, one of them a lord with some stuff and a black orc bsb, a mounted orc hero and a single level 2 shaman with 2 scrolls. together with the efigy, that´s 5 dispell dice and 4+ power one´s and quite a lot standart spells, all at level 5 lat least (my smalles units are 2 20 boyz stron flanking support regiments).
i use 25 big ´uns with the black orc whaagh boss with a greatweapon, 25 black orcs with great weapons with the black orc bsb with rendering sword (is it this in english..? the 10 point one with -1as) and hoggs dead ard armor, both flanked with an orc chariot and 20 boyz on the flanks. in addition, 10 big ´uns orc boar riders with the mounted hero with pocks pika, a giant and 12 arrer boyz together with 2 spear chukkas and a stone thrower.
this army is extremly close combat stron, can stand it´s ground even against a massed chaos attack and dishes out a lot of damage. together with the very nice standart spells (i LOVE ´ere w go with the black orcs, espacialy as they have noggs banner...). the shamyn is level 2 so i have a better chance to get hand of gork or bash em lads, making the orcs an even nastier foe.
i´ve just played 6 games with this army until now but are very confident and actually thinking about taking this one instead of my well suited tomb kings to the next big tourny...

10-09-2005, 20:50
Well, I'd say a nice thing would be to have a single shaman with a scroll or two and the effigy placed to maximize dispel dice. Before 3000 points, you probably won't ba able to have a good magic offense. I like to exploit the low cost of orc boyz. Units of 20-25 with full command and 2 weapons costs about 175-200 points so you can take at least two. Also, Big'uns aren't too costy either for what they can do, so I like to have a unit of 20-25. What I like about the 'arboyz is if you don't spend too much points on characters, you can take a couple big blocks. And big blocks of elite orcs or orcs with 2 weapons are very good for their cost IMO.

What I especially like about the 'Ardoyz is the core boar boyz. I think a unit in the center and a unit on the flank can be quite good, along with another chariot on the other flank. Then, you still have enough special slots for 2-3 warmachines.

As previously said, 'Ardboyz might have huge problems against skirmishers and fast cav. Well, I say that if you have a full width, they can't go behind/beside you. That's why I like to have multiple units, especially cavalry as they have a large frontage. The tactic is rather simple: go straight forward, try to kill the weaken the hardest stuff with warmachines and maybe with your little shaman.

Try to have faster units (chariot, boar boyz) a bit everywhere in your front line: with their move of 7, skirmishers like skinks can't just go in front of you and hit-and-run everytime because then you can charge them.