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The UnNamed One
24-10-2007, 19:11
Fluffwise how are SW armys ment to be? e.g Heavy on basic troops?, lots of variation?, no vehicles?, lots of vehicles? etc

24-10-2007, 19:45
Fluffwise few vehicles, no pods or deepstriking. Infiltrating scouts hence them being elites that have their special rule for coming in behind. Long fangs as ranged support despite being very fragile. And a good mix of Blood Claws and Grey Slayers with a Lord and a few priests.

24-10-2007, 19:55
Light on vehicles, about an even mix of Grey Hunters and Blood claws and a few (very few) Long Fangs and Wolf Guard is how I usually read them in the fluff.

And they will use drop pods - Ragnar Blackmane in particular seems to have a fondness for 'death from above'. Teleporting, however, is something they don't seem to be keen on, I can't remember them using it offhand.

24-10-2007, 20:18
Space Wolves are founded on Packs rather than squads, and a pack stays together barring promotion or death. No heavy weapons until they make Long Fang.

They dont like Jump packs or Teleporting, but theres absolutely no reason not to have vehicles, ive never seen them offer a preference either way.

Oh and not only do they use Drop pods, they have quite a nasty rep for using them too.

24-10-2007, 21:21
Been a Space Wolf player since 2nd edition so il add my two cents.
Space Wolf armys are genrally built around a core of Grey Hunters, except in the case of Ragnar's great company which has the most contingent of Blood Claws of any Great Company.
Its teleporting they don't trust, not drop pods which as said by Noserenda they have quite the reputation for.

The number of Vechiles, Troops and Variation would depend upon which Greay Company is doing battle and the situation they find thererselves in.

He who is doom
24-10-2007, 21:55
they use tanks just not when the job does not need it

25-10-2007, 00:45
they use tanks just not when the job does not need it

Yes, I think I read somewhere that it was indeed they who invented the Las-cannon armed Predator (I can never remember who is the annahilator and who is the destructor). And they are the only Space Marine chapter I know of that use the Leman Russ (Exterminator variant).

The UnNamed One
25-10-2007, 03:27
so from what i have picked up they tent to be heavy on basic troopers, no DS'ers, Some scout units, and the occaisional Long Fangs and vehicles. And im geussing fluff-wise they are more of a Foot-slogging army?, would it be fluffy to have each squad with a transport tank?.

And btw the reason i want to know this is i am making a Warband who did something bad, made the imperium hate them, and became mercenaries for any chaos legion willing to pay. (Im still working on fluff), and from what i know on the way my army is going to be run, Space Wolves seemed fairly close. Basic troop heavy, Close range fighting, No/Rarley DS'ers. Only thing i am unsure about is i plan on running transports in my lists. I am not trying to perfectly follow fluff, but i want to be fairly close.

25-10-2007, 03:31
Spacewolves dont favour Transports, but they dont NOT favour them... There realy isnt much to say on the matter other than that. Id reccomend picking up the codex though, the last one is only a couple of quid...

25-10-2007, 07:12
Space Wolves don't have a single way they're meant to be. Every Wolf Lord has his own preferences of how his army should be, which makes different Great Companies very different. How your Wolf Lord likes to fight, that's is how your Space Wolf Army should fight. This means, in essence, that no Space Wolf army is unfluffy, even using teleporting terminators, as long as your entire army deep strikes (which makes teleporting legal). Your Wolf Lord might use teleporting often, not being as sceptical towards arcane technology than the other Wolf Lords.

And remember, the Space Wolves have vast resources, so any army composition is logisticaly possible...

The UnNamed One
25-10-2007, 08:08
In addition to sralialo's "however the leader fights" thing, Since my army are mercenarys for Chaos (useing Chaos 'dex) i could add in DP's, vindicators and anything that may seem to unfluffy by saying that they are the force that hired them. Im going to be making a start on my Fluff, and will be posting it when i have some for comments & additional ideas.

