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Inspirated by the 40K Pre-history topic I decied to search and compile all 40K timelines I could fine so here goes. If you find anything missing or want to add something just say it and it will be added. Could mods please merge these posts into one(I couldn't post it all in one post).

-M8 - The Emperor is born in Central Anatolia

500.M2 - The Chaos powers, Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle awake to full consciousness by the end of the Middle Ages.

011.M3 Beginning of the Second Epoch.

M3 - Scientific advances of the third and subsequent millennia bring some knowledge of the warp to humans.

100.M3 - Early in the 22nd century Mars becomes the first world to be terraformed.

200.M3 Mars settled.

M4 Humans discover Warp.

M15 - Humanity begins to colonise nearby solar systems using conventional sub-light spacecraft. At first, progress is painfully slow. Separated from Terra by up to ten generations in travel time, the new colonies have to survive on local resources.

M20 - The Dark Age of Technology. Discovery of warp drives accelerates the colonisation process and the early independent or corporate colonies become federated to Terra. The first alien races are encountered. The development of the Navigator gene allows human pilots to make longer and faster 'jumps' through warp space than was previously thought possible. The great Navigator families, initially controlled by industrial and trading cartels, become a power base in their own right. Humanity continues to explore and colonise the galaxy. Contacts are established with the Eldar and other alien races. A golden age of scientific achievement begins. Perfection of the Standard Template Construct (STC) system now permits an almost explosive expansion to the stars.

M21 - Keeper Cripias records this as the end of the Golden Age. The Golden Race of Men become depended on the Stone Race of Men and their artifices, as such the Stone Men prevail. Sometime within the next 5,000 years the Men of Stone create the Iron Men to help in the building of their Empire. Squat history begins with the Age of Founding. The mining colonies of the Home Worlds are in constant contact with Terra and the Squats show no distinction from normal Humans.

M22 - Alien wars. Mankind encounters and fights with Orks and Eldar.

M24 - S.T.C lost. Appearance of first psychic powers in humans, and warp entities (daemons)

M25 - Horiax Treatise mentions genetic alteration techniques.

M25 - Age of Strife. Humanity reaches the far edges of the galaxy, completing the push to the stars begun over ten thousand years before. Human civilisation is now widely dispersed and divergent - with countless small colonies as well as many large, overpopulated planets. Localised wars and disputes with various alien races, notably the Orks, but pose no threat to the overall stability of the human-colonised world. Then two things happen almost simultaneously. First, humans with psychic powers begin to appear on almost every colonised world. Second, civilisation starts to disintegrate under the stress of widespread insanity, daemonic possession, and internecine strife between these new 'psykers' and the rest of humanity. Countless fanatical cults and organisations spring up to persecute the psykers as witches, and/or degenerate mutants. At this time, the existence of the creatures of the warp (later known and feared as daemons), and the dangers they pose to the human mind with newly awakened psychic powers, is far from understood. Terrible wars tear human civilisation apart. Localised empires and factions fight amongst themselves as well as against fleets of Orks, Tyranids, and other aliens whose forces are quick to seize the opportunity to sack human space. Many worlds fall prey to the dominance of Warp Creatures whilst others revert to barbarism. Humans survive only on those worlds where psykers are suppressed or controlled. During this time, Terra is cut off from the rest of humanity by terrible warp storms, which isolate the home world for several thousand years, further accelerating the ruin of humanity.

M25 - Appearance of abhumans: Homo Sapiens Giganticus, Rotundus and Minimus. Major civil wars.

M25 - Eldar Maiden Worlds are settled.

M26 - Keeper Cripias' history states that at this time, the Stone Men and Iron Men (now grown from servants to equals) fall into warring with each other. The Iron Men have no soul and the Stone Men in the final acts of self-preservation, annihilate the Iron Men, including those who remain loyal, in battle. Thus the Age of strife begins. Warp Storms isolate many parts of the galaxy including Earth and the Squat Home Worlds. This marks the beginning of the Squat Age of Isolation. The Home World mining colonies become self-sufficient, independent strongholds. During this period the Engineers Guild develops into a sociopolitical power and strongholds form complex political and trading agreements that become Leagues. The Cult Mechanicusis founded on Mars as a survival mechanism to maintain the technology necessary for life on the planet. The Cult constructs their High Altar and builds their vast fighting machines known as Titans. The Mechanicus spacecraft are unable to leave the Sol system.
A slight abating in warp storms leads to encounters between the Squat Home Worlds and alien races known as the Age of Trade. Squats use their tremendous mineral wealth to trade for weapons, foodstuffs, and high-tech systems with the Eldar and Orks. During conflicts between the Orks and Eldar, the Squats remain neutral and maintain trade with both sides. Studying the pattern of warp storms, Mars prepares massive expeditions consisting of entire Titan Legions and thousands of servitors to explore the galaxy. The successful colonies become the Forge Worlds and Knight Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This process continues throughout the Age of Strife.

M27 - A probe is dispatched from Terra, its mission to reach the utmost limit of the universe (14,000 years later it has yet to begin its return trip and many of the signals identified sent by the probe have been Orkish in nature).

M28 - Civil war on Earth - No longer able to acquire sufficient food or resources and without access to the wider galaxy, Earth devolves into petty fiefdoms ruled by warlords. Billions die as a result of war and starvation. Grunhag the Flayer, Ork Warlord attacks the Squat Homeworlds with a huge fleet.Many strongholds are wiped out by the Orks, the epic ballad "The Fall of Imbach" commemorates one such destruction. This marks the beginning of Squat hostility towards Orks and distrust towards Eldar who stayed neutral in the conflict. This marks the end of the Age of Trade and the beginning of the Age of Wars between Squats, Eldar and Orks.

M28 - Earliest modified warriors aid the Emperor in conquest of Terra.

M29 - Earth is reunited under a new leader (the Emperor), this warlord begins a slow push to the stars. Upon his arrival on Mars, the Emperor is recognized as the Cult Mechanicus' Omnissiah of legend.

M29 - Birth of Slaanesh ends warp storms isolating planets in Imperium. The twenty Primarchs are developed and are scattered across galaxy by Chaos powers before fully grown. The Great Crusade begins. Each of the Primarchs rediscovered. Fall of the Eldar. Eldar teters on the brink of Chaos, Eldar society collapses, thus creating the Chaos god Slannesh. Slannesh's pyschic scream tore at the universe and all Eldar within thousands of light years were destroyed in an instant. A vast black hole opened and the Eldar worlds were consumed within it. Only a few of the fleeing Craftworlds furthest away from the epicentre survived. Today this black hole is known as the Eye of Terror. This rift caused warp storms to become passive and human worlds throughout the galaxy were brought into contact once more. The Age of Strife ended and mankind replaced the Eldar as the galaxy's most vital race. Astronomican Founding of the Astronomican, a psychic navigation beam directed by the Emperor himself. Interstellar travel becomes easier and quicker. Age of the Imperium begins with the Great Crusade, for the next two hundred years, the Emperor and the Space Marine Legions gradually carve out the scattered Imperium of Man. During this time the Emperor is reunited with the Primarchs who are united with their Marine chapters. The greatest of the Primarchs is Horus. Human galaxy reclaimed under Pax Imperialis. Accelerated gene-culturing techniques are implemented, reducing processing time to create a Space Marine to a single year. There are unseen fundamental flaws. Eldar Shrine of Asur founded. Within 500 years of the Fall, the Craftworld of Altansar is swallowed into the warp leaving only Maugan Ra.

