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07-09-2005, 02:08
Medford held The Blood Cherry in his hands He sat crossed legged in front of the Door that was labeled "Dream " 5 Manni Were behind him he had personaly trained them and if the six of them could not get into the keyworld the repecuations would be felt In All-World. The Bobs and other totems were in there hands swirling in the air about to break the string it was close soon if this door was gonna open it would hopefully long enough for all 6 of them to get threw. There was a bad feeling in his gut Which uselly was the case he openend his eyes the Magic was still strong in these region of In world he didn't know why but it was. He begun to Start to use the Magic glass to amplify his powers. It begun to swarm with Storms of red inside is showed him the places he had been the things he had down it was searching his mind normal if the circumstances were not so grave he would have never went after this Glass ball but he knew what could happen if the servant of the crimson king was allowed to complete It's task He would be much closer to its task so he let the Glass ball search his mind it seemed to enjoy the unspeakable thing he had down but he didn't let it bother him. Soon it would find what Medford had wanted for it and weather it wanted to or not it would help him in his task.

OoC/ okay all you guys give a post of what your character is doing in there normal life in there universe then I'll go form there/OoC

07-09-2005, 03:46
It was 4th of July 1187. Dimitri stood on Gryphon his horse, to his left brother commander Terricus held his sword high in the air as he gave the order to charge. In front of him was the army of Saladin cutting the retreat to the christian army locked in battle heavily outnumbered and surrounded to Dimitri's back, their job was to protect the rearguard, but now they had to allow the retreat. His throat was soar after days without water, his skin was burned and his black armour felt like the flames of hell itself under the merciless arabian sun. But he did not care. His duty was in front of him in the shape of thousands of spears and swords, horses and men.

Not even the breeze hitting his face inside the boiling helm meant in any way relief as arrows rained around him. To the screams of pain and death that came from his comrades he answered in a quite prayer and made the sign of the cross on his plated chest where the white robe had become brown with the desert sand.

He crashed against the enemy tide hacking left and right. In a devastating wave the Templars took a fearsome toll on the infidels. Then a spear struck deep into Gryphon's neck and the loyal beast fell leaving Dimitri staring at the blazing sun as the sound of battle grew around him.

"Lord, may my soul be worthy of Thy kingdom." He whispered standing up slowly, his armour heavier than ever before. He found himself back to back with other two of his brothers surrounded by a wall of swords, Raymond and Arthur. They were good warriors and true knights.

"I am honored to die along side thee." Dimitri said to his fellow Templars.
"Aye." Came the unified response.
"NON NOBIS DOMINE, NON NOBIS, SED NOMINE TUO DA GLORIAM!" The three yelled as they muster their last strengths and clashed against the coming blades.

07-09-2005, 16:39
Ruben stared into the face of the drill sergeant. "Listen up grunts, and listen up good, I have two weeks to odel you marines into an elite squad of absolute badasses. The corps are looking for a few good men and frankly, you magotts aint it. You freeloadas' gotta' learn that you aint nothin' without your team, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR" He spat
the marines replied simoultaniously "HU-RA".
"Damn right" The sergeant belowed.
[2 weeks later]

Ruben collapsed on his bed, after two weeks of elite combat training he would be shipped of to god-knows-were to face almost certain death. His eyes quickly closed, it was best not to think about it.
Julius trunded alon the gravel path, it crunched beneath his designer shoes. His arms flopped beside him and sweat trickled down his truobled brow even though it was icy cold. He looked around to the trees, they were still in the utter darkness, watching him silently as he trundled to his death. He arrived at the sea front and placed his hands on the metal railings. They were cold and pained his hands to touch but he ignored them. He gazed at te seemingly endless black void that was the sea. It moved, up and down, up and down like a chest resting peacfully. He swallowed a eep breath of air and dived over teh railings ino the sea.

The water hit him like a thousand knives. Pins were forced through his skull and he let out a pained scream, water flooded through his mouth, bringing the knives inside as they filled his belly. He thrashed as it filled his nostrils and his hearing was lost as his drums were flooded. He looked around a the murky abyss and his eyes began to flicker shut, he needed to breath, needede air,....air...

08-09-2005, 03:19
Eyes closed, Spike pressed his hand down onto the gunshot wound in his chest, but blood continued to pour from it despite his best effects. Could this finally be the end? Spike thought to himself. Opening his eyes Spike looked around him at the seven man surrounding him. They were a local gang that had been harassing the people of the town Spike was in.

"We got you now. You should have never came around her trying to help out these people." The leader of the gang said. All seven men had their guns trained on Spike. They had Spike dead to rights. But their arrogance stopped them from killing the man that had already gunned down 8 of their fellow gangers. "You ain't so tough now that you’re bleeding to death. Just look at him he can barely stand." the gang leader and the others start to laugh out loud.

