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24-10-2007, 00:05

After a being overwhelmed and scoring a surprising victory, Raynor, the High Elven Lord was instructed by Helglen the Arch Mage of Saphrey to take the remains of his army along with some reinforcement’s army back to Saphrey for some much needed rest. After several days Raynor and his men realized they had not listened to the Archmage, but were instead heading in a different direction as if being pulled by some unseen force. Now as they crested a hill they saw what they had been pulled towards, a beautiful glowing shrine… Raynor’s scouts returned and reported that Dwarfs and Wood Elves were approaching the shrine at the same time. Raynor ordered his men to prepare for battle, “No one but the High Elves will have that shrine”, he yelled…

Lists from Memory:

High Elves:

Raynor- Elf Prince, Hvy armour, Enchanted Shield, Elven Steed, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Corin, Sword of Might.

Alios - Mage, Upgrade to level 2, Seer, Jewel of Dusk

Galadrieth – BSB - Armour of Protection, Pure of Heart, Biting Blade

Caeth – Commander – Reaver Bow, Shield, Heavy Armour

19 First Spear Elves, Full Command, War Banner – Joined by Caeth and Alios
10 Archers, Musician
5 Silver Helms, Heavy Armour, Full Command

19 Swordmasters, Full Command, Lion Standard – Joined by Galadrieth
2 Chariots
1 Repeater Bolt Thrower
5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Banner of Ellyrian - Joined by Raynor

Wood Elves:

Landor Greyleaf - Elf Lord, Light Armour, Great Weapon, glamour weave, Bow of Loren, No Armour Save Arrows

Drayath – BSB, Light Armour, Sword of Might, Stone of Crystal Mere

Calandra – Mage, Dispel Scroll – 195 pts.

8 Dryads, Champion
8 Dryads, Champion
15 Eternal Guard, Full Command, Warbanner – Joined by Drayath
Greybark - Treemen

10 Glade Guard, Full Command – Joined by Landor
8 Scouts, Champion
10 Glade Guard, Full command – Joined by Calandra


Thoraxe Baneblade – Master Rune Smith – Anvil of Doom, Gromril Armour

Rigar – Dwarf Thane, Oath Stone, Gromril Armour

Vergan – Thane, BSB, Magic Ward Save Banner vs Missiles, Gromril

Haggar – Rune Smith, Dispel Rune with 4+ to remove spell.

20 Longbeards, Full Command – Joined by Vergan
15 Hammers, Full Command – Joined by Haggar
20 Warriors, Full command – Joined by Rigar

8 Bolt Throwers, Engineer, and all but 2 runed up.
2 Organ Guns


It was a 3 way game as stated in the 2003 Annual:

On a 6x4 table:

Dwarfs Player A:
High Elves Player B:
Wood Elves Player C:

Player A sets up 12 inches in from the long table edge, and 24 inches in from the short table edge, across from Player C.

Player B sets up 12 Inches in from the long Table Edge across from Player A and 24 inches in from the short table edge, across from Player C.

Player C set up on the opposite short table edge 12 inches in from both Long Table Edges and 24 Inches in from the Short Table Edge. Across from both Player A and B.

All magic dice are generated by everyone on the Active players turn (The active Player gets his Power Dice while the Non-Active Player gain their Dispel Dice. Both of the other players may decide to use their dice to block spells or not. Play continues clockwise around the table. Combats are fought on all player’s turns.

Deployment is in order of who got to chose their deployment zone first. In this case the Wood Elves Deployed their entire army first, Dwarfs deployed their entire army next and finally the High Elves Deployed.

Winner is decided by total enemy points killed (Only the one who scores the final blow gets the points) and table quarters.

Also players may dismount at any time, but can never remount after doing so. It is assumed all players have grappling hooks to climb up buildings.


There is a Chapel Directly in the Middle of the Table of all 3 armies.

Dwarfs deployment zone has a River running through it with both bridges on the Side of the Chapel facing Player C.

High Elf Deployment zone has a Large hill in the middle of it.

Wood Elf Deployment zone has the remnants of a ruined Castle One wall and tower.


Wood Elves:

Landor and the Glade Guard take positions on the Castle, Calandra and her unit in the tower and Landor and his unit on the Gate Wall. Behind the walls a unit of dryads facing the dwarfs, followed by Drayath and the Eternal Guard, and Greybark. Then the other unit of Dryads. Lastly, the Wood Elf scouts deployed on the ground near the tower.


8 bolt throwers in a arrow formation following the curve of the river through their deployment zone. 4 on the High Elves, 2 of which didn’t have runes, and 4 on the Woods Elves, 2 of which had flaming runes. Behind them the Organ Guns, then the Longbeards with Vergan in the middle with the Warrior and Hammers on either side. Finally, the Anvil of doom behind them.

