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24-10-2007, 12:37
okay last night i was playing against lizardmen and managed to get my casket of souls to cast the light of death.

2 of his units could draw line of sight to me so i proceeded to roll and such.
i happened to roll high for a unit of saurus cavalry taking out 4 of them which them allowed me line of site to some kroxigor behind them which i couldnt previously see.

now would the kroxigor now be affected by the casket?? or is it only the models/units that could originally see me that are affected??
i couldnt really see anything that said that they wouldnt be affected but still we were uncertain so we just rolled off and it ended up that they werent.

so whats the answer?? :chrome:

24-10-2007, 12:55
The Casket's rules do not state that the rolls for the affected units are performed sequentially i.e. it does not state -'Pick a unit, roll dice and then pick another unit'.

It is a common assumption that a magical process (like shooting and combat) is normally simultaneous unless otherwise stated e.g. Gork's Warpath.

Therefore it should be assumed that all units are affected by Light of Death simultaneously. In the same way, Righteous smiting cast on a unit of archers causes all of them to shoot simultaneously - otherwise they could target more than one unit if one unit is destroyed

Some may disagree but your decision to roll a dice is probably the fairest solution.