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24-10-2007, 15:38
This is my Necrach army (I have most of it but Xmas is coming so fingers crossed but I should have it all complete by early 2008) Please correct, lecture ask ect ect. Thats why I put it up! PLEASE change and talk me through you're strategy and plans! Thanks!!!!:D


1 Vampire Lord with Familiar. 285 points.
Lv. 3 Wizard, (50 points)
Sword of Unholy Power, 40 points.
Ring of Night, 30 points.
The Gem of Blood, 25 points.
(Minion) Rod of Flaming death. 50 points.

Nehekhara’s Noble Blood, 45 points.
Master of Black Arts, 20 points.
Unholy Cynosure, 20 points.
Forbidden Lore, 15 points.
Power familiar, 50 points.
Warrior familiar, 30 points.

Necromancer Lv2. (100 points)
Staff of Sorcery, 50 points.

Armour of Bone, 50 points.

Wraith: (90 points)
Talisman of Protection, 15 points.

Core units:

Skeleton regiment (20 warriors): 80 points. (+15 points standard and musician)
Zombie Regiment (20 zombies): 60 points. (+15 points standard and musician)
Zombie Regiment (20 zombies): 60 points. (+15 points standard and musician)

Special Units:

Grave Guard (12 units including command, musician and standard) 138 points.
(Screaming Banner, 40 points).
Black Knights (8 knights) 204 points. (+16 for standard bearer)
(Banner of the Barrows, 45 points)

Rare units:

Black Coach (200 points)
Warhammer Giant (205 points)

Total: 2049 Points.

Oh yeah and if you want can you try and narrow it down to 2K Lol if not its all good but I cant decide what I should get rid of! :rolleyes:
Thanx for looking :)

25-10-2007, 08:10
Armour of Bone is 50pts

Not going to do that much on a necromancer, its weak, expensive and if hes in combat hes dead anyway. Necros normaly hide in the back raising stuff anyway.

25-10-2007, 10:56
What is the max amount of pts that you can spend on heros magic items? In most armies i thinks its 50 for heros? I think lords can only have 100 (including blood line powers), this should help you get rid of the extra 50pts

- munstenbrau

25-10-2007, 19:45
Oh Ok yeah, cos it said that I could spend 100 points on the necrach on the bloodline page so I just guessed it was only for the BL Powers. That makes sence - And for the Necromancer; if not then what should replace him? And didn't I write armour of Bone as 50? Oh well thanks guys and also - Got any ideas of tactics? Because I've only played 1 Game before and that was like 2 years ago now, with LOTR Urak-hai!!
Thanks again, looking foward to youre advice :)


26-10-2007, 20:08
First off, any chance of holding back the pressies till Spring. VC are due a revamp (like what I did there?) then, heap of new models (most of the old ones are poor) and new rules.

If not, I'll offer what I can on what you got here. Note, I'm not going to tell you the exact army I think you should have, you should play about and see what works for you.

Lord choices can have a combination of of bloodline powers and magic items to the total of 100pts. Its the same for heroes, except the limit is just 50pts.

Stripping the items/powers down then and you should have enough points for another character, your choice if you want a combat thrall or another necromancer, depending what you want to do.

Vampires can play in several ways, the easiest to master to utilise the 'auto-break due to outnumbering fear causers' rule. With this you get big units into combat with the enemy and then flank them with raised units/wolves/knights. You can also use the your summoned units and faster units to catch fleeing enemy as its easy to arrange/predict fleeing lanes now.

With this plan in mind you will need two big infantry units and two cavalry units as your main combat blocks, each of the infantry units should have a combat character in them (so your vampire and your wraith). A third infantry unit (usually zombies) can be used as a bunker to protect your necromancers.

Based on what you have, this could prove difficult. Have the Skeletons (handweapons) with the vampire as one infantry unit and a zombie unit with the wraith in as the other. Use 6 black knights as one unit to flank, the graveguard as the other flanker (keep a necromancer with Book of Ahkan near or in this unit).