That was true, Spike could barely stand. Spike momentarily loses conciseness for a brief second and his head falls forwards. The gunslinger is barely able to stop from falling over. But then a thought came into his head.

Coughing up blood Spike let his body fall forwards. To the gangers it looked as if Spike was falling down dead but half way to the ground Spike pulled his head in, and pulled out his pistols, and did a combat roll. Through out his roll Spikes guns fired at the six gangers that were with the leader. Finishing his combat roll Spike landed on his feet, in a crouched position. Bringing his duel pistols to bare on the gang leader Spike put two rounds right in between his eyes.

The threat gone Spike fell onto his back. The sand around Spike soon became red with his blood. Soon it will all be over, Spike thought to himself and looked up into the sky as the world around him grew dark.

08-09-2005, 04:37
Sebastain Ruger dived into a trench avoiding the hail of gunfire he kissed the cross he had around his neck for and thanked god for saveing him again he looked up over the Trench and saw that the allies were comeing for him again. he got up and started fireing at them until he got hit by a stray bullet directly in his chest it knocked him back into the trench.

He looked at the sky and started seeing a small red ball he was confused but Sebastain just closed his eyes.

08-09-2005, 19:19
Fire spread across the night sky as the planet burned. Milions of troops clashed on the front lnes fighting the hedious creatures. Huge looming creatures clashed with human warmachines and missles streamed down from the skys. Ruben looked at the hell around him, he could cry. The once lush grassland was a desert of ash, The planet was dying from this conflict and would soon be nothing but a rock. He looked blankly to his sergeant "Men, those things are coming make for the caves, MOVE" The sergeant cried motioning to a set of caves. the things were coming up behind them and the squad ran towards the caves with all their strength. The sergaeant turned, holding two rifles in his hands and charged at the oncoming horde...

Ruben fell into the caves and swaloowed sevral breaths of fresh air. He had dropped his firle somewere so he fumbled for his sidearm, hie graspen the handgun and unholstered it. He slowly stood up and began edging down the caves. The walls were black, occasionly lit by pale light from the odd cruystal formations that lined the walls...

08-09-2005, 21:50
Medford could feel the magic now like a heart beat of the world. Dare he say he could see red ribbions of engery swirling out form the ball around him and to the door and back.

He started to mutter high speech under his breath and rose chanting louder and louder. the door begun to shake and Medford begun to hear the Todash Chimes but never this loud. He looked back and nodded at his fellow Manni there had expessions of pure agony on there face's but they knew what would happen if they failed at this curical moment.

It was starting to get to a point where Medford was about to drop the glass it also seemed to try and get away form him he had to hold it tightly to keep it form getting away. then it all happened so fast.

The Door flew open knocking Medford high up into the air then he saw what he would have never suspected.

The Man in Black

He stepped threw the door and grabbed the ball and then seemingly Disappered.

Before Medford could begin to think of what happened the door seemingly sucked in the fellow manni that where standing aways form the door. he hoped that they were simpley killed but in all his world traveling they could have simply ended up in The Todash Darkness.

He then realized that it was not just the men that had just got sucked in that the door was pulling in everything started flying towards the door so did Medford he Flew to the door as fast as a bullet and just when it was about to suck him it slamed shut so fast that instead of slaming aganist the door he just simply fell on the ground he looked up at the door and it was rattleing

then it claming hoped up in stead of seeing the key world he saw darkness he shielding his eye and buryied them into the ground what happened he did not know but when he felt the madness pass he looked up again and five people on the ground seemingly passed out in weird clothes that Medford might have seen in his travels and some he might now have.

OoC/Okay I know that was most likely confuseing but all your Characters are now in Medfords world you don't know what happened or how you got here your just wakeing up form a deep sleep/OoC

08-09-2005, 21:58
Rubens eyes surged open. He was staring at a blue sky, and was lying on a soft ground. He jumped up and checked everything was in check before taking notice of the surroundings. He was on a hill, a hill of sand and below was a lucious green grassland. Ahead were cliffs and mountans hidden in a mist. He looked behind him to a large expance of ocean streching as far as the eyes can see. He looked down the hilll to see a man pulling himself to his feet.

Julius Stood and shook the sand from his tattered suit. He looked round at the beautiful surroundings. 'is this the afterlife' he thought staring at teh unrel landscape. "Hey" he heard someone call. He span round to see a very odd looking man. He wore camouflaged trouseres and sleeves uradeed by what seemed to be a body armour. He was like notjing julius had ever seen before. "er..hell am i deaad" Julius stammers, "I don't think so, unless im dead too" Ruben replied "Im Ruben by the way" he added. "Oh yes, er i am julius Sterner" Julius greeted...