High Elves:

Raynor had seen the bolt thrower line from hell and ordered his Spear Elves to form 1 rank with Caeth and Alios joining them a total of 22 long. Facing the Dwarfs and bolt Throwers. Raynor deployed his Dragon Princes behind the line of Spears along with 1 chariot. On the Hill the Archers formed 2 ranks and the Repeater Bolt Thrower Crew Setup. Facing the Wood Elves the Silver Helms and Swordmasters with Galadrieth next to them the other chariot all behind the line of Spear to project them from incoming fire.

To Battle:

Landor saw the line of Bolt Throwers and hoped the Dryads could project his units until they crossed the bridge into the Dwarf territories. His units on the ground moved forward towards the dwarfs. While his scouts moved out using the Chapel to protect them daring the High Elves to engage. Landor and his archers targeted the Bolt Thrower near the bridge and let the arrows fly. Only Landor’s bow of Loren hit its mark and dropped one of the Dwarf crew. The other unit of archers targeted the High Elf Swordmaster and 3 fell to their fire. Finally, Calandra summoned the winds of magic and the mystical dryads began to turn into a spiritual form.

Thoraxe saw the Wood Elves move forward and yelled “No amount of spells will protect you from our magic bolts”. The 4 bolt Thrower on facing the Wood Elves open fire. 1 on the Wall attempting to crumble it, but it failed to wound. 3 other bolts killed 2 dryads, their spirit form being dissipated by the magic dwarf bolts. Next the 4 other bolt throwers opened fire at the High Elves, 2 Spear Elves died, while 2 archers on the hill were also impaled. Finally, Thoraxe struck his Anvil and a lightning bolt stuck screening dryads killing 3 more.

Raynor ordered his Spear line forward towards the dwarfs and continued to move his Dragon princes and Chariot using them as cover. The rest of the High Elves moved forward towards the ruined castle and the Wood Elves. The Silver Helms moved forward preparing to charge the tower with the chariot moving up to protect them flank and the Galadrieth and the Swordmasters behind them. All of them careful to keep the chapel between them and the Dwarf Bolt Throwers. Alios looked to the heavens and summoned a magical aura with ultimate power placing it over the Spear Elf line. Caeth then targeted the Bolt Thrower in front of him across the river and fired his Reaver bow killing one crew and wounding the machine. Next, the Repeater Bolt Thrower on the hill fired a volley at the same target and killed 2 more crew. Finally the Archers arrows killed the engineer, putting one Bolt thrower out of action.

Across the battlefield, the Wood Elf ground troops continued their march towards the dwarfs with the second dryad unit moving in front the Eternal Guard to protect them. Greybark marched towards the bridge. Landor surveyed the battlefield from his Castle Wall and saw the elves closing, but decided to focus on the Dwarfs. His bow of Loren along with his Glade Guard arrows hit the Dwarf Bolt thrower crew near the bridge, but failed to wound it. Next to him in the Tower Calandra’s unit of Glade Guard fired at the approaching silver helms, but their arrows were deflected by the Elven armour. The Wood Elf scouts move to the side of the Silver Helms and placed their backs near the some debris on the bottom of the tower knowing if the chariot would charge then it would most likely hit the debris and be destroyed.

Thoraxe had seen the High Elf shooting was impressive he ordered his units forward and Vegan was now close enough that his Magic banner would protect most of the bolt throwers and both of the Organ guns. Thoraxe was also impressed with the bravery of the wood elves, but knew the main target must be the Treeman. All of his bolt throwers including 2 from the Elven side of the battlefield fired on the Behemoth, 2 Flaming bolts hit the Treeman, but Grey bark’s thick hide turned the bolts aside (Author’s Note: He rolled a 1 to wound on each hit) 2 bolts did wound the Treemen, but both wounds were minor. The Remaining bolt thrower fired at the High Elf archers on the hill and impaled one of them. The Anvil sounded once again and 3 more Dryads fell to lightning wiping out the unit.

Now the High Elves were getting close the river and the Spear Elf line began to wade across it. Raynor’s Dragon princes followed behind and now the High Elf Chariot attempted to charge across the water and into the Bolt Thrower on the opposite side, but halfway through the river it hit a rock and broke the wheel on the machine, the crew was thrown into the water and the horses ran off pulling what was left the chariot behind them. (Author’s note: I rolled 6 on the number of his I take for running into difficult terrain and destroyed the chariot).

On the other side of the battlefield the Silver Helms charged into the tower under a hail of arrows, but none fell. The silver helms threw their grappling hooks to the tower then climbed up the ropes to fight the Glade Guard. The glade guard attacked 10 of them attacking 5 Silver Helms, but the Silver Helms armour was strong and none were wounded, In return, the Silver Helms attacked back and 2 of the Glade Guard fell. This was too much for the Glade Guard and Calandra and they fled the tower running towards the edge of the battlefield. The Silver Helms had taken the tower.

