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24-10-2007, 19:42
hello and welcome to my latest project

rougthly 3-4 years ago i used to play lost and damned alot, leading my army was my arch heretic, a vile member of the dark mechanicus


-link to my arch heretic

well i always intended to expand my latd army to include mutants made from servitors and archoflagelants and some skittari

well that all never happened, now years latter i have returned to this vision and armed with some green stuff and a unmade unit of Dkok Grenadiers i intend to create a rock hard unit of Dark Admech Skitarii to ally with my word bearers in apocalypse games,

also a good gaming buddy of mine has a very impressive collection of admech units and characters (from rogue trader days) which he likes to take to the battlefield with using the rules from codex witchhunters and daemon hunters and IG... its only fair he has a arch nemesis to fight against and what better then evil admech

heres the first victim, dkok grenadier number 5


to make them look more admechie i greenstuffed a hood


next came some paint


mechrite red, with some red gore and macharius orange with a magenta ink wash, the robes where given a lining of codex grey


with the weapon and arms and cable added, i havnt painted these yet

as this is my first model only really used to test the paint scheme and greenstuff hood technique i havnt done any obvious cyber enhancments, i dont feel the need to convert every model with augmetics as the armor, hood and facemask looks pretty good as it is

though i have got some old solder wire and some thin cable that i'll be hooking into my troops, some of the models will be given projectile weapons like storm bolters, some with plasma weaponry, and i'll like to add some mechandrites to a few of the models as well as dangerous cc weaponry and chaso daemonic bits, such is the fun with chaotic admech models

im still figuring out how to use this camera iv aquired, picture quality will probaly improve as i get more used to using it

fire away and advice/ tips - especialy if you know how to make good bionic bits bwahaha

24-10-2007, 20:40
thats looking fantastic:D

its an idea ive had myself but never had the balls or the cash to do it.

DKoK models look perfect, might add some mechanical limbs(iron warriors, iron hands, servitors and necromunda pit slaves are good for these).

24-10-2007, 20:41
As Fabricator General of the Dark Mechanicus, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the what those arrogant fools on Mars call "the Mechanicus Traitoris."

Not bad, but the paint scheme is too bright, the red needs to be much darker, and youre missing the two most important colors, brass/bronze and ash grey! The black should be a dark grey color(at least thats what the real mechanicus use, I imagine that he Dark Mechanicus still use those colors as well.

24-10-2007, 21:04
the dark gods have blessed me and i'v rediscovered the lost art of taking better photos

heres what dark skitarii dkok5 really looks like!




looks abit better now

i'm pleased with the colour of the red, ill do my trick of using flesh wash to add some old bronzie/ rust to the metalic parts of the model

24-10-2007, 21:48
Looking good (or evil, I suppose).

A very fitting base model for the Dark Mechanicus, and I like the tight-fitting hoods quite reminiscent of a mosh pit!

24-10-2007, 22:25
I'v finished painting my new evil hoodie lol

i'v ran out of superglue so i cant glue him together yet and im not going to base him untill i get my mits on the new GW basing kit

i'v added the bronze rustie affect to the metal by using flesh wash, tis a lovely ink




i'v got some spair bits from the zombie sprue and chaos pouchs that i think i might add to the model, it will definatly add more chaos flavour to the model

i need to get my mits on a very fine black pen to draw the chaos symbol on the knee pad and on the chest pieces which arnt obscoured by the hellgun

24-10-2007, 22:41
Dont really like the Arch Heretic, the Skitarii kick ass though, great job on those!

25-10-2007, 03:19
Very nice, thats much better, though I still think you should try to soften up the black a bit more with some really dark grey

bram kuijpers
25-10-2007, 05:51
thats one bad ass looking death korper

26-10-2007, 17:19
as this log is chaos themed im going to include updates of my Word Bearers army which iv been collecting for probaly around 5 years now

i havnt tallyed up how many points worth of Word Bearers i have under the new codex but definatly more then 3000points

my old Dark Apostle


is showing his age now so about a year ago i ordered up some bits to make a new brutal one, progress has been slow

heres a WiP of what he looks like atm


many details still left to finish

26-10-2007, 19:49
That is quite badass, I absolutely love the kriegsman. I'm guessing that you used greenstuff for the hood?

Colonel Stagler
28-10-2007, 18:37
they would make some sick traitor guard stormtroopers :p