09-09-2005, 03:21
Dimitri opened his eyes. Adrenaline was still bumping through his veins. His fist still clenched around the sword’s handle. What had happened? As he stood up the pain of the sunburns and the peeled skin in his mouth and throat told him he wasn't dead. Where was the desert? His brother knights? The battle?

"What sort of sorcery is this?" He asked the sky above him waiting for an answer. He was so confused, so disoriented, so thirsty. He felled to his knees and prayed for serenity. After he was calm he opened his eyes and saw a very old man looking back at him. The templar walked towards him removing the face-concealing helm showing his tired features and weary blue eyes.

"Tell me old man. What land is this I am walking?" Dimitri asked looking down at the Manni hoping he understood. He breathed heavily still trying to regain his depleted strength.

09-09-2005, 03:37
"This is mid-world what you see below you is the Western sea it may look inviteing but do not go down there nasty creatures down there"

he sensed something about this man he didn't know what it was but there was something different he had a feeling that he would learn more later.

"you are correct in that good knight it was sorcery. do not be alarmed i am no devi worshiper I work with god, Gan, Man-jesus, who ever you call ur savoiur. Which i must ask have you ever heard of a man named aruther eld? he was a great Knight, a great Da-Dihn as well"

09-09-2005, 03:56
Dimitri was not sure if he understood what this man was telling him. He was no longer in his world? How could this be?

"My Lord, what is this test Thou have forced me to endure?" He asked in his mind. He wished his life had been taken in the heat of battle together with his brothers. A knight's death. He sighed. He was still alive and until his last breath he would try to do His will. Dimitri only prayed he knew what the right path was.

"I shall believe thy word." He said back at the manni. "But my memory fails to remember a knight named Arthur Eld." Dimitri added.

"What is a Da-Dihn?" He inquired.

09-09-2005, 05:33
Spike just stayed on his back looking stright up into a different sky then the one he had been dying under. Sadness filled Spikes heart. I didn't die after all. Why can't I die? I deserve to die.

Spike could hear that there were others near him. But in his state of depression Spike didn't even care.

09-09-2005, 15:52
Ruben traveresed another sand dune and imeditaly did a double take. Standing before him were a small old man and what apeared to be a medievil knight. He ran down the dune towards them. "What the hell is going on here?" He exclamed while julius stood eyes and mouth wide open.

09-09-2005, 20:16
" I am sorry knight it figures that you would not know the word, Da-dinh is a great leader a king if you will he was king aruther eld"

He saw the armoured warroir that was walking down the dune

"some how you were transported to this world something terrablie is happening and i must stop it"

Medford begun to walk up the dune and he could not belive his eyes

"GUNSLINGER! GAN BE PRAISED!" Medford ran over to him and bowed deeply

"are you a Gunslinger? Please let Ka will it" Medford showed all the curtosy he could to the gunslinger ingorneing the others

09-09-2005, 21:11
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10-09-2005, 01:15
Dimitri's muscles tensed as the two stranger made their entrance. His sword held ready at the side of the red cross on his chest. His nerves were at the edge after the last series of events. He stared at the newcomer baffled by the strange armour he seemed to wear, it did not seem strong enough to withstand the weakest blow from his blade. Yet the old man seemed rejoiced by his presence, even though it was clear the stranger was as lost as he was.

"Who art thou?" He asked Ruben. "Dimitri, Templar Knight and Crusader of our Lord Jesus Christ asks thee."

10-09-2005, 13:29
Ruben started blankly at the preist infront of him. "Er.. my names Ruben quinn. corporal first class of the united planetary marine corps at your service" He stammered clearly mithed.

"Err, and im Julius Sterner.... A noboy. This has to e a bad dream, im going to wake up" He persisted and sat with his head between heis knees and began sobbing incessantly...

10-09-2005, 23:37
"What kind of skill is this thou posses, Ruben? What is a gunslinger? Where does thou kingdom lie?" The knight kept asking trying to understand something. The only thing Dimitri had understood from the marine's answer was that he was some kind of soldier.

He started coughing. "Forgive me. My throat still begs for water after my journey through the desert." Dimitri apologized.

11-09-2005, 10:55
"I am a soldier like you but from a different time i think" Ruben explained, he handed the knight his water flask. "My skills are with a gun" He added and pointed to his firearm attached to his belt.

11-09-2005, 17:07
Dimitri drank from the flask remembering the taste of water at last. The feeling of the fresh liquid flowing through his dry mouth and throat was the most delicious feeling he was able to recall. He had left his helm and sword resting in the floor beside him. There was no need for them. Not now at least.

He gave the flask back to Ruben with a smile. "May the Lord thank thee."

He looked at Ruben's gun for a moment. What did such a device do? But he thought he would find out soon enough.

"Thou friend does not seem to be well." He said pointing at the sobbing Julius. "Is he also a soldier?"