826.M29 - An ancient text details an altercation between the Primarchs Rogal Dorn and Night Haunter.

M30 - Grabya's Theorem demonstrates how Primarch genetic data could be used to stabilise genetic development of Space Marines. Great Crusade continues. Sorian's Inductus Excelsus shows requirements for more warriors is vast. Accelerated gene-culturing techniques implemented, reducing processing time to create Space Marine to one year. However, accelerated gene-seed has unseen fundamental flaws.

125.M30 - Luna Wolves renamed Sons of Horus.

350.M30 - Karis Cephalon is rediscovered during the Great Crusade.

M30 - Magnus the Red compiles the so-called Book of Magnus, also known as the Book of the Thousand Sons, filled with arcane lore from across the galaxy.

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M31 - The Horus Heresy. Nearly half of the Space Marine legions turn on the Emperor and follow Horus. Horus is defeated by the Emperor. Traitor Legions are driven into the Eye of Terror. Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, compiles the first Codex Astartes which lays down new organisational doctrine. Loyal Space Marine legions broken up into smaller Chapters of one thousand marines, known as the Second Founding.

007M.31 - Scouring of Istvaan III. Warmaster Horus, with the Worldeaters, Emperors Children, Death Guard and Thousand Son's Marines virus bomb and suppress a minor rebellion. Loyal marines aboard Frigate Einstein escape with news of Horus's corrupt activities. Horus Heresy begins . After several months, the Emperor orders seven legions of Marines to assault Istvaan III. Iron Warriors, Night lords, Word Bearers and Alpha legions defect to Horus, the other three are destroyed. Marines fight Marines all over the galaxy. Space Wolves attack Thousand Sons homeworld of Prospero forcing the Thousand Sons to declare for Horus and flee to the Eye of Terror, during the pursuit the thirteenth company of the Space Wolves is destroyed in the warp. Scyrak the Slaughterer kills the Chief Librarian of the Worldeaters as the Legion turns to the worship of Khorne.

014.M31 - Iron Warriors Traitor Legion virus bomb Tallarn and lay siege to the planet. Reinforcements pour in from both sides of the conflict. Although the Imperium is eventually victorious casualties are severe, such as the Ultramarines with only 1 in 10 surviving.

014.M31 - Battle of Molech - Three Titan Legions and over a hundred IG regiments and Knight households defend Molech against the Warmaster Horus and his armies. Knights of the Ruling Household (Devine) are seduced by Slaanesh during the initial stages, and betray Imperial forces during the main Chaos assault. Only 1 in 100 Imperial soldiers survive the battle, the future Daemon Knights of Slaanesh daemonic war machines are from House Devine.

014.M31 - Siege of Earth - Horus lays siege to the Imperial palace.Imperial defenders fall back to the Inner Palace and the Blood Angels hold at the Ultimate Gate. The Emperor's Children fall upon the civilian population turning more than a million prisoners into an array of drugs for their pleasure. The Emperor, Rogal Dorn and Sanguinius teleport onto Horus's battle barge, Sanguinius is separated from the Emperor and chances upon Horus. Horus offers him a place by his side and pick of human worlds, but Sanguinius refuses and is slain by the Warmaster in single combat. The Emperor then kills Horus and is so badly wounded that he is incarcerated within the Golden Throne to preserve his life energy. Great scouring. Rebel forces throughout the galaxy are exterminated (Chaos forces known as Traitor Legions retreat to the eye of terror.). This marks the end of the Horus Heresy

015.M31 - High Lords of Terra convened to provide guidance in the absence of the Emperor.

021.M31 - Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion, compiles the first Codex Astartes. This volume lays down new organisational doctrine. This results in the Second Founding of Space Marines. Loyal Space Marine Legions are broken down into smaller Chapters, each numbering roughly 1,000 fighting troops, so that no one master can wield as much power as Horus did. 23 new chapters are created. One Chapter retains name and heraldry of Legion, other Chapters renamed and given icons and uniforms as detailed in Codex Astartes. The Grey Knights were created at this time as a Chapter specifically to destroy daemons. Chaos forces retreat into the Eye of Terror. Worldeaters fight Emperor's Children on the daemon world of Skalathrax. Kharn's betrayal shatters once united Worldeater Legion into separate, roving warbands.

211.M31 - Primarch Leman Russ of the Space Wolves takes his most favored retainers and departs from the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, never to be seen or heard from again except in visions. His armor is discovered during the second Great Hunt at the Temple of Horus on Rudra, a world on the edge of the Eye of Terror.

218.M31 - The surviving Wolf Lords of the Space Wolves gather together and elect Bjorn their leader, awarding him the title Great Wolf. Bjorn gathers together the Chapter and announces the Great Hunt in an attempt to find Leman Russ. The Great Hunt ends in failure and sadness.

356-372.M31 - Vindicator created during third Rothern I pacification of the Great Heresy.

781.M31 - The First Battle of Cadia

893.M31 - Scribe First Order Wendel Voss records the Cleansing of Laeran in which the alien Laer are wiped out by the Emperor's Children led by Fulgrim.

M32 - Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons launches a series of devastating raids on the worlds near Fenris in revenge for Prospero. As well, Magnus taunts the Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm in visions. An obsessed Ironhelm assaults what he believes to be the Thousand Sons' secret base on Gangava. In reality, the Thousand Sons' Fleet besieges Fenris. For forty days and forty nights, the defenders under the leadership of the Dreadnought Bjorn the Fell-Handed hold them off as a force of scouts under Haakon Blackwing are dispatched to Gangava and Harek. Shamed and furious, Harek Ironhelm meets Magnus in battle on the slopes of the Fang itself. Although he inflicts a terrible wound on Magnus, Harek is overcome and his crypt later becomes a shrine to the Space Wolf Rune Priests.

243.M32 - Inquisitor Damasko postulates that by reference to the Chaos Gods and associated daemons, other deities must have champions, possess worshippers, influence mortals or temporarily create manifestations in the form of daemons.

350.M32 - Temple of the Saviour Emperor recognised as the official religion of the Imperium.

400.M32 - Last of the Space Marine Primarchs dies (or disappears).

550.M32 - Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra. (First member of the Monistorum to be so honoured).

751.M32 - Rogue Trader Xiatal Parnevue first catalogues Naogeddon from orbit.

935.M32 - Administratium suppresses Colonel Van Dyson's "The Dark Eldar: Their Methods and How To Defeat Them, By One Who Has Done So."

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832.M33 - The Castile V Massacre. Lord Periclitor slaughters missionaries and the Sororitas.

881.M33 - Adeptus Terra officially recognises new semi-democratic regime on Karis Cephalon.

888.M33 - The Martyrdom of Saint Jerome. Periclitor kills Jerome at Tosak.

