View Full Version : Scratch building a biotitan?

23-10-2007, 23:48
Has anyone ever tried this? I'm looking for one that's somewhat easy to make my self instead of paying $500+ for one from FW. Does anyone by any chance have any tips or links to a great tutorial?

24-10-2007, 00:06
depending on how you what it to look, i have one bit of advice that i can give you is to have TONS of nid bits, im not kidding, i have a friend making one and you will need lots of fex bits and other bug bits, o and lots of green stuff, youll probly want to like together 2 fex bodies and then add just more bits from there, if you want a deal on fexes, get the 5 fex box, you save something like 30 bucks, idk i cant remember

24-10-2007, 00:17
I've never made one, but I'd say a couple things you'll want to do starting out are:

1. Make a few drawings to get an idea of the shape and size you want, along with any important details you want to include.

2. Make sure you pay attention to the proportions when you create your frame for the beasty. You don't want to discover the head isn't where you'd like or the legs are too long only after you've spent long hours fleshing it out.

3. Use materials like Styrofoam to create the basic shape of the body, if possible. It's a lot less expensive than creating the whole thing from epoxy putty.

24-10-2007, 00:20
One thing you could do to save yourself money if you don't like the potential for styrofoam to crush or deform on you, build the base model out of Sculpey type clay, its very cheap, has infinite work time, to set it, you bake it in the oven for a short time. then from there you can work it up for fine detail with greenstuff. (just don't mix sculpey and gw plastic, the low baking temperature for the sculpey will melt the gw plastic)

24-10-2007, 00:44
You know the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver? Buy some of the action figures from those, slap on some green stuff and large Tyranid bits, and stick them on a suitably sized base.

I guy up at my local hobby center did that and it looks great.

24-10-2007, 10:51
I am currently painting one Alien Queen from McFarlane plus one Godzilla monster called "Legion" as biotitans for Apocalypse. Will post it when ready in my Tyranid thread.

24-10-2007, 12:56
Hm, I got myself a Alien queen to, but I dont think i will ruin it for the nids...
Really want that Hierodule... Damn FW prices...

24-10-2007, 13:34
I say GW uses the Baneblade profits to create a Bio-titan kit for nid players everywhere.

24-10-2007, 14:18
One of the old citadel journels had some details/photos of a guy who made a couple of bio-titans for his 'nids army. Have a feeling he made his out of a metal or wood "skeleton" and then sculpted the extra detail on top of that.

I'll try to dig out the CJ and see if it offers any further help.