11-09-2005, 17:11
"I don't know i just met him, I think hes a civilan, err i guess you would know him as a peasant" Ruben replied

Juliuslooked up from his sobbing "I want to wake up, I want to wake up, IWANT TO WAKE UP" he screamed, the man was loosing his mind.

11-09-2005, 17:33
Dimitri grabbed Julius from his clothes and lifted him in the air. He gave the man a hard slap with his armored hand almost breaking his jaw.

"Let not the devil win thy mind!" He said his blue eyes wide opened in his now severe features. "There is no waking up for thou are already awake!"

Leaving Julius on the ground again he continued. "What hast thy time of such value that thy soul desires so greatly?" He asked in a gentle tone.

11-09-2005, 21:34
julius was atempting to pull himself together, he was now mumbling "Into the river,... the pain.. i wanted to die... i regreted it... regret...regret" He murmured

11-09-2005, 21:46
Spike just lay on the ground as the others talked. Rubbing his eyes with his hands Spike thought to himself, Why am I still here? I wish it would just end. But no, I have to continue living for some unknown reason. Taking a deep breath and letting it out Spike stands up and pats the dust off of himself.

Standing the others can see that his black duster has been teared, shoot, and ripped in many different places but all of the damages areas had been repaired by hand it looked like. The only place that was still damaged was a hole over Spikes stomach. The gunslinger had three revolvers, two holstered near his left hand and one near his right.

Looking at Medford Spike says, "I am Spike Spencer. And yes I am a gunslinger."

11-09-2005, 22:04

"had giled fallen in your time good sir?"

Medford offered his hand to help the gunslinger up

11-09-2005, 22:13
Looking at Medford Spike says, "I have no idea what you're talking about. So I guess the answer's no."

11-09-2005, 22:27
"its doesn't matter anyway"

"everyone please listen to me I know your confused but none more so then I. But that does not matter I have allowed something terrabile to pass. and Cry my Pardon but I need all of your help. If you do not wish to help i will leave you to your own deviecs but i must warn you this will not be easy it will channgle your very being."

Medford had a lookj on him of uncertainy he needed this people.

12-09-2005, 21:48
"What is the task thou need us for?" The knight asked the old man.

12-09-2005, 22:02
"to set Right what was made worng but a servant of the crimson king now has a powerfull tool that will make our task so much harder"

"we must journey past that mountain into the land of the old ones to gain and use one weak non-magical portals but dangers i do not know how many machines of the old ones still operate will yee join me?"

12-09-2005, 22:28
"I know not where I am or where I shall go. But until I find a better way thou have my sword." The Templar said to Manfred and waited for the rest of the strangers that were around him to decide aswell.

12-09-2005, 23:56
"thank you Templar" Medford went over to the knight and put his hand and made a "19" in the air and mummered a few words

13-09-2005, 13:03
As Medford talks Spike plays with the bullet hole in his cloths. With a deeply depressed look on his face Spike thinks to himself, Son of a bitch. They had me dead to rights. No way I could have lived from this wound. I would have finally been given nothingness. Sighing Spike says to Medford, "My guns are yours." After all what do I have to lose I'm a dead man walking.

14-09-2005, 23:46
"good let us move on"

Medford turns around and walks down the hill. He does not look back and he contine down the dune until he reachs the wood line.

he tells them when the rest of the group cacthes up to him that they will camp when the reach the top of the mountain.

OoC/okay were makeing our way to the Lands of the old ones/OoC

15-09-2005, 18:24
Julius held his head low and slumped behind the group while the optimistic Ruben walked ahed with the others. "So Melford were exactly are we going and what exactly do we have to st right" He asked...

15-09-2005, 20:56
"I forget that you are not form this world so this is all new to you" Medford took a deep breath

"and its MEDford not Melford Ruben" Medford gave a laugh "well you see a race of beings know to some as the ancients, Old ones. they were a powerful race and during the time when magic begun to fade form this world to mantain there portals to other worlds they made ones based on science they were supposed to last for ever but then are beging to fail. As the saying goes the world as moved on and time is not what it used to be you could say that it has become "soft" good for me as a Manni but it is a horrabile thing."

Medford cleared his thought it had been a long time since he had told the history of his cause

"The keyworld is strange when it comes to traveling to and form it. Things in it that are changed in it for what reason or another seem to stay that way. Servants of the Crimson King, who you may know as satan have changed something horrabile within it You see it is the The world that the Main Beam is on and well I just gave them the most poweful thing they could use aganist use" Medford went slient

"we will set up camp here it looks likea good spot you can sort of see the Old ones land form here"

On the other side of the mountain you see that in the valley a ring of high mountain ranges surround it this being the lowest point in the range still there was snow on it. below the mountain sloped down steep but it would not be a proplem.