M33 - Second Founding Chapters named in Apocrypha of Davio.
Dark Angels - Angels of Absolution, Angels of Redemption, Angels of Vengeance.
White Scars - Marauders, Rampagers, Destroyers, Storm Lords.
Space Wolves - Wolf Brothers.
Imperial Fists - Black Templars, Crimson Fists.
Blood Angels - Angels Encarmine, Angels Sanguine, Angels Vermilion, Blood Drinkers, Fleshtearers.
Iron Hands - Red Talons, Brazen Claws.
Ultramarines - Novamarines, Patriarchs of Ulixis, White Consuls, Black Consuls, Libators, Inceptors, Praetors of Orpheus, Genesis Chapter.
Salamanders - None Known.
Raven Guard - Black Guard, Revilers, Raptors.

Inquisitor Goldo pens his seminal text 'Monodomination - the Right of Man to Rule the Galaxy in the Emperor's Holy Name.'

M34 - Inquisitor Damne reports on Blood Angels and successors follow unconventional and deviant gene-replication practices which has led to the debasement of their gene-seed. Inquisitor Damne also reports on rumors of "Red Thirst" and "Black Rage."

012.M34 - Alcmena Nebula Wars.

222.M34 - Rogue Trader Uzieth Pallandro rediscovers Rynn's World.

238.M34 - Rogue Trader Uzieth Pallandro rediscovers Badlanding.

722.M34 - Age of Rediscovery Rogue Trader Dausen makes contact with the Squat Home World, Terlaken B3 Svyz, and notifies the Imperium. Orders for termination are suspended awaiting a reply and the dispatch of an Inquisition research team. The following period of history is known to the Squats as the Age of Rediscovery.

843.M34 - Imperial Frigate, Hand of Mercy, detects a distress call from Grendel's World in the Ysobael Cloud of the Eastern Fringes. Scouts from the Mortifactors Space Marines investigate and report Night Lords are responsible for slaughtering the population.

967.M34 - Sectoris Stabilis Mandate lays down tolerance limits for raiding activity.

late M34 - Dark Founding. Unknown number or fate of chapters in this founding.

M35 - Grimoire Hereticus reports those Legions who turned traitor during the Great Heresy.

021.M35 - Explorator Magos Dural Lavank's expedition lost on Naogeddon.

200.M35 - Holy Synod moves to Ophelia VII, power of the Ministorum grows as Frateris Templar, the military offshoot of the Ministorum is formed.

334.M35 - Planet Angelis surveyed by Imperium.

342.M35 - Inquisitor Eisenhorn declares Quixos all all his works Heretic and Extremis Diabolus.

345.M35 - Adeptus Prefectus Primus Saul Megellan reports on alignment of alien pyramids on the planet Angelis. Quixos hunted down and executed by cell of five Inquisitors led by Eisenhorn.

453.M35 - Glaxia Daemonica Perpetua of Jerome describes Chaos and the Eye of Terror.

500.M35 - Greigor XI elected Ecclesiarch and announces that the Adeptus Ministorum would return to Earth as the true center of the Faith is Terra. This and other reforms deplete the Ecclesiarchy's funds requiring an increase in tithes. Greigor dies shortly afterwards from food poisoning.

512.M35 - Adeptus Ministorum completes return to earth.

598.M35 - Senatorum Imperialis declares new Space Marine founding. Astral Claws founded with sole responsibility of guarding space lanes surrounding the Maelstrom.

739.M35 - The Last Stand of the 5th Armoured Terran Praefects.

789.M35 - First Imperial contact with primitive Tau on planet T'au by Adeptus Mechanicus Eplorator vessel, Land's Vision. The Lasgun becomes standard issue for the Imperial Guard.

M36 - Cursed Founding. Fire Hawks and other chapters are created with cursed gene seed. Some chapters are mutated horribly. Age of Apostasy Incidence of warp storms increases. Imperium reels as Orks and other races rampage throughout a divided galaxy. Period known as the Age of Apostasy begins during which time the Administratum and the religious order of the Ecclesiarchy tore the Imperium apart from within. Sometime during this period the last of the Squat strongholds seceded from the Imperium. "Mythos Angelica Mortis" detailing history/myths of Adeptus Astartes transcribed.

053.M36 - Longest recorded example of visions granted by the Black Rage to Chaplain Lestrallio.

215.M36 - The Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Lord Phaedrus, is assassinated by Lord Vandire, the Master of the Administratum and Ecclesiarch and man behind the current corruption in the Imperium. Phaedrus could see through Vandires plots and deceits revealing his intentions.

288.M36 - In the anarchic Wars of Vindication the Grand Master of Assassins himself fell to the Assassin's knife. Or so it appears, suspecting such a plot the true Grand Master had replaced himself with a loyal Callidus assassin. After defeating Vandire's assassins in the conflict that involved nerve gases, neutronic warheads, and other banned weaponry the Grand Master departs into a self-imposed exile. Thereafter, the High Lords took special care to control the Officio Assassinorum so that, in theory, only traitors and heretics need fear it today. Upon the death of High Lord Vandire, Sebastian Thor becomes 292nd Ecclesiarch following a two-month trial at the hands of the High Lords of Terra. Thor begins to reform the Adeptus Ministorum, including such items as the Decree Passive issued by High Lords of Terra forbidding the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining an "armed force of men." The Frateris Templar are duly disbanded but the Daughters of the Emperor (Adepta Sororitas) remain.

347.M36 - Incident on Rukh's Paradise, Amerialla Belt, where members of the local population are found drained of blood; Blood Angels stationed on planet.

368.M36 - Sebastian Thor, 292nd Ecclesiarch of the Adeptus Ministorum dies on Terra at the age of 112. Over seventy million pilgrims file past the three-mile long passageway leading to his tomb in the first year alone. Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII succeeds him. Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII splits each of the Adepta Sororitas Convents into two Orders each, founding the Orders Militant of the Ebon Chalice, Valorous Heart, Fiery Heart and the Argent Shroud.

453.M36 - Relations of Imperium with Alaitoc Craftworld cease due to outbreak of Beelze Conflict. Lexicos Aldus Mari is last diplomatic envoy to Alaitoc.

694.M36 - STC Quest. Chief Artisan Tilius begins search for working STC.

776.M36 - 16th Armageddon Steel Legion end the Cassell Rebellion in less than six hours.

799.M36 - The Sentry Vault Incident. Periclitor leading an army to Urus Prime reaches inner sanctum of the vault, best Grey Knights and receives favours from the Chaos gods.

994.M36 - Razorback STC discovered by Tilius.

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M37 - Inquisitor Horst comments "The Space Wolves encourage genetic deviancy and show extreme unorthodoxy in their tactics and organisation." Liber Astartes states Ultramarines Legion is responsible for nearly 3/5ths of current Space Marine Chapters gene-core. Angels of Wrath Chapter is eliminated by the Adeptus Ministorum following rejection of replacing its chaplains with Imperial missionaries and erased from Imperial records. The only survivors are from the Tenth Company.

238.M37 - Explorator Magos Prime Holisen Zi's expedition lost on Naogeddon.