Alios was still in the Spear unit, saw the move by the Wood Elves to stop the other chariot from charging them. He looked to the heavens and summoned the magical aura and placed it on the Chariot facing the Wood Elves. Calandra attempted to stop the spell, but she focused too hard and failed terribly. The Chariot then charged through the Stones into the Scouts. The scouts fled attempting to outdistance the chariot, but as they looked back the chariot smashed through the rocks failed to be harmed (Authors Note: I made 3 ward saves) and ran through the fleeing scouts scattering them.

Landor saw the Tower overrun by the Silver Helms and charged from his unit into the Silver Helms swinging his Great Sword, 2 Silver Helms fell and the remaining that could attack missed. The Silver Helms were nearly chased from the tower, but with Galadrieth nearby their will to fight on was bolstered and they held their ground.

The rest of the Wood Elves continued their march towards the Dwarf lines 3 more Dryads fell to Bolt Throwers and the Thoraxe’s Anvil. Now Greybark the Treemen was nearing the bridge and preparing to cross. The Dwarf Bolt Thrower crew fought back the urge to flee in terror and once again launched a flaming bolt at Greybark, but their aim was off and the bolt sailed wide.

On the other side of the battlefield, the 3 remaining bolt throwers shot at the Elven spear line killing 3 of them and exposing the Dragon Princes behind. The Organ Gun barrels spun to life, but something was wrong and nothing came out. It would take a while to clear the problem.

Alios, summoned thunderbolts onto the Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew in front of him and it was dispelled by the Dwarfs. Next he attempted to summon the aura of protection and place it over the Dragon Princes, but it was stopped by the runesmith Haggar, who then attempted to drain the spell from Alios, but his magic was too strong and he retained the spell.

Raynor had seen Alios drain a good bit of the magic defense that the Dwarf contain, he used his Ring of Corin to Drain the Magic Standard being carried by Vergen draining the last of their resources. Raynor and his Dragon Princes were no longer protected by the Spear Line, so he summoned the power of the Bear and he grew bear like features.

Seconds later, Raynor and the Dragon Princes Banner began to Glow and they rode across the river into the Bolt Thrower Crew on the other side. Raynor and the princes easily killed the crew, and decided to over-run into the bolt thrower crew behind them. In a matter of seconds Rayor had dispatched the next Bolt Thrower Crew and overran off the battlefield.

Now at almost the same instant the Dryads of the Wood Elves charged across the river into the Bolt thrower behind Raynor and the Dragon princes, but the strong crew of the dwarf held their ground against the assault.

Across the battlefield the Swordmasters and Galadrieth charged the gate wall of the ruined castle and began to climb it. The Glade Guard opened fire killing 3 Swordmasters, but soon the Swordmasters were on top of them. While climbing up the wall 2 Swordmasters were killed. After reaching the top Galadrieth and the remaining Swordmaster easily killed 5 archers and scattered them from the wall.

Next to then Landor and the Silver helms continued to battle. The Silver Helm champion got a lucky blow and wounded Landor, but that would be it for the Silver Helms and Landor Struck back and wiped out the unit.

Landor looked around and saw that his unit of Glade Guard as well as Calandra’s unit of Glade Guard had been chased from the wall, but now rallied. He then charged into the Swordmaster unit and challenged Galadrieth to battle. (Author’s Note: Now with the new rules for buildings, only wounds count, so outnumbering and standards are useless). Landor Struck first and wound Galadrieth, who’s armour deflected the blow. In return Galadrieth put a wound on Landor, but the fight would continue.

On the Ground below the Elven Chariot charged into the newly rallied Glade Guard with Calandra, but the elves moved so fast the chariot failed to wound any on with it’s charge(I rolled a 1 for impact hits and then a 1 for wounding). In return the chariot was wounded 2 times and broke from combat. It was pursued and destroyed by the Wood Elves.

On the other side of the battlefield Thoraxe, knew he needed to get his dwarf units in combat fast or all would be lost. He attempted to hit the Anvil with ultimate power and move all 3 units, but as he struck the notes he made a mistake, and the power of the Anvil could not be contained in exploding in a blinding flash the Anvil and Thoraxe were no more.

The rest of the Dwarfs attempted to move forward to help their War Machines, but they were too far away. Now the 2 remaining Organ guns opened fire on the Spear Elves, but the Dwarf Engineer that built them must have been drunk that day as both misfired and exploded. Alios Spear elves had finished crossing the river and changed ranks to prepare for a charge on the Bolt Throwers in front of them.

Now Greybranch charged across the bridge and easily dispatched the remaining crew from the Bolt Thrower and overran on the flank of the 3 Dwarf units.

Next to him the Dryads finished off the remaining Dwarf crew and destroyed the Bolt Thrower.

