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24-10-2007, 16:08
So I got a 3k game with my Dwarfs against Vampire count undead army. And I'm not sure on either a Flame cannon or an Organ gun. I know undead wont suffer from the panic test from the flame cannon but I'm sure the flame template should cover more models on average than the typical role for organ guns.

I'm also using a Gyrocopter for the template weapon and a Malak's Goblin hewer as my other 2 rare choices and a Grudge thrower as a special. So what one of the 2 above do you think will work best with the other warmachines against undead ???

Only constructive replies please. Really don't need any flaming for no reason.

24-10-2007, 17:01
The two units you need to shoot in a VC army are:
Black Knights/Grave Guard (whatever units they are using as linebreakers)
Zombies raised to your rear/flanks

I'm thinking the Organ gun might be a good against Black Knights; it is Str5 AP-3, isn't it?
The Gyrocopter sounds like a decent zombie hunter to have running around.

One thing to look out for is the sheer number of Warmachine hunters that VC can pull out. Dire wolves, Fell bats, and raised zombies/skeletons all pose this threat. I would almost take minimal warmachines (and those I do take, use those nifty defenses you can get from the Engineer), and use big shooty blocks to whittle down their unsummonable units. Dwarven shooters tend to fare just fine against most undead troops/warmachine hunters.

Hope this helps!

24-10-2007, 17:46
Gyrocopter works very well as a marchblocker for starters, and can certainly shread weaker units - especially good against the likes of dire wolves, and big ranked units.

Id go for organ gun over flame cannon, as theres a lot of stuff thats going to be charging the flame cannon before its in range - and against most of it the flame cannon wont be much cop against either. Most of the rest of the warmachines available work really well against undead though really - and as long as you have a watertight magical defense for at least 2 turns, he's in real trouble. Best thing is generally to point all your warmachines at the generals unit, and pound it into oblivion. Once he's dead you win pretty much by default.

24-10-2007, 20:48
Er....? I thought you wanted me to do 3k DE Dayhan? Or is this another game ye be having soon?

24-10-2007, 21:09
Thats what I thought. So what was the PM about your vampire count all about then lol.

And it's aways good to know these things for future reference.