563.M37 - Urhua Thereaux, assassin of the Venenum Temple, dispatched to assassinate renegae Governor Yawell, ruler of Morisha. Urhua's starship is caught in a warp rift, holding the vessel in stasis for 698 years.

576.M37 - The Land Speeder Typhoon (LST) variant is introduced upon recovery of STC information A98726J.LST Sargon. Thronton IV.

811.M37 - The slaughter of the Blood Angels at Mackau.

885.M37 - Aftermath of Balsoir Symposium investigated by Ordo Malleus and Relictors Chapter reveals effects of Tzeentchian daemons on casualties.

143.M38 - Imperial Commander Brassika of Orlenza brought to justice by intervention of assassin.

220.M38 - Ambush of Chapter Master Orlando Furioso of the Howling Griffons at Arios Point.

261.M38 - Unaware of her situation, Urhua Thereaux arrives on Morisha to find Yawell long dead and replaced by an anti-Imperial democratic committee of roughly 1,000 members. To complete her mission, Thereaux kills all the committee members after spending three days poisoning all the chairs in the auditorium prior to a meeting of the full committee.

273.M38 - The Corruption of the Sanctity IX Pedagogue.

463.M38 - Colonel Brin is executed as a Heretic.

788.M38 - Adeptus Mechanicus research team discovers pyramid associated with Necrons. Pyramid defies detailed examination by team due to dense material it is made from.

846.M38 - Tech-Engineer Pilamist investigates wreckage of an Eldar Fire Prism grav tank following a battle between the Eldar and the Pain Bringers Space Marine Chapter on the third moon of Vida's World.

848.M38 - Eldar Warpgate portal found in the Trojan Sector.

860.M38 - Ecclesiarch Deacis VI creates the Orders of the Bloody Rose and Sacred Rose, also extendes the Adepta Sororitas Convent buildings to accommodate almost 15,000 warriors each.

873.M38 - The Skopos Incident. Adeptus Mechanicus facility taken over by aliens, possibly Necrons. 22nd Elyssian Regiment send to reclaim facility but retreat due to casualties. Skopos destroyed by bombardment by supporting fleet.

967.M38 - First recorded Imperial encounter with Archon Kruellagh.

087.M39 - Salamanders Chapter cleanses Ymgarl and its moons of any signs of life due to Genestealer infestation.

187.M39 - Incitement of the Braun IV Tithe Wars. Periclitor elevated to Daemonhood. Trans-Kurani sub-sector erupts in civil war as Bray is heavily taxed to pay for orbital defence.

332.M39 - Inquisitor Grim reports White Panthers ruthlessly suppress rebellion on Kethra.

373.M39 - Delta 9 Massacre. Asdrubael Vect, Supreme Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart, leads attack on Imperial planet.

376.M39 - Genetor-Major Xabriol does research on the Orkoid species.

547.M39 - Battle of Regi IV. Weapons recovered from Eldar pirate for study.

694.M39 - Eldar pirates attack Jericho III, destroying capital, killing 3200 defence personnel and 1400 civilians, capturing 1500 defence personnel and 16800 civilians.

699.M39 - Remains of convoy en route to Vistro discovered. Imperial Navy Cruiser Judgement, four escorts and twelve Free Charter merchant vessels destroyed. Two destroyed Eldar vessels recovered for analysis.

705.M39 - Eldar troops penetrate polar arsenal of Stratix Forge World and make off with undisclosed amount of experimental military hardware.

709.M39 - Contact with colony on Banelund XI lost. 1200 colonists slain or missing, presumed captured. Eldar warpspace portal discovered.

719.M39 - At Jurn Orbit Imperial Naval vessels clash with Eldar. Loss of Battleship Excessive Force, the cruisers Pious Victory and Mighty Endeavour plus eight assorted support vessels. Eldar lose twelve ships.

763.M39 - Crusader pattern Land Raider becomes officially recognised by Techpriests of Mars.

763.M39 - Amadeus Kreutz writes "Summary of the Myths, Legends, and Beliefs of the Eldar Race."

789.M39 - Lord Kegarin, Planetary Governor of Salamander V, grows paranoid of Salamander IV and VI. Believing they crave his world's mineral wealth, Kegarin builds the Doomsday Cannon and declares himself System Overlord. The launch of Project Apocalypse, sets off a devastating system war.

812.M39 - Techmarine Suprema Lysol Blane of the Imperial Fists writes the Liber Proditor Armorum which contains information on the Traitor Legions' use of armoured vehicles.

980.M39 - Space hulk Unholy Harbinger discovered with dense asteroid of Necron manufacture deep within the core. Inquisitor Daska killed while studying Necron artefact. Unholy Harbinger destroyed by salvo of torpedoes.

998.M39 - Space hulk Unholy Harbinger, constructed from thirty eight to forty two separate craft, at least thirteen of non-human origin, discovered just inside the Cloras jump point. Due to suspected collision course with Cloras III's major orbital, Helios, Black Templars summoned to secure engine control systems to allow space hulk's course to be altered. Unholy Harbinger thought to contain Standard Template Constuct data.

M39 - The fleet of Rogue Trader Lukurius Vanlessa departs to the eastern fringes. Long delays in the warp result in the Santissima Terra of Vanlessa's fleet to return four centuries later. Her captain, Inigo Portfell, had layered the ship with his discoveries. The ship itself is now part of the Paternoval palaces on Terra.

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140.M40 - During the Vern IV offensive, the Death Spectres Chapter loses almost all of its Predator Destructors to an Eldar of the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn ambush.

245.M40 - Rynn's World granted as homeworld to the Crimson Fists at the termination of the Vortigen Crusade. Crimson Fists fortress-monastery located in inhospitable Hellblade Mountains.

450-465.M40 - The most complete version of Thorian beliefs, the Principles of the God Incarnate, enshrined in the Hesten Manuscript, compiled by Inquisitor Hesten.

561.M40 - Nexxas Exculpation - The Emperor's Children are defeated by an Imperial Army corps. Following their victory, an Ordo Malleus warship destroys the corps via orbital bombardment. Records are altered to show a renegade Eldar force was responsible.

567.M40 - Sergeant Lysander of the Imperial Fists awarded Imperial Laurel by Captain Venatus of the Second Company for his acts of extreme courage and resilience under fire.

734.M40 - Inquisitor Garillion witnesses Blood Angels sleeping in sarcophagi used to create them.

745.M40 - Upon termination of the Vortigern Crusade, Rynn's World is granted to the Crimson Fists as their homeworld. Their fortress-monastery is established in the inhospitable Hellblade mountains of the southern continent.

755.M40 - Chronal Dirge of Cestus IV compiles report on the Eldar.

757.M40 - Report on Adeptus Astartes Beliefs by Balthazar van Heppel, Ministorum Envoy questions Space Marines spiritual practices.

924.M40 - Urgak the Unstoppable is assassinated by Vindicare assassin Skult on Roxanzand, Chelio Sector.

978.M40 - Abaddon overthrows Lord Teknos of the renegade Forge World of Baji IV. The traitor tech-priests swear allegiance to Abaddon and return with him to the Eye of Terror.

