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23-10-2007, 19:04
OK, here it goes...:)

Elf Prince - Elven Steed, Lance, Armor of the Gods, Vambraces of Defence, Pure of Heart - 233

Archmage - Level 4 Upgrade, Starwood Staff, Ring of Fury, Dispel Scroll - 345

Commander (Battle Standard Bearer) - Elf Steed, Ithilmar Barding, Heavy Armor, Talisman of Protection, Battle Banner - 206

Mage - Level 2 Upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Seer - 180

Mage - Level 2 Upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Seer - 180

Spear Elves x 19 - Full command - 239

Spear Elves x 19 - Full command - 239

Silver Helms x 5 - Heavy Armour, Shield, Full command - 150

Silver Helms x 5 - Heavy Armour, Shield, Full command - 150

Dragon Princes x 8 - Full command, Banner of Ellyrion - 268

Swordmasters x 10 - Full command, Standard of Sorcery and Bladelord has Blessed Tome - 235

Tiranoc Chariot x 2 - 170

Repeater Bolt Thrower x 4 - 400

Total points= 1995

What I normally do is put the Prince and the BSB in the unit of Dragon Princes (that combination has won me many many combats), put the Mages in the units of Spear Elves and sometimes put the Archmage in the unit of Swordmasters.

So, please comment!

23-10-2007, 19:37
The army list is not legal.
The Armor of the Gods is for models on foot only.

The Battle Standard Bearer can not have the Talisman of Protection and the Battle Banner.

I like the Prince with Blade of Sea Gold, Helm of Fortune and Talisman of Saphery.

My further suggestions:
- Spearelves
+ Archers
+ 2 Eagles
- Banner of Ellyrion
+ Lion Standard (Dragon Princes)

The archers will be great to thread light cavalry.

Eagles are a very good tactical unit.

The lion standard will save your very important Dragon Princes from autobreaks from fear.

Just Tony
25-10-2007, 16:11
The illegal parts have already been adressed, so no need to kick a dead horse. Now onto what I think of the overall idea you had...

Keep the elven prince on foot, and stick him with the Swordmasters and give him a great weapon.

The General and the BSB REALLY need to stay with the center of the force, and I see the DPs flanking or getting away from the main body, so I'd leave him on foot as well. And since you can ONLY have either a banner OR magic equipment, I'd take the Battle Banner. That thing has won so many combats for me, I've never left home without it, not even in 1000 pts.

The silver helm units don't sit well with me being so small, but hey, diff playstyles for diff folks

I hope it does well for you, definitely a diff approach than I've ever seen...