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24-10-2007, 03:16
This is a list for local tournaments in Canada. It is comp scored, but really I just go for a list that I like to play and has a chance at beating anything.

here is the list:


Warlord, fellblade, heavy armor, shield, talisman of protection 199 points

Chieftain, BSB, heavy armor, warbanner 99 points

Warplock engineer, kit w/o pistol, stormdemon 110

Warplock engineer, kit w/o pistol, dispell scroll 110


25 clanrats, banner, musician 140

25 clanrats, banner, musician 140

25 clanrats, banner, musician 140

25 clanrats, banner, musician 140
ratling gun 60

25 slaves, musician 54

25 slaves, musician 54

25 slaves, musician 54

25 slaves, musician 54

24 stormvermin, shields, FC, banner of the swarm 261

5 night runners 25

5 night runners 25


3 tunnelers 45 points

3 tunnelers 45 points

3 tunnelers 45 points


Warplightning cannon 100

Warplightning cannon 100

Deployment slots: 11+warmachines+characters
Models: 249 (woot!)

The guns will generally be in the middle of my units, worst case scenario I have the night runners to cover them. The ratling gun is just for flyers. The tunnelers are for the psychological effect, just because 45 points can mess with the ennemy's mind so badly its not even funny ... and then occasionnaly they can kill things (mage assassination, empire/elven warmachines, some shooting units).

The fellblade is a personnal favorite, I have played it for ages and it just wrecks havoc. The BSB joins the stormvermin for max CR ... The lord is always hopping between clanrat units, he has even charged out of units from time to time when a steamtank/treeman/unit of knights thought it was safe from my unit because of wheels ...

24-10-2007, 13:17
The only thing I see you having problems with is Terror causing flyers. You do have two cannons but htye aren't very well protected and cannot reliably take out a big flyer fast. Protect the cannons more i'd say.

and 3 units of tunnelers is excessive. Drop one and give the other two poisoned hw and then beef ur nr units

26-10-2007, 05:22
I agree, but I'm suprised you didnt also mention that the 4 units of slaves are overkill. Where are his flankers?

26-10-2007, 11:18
Drop the fell blade and give him Weeping blde and crown...is more durable :P and ca be realy tough.
And probably you donīt need that many tunelers unleasyou play against dwarf :P. The last thing y prefer 1 unit of night runners of 10 that 2 of 5... you have enoug sacrificable trops andthat les they canīt do anithing :P

26-10-2007, 14:28
actually the thing with 9 blocks of skaven is that it is pretty hard to get around

I deploy on 2, sometimes 3 layers with the 3 hard units (lord unit and stormvermin) in the middle of the second.

The tunnelers are actually completely useless against dwarves unless maybe they get to flanc a unit of thunderers. Their main use would be to pick out mages in units, take out weaker warmachines (human/elven) but more importantly, make the ennemy react to them. A lot of opponents will get overly worried about the potential of tunnelers and change their plans because of those 45 points of models.

As for slaves, there is no such thing as too many slaves. For 54 points they always are cost effective. I will usually use 2-3 blocks as my first line for baiting and have one unit isolated out on the flanc facing in. they will bother the ennemy no end because it means he cannot wrap in around my blocks without exposing flancs to slaves.

The two cannons move up behind the blocks of troops on the first turn (unless the ennemy is coming to me in which case noone moves). The night runners are just there to block LOS to the cannons.

And skaven dont really have flankers by the way ... unless you count slaves :D.

The tunnelers are what I am unsure about but I really dont have much else I want in this list (I dont feel like buying jezzails or globadiers). Maybe turning them into 9 gutter runners with poison, which can be a pretty dangerous unit (and adding one stormvermin with the points left).

Any ideas on what to do with 150 points ?

29-10-2007, 09:30
um, Giant Rats are fantastic flankers with m6, us7, and to a lesser extent, units of 2 RO's. I dont use Rat Ogres simply because there's so much else wrong with them, but a single pack of giant rats works pretty well. us7 means that the enemy has to kill magic number 2 for them to panic but still be large enough to spread panic, and with 7 models and randomized shots it'll take some pretty dedicated shooting to knock it out in one round. You can throw them away very nicely, and they can still take out ranks.

The tunnelers are less effective against dwarves yes, not useless, but less effective. Try poisoning their hand weapons. 6 poisoned attacks will make short work of any warmachine crew, and make them much scarier to enemy wizards. Oh, and 2 units will send the enemy into a tizzy just as well as 3. The third one really won't do much.

For 150 points remaining, i'd grab up some more night runners and some Giant rats. Maybe another Ratling or a WFT.

Not really much else to say. I wouldn't do fellblade, but if it's worked for you, go for it. I also wouldn't put the BSB in the storm vermin, but if you want a decked out unit, again, go for it.

29-10-2007, 15:55
the BSB and fellblade stay from experience, the stormvermin unit is the only really strong combat unit skaven can have and mine have a huge number of nice kills (including 5 DOs with doombull, bretonnian lance charges with characters, treemen etc)

my fellblade has the same kind of record and as you pointed out skaven usually have problems with terror causers ... most terror causers are pretty terrified of a fellblade.

the rat packs arent a problem just for the magic number 2 ... I actually love skaven who bring out single rat packs and leave them anywhere near other troops (which is where they need to be to flanc anything) because you can just kill all 7 and cause massive panic checks.

I have had lists with 2-3 single rat packs and didnt find them extremely useful

Rat ogres I have also tried, and they havent done a thing for me, they are expensive and die so damn fast.

Essentially I find neither of those units does better than a unit of slaves, which are more resilient, have static CR and dont panic anything else, thats why I have 4 units of slaves as flankers.