25-10-2007, 08:38
@ the OP: Sralialo and My Final Heaven, have the best ideas IMO.

since its your Great Company, its quite possible that you could work into this what ever you want, Maybe he was a WL who pref heavy wep tactics, and didnt trust the 'young' uns, so you could load up on LF and have fewer BC than a normal force may have. (im using this as an example)

also reme,ber that some Grat Companys will 'elect' to not return after a particular campaign has been won, SW also dislike Warp travel, maybe this is a force that has had to sell its services in return for equipment to continue its exhistance?

look forward to reading our ideas.

25-10-2007, 10:15
William King further divided the space wolf unit structure into claws.

A claw was ~5 men, and several were combined together into a pack. It was the claw that the aspirants trained together in, and as a claw they were given their power armour. Thus the claw would be the closest marines a space wolf would have.

Thus there would be:

3 claws to a blood claw pack
2 to a grey hunter pack
1 to a Long Fang pack

Outside these are 2 seperate structures, the wolf scouts and wolf guard. Scouts are recruited from within the main body of troops (and form effectively an elite ranger unit) from those warriors who are insular an aloof.

The wolf guard are the elites, chosen due to skill at arms, and the personal retinue of the Wolf Lord. It is usually from them that the next wolf lord is chosen (with advice from the company's long fangs and the wolf priests of course).

No company has its own wolf priest or rune priest, these are part of the Great Wolf household (this is effectively a static company that contains the priests and dreadnoughts and is given over to the Great Wolf when he takes command in addition to his normal Company).

As the priests don't have ties within the Great Companies, there is small chance that, were one to go rogue, they would stay with them. They would either be killed or escape to bring word to the great wolf of the betrayal.

Perhaps you could have a character who killed the rune priest with the group, bringing his head to the Wolf Lord as a sign of his feality. This could be why the guy is second in command (for example).

Maybe the infiltrating 'chosen' are actually wolf scouts that killed the loyalists and took their power armour.

I like the idea.


25-10-2007, 15:56
Since my army are mercenarys for Chaos (useing Chaos 'dex) i could add in DP's, vindicators and anything that may seem to unfluffy by saying that they are the force that hired them.

See now thats a rational point, but really makes theming the army pointless in a way if you just include things that dont fit the theme :skull:

But Vindicators are fine, and DP could be their leader getting his "just reward" If you really want them.

Wolflord Havoc
25-10-2007, 17:43
Basically I would suggest building any Great Company around a core of Grey Hunter Squads.

I tried once to get a consensus on the rough size of a Great Company and the resulting answers varied from - "no bigger than a battle coy" to "Many Hundreds of Space Wolves"

As for the composition and equipment of a Great Company they are each well equipped with Tanks and speeders etc and can adapt to the situation at hand.

Personnally I really like using Rhino's for my Grey Hunters and Blood Claws along with Bike equipped Blood Claws backed up with Speeder Squadrons and Predators. My army is usually based around 2 Grey Hunter Packs (fully tooled up) with 1 or 2 Squads of Blood Claws all in Rhino's - 3 Predators, a Bike Pack and 2 Squadrons of Speeders (1 of Typhoons and 1 of Tornado's).

I usually don't take Long Fang Packs (they are driving the Predators...honestly).

And with regards to Drop Pods 'oh boy' do they so use drop pods.

I am awaiting the 'new' codex before I 'Apocolypse' my wolves.

I was thinking of using the 'Apocolypse' Great Company from the Warhammer 30K:Horus Heresy Mod that was recently made available by some brilliant chaps from the 'Bell Of Lost Souls'

1 Wolflord + 4 Wolfguard
6 Ten Strong Grey Hunter Packs
2 Fifteen Strong Blood Claw Packs
2 Five Strong Long Fang Packs

To this you could add any number of Bike Squadrons/Speeder Squadrons/Preadators/Dreadnaughts + additional Packs etc as well as the required number of HQs.

26-10-2007, 01:50
I usually don't take Long Fang Packs (they are driving the Predators...honestly).

Vehicle Drivers are Grey Hunters in the 2nd edition codex.