982.M40 - Abaddon's tech-priests begin construction of a massive stellar vessel within the Eye of Terror, using data recovered by Abaddon's forces from the halo world of Lanamorgstein.

990.M40 - Abaddon's advisor, Zaraphiston, leads Abaddon to the Daemon world of Spawndeath. Abaddon returns and urges his tech-priests to increase their efforts to complete construction of the Planet Killer.

000-015.M41 - Abaddon's agents and forces search for rumors which will lead to the location of the ancient artifacts known as the Hand of Darkness and the Eye of Night. Abaddon orders his forces to capture these items at all costs.

009.M41 - Xavier is apprenticed to Salamanders. Chaplain Hasdrubael officiates at Xavier's initiation into Chapter and Xavier impresses the Chaplain deeply.

022.M41 - Chaos Space Marines raid Attica II and IV, but leave Attica Prime and its Planetary Governor, Erwin Borstar alone.

139-160.M41 - The Gothic War. Abaddon leads huge force against the Gothic Sector with the aim of capturing the Blackstone Fortresses.

139.M41 - Zaraphiston's visions show Abaddon the Arx Gap, a stable route out of the Eye of Terror that bypasses the heavily defended Cadian Gate. Abaddon begins his Ninth Black Crusade by dispatching a vanguard fleet to destroy the Imperial monitoring station on Arx. The assault on Arx wipes out the defending Imperial Guard and station crew. The scout frigate Ascendance receives a plea for help. Reinforcements four months later find no survivors or sign of those responsible. Inquisitor Horst investigates. The Planet Killer is completed and a massive effort begins to find enough crew to man it. Zaraphiston binds several daemons to the huge vessel, greatly reducing the manpower needed to run it. As warp storms begin to engulf the Gothic Sector, Abaddon commands his subservient Warmasters to attack.

140.M41 - Abaddon leaves the Eye of Terror through the now clear Arx Gap, ordering his tech-priests to follow once the Planet Killer is operational. Several patrol vessels in the Athena Sector find a number of Imperial vessel drifting uncontrolled. The crews are all dead, disease fostering corpses. Xebal Astolax, Magos Biologis registers evidence of blisters, sores and fungal growth as cause of death. Rumors begin of the reappearance of the Plagueclaw. Watchposts around the Cadian Gate are put on close alert and Naval patrols are increased around Cadia. Chaos cult activity increases in the Segmentum Obscurus. Attacks are made on the hive world of Morganghast. A Chaos attack on the Imperial world of Purgatory results in the disappearance of the artifact known as the "Hand of Darkness". Another Chaos assault on the Ratling world of Ornsworld results in the theft of the Eye of Night, an artifact with mythical connections to the Hand of Darkness, and the death of millions of Ratlings.

141.M41 - A frigate-sized craft is detected in orbit of Hobart's planet. Seventeen minutes after first contact, a massive energy pulse is detected and the craft's energy signal disappears. An investigative team is dispatched to the wreckage to establish the source and nature of the unidentified craft.

142.M41 - A cataclysmic shockwave passes through the Warp engulfing the Gothic Sector and cutting it off from the rest of the Imperium.

143.M41 - Abaddon enters the Gothic Sector, using the Hand of Darkness to capture the Blackstone Fortress at Rebo V. He then makes a rendezvous with the Planet Killer and takes it as his flagship. His first target is the Ecclesiarchy Cardinal world of Savaven, population 14 billion. Cardinal Klien orders the Imperial Commander to refuse Abaddon's demand for unconditional surrender. Abaddon uses Savaven as a trial for the Planet Killer, destroying the planet along with its population in less than an hour.

144.M41 - The Planet Killer arrives at Saviour, a highly populated system in Lysades sub-sector. After revealing the Planet Killer, Abaddon demands that Saviour's orbital docks begin producing ships for the Chaos fleet. The commander of Saviour has little choice but to agree, the lives of eleven billion people are at stake. With the threat of the Abaddon's Planet Killer, more and more worlds of the Gothic Sector surrender. The Commander of Brinaga (in the Brigia system) receives warning that Abaddon may attack soon, in an attempt to capture Blackstone VI. All communications are lost with Brinaga shortly afterwards. A patrol vessel reports that the existence of Brinaga can no longer be confirmed. Abaddon takes the Planet Killer to Fularis, where Blackstone I orbits Fularis II. While the captured Blackstone Fortresses destroy Fularis II. Abaddon uses the Planet Killer and its attendent fleet to shatter battlegroup Merlin that protects the system. Unopposed, the Planet Killer destroys the second moon of Fularis III, long suspected of being the lair of an Eldar pirate band.

145.M41 - Falsified fleet movement instructions are uncovered following the complete destruction of Battle Group Portentia by unkown attackers - Alpha Legion possibly involved.

146.M41 - The Planet Killer is spotted moving towards Stranivar in Bhein Morr. Stranivar has been blocked for two years, but still refuses to surrender. Communications are lost with Stranivar, an investigating fleet discovers much of the hive world devastated by meteors created by the destruction of all three of its moons.

147.M41 - The Lysades sub-sector of the Gothic Sector is almost entirely overrun by Chaos. An Imperial patrol flotilla encounters the Planet Killer as it leaves warpspace, entering the Corain system. They attack immediately before the rest of Abaddon's fleet can arrive. After causing considerable damage, the Imperial fleet is finally driven off by the Planet Killer's immense arsenal. Abaddon's forces invade Corain VI and take over its mines. Loyalist guerrilla fighters report that considerable amounts of trikali crystal are shipped into orbit, where the Planet Killer is stationed. Trikali crystal is mainly used in the anti-magnetic containment fields of warp generators and plasma reactors.

148.M41 - Abaddon invades Drakulu system and enslaves the two million inhabitants of the system's main planet, an agri-world. It is widely believed that many of these end up as sacrifices for Zaraphiston's magics, the remainder forced into service as crews on the Planet Killer and other vessels.

150.M41 - The Battle of Gethsemane. Abaddon sends his battlefleet accompanied by the three Blackstone Fortresses to try and stem the Imperial reinforcements by attacking the Tarantis system. The combined might of the Blackstone Fortresses results in the system's sun going supernova, in hopes to prevent the Imperium from using the jump point. Abaddon takes the Planet Killer to neighboring Boeti. Utilizing its power, he eradicates the Adeptus Astra Telepathica facility in Boetia's asteroid belt, cutting off the navigational beacon that would have helped any Imperial ships daring to jump through the warp storms.