I would use the Coach and Giant (both cause terror) to try and disrupt enemy support as much as possible, You are going to have a hard time against warmachines and shooting units, a unit of wolves/ghouls would not go amiss in this army, I would possibly take lots of these over the giant, I swear by wolves (3x6 of them), other vc players in our group don't get on with them though. I think having 400pts+ in big easy targets is asking for trouble.

Another thing to worry about with Vamps is the marching limitations. You pretty much have to keep your army bunched up together, just letting you know.

Hope I've been of some service here.

26-10-2007, 21:54
Yeah thanks m8.
Right so keep the whole army bunched up with the vamp and use the Coach and giant for fear, keep the necromancer out of fight, (behind a bunch of zombies?) and chuck in some dire wolves in to counter war machines - I suppose I could mix and match between wolves and giant against different armies for different point armies as well. Gotcha! ;)
Cheers mate, advice well and trully taken :)


Edit: I think I've got it now, Im gonna get rid of 1 Zombie Redgiment, the Necromancer and have 16 Dire Wolves, also Power Familiar, Gem Of Blood, and Ring of Night's going down the drain. Any problems or any questions about that? Total: 1992 points!
Thanks again, Jimbo. [Advice and tactics still welcome :)]

31-10-2007, 22:05
Its been awhile since I played Fantasy, but I loved my Nechach Vampires...

Its all personal opinion but heres my three cents...

I always found you need as much Magic as posible!

-I personaly droped the lord for a Count. Lords cost 2 heros character slots are not worth the loss of the magic die, where you can still get a count and a necromancer in those heros slots.

-Spirit Hosts... I personaly would not leave home without them! Only hurt by magic attacks!

-Coach and Giant... I woudl drop them... I just do't think their worth it, but again, its up to you.

-I'd drop the Zombies... you can raise em anyways... just stick to skeletons.

-Grave guard and knights are useful.

02-11-2007, 22:18
Oh sorry, I forgot to tell everyone that I have a twin whom is playing Orcs & Goblins. I think he's going for an obvious hard hitting force, though he may include some Waaagh!... I decided to add in the giant to enforce my army because the army without it, seems a little fragile - zombies, skeletons (Black Coach, Giant, Grave Gaurd and Black Knights are the strength in this one as they are in most VC Armies) but I thought that, seeing that orcs arent exactly loaded with bows it might be a risk worth taking?

Advice still welcome :)


04-11-2007, 13:23
id drop the giant then put in some dire wolves to get round those nasty gobbo's flanks, then, if there are any points left, beef up the unit of skellies, or cut it in half and pair each unit up with a unit of zombies. use your zombies to draw out any black orcs or fanatics your twin has (no respected orc general would leave without them), then just summon them back with the lvl 3 summoning spell. banshees are good to, but i dont know what choice/points they are

04-11-2007, 13:43
Nice but one problem; im thirteen and not exaclty made of money! :D
Lol thanks though, but I am saving, Xmas and B-Day is before spring which I believe is when the new figs are coming out, so I'm guessing on having around 300 by then ($500ish dollars?) So thanks!

04-11-2007, 13:59
im 15, so not made of money, and my B-day is in august, meaning that i get 2 install ments of warhammer a year for me to paint, then what i can supplement myself, so i know how you feel.
hopefully they will release a new nightmare or whatever you get which is your equivalent of the lovely new dragon

05-11-2007, 16:15
I wouldn't worry about their strength.

Your strength isnt in the strength of your skeletons and such... its Fear... use it and abuse it! Necromancers to build up the numbers so you out number them.

As he said above... Creating a new unit of zombies near the fanatics causes them to pop out randomly! (if I recall correctly) At worse, it forces the fanatics out in places they don't want them.

05-11-2007, 20:12
Thanks, nice to know someone's reletivly on the same level I am here, some of the armies people put up here look like there made out of money!
And WalkerShado I didn't know Orcs succumbed to Fear? That was just a guess but they don't seem like the fearfull type, thanks again guys. More advice accepted! ;)

No one? :( I'd like to crush my arragant twin at this. PLEASE!!!
Thanks again :D:D