In the middle there was a large instellation around it clossal space ships were crashed down on the landing pads set for them. Some of them still had blinking lights on them in the middle it was bulit up until it came to a large tower that was slightly higher then the tallest mountain top it was earlier obcusered by clouds. the Entire station seemed to hum form a long forrgotten war turrets that were on the ship's and the station it's self moved seeking dangers. on the ground it it was impossabile to make out if they were wild beasts or something else

15-09-2005, 22:25
"Okay" Ruben murmured, although he did'nt understand he understood what medford had told him.

16-09-2005, 20:37
Medford made a small fire and seemed to be roasting some sort of small rodent on a stick.

"you all should do the same you'll need your strenght for tomorrow

16-09-2005, 21:40
Ruben produced a briltly yellow wrapped packet from his combat trousers. He opened the feild rations and began munching on the foul meaty biscuit.

16-09-2005, 22:14
Dimitri looked at the thing Ruben was eating and decided that it was better not to ask. He left his sword and helm with the armor's heavier parts near a tree. The knight kneeled and grabbed some rocks then disappeared into the forest.

An hour later he came back with two rabbits over his shoulder already skinned and ready for roasting. He grabbed two sticks and shared Medford's fire.

Finally when the rabbits were nicely done he took them away from the heat and seeing that Julius didn't seem to have anything to eat he offered him one of the rabbits.

"Here. Eat." The Templar said just before giving a large bite to his meal.

17-09-2005, 01:39
"I am sorry Dimitri for it is mt fault you are in this world. I can't Explain how or why but it is my fault and I just hope that I can return you to your world."

Medford took bites form his food and he saw his blade something about it was odd.

"Dimitri may I see your Blade?"

17-09-2005, 03:16
Dimitri turned to his equipment beside the tree took his sword from the blade and offered the handle to Medford.

"Be carefull. It is heavy."

17-09-2005, 03:59
"where did you get this?"

Medford carefully handled the blade looking at the engraveings made on it he could not read them but he knew that they were important.

"what does this say?" Then he saw something that surpised him the wood of the hilt was made form something he had found and used often. Ghost wood. Used in the Magical doors between world often things made form it had other "speical" qulites to them

17-09-2005, 09:27
"I recieved this sword from the dieing hands of my master. He told me that he had found it in one of the vaults in the Temple of Salomon." The Templar answered intrigued at the interest Medford had in it.

"From one side it reads 'Auxilio Ab Alto' or 'By Aid From Above' and from the other 'Fiat Lux' or 'Let There Be Light'."

17-09-2005, 21:04
"What was your masters name? did he speak of how he came to be with this sword?" He gave the sword back to Dimitri
"Think about it while you sleep we will leave tomorrow before sunrise"

Medford had a hunch about it but was not sure. Tomorrow would prove if he was correct or not.

Medford went into a deep medataion sleep hopeing for gudicane form Gan

20-09-2005, 20:42
THe furture was uncertain but Medford knew that if he ahad any chance at all it was now

Medford woke up and looked around

"time to get moveing" Medford said with a stern face and he begun to walk down the slope to the Installation

20-09-2005, 22:17
Dimitri got his equipment back on. He felt much better after a good night sleep and as he took the last bites from the rabbit's remainings he started to follow Medford.

"What are we supposed to do when we get there?" He asked.

20-09-2005, 22:55
" there is a Portal there but thats not the dangerous part" Medford pointed at what just seemed to be animals

"the Old ones left behind guardains that still though weaker then when they were frist made they are still dangerous once we get past them I do no know what awaits us in side."

21-09-2005, 12:59
Spike just sits back and listens to Medford and the other man talk. Too depressed to say anything, or do anything, not even eat. Spike goes to sleep before the others and wakes up after them. Walking over to listen to what Medford had to say about the creatures, Spike found that his heart rate was increasing. It was always like this before he had to fight. And another thing was his mood always improved. Spike figured this was because he knew he may not come back from the fighting. Which was always a good thing in his mind. Pulling out his revolver and spinning the chamber Spike asks Medford, "Do they have any weak points I should aim for?"

21-09-2005, 17:18
Ruben cleaned his pistol and chewed on more of te rations when he woke. Unlike the others hw wasnt phased by the events, he had seen to much horror to care anymore, and besides his glass was half full.
Julius cackled as he wraped his arms around himself. He rocked too and fro and cackled madly. He mumbled about the 'pain' and the 'cold' and the 'light' and the 'dark'. He carried on rocking his head spinning slowly.