07-09-2005, 11:47
151.M41 - The Battle of Schindlegeist. As Zaraphiston predicted, Warp storms in the Gothic Sector start to abate and Imperial reinforcements from the Tamahl Sector arrive along with several Space Marine Chapters leading to a new Imperial offensive. Cooperating with the Eldar, Lord Ravensburg outmaneuvers Abaddon's fleet arriving at Schindlegeist five days before Abaddon. As the Blackstone Fortresses move towards Schindlegeist's star, the battlecruiser Flame of Purity dives into the middle of the converging energy waves expending the Fortresses' power. Abaddon flees with two Fortresses leaving the third behind. The Angels of Redemption along with Imperial Naval personnel board the Blackstone Fortress resulting in its destruction. The other Blackstone Fortresses in Imperial possession also self-destruct at the same time. The status of the Fortresses in Abaddon's possess is unknown. The Planet Killer under the command of Warmaster Malefica Arkham is dispatched to attack Arimaspia as a diversion. Although Abaddon is defeated at Schindlegeist, the Planet Killer succeeds in destroying two of the five planets that make up the Arimaspia system. Abandoned by Abaddon, Malefica Arkham tries to use the Planet Killer to carve out an empire of his own. The world of Gonnacrash in the Quinrox Sound swears sovereignty to his rule, but, as he moves the Planet Killer to Kharlos II, Arkham is discovered by Omega squadron, freshly arrived from outside the Gothic Sector. With no support vessels, Arkham decides to attack, but the Planet Killer is eventually destroyed by the continuous torpedo fusillade of the four Lunar class cruisers.

152-160.M41 - The retaking of the Gothic Sector takes eight years. The High Lords of Terra reward the members of Battlefleet Gothic with a specially constructed monolith bearing their names in the Chamber of Heroes in the Imperial Palace.

156.M41 - An expedition is launched by Inquisitor Horst to recover the hulk of the Planet Killer for study by the Adeptus Mechanicus. No trace of it can be found, and there are rumors of a Black Legion vessel being sighted in the vicinity. Although its destruction cannot be confirmed, there have been no confirmed sightings of the Planet Killer either.

160.M41 - Inquisitor Horst departs to discover the fate of the Blackstone Fortresses in Abaddon's possess. He is never heard from again.

195.M41 - Hive World Terrus saved from Tyranid(genestealers) attack by Space Marines decorated with skulls and flames.

213.M41 - Forge world of Castabury in the Bethamor system falls to surprise attack led by Orks of Warlord Skarmork. Castabury is liberated by Death Korps of Krieg.

255.M41 - A sudden plague of Crixian locusts on the agri-world, Daethryu Prime, decimate food crops causing widespread famine. Riots break out and local army mutinies. Loss of food exports from Daethryu Prime causes major supply problems in the sub-sector which hinders Imperial forces in subsequent years during Chaos incursions into Segmentum Pacificus. Alpha Legion is involved.

273.M41 - Inquisitor Drako visits Stalinvast. Hydra found (the 5th/6th potential Chaos power) . Stalinvast is destroyed.

298.M41 - Unknown Space Marine force sighted on Althor IV (believed to be Legion of the Damned).

337.M41 - Imperial Forces and Blood Reavers recover Word Bearers' Land Raider on Merric's World. Inquisitor Le Guinn of the Ordo Malleus investigates daemon possessing Land Raider and is destroyed in process.

356.M41 - Severus is accepted by Ultramarines and successfully completes his training.

356.M41 - Lord Solar Macharius is born

357.M41 - Forces of Chaos, led by Abaddon the Despoiler. Land on Urthwart. Chaos Defilers successfully used in beseiging Bloden Keep and it falls within an hour.

358.M41 - Severus receives Marksman Honour while a member of the Ultramarines' 6th Company in combat against Eldar Pirates.

359.M41 - Severus receives an Imperial Laurel after being wounded in cleansing of Copul IV.

362.M41 - Severus is promoted to sergeant of the Ultramarines' 3rd Company and commands a squad through the Siege of Belios and the first Balur Crusade.

367.M41 - Severus receives Terminator honours.

371.M41 - Severus is critically injured during the Battle of Corinth. His mortal remains are used to replace those of Brother Commodius in the Dreadnought Ironclaw.

373.M41 - Several Inquisitors are mysteriously murdered and the planet Sabulord is incinerated. During this period, Inquisitor Drako raids the Eldar Black Library, but later is killed within the Eldar Webway.

374.M41 - Magos Biologis Rastex reports on the "Growth patterns of Orks in variant societies" finding that prolonged periods of conflict and denser populations result in larger Orks with a greater muscle:mass ratio.

392.M41 - At the Conclave of Gathalamor over 800 Masters of the Space Marine Chapters reswear their oaths of loyalty at the tomb of the Great Confessor. Terra and Mars reforge their alliances at the Treaty of Ceres. Lord Commander Solar Macharius begins his crusade. During this Crusade the high technology world of Adantris V is finally overcome when a comet is redirected into it.

400.M41 - Upon the death of Macharius, the Lord Commander Solar's conquests erupt into civil war. Tallarn 3rd Regiment (Desert Tigers) virtually destroyed fighting for Warmaster Solon during the Macharian Heresy.

433.M41 - Scribe Aldolphus Neld's "Summary Report on the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines" is compiled at the behest of Inquisitor M. Horst.

444.M41 - The First War for Armageddon. Armed rebellion breaks out in six hives. The revolts are put down on the second continent, but continue in the widely scattered hives of Armageddon Prime. A vast space hulk arrives carrying a massive daemon world army led by the Daemon Primarch Angron of the Worldeaters Legion. After taking Armageddon Prime, Angron stops to draw more chaotic energy to the planet. Reinforcements arrive from the Space Wolves Chapter. As Angron leads his forces against Infernus and Helsreach hives, Logan Grimnar releases his reserve of a full company of Grey Knights. Teleporting into the center of Angron's forces, the Grey Knights do battle with the Daemon Primarch and his Greater Daemon bodyguard. In the end, Angron is cast back into the warp by remaining Grey Knights which number less than a dozen. The Space Wolves launch a counter-attack routing and destroying the Chaos horde. The population of Armageddon is sterilized and marched to huge forced labor camps isolated from the hives, where they spend the remainder of their days. Billions of new workers are brought in to repopulate the planet. Logan Grimnar refuses to forgive the Adeptus Administratum for what he sees as a great betrayal of the innocents.

07-09-2005, 11:50
445.M41 - Prefect of Soliden, Erasmus Phramtle, notifies Council of the threat of alien aggressors in the Donorian Sector.

469.M41 - The Macharian Heresy is finally ended by a Space Marine Crusade nearly seventy years later.

474.M41 - Increase in warpstorms causes disruption to deliveries to Armageddon leading to food riots and eventually an armed revolt.

494.M41 - Ultramarine Chief Librarian Tigurius reports Ork raiders are repulsed with aid of black-armoured Space Marines.

497.M41 - Adeptus Explorator team on Cobol II attacked by Machine Warriors. Survivors assisted by mysterious, black-armoured Space Marines. No evidence found of either forces. Explorator team held for testing.

499.M41 - The Bellum Chaotica states that Daemon Prince Angron raises mighty horde of mutants, daemonhosts and renegades, which use the space hulk Devourer of Souls to close in on Armageddon.

544.M41 - The Daemon Primarch Angron of the Worldeaters Legion regains the ability to return to realspace.

569.M41 - Logan Grimnar becomes the new great wolf of the space wolves.

589.M41 - Imperial research post on Genhemor III attacked by Chaos raiders. Survivors claim they were saved by Space Marines that appeared from nowhere and then vanished. Survivors held for further questioning.

