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24-10-2007, 20:51
Howdy all!

I am a long-time Empire player, and since I've managed to understand one hard to play army, I thought I'd stress myself out with another!

I've purchased most of this army, but have only started constructing skeletons; I guess what to do with 5 boxes worth of skeletons is the main question I'm asking.

Tomb King: Flail of Skulls,Armor of Ages, Chariot
Tomb Prince: Great Weapon, Lt Armor, Brooch of the Great Desert
Lich Preist(hierophant): Plaque of Incantations, Cloak of the Dunes
Lich Preist: Jar of incantations (whatever its called)

Chariots (3), Standard, +1 to Hit Banner
Heavy Horsemen(5), Standard
Skeleton Warriors: (25) Lt armor, hand weapon, sheild. Standard, Mus., Banner of the undying Legion
Same as Above, no banner.
Skeleton Archers: (10)

Tomb Scorpians (x2)-got these for 5$ apiece!
Bone Giant (Going to buy a statuette of some kind as use that-the model is *****)

I think that's it for 2000. My main thought is that the Skeleton Warriors have a bad reputation, so I was going to drop the to 15 a piece, and take two more archer units. I'm making my archers with the skull with the one eyeball, and painting a Eye of Horus (the actual symbol, no the 40K one) around it. I can greenstuff more eyeballs with ease, though.

My main though is to use this almost like they were Wood Elves. 2 unbreakable anchors with some fast damage-dealing flankers, and plenty of warmachine/support unit hunters.

Also: I am not interested in playing a shooty army. I already have an Empire army, after all. Suggestions to drop the Bone Giant for 2 Skull Catapults will be met with mock and derision.

Thanks for your time!

25-10-2007, 05:28
My spouse has had consistent bad luck with the Bone Giant, and I would suggest replacing it with 3 Ushabti, if you have a free special slot.

The heavy horsemen, although interesting, are really not worth their points. Consider using them as light horsemen instead, or replace them alltogether with some Carrion (if you can find them cheap) or more archers. Consider a ward save for the prince, perhaps.

25-10-2007, 08:11
Three Words........

Screaming Skull Catapult.

Its hardcore, panics people and with low magic, you've more chance of making it shoot twice :)

25-10-2007, 10:49
First, skeleton warriors are not bad. They are actually quite good, but aren't quite the same as non undead infantry. First, don't bother fielding less than 25 at 2000 points. They'll only dissapoint you. To be effective you need not to be outnumbered and to have full rank bonuses. Also, you only need a banner, though you could buy a champ if a prince or king is in the unit.
The primary purpose of skeletons without a character is to mire your opponent down. You will not disintegrate in one turn, but your opponent will spend a number of rounds stuck there hacking away at your skeletons, if for some reason he botches a round of rolling, you might even be able to rout him. Remember skeletons cause fear, so you only need to win a melee by one to send most units running. While an opponent is stuck, hopefully you can charge him in the flank, or the rear, or bring in a unit with hitting power (a giant, scorpion, or Ushabti for support).
Skeletons with a prince or a king can, in my experience, hold their own against most opponents. In this aspect a scorpion is about effective as a prince, should you be able to enter a melee with a scorpion/ skeleton warrior block combo, you should have a good chance against most units.
Donīt forget skeletons never panic and never run away. That make them super!

25-10-2007, 18:04
Makrion, what problems did your spouse have with the Bone Giant? It seemed a decent hitter, and takes precious cannon balls a bolts away from my Chariots.

Sadly, I already have the Horsemen on the way, and I don't think Mrs. Skills would let me order more stuff. What would you use the Light Cavalry for? I figure the shooting isn't that big of a deal, and the Heavy Cav are better flankers.

BigRob:I guess you only said one Catapult, so i can't mock you. But If I were doing a shooting army, it would be set up very different, and I don't have the funds for that right now.

forgottenlor: So I should keep the two units of 25? It's good to know someones tried this before and it has worked.


Esco Thomson
26-10-2007, 15:43
Bone Giants are very effective. They do as you mentioned draw fire, which is very important. They do not generally hit as hard as they appear to, due to the lower weapon skill. They can cause some damage though.

Light horsemen are great. I strongly recommend a unit of 5-6 of them, and house a Liche Priest on steed with the Staff of Ravening here. If your environment is low magic, you should exploit this. This way you can move the Hieratic jar onto the hierophant, and drop the plaque of incantations as it is generally only good on a High Liche Priest.

The king/prince setup. I think it is alright, but I would probably give the king the Vambraces of the Sun as well, and the prince the Collar of Shapesh. Both of these items will add to the survivability of your characters and are extremely cost effective.

Not much to say about skeletons, they suck. They are suppose to suck though. They are there for sponges or to fire off arrows/hide characters. Musicians are rather pointless however.

This is my proposal to you, and lands at 1999 points:

Tomb King
Flail of Skulls, Armor of the Ages, Vambraces of the Sun

Tomb Prince
Great Weapon, Light Armor
Collar of Shapesh, Brooch of the Great Dessert

Liche Priest
Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar

Liche Priest
Skeletal Steed
Staff of Ravening

3 Chariots
Standard Bearer
Icon of the Sacred Eye

5 Light Horsemen

25 Skeleton Warriors
Light Armor
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Undying Legion

20 Skeleton Warriors
Light Armor
Standard Bearer

2 Tomb Scorpions

Bone Giant

Screaming Skull Catapult