21-09-2005, 22:14
"Not sure I would suggest the head but ask Ruben he seems to have come form a where that has robots judgeing form his armour"Medford said to the Gunslinger he hoped that they would have enough firepower.

the group came up to the edge of the installation and Medford motioned for them to crouch behind some wild shurbs

"Prepare for battle we are trying to get to that door" Medford pointed at it it seemed much farther then it looked when they were comeing down it was a massive hacth that lead into the tower which could have easily covered 8 city blocks

"Dimitri come here for a second"

21-09-2005, 22:49
The Templar quietly moved to Medford's side. He muttered a prayer while his sword stood ready in his hand. He waited for Medford to talk.

21-09-2005, 22:54
"err... we had emp blasters to take out machines but i never used one- sorry" Ruben muttered, eying the door suspisiously.

21-09-2005, 23:04
"Ruben you wouldn't happen to have a weapon that i could use prehaps?"

Then Medford looked at Dimtiri with eyes that could scare a child

"I felt it evere since i first talked to you. You are strongly gifted with the touch. I know you don't know what it means but you must have felt it. God helping you in battle? I need to to use it now getting to that door will not be easy can you do that?"

21-09-2005, 23:18
Dimitri just stared at Medford for a moment. How could he know that? Finally he managed to speak.

"Yes many times when in battle the Lord showed his powers around me. But I cannot assure it will happen now." The knight said not sure about what Medford meant by 'gifted with the touch'.

21-09-2005, 23:25
"Just Focus let him work though you his very divine self giveing you strenght in each attack, his sight letting you find the enimes weak spot, his soul portecting you. his warth being what you wish it to be for I have faith in you"

Medford looked out he saw some robots makeing there way over here he hoped Ruben had something to arm Medford with for he had no weapons for him self he was a pacifist but would attack this machines for they had no soul. or at least not a natural one

soon the feild of metal would erupt in battle

22-09-2005, 01:01
Dimitri nodded. He calmed himself as he always did before he entered the heat of battle and waited for Medford to give the order. He was surprised by his oponents, they looked like living armors. "Sorcery" he thought. The knight would strike down those bewitched pieces of metal with not a doubt in his mind and no fear in his heart.

22-09-2005, 02:13
Heart racing, Spike pulled his revolvers out one by one and checked them. They had been good to him. Hearing Medford ask for a weapon Spike throws one of his three to the man. "I want that back when we're done."

The gun that Spike had thrown Medford was jet black with complex cravings in it's barrel and handle. The hammer was worn down from use. Taking a deep breath Spike asks, “What now?”

22-09-2005, 02:17

medford made his way threw the shurbs running as fast as his old legs could carry him the others went threw the bush's as well Medford hope that he would survie this day.

OoC/ okay theres basicly a unlimtied supply of robots if you hit them squarely in the middle of there head they will go done other wise no they are much stronger then all of you and tougher they will fight even if most of there limbs are gone this isn't gonna be easy. most just are super strong but some have welding torches and guns./OoC

22-09-2005, 03:03
The Templar hasted in his heavy armor ahead of the rest. Using his momentum he tackled the first robot with his shoulder making it tumble to the ground he hacked at the second robot achieving clean hits with his sword in his arm and chest but his weapon seemed do to close to no damage. He parried the metallic arms that tried to grab him.

"Lord, give me strength!" The knight yelled landing a vertical blow on the robots head splitting it in half while the rest of it dropped dead to the ground.

Right at that time the first robot stood back up again and punched him on his chest plate sending the knight flying a few meters away ending against a nearby tree trunk. He found himself surrounded by at least five of the wicked metal beings. He took a deep breath and launched himself at them. He landed blow after blow with his sword but the machines only seemed stronger with each piece that they lost.

Dimitri backed down to catch his breath as he ducked and parried arms and torches. One strong blow made him lose grip of his sword that was left on the ground out of his reach. He realized he was about to be butchered. His sight went towards his sword with such desire that it seemed to move for an instant, but still remained on the ground. He remembered what Medford had told him. Focus.

"Lord, if I am still worthy of Thy aid. Let it come now so I can fulfill the task Thou have given me." He mustered all his faith and with a roar punched a robot in the face. An invisible wave sent the robots around him crashing to the ground as if a huge blast had been unleashed were he was standing. The knight took advantage and taking his sword from were it lay he charged at the robots once more.

With each blow he gave an energy blast sent a couple of the metallic enemies into the air, each time his fist clashed against the metal it seemed to bend before it even hit collapsing chests and skulls alike. Dimitri had fire in his eyes as he laid waste to his enemies.

"Let them feel the wrath of God."

22-09-2005, 20:21
Medford felt the engery form Dimitri attack he was surpised but pleased by how well in control he was of his powers; Medford allmost was at the door until he got pined down by weapons fire he dove vehind a vechile wreckage. he let off a few shoots of the revoler allmost being unable to hold the gun. it was like trying to move a cannon if it wasn;t for the fact that he knew gunslinger guns were increaiblely powerful; he would be worried that he was getting old.