641.M41 - Explorator Magos Prime Reston Egal surveys Naogeddon and catalogues Xeno structures of Necron origin. World declared Purgatus.

698.M41 - The Corinthian Crusade. Marneus Calgar is elected leader of combined Space Marine force of Ultramarines, Lamenters, Marines Errant, Angels of Absolution and Silver Skulls on a seven year crusade. Ork empire of Charadon suffers a series of heavy defeats, delays invasion of Waaagh Argluk by some thirty years.

701.M41 - Blood Angels from the Imperial battlebarge Mayan purge a Genestealer infestation from the Space Marine vessel The Sword of Halcyon.

704.M41 - Siege of Tulwa. Calgar leads infiltration force which destroys the Fortress of Pain of the Iron Warriors Legion.

727.M41 - Magos Biologis Salk of the Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station, New Hallefuss, details the bio-weapons used by the Tyranids.

737.M41 - Valos reported stripped of life (hive fleet Behemoth).

738.M41 - Latest Founding. (26th) . Most current founding as of 995.M41

741.M41 - First Tyranic War. Arrival of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

742.M41 - Crusade in the Lithesh Sector. Imperium tries to restore grip on string of sub-sectors stretching between the Damocles Gulf and the Perdus Rift Anomaly.

745.M41 - First documented encounter between mankind and Tyranids. Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator station at Tyran attacked and consumed but records allowed Inquisitor Kryptman to identify attacks and predict course of Hivefleet Behemoth. Ultramarine Dreadnought Severus participates in the Joran retaliation against the Tau Empire. Ultramarines' 3rd Company captain, Ardias, is killed shortly before force withdraws. Battle of Macragge. Calgar leads fleet of Ultramar against Hivefleet Behemoth. Entire Ultramarine's first company wiped out; Tyranids defeated.

753.M41 - Marshal Primus Rogal Surr intercepts transcript of Cult Mechanicus trial in which Tech-Adept Uvochi is accused of techno-heresy. Ork Freebooter Odlog Blackskar leads a Freebooter army on raids in devastated systems. During Battle for Verdan III, Odlog's Flagship crippled by Blood Angel cruiser Tycho's Revenge and crashes on nearby deathworld Extremis. The Orks are found dead and Blood Angel force runs into Hive Fleet Leviathan. Captain Perdo of the 2nd Company is the only survivor.

759.M41 - Scouring of Quintarn. Calgar drives Ork scavengers from triple system of Quintarn, Tarentus and Masali.

760.M41 - Tau commander O'Shovah establishes a string of heavily fortified stronghold-colonies.

763.M41 - Sack of Penury IV. Tau Fire Warriors fight alongside pirate forces.

765.M41 - Space Marine Chapter losses: lost in warp: 13; irrecoverable battle losses: 21; gene-seed failure: 9; inquisitorial purge: 4; other circumstances: 16.

766.M41 - Magos Biologis Salk of the Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station, New Hallefuss, describes the steps Tyranids use to assimilate a planet.

785.M41 - The N'kele Massacres. Necron raids begin in the Roian Strait of the Segmentum Obscurus.

807.M41 - Purgation of Jhanna. Calgar leads two Ultramarine companies and recaptures oceanic cities of Omon and Vorlencia.

839.M41 - The Magos Biologis of New Hallefuss debate the theories of the Tyranid Hive Mind.

850-901.M41 - Sons of Anteus answer plea for help from Guild Fathers in the Third Inter-Guild War of the Inca Sector.

853.M41 - Battle of Steel Cross. Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists slays Ork Warlord and his entire bodyguard.

861.M41 - Battle of Arconar. Calgar defeats powerful coalition of Eldar raiders on feral world of Arconar.

867.M41 - Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists manages to break through Eldar lines; suffers seventeen wounds, including a stabbing wound to one of his hearts.

879.M41 - Battle of Knarts Landing. Calgar eliminates rebel army led by General Dornal in thirty day battle on industrial world of Knarts Landing. Ultramarines casualties less than 17%.

897.M41 - First recorded contact with Necrons by Imperial forces of the Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas at Sanctuary 101.

892.M41 - Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists defends breach in Fortress Maladon's wall for twenty-one hours of constant fighting.

901-912.M41 - The Badab War. Rebel Space Marines of the Tiger Claws led by mentally unstable Commander Huron joined by Executioners and Lamenters destroy Imperial Ships around Badab. Fire Hawks, Marines Errant, Red Scorpions, Minotaurs, Star Phantoms, Exorcists, Fire Angels, Salamanders, Space Sharks and Sons of Medusa all involved in quelling rebellion.

903.M41 - Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists fights through entire Kardian campaign without supplies. Canoness Sepherina makes a pilgrimage from Terra to Sanctuary 101 to reconsecrate the hallowed ground of the convent after the Necron attack six years earlier.

917.M41 - Battle of Amion fought against rebel forces of the King of the Further Reaches. Tech-Marine Clearn and his driver Marine Rillan of the Red Talon Space Marines in Land Raider Eagle's Claw breach rebel's main defensive lines, which leads to final defeat of rebels. Azrael becomes Master of Death Wing.

921.M41 - A variant Genestealer with sac-like pouches containing virulent inorganic poisons and haemotoxins is captured.

928.M41 - Archaeological team discovers ancient Titans in stasis on Volistad. The Titans were part of the original terraforming mission and had been untouched for almost 7,000 years.

939.M41 - Azrael becomes Grand Master of the Dark Angels.

940.M41 - Tzeench cults revolt on the world Chicano. World lost.

941.M41 - Ghazghkull launches a massive campaign of destruction, which begins with the bloody invasion of Armageddon.

942.M41 - Eldar Commander Yriel of the Iyanden Fleet is stripped of his command after leaving Iyanden prey to a Chaos fleet whilst leading an attack into the Eye of Terror. Enraged, an Outcast Yriel together with members of his old crew form Yriel's Raiders.

943.M41 - The White Scars' Great Khan Kyublai vanishes fighting the Dark Eldar.

944.M41 - Balur Crusade. Calgar elected leader of Space Marine force operating against worlds in the Eastern Fringe. Operation begin with scouring of Ork-held Balur and end with devastation of Boros.

963.M41 - Fire Hawks Chapter disappears during warp jump to the Crows World subsector.

967.M41 - Chief Librarian Tigurius of the Ultramarines files his account of the Legion of the Damned appearance during the Battle for the Great Bastion against Orks.

971.M41 - Exploration of Necrotyr Pyramids on Angelis (from diary of Explorator Terson).

976.M41 - Hive fleet Perusus is detected by the Ultramarines.

977.M41 - Warlord Snagrod begins his drive towards the rule of the Ork empire of Charadon.

978.M41 - Purging of Xoedic Binary by Grey Knights.

981.M41 - Navigator Duran Ocellati discovers a warp route into the wheel of fire, a sector of the Ultima Segmentum that had previously been inaccessible.

982.M41 - Last encounter with hive fleet Perusus. It drifts back into the void.

