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24-10-2007, 19:35
as the title says, I'm trying to build a chaos army with lots of redundancy, hitting power and flexibility, one that gives the opponent so many targets he can't deal with them all.

I'll be mainly looking to take wood elves on, typically a large block of eternal guard, dryads, wardancers and a treeman.

other armies will be orcs and goblins, vampire counts, empire and chaos

any suggestions? I'm a bit stuck personally

oh and the limit is 2250 points

24-10-2007, 19:46
Loads and loads of warhounds and marauder horsemen.
Backed by several spawn and a whole bunch of chariots.

24-10-2007, 20:17
Loads and loads of warhounds and marauder horsemen.
Backed by several spawn and a whole bunch of chariots.

Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen are wasted points against Wood Elves, which are his main opponent as it seems ... they simply bounce off Dryads and die, achieving nothing in return.

I play a Khornate Cavalry army which is very much a multi-threat fast agressive army ... but it can't do anything against Treemen in it's current form. Which is why I'll add the Hellfire Sword next time ... make sure not to forget that item if you plan to run into trees a lot.


24-10-2007, 20:26
My deffinate choice would deffinately be a Slaaneshi mortal army totting a Hellcannon and two units of six Mounted Daemonettes, the Hellcannon will put trouble into the vocabulary of the Eternal Guard whilst the Mounted Daemonettes will deffinately hurt the Dryad units very nastily and very quickly.

Your biggest difficulty to deal with would be the Wardancers, if they get close enough to the cannon, spewing ichor works wonders, otherwise, I would suggest using Slaaneshi magic in order to controll them before out-charging them from two completely opposite directions, giving you maximum ammount of attacks at the unit (hopefully)

24-10-2007, 21:33
... whilst the Mounted Daemonettes will deffinately hurt the Dryad units very nastily and very quickly.

They do win, but not by a lot and they do take serious losses themselves:

- Daemonettes score 4 kills on average
- Dryads score 3 kills on average
- equal US most likely

... Daemonettes win by one, Dryads test on a seven. But to achieve that a fairly expensive fast cavalry unit drops to half-strength and almost loses it's ability to keep on fighting while a cheap throw-away unit of Dryads only gets a dent if it doesn't break.

For some reason those damned Dryads always seem to perform beyond expectation ...


24-10-2007, 22:03
The best solution for this would be a undivided army with a bit of Khorne. Khorne Chariots, Khorne Knights, Bloodhounds, Slaanesh Spawns,Centigors, Dragon Ogres... Very fast, pretty much hard hitters but also some cheap mid-strength-Units that can beat up pretty much other Units while being worth very little points. And against a treeman or steam tank the black maul should be the weapon of your choice. It will not kill the treeman instantly but it will surely.
ANd with this weapon you can still have 0 + As and 4+ Ws and have a frenzied undivided General^^

24-10-2007, 22:13
Against Treemen? ... Hellfire Sword!

- no armour save
- no ward save
- each wound becomes 2+(d6x2)


24-10-2007, 22:37
If we are going into mathammer:

6 Daemonettes charge:

Steeds do 1 wound on Poison, another 2 hits, 0.66 wounds are scored, total wounds by Steeds: 1.66
Daemonettes strike, 6 hits, 3 wounds, no saves. Daemonettes score: 3 wounds

Total wounds: 4.66, round off to 5 (dice are still random, so could be rounded down)

Dryads strikes back:

3 Dryads left in btb contact, 6 attacks. 3 hit, 2 wounds, 0.33 wounds saved = 1.66 wounds, if 4 dryads in btb, it equals 2, that is a result of 2 wounds.

Mounted Daemonettes win combat by 3, Dryads test with a Ld Modifier of -4 (aura of Slaanesh).

Mounted Daemonettes win

25-10-2007, 06:27
thanks for the ideas guys, keep em coming!

I havent really got much of a khorne contingent for my army however, and I've not got any cash available to buy stuff in time for my little tournament.

my collection consists of

48 marauders
10 mounted marauders
56 warriors
15 knights
8 mounted daemonettes
6 screamers
24 plaguebearers
4 bases of nurglings
6 dragon ogres
4 beast chariots
mounted sorcerer
champion of slaanesh on boobworm
loads of foot characters
dragon rider
6 hounds

if anyone can make me a sample list from that I'd be grateful!

25-10-2007, 06:49
If we are going into mathammer:


Mounted Daemonettes win

My bad, I missed the poison on the steeds and the ld modifier (in my defence, I never play Slaanesh). Part of my point still stands though, I still wouldn't "sacrifice" a mounted Daemonette unit to take out one cheap sacrificial Dryad unit if it means losing so much combat-effectivenes of my expensive unit.

(Yes, I know ... I'm paranoid about Trees.)


25-10-2007, 13:07
Against wood elves I've had many successes with using beastmen herds.

They get -1 for a skirmishing unit and they have a 10" move/charge. They beat wood elves in hth. And a unit of 25 gors/ungors costs ~170 pts

25-10-2007, 14:49
I do have beast herds, but unfortunately they're made up of the old plastic monopose gors and the 5th edition ungor skirmisher models, I'm loath to use them for the reason that they look AWFUL on the table, plus they're getting old and knackered and I prefer to keep my beasts and mortals more seperated.

in addition to my previous list, I also have 48 bestigor, as well as 24 ungors and 30 gors that I am really loath to use.... I also have the be'lakor model, which I'm happy to use as a daemon prince or exalted daemon.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

exalted sorcerer, mark of slaanesh, chaos steed, daemon sword, talisman of protection

exalted champion, mark of slaanesh, steed of slaanesh, berserker sword, enchanted shield

exalted champion - undivided, blade of blood (general)

sorcerer - level 2, undivided with either a couple of scrolls or a power familiar

6 daemonettes
5 screamers
2 units of 5 mounted marauders with flails and a musician

it's at this point I get stuck, I dont know whether adding blocks of marauders for static CR is a good idea as the other stuff is so fast they'll get left behind, but I'm not sure if I like the idea of leaving home without some block units.... ideas?

25-10-2007, 15:42
marking a chariot khorn is rediculously reckless and a waste of points. if someone leads it into a forest its dead.

i'd say beastmen, beastmen, and more beastmen. also some marauder fast cav with flails. because who doesnt like 6 s5 attacks for 85 points. not too shabby. and who knows, you might win combat!

26-10-2007, 00:45
You could try doing the 'uneasy alliance' list which is always pretty powerful- if you don't care about a) fluff or b) being called the world's biggest cheese. a mix of tzeentch and khorneate units. Something like this

exalted sorc: lore of fire, level 4, armor of souls, spell familiar, gaze of the gods, steed

aspiring champ of tzeentch, two HW, chariot of tzeentch

Exalted champ of khorne, steed, flail, shield

Exalted champ of khorne, steed, flail, shield

Chariot of tzeentch

That's 2000. Add maybe another chariot and some more warhounds for 2250

Chariot of tzeentch

4 chaos knights of khorne, standard

4 chaos knights of khorne, standard (the two champs go in these)

5 chaos knights of khorne

10 warhounds

10 warhounds

11 casting dice, 10 dispel dice, 6 cavalry/chariot units that can each break 90% of enemy units. If they can't, burn it with tzeentch and fire lore :)