23-09-2005, 20:50
Ruben shook his head as he charged. "Sorry medford, i only have my handgun" He apologised as he ran at the hearest robot. He crouched in the standard position and aimed carfully. He squessed the trigger and a loud noise indicate the firing of shots. The armour percing bullets bounced from the armour, he kept firing but it was like trying to cut diamond with a wooden saw. The stock fell back and an empty clip fell to the floor, smoking. Ruben picked it up and put it away before sliding a new clip in.

He aimed carefully eying his tarhet just as his sergeant had showed him. He waited till the animated armour was close and he pulled the trigger. The bulet hit the face and the joints began to rattle. It shook violnetly and bits flew off before it fell to the floor a steaming wreck. Ruben looked dismaly at the endless horde of oncoming robots.


Julius sat on the bank laughing wildly. "Tommyknockers, tomynockers knockin on my door, last night and the night before" he sung to himself quietly laughing, and his eyes rolling.

23-09-2005, 22:17
Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath Spike thinks to himself, Father watch over me. And with that Spike dashes out of cover with amazing speed. Running right at two of the robots, Spike's revolvers almost appear in hands. Firing his guns at the two robots in front of him Spike scores two perfect head shots that drop the two. The mechanical bodies drop to the ground smoking. Spike dives behind the armored forms and reloads his revolvers, bullets start to bounce off his make shift cover. Looking around Spike looks for anyone who needs help.

24-09-2005, 00:20
"IM PINNED!" Medford yelled out he wasn't sure if anyone could hear him over the gun fire of the robots he stayed hidden behind the metal but he saw that it was starting to buckle form the massive amount of gunfire that waws being shot at him

24-09-2005, 13:42
Ruben unloaded his last 3 shots into a robots head, it dropped to the ground and he holstered his gun. Medford was yelling. Ruben quickly grabbed a flare, he pulled of the top and it satarted fuming. He threw ita the robots around medford, as it hit the floor it exploded sending them flying...

24-09-2005, 17:27
Medford noded at Ruben with thanks. he contuined to make it to the door and started to work on the computer console in vain to see if he could get it open the robots begun to close in on him

"Keep them back If anyone knows how to work on of these please feel free to step in at any time!"

Grand Warlord
24-09-2005, 19:58
+Inside the installation (building whatever lol) a single form awoke from an untold long slumber. Opening his eyes his self-diagnostics program kicked in.+

<<Diagnostic Program A1134ABOP In Progress, wait ... ... ... ... ... ... COMPLETE>>
<<Head ... OPERATIONAL>>
<<Chest ... OPERATIONAL>>
<<Arms and Legs ... OPERATIONAL>>
<<Organs and Internal Functions ... OPERATIONAL>>
<<Overall readiness ... 100%>>

+As he stood and fetched a pretty basic overcoat to cover his standard attire, he sat a computer terminal and looked into what had happen to force him out of his slumber. roughly 22% of his robot forces had defects in their programming and were attacking as as unknown number of Humans ... ... ... this would not do.+

"System ... turn on defense guns 1 and 4. Send out 10 robot units to defend and escort the humans to sanctuary here."


+On the roof the humans watched in horror as 2 of the defensive guns began to turn towards their area and opened fire, but were relieved when the guns started to take out the rogue robots. Other robot units exited the door motioning for them to enter as they too entered combat with the rogue robots.+

24-09-2005, 20:04
"God works in mysteoius ways doesn't he?" Medford then put his arms behind his back follow the robots that were leading them away form the robots he stood with a confiadent.

Behind them as they were lead in doors the robots begun to attack each other the ones form inside attacking the ones that were just attacking them. It seemed that they were slow comparde to the ones inside aslo the ones that were outside seemed to not have the sheen that the ones that just apperead had.

OoC/don't worry about this guys I've talked to Grand Warlord everythings cool these robots that are escorting us are even more powerful then the ones out side just to give you guys a heads up/OoC

25-09-2005, 16:09
Ruben shuffled along eying the robots suspiciously.
Julius shhok, shaking his head. "Tomyknockers, tomyknockers knockin on my door last night and the night before" He chanted as his body shook.

25-09-2005, 19:33
The new robots grabbed Dimitri from under a pile of rogue robots carcasses. Exhausted by the effort he had just made the knight could barely stand and the machines had to help him walk inside. The Templar would have been shocked by the guns opening fire around him since they were completely new to him, but he was getting used to the ever more unexpected surprises.

"Hell and damnation!" he yelled at Julius as the man kept on his senseless babbling. "Be a man for once! Or at the very least keep quite!" He would have slapped him for the second time, but he did not have the strength.