983.M41 - 23rd Bruttiam Regiment raised in response to Administratum decree requesting troops to take part in the Third Araklionid War. Fire Hawks declared lost in the warp twenty years after setting out for Crow's World on a counter-invasion mission against the Eldar.

983-985.M41 - Creed and Kell fight through Hrud migration.

984.M41 - 7th Mordian Regiment raised and sent to pacify the Feral world of Flotis III which was populated with Orks using native feral humans as slaves.

986.M41 - An Imperial patrol notes unexplained scenes of devastation in the Ork sector of Jakor-Tal by mysterious power armoured figures. Adeptus Prefectus Primus Wilhelm Franz sends report on the Planetary Background of Volistad following Waaa-Skroll.

987.M41 - 23rd Bruttiam Regiment eliminates Eldar raiding force that attacked Xenthorp Minor. The Space Wolves 519th crusade ends in the wheel of fire (Orks cleared). Orks commandered by Gordal Luggub attack Crimson Fist Marines on Rynns World.

989.M41 - Warlord Snagrod the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon invades Badlanding and then Rynn's World homeworld of the Crimson Fists. Helbrecht is elected High Marshal of Black Templars. Verdus Prince Desecration of the Basilica of St Capilene - Necrons engage with Black Templars.

07-09-2005, 11:51
992.M41 - Second Tyranic War. Hive fleet Kraken is first detected. Vicious battles are fought across the whole of the Ultima Segmentum. VIII Kimmerian regiment assisted by Jotun Bearclaw's Space Wolf Great Company in Brightfast Mountains of Ichar IV. The Imperial Guard regiment is wiped out attacking a Tyranid brood nest. Lord General Creed annihilates Ulthwe raid on Aurent.

992.M41 - Iyanden craftworld is nearly destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken(4/5ths of population slain). Yriel returns from exile to Iyanden with reinforcements.

992.M41 - Battle of the Giant's Coffin - After their homeworld of Seth is destroyed, Chapter Master Thorcyra leads his remnant force of the Scythes of the Emperor in a final defense against Tyranid forces (Kraken). Their fate remains unknown to the Imperium.

992.M41 - Space Marine Chapter Lamenters are badly depleted in campaign against Hive Fleet Kraken.

992.M41 - Assault on Ikkyo, a small agri-planet near Ultramar. Tyranids from Hive Fleet Kraken attack a defense force of Iyanden Eldar and a small detachment of the Ultramarines 4th Company. Marine/Eldar victorious.

992.M41 - Inquisitor Carrax leads Strike Force Damacles against a force from Hive Fleet Kraken. Tyranids victorious.

993.M41 - Splinter fleets from Hivefleet Kraken move towards galactic core. After seventy years of labour, and following on from the work of eight hundred and thirty six generations of Keepers of the Library Sanctus of Terra, Keeper Cripias finishes the history of the majesty of the Human race. He is declared a heretic in the following year.

994.M41 - Evacuation of Aleph Sigmar. Prefect Vertex evacuates planet in face of Tyranid splinter-fleet from Ichar IV, Hivefleet Harbinger.

995.M41 - Defence of Ichar IV. Calgar acts as supreme commander in defence of Ichar IV, a vital industrial world on the Eastern Fringe. Tyranid invaders held in check by combined force of Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Eldar. Lords of Wrath Chapter and 23rd Bruttiam Regiment capture and arrest Decius Mus, better known as Arch-Heretic of Auscum.

995.M41 - The battle of Korsk II - Lord Vorlak leads a rebellion that is crushed by Marines in a major tank battle on the plains of Korsk II.

995.M41 - Mentor Legion reports a new Genestealer strain onboard a drifting hulk Hades in the Eastern Fringe. Strike-Cruisers Beloved Martyr and Ultimate Sacrifice of the Mentors sent to capture genetic samples. Half the Mentors' 1st Company is overrun by Tyranids. The hulk powers up and warps out before Mentors can counterattack; half of the Chapter's Terminator Suits are lost as a result.

995.M41 - Outbreak of Zombie plague in Necromunda Underhive.

997.M41 - Inquisitor Kryptman identifies pattern of attacks by Tyranid Hivefleet Leviathan stretching along the Ultima Segmentum, Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Solar. Centre of attacks close to Ork empire of the Overfiend of Octarius. The Temple of the Star Child is destroyed on Levilnor IV.

997.M41 - The Imperial world of Piscina IV is attacked by Orks under the joint leadership of Ghazghkull Thraka and Nazdreg, Master Belial of the Dark Angels beats them off after a short but bloody campaign. Veteran Sergeant Naaman dies in the line of duty attempting to disable Ork tellyportas. Nazdreg's space hulk Scylla is destroyed in orbital battles, but it is believed the Ork Warlord escaped.

997.M41 - Heresy on Septimus Prime. Governor Hyphaestus Septimus backed by a Chaos Space Marine force revolts. The heresy is put down by an Imperial Crusade.

998.M41 - Massacre on desert planet Triasta by Necrons. Deathwatch investigation proves that Necrons teleport back to tomb complexes. Inquisitor Lichtenstein declared Excommunicate traitoris.

998.M41 - Volistad system is isolated by unexplained warp storm. Imperial world of Volistad IV is ravaged by Ork forces under the control of warboss Khorga Skroll.

998.M41 - Coron Celcius found guilty of Heresy in relation to knowledge of Necron files within the Forbidden Vault beneath the Administratium.

998.M41 - Ork Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub is reported to be operating in the Abiaus Sector following reports of an Ork leader in black and yellow armour capable of speaking Imperial Gothic well and using a reward/punishment system on human slave labor. Additional reports also indicate Nazdreg participated in the sacking of Hellaspont. It is believed he is currently seeking a replacement space hulk to replace the Scylla.

998.M41 - Imperial Fist Supremacy Force Durae, led by Captain Durae, and Imperial Fists warship Redemption of Fire arrive on Duras III and launch attack on Ork invaders in Duras City.

998.M41 - Space Hulk Hades reappears near Terra. Terran Imperial Guard 1st Company assaults the Hulk due to lack of unoccupied Marine forces nearby. Their Colonel is overrun and later killed by his troops as he is meant to be implanted by the Tyranids.

998.M41 - Inquisitorial Report on Ahriman of the Thousand Sons filed.

999.M41 - Third invasion of Armageddon led by Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka. Inquisitor Apollyon detects taint of Chaos on Thracia. Ultramarines defeat Nightlords and traitor PDF units. Turning point in campaign is taking of bridge two-four. Magos Trantor puts forward theories for the workings of Necrontyr weapons. Inquisitor Apollyon reports on the excavation of Adeptus Mechanicus geno-lab on Incunabla by Explorator Marco Pteronus. Secrets regarding the Cursed Founding, five thousand years earlier, are revealed. Creed becomes Lord Castellan of Cadia after members of the Cadian High Command are murdered.

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Really good read, and well done on compiling it. However there seem to be small mistakes, like the First War against the Tyranids, being before the first contact with Tyranids on Tyran.

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737.M41 - Valos reported stripped of life (hive fleet Behemoth).

War began on the eastern fringes before the threat was indentified by -I- Kryptman.

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