“Now” Yelled Caeth and his Spear Elves fought back their fear and charged past he Dwarf Bolt Thrower Crew and into the Dryads. Caeth was able to bring down 2 Dryads while the Spear Elves killed 2 more. In return 1 spear elf was killed and the Dryads outnumber and beaten fled. They were pursued and scattered by the Spear Elves who were now in front of the Eternal Guard, but confident that the river would protect their flank.

Battles continued to rage and on the other side of the battlefield by the walled gate. The challenge between Galadrieth and Landor continued. Galadrieth attacked first and hit Landor 3 times, but amazingly failed to wound (Authors Note: I rolled 3 ones for wounding or I could have killed him) Landor attacked back and chopped through Galadrieth’s armour with his Great sword killing him(Authors Note: This was 300 point gain for the wood elves (Galadrieth was my general, BSB, and pure of heart). The loss of their leader was too much for the Swordmasters and they fled from Landor outdistancing his pursuit.

With battles raging everywhere across the battlefield, all the armies were engaged in a fight to the death over the Chapel. When suddenly a lightning bolt hit the Chapel destroying it with that all of the armies stopped fighting it was as if the hateful urges had been removed. Standing tall amongst the Tower was the Wood Elf mage Calandra, she had been given a rune from a Dwarf Runesmith long ago. She threw the rune at the Chapel and when it hit it called a Lightning bolt down from the sky destroying it.


All 3 armies retreated from the battlefield, each helping as many fallen as possible.

Final Score:
Dwarfs 314
High Elves 801
Wood Elves 1031

Wood Elf Victory.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
24-10-2007, 15:34
Wow, that Dwarf list was just plain wrong. (An Anvil and 8 Bolt Throwers? Cheese!) I'm glad you managed to beat it, though its a pity you lost thanks only to a roll of triple ones. Good batrep, though.

24-10-2007, 16:46
yeah that dwarf deserved to loose. nice rep

24-10-2007, 23:50
Well he usually plays 6 so this was a big surprise that he added 2 more.

26-10-2007, 19:07
Nice report. Glad the dwarf lost. Maybe he should use a little less cheese in his army.

27-10-2007, 16:14

He consistantly brings 6 bolt throwers, this was the first time he brought 8. Plus the 2 Organ guns. However, my tactic of forming a line and moving everyone behind it works well and I have used it on more than one occasion. The only isse that comes up is when his units are on a hill. Then I have to focus all shooting and magic to kill them, so I can continue with my Spear Line.


01-11-2007, 04:27
I would like to imagine that now that your Dwarf player has seen how badly he can lose if he has bad luck with a ridiculous army like that, maybe he will try to bring a more balanced list next time....

But somehow I doubt it. The thing I hate about players like that is that if they lose, similar to what just happened, he will blame it on bad luck (oh, I rolled all ones and my Organ Guns and Anvil exploded, of course I lost).

However, if he wins he will claim it was due to his great tactical skill and knowledge, when really it was simply good rolls as opposed to bad rolls.

I realize the entire game can come down to luck of the die, but in a balanced list there are a lot more tactical factors that come into play (proper targeting for shooting, tactical usage of power/dispel dice and items, feigned flight and misdirection with cheap units, pursuit and restraining pursuit, choosing when to challenge.... etc), than a one-dimensional shooting gallery like that list.

Tell your Dwarf player to give up Warhammer and head to a casino, he can waste just as much money there on the craps tables and get basically the same experience.

Great report, though.

02-11-2007, 23:08
i thought hammerers were special choices?
i like the elven lists, but for me the dwarf list was too much about "we have lots of long pointy sticks, what shall we do with them?" instead of "i know, lets cut them into thirds and have some crossbows made! they're more likely to kill something!"

03-11-2007, 04:19
What a rubbish Dwarf list. He deserved to lose.

05-11-2007, 01:48
That Dwarf list is illegal for so many reasons, it's actually quite funny.

Firstly, the Anvil takes up a Hero choice, so he has 5 characters in a 2,000pt army.
Second, Hammerers are Special, so he has 5 Special choices.
Thirdly, due to the above, he also only has 2 Cores.
Fourthly, that list is 2,085pts even without the runes on the Bolt-throwers.

In short (no pun intended), I'm very glad he lost. :p

05-11-2007, 16:03
Wow, illegal as well as cheesy. I recommend just flat out refusing to play that Dwarf player again, ever.

13-11-2007, 03:29
haha...wow. I'm a dwarf player myself, but I gotta say. That list deserved to be destroyed, and rightfully lost the game. I mean, my god 8 Bolt throwers? with 3 blocks of infantries. Geez, Illegal and cheese aside. That's just stupid. How is he gonna cover all the Bolt Throwers? Are the bolt throwers suppose to kill everything before they even get close to the dwarf line?!?!