26-09-2005, 13:37
Hearing the gunfire that was pinning him down die down Spike poked his head out from behind the broken robots that he was using as cover. A look of surprise comes on Spike's face as the defense guns open up. Jerking his head back down into cover Spike starts to spin his guns in his hands, it helped him deal with stress. What the Hell can I do to those things? Spike thinks to himself. Looking back out of his cover Spike is shocked to see the others heading into the structure with what looked like new robots. Addressing Medford, Spike yells, "What's going on?"

26-09-2005, 22:21
"I don't know Spike but considering that these robots could kill us; I would suggest keeping quiet"

the hallways that the group were being escorted down were large tubes that would move up and down all most like veins in a person. he saw all sorts of anicet machinerey along the walls and things which he presumed to be video carmeras of some kind or another. he wondered if these things were just carrying out orders form back when the old ones made them or if there was some integglanice at work here

Grand Warlord
26-09-2005, 23:47
+Appearing out of a dark hallway DanteBeta13 bowed to them walking towards the doorway where the remaining humans were trying to get too surveying the fighting from various cameras on the outside he knew his stength was needed.+

<<System defenses activating ... complete.>>

+Stepping outside the frist robot to feel his wrath seem to simply evaporate as body parts and gears exploded outward, his bladed hand punching through his armor with ease.+

"Please I have not had guests in some time ... hurry to shelter."

27-09-2005, 01:04
Medford followed the Human like creature he had a feeling that there was more to this person then met the eyes.

"Everyone come hurry!" it seemed that there were more robots that seemed to be attacking or trying to get at the humans.

Grand Warlord
27-09-2005, 02:45
+the cyborg smiled at medford the blades sliding back into his hands.+

"Get inside ... I know of what you seek ... I am it's .... gaurdian."

27-09-2005, 13:44
Shrugging to himself Spike jumps up and runs to Medford's side. "So I'm assuming you're the good guys," Spike says to DanteBeta13. Spike starts to spin his guns in his hands. After a brief moment of spinning them Spike throws them up into the air. Pulling his duster back the revolvers land perfectly into their holsters. "I guess I won't be needing them anymore. You seem to have things under control." Spike says jokingly. This was out of character for Spike, he was normally monotone and depressed sounding, which reflected his normal mood. This was the first time in a while that he felt excited.

27-09-2005, 19:43
Ruben looked confused for a minuite and the shrugged and follewed the precision.

Julius shok, he cakled madly reapiting his tune over and over again, then he soke "no one survives life" he cackled and returned to his tune.

27-09-2005, 23:34
Medford followed dantebeta13 unsure what he wanted. aslo why he had a name such as that was most pelcuialar even with all the wheres and whens he had been to. for all he know this could ahve been a old one but he doubted that.

They entered a grand room that had all sorts of consoles all the walls and computers lined on the walls form out of the wall wires pluged into the different machines. once they entered dantebeta13 geustrued the other robots out of the room.

"I would like to know what is gonna on here DanteBeta13. If you wouldn't mind what was with the robots that attacked us out side? and now were escorted by them you must understand this is very confuseing to us"

01-10-2005, 01:25
Medford knew that he needed to figure out what was going on at the compound and where the Portal was he knew if it was still working they would need to get threw it fast. something was going on out side he didn;t want to alarm the rest of the group but there was a army comeing this way.

"Dantebeta13 could we prehaps see what we have came for you must know what is comeing"

Grand Warlord
01-10-2005, 04:30
/\Sorry about the late post been working a lot this week. /\

"Yes of course ... please sit down."

+As the group sat the robots that had defended the humans were relocating to their holding areas where repairs were made to any damaged areas.+

"I am DanteBeta13, a servant of the Old Ones and gaurdian of the portal you seek. I don't know how long I have defended this building but I can tell you the portal is safe and in perfect working condition. During my long slumber it would seem some of the robots became defective and overrode their protocals. I do apologize for any deaths that may have been received from this."

+The screen on one of the many computers flashed red but he ignored it his body was currently plugged into all the computers.+

"It would appear that there is an army of scum heading this way.I suggest you prepair yourselves ... I may have some spare weaponry around the facility. If you find something you can use by all means use it. I will activate the robots as needed. I do not know who they serve but ..."

+Motioning for them to look at the computers it was easy to tell they served the Crimson King.+

"... I doubt there are here for friendly discussion."

<<Activate Security Defenses ... Y or N??>>

01-10-2005, 04:40
Medford ran to the Weapons bay and looked thorugh the weaponry that was there he saw something that looked simalar to a weapon he used in the keyworld back when he was much younger.

Medford pulled the sniper rifle off the wall and took of his long flowing robe underneath was a open vest with pockets surpislying for the old face that Medford wore he was in peak physcial condtion. he loaded up his pockets with spare rounds and set off. Medford made his way up so that he would have a good vantage point up higer on the tower of the installation he went into a prone postion and waited for the army to get into range.