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25-10-2007, 08:01
Hi guys,

Some days ago I was chatting with SC on MSN, I showed him my CRM testmini. He said it was amazing and that I should start a log. Where here it is SC! :P

Ok, I'm starting with a Chaos Renegade Militia army. I got some stuff for the army at GD, not enough though. Only 10 Torsoes and 1 Ltd edition Ogryn Berserker. I still need those weapon arms for this squad. My order is on his way.

Ok, onto the Project!
I started to convert my first Heavy weapon team. The idea was that they're carrying the heavy weapon; in this case the Heavy bolter, to the next place.



I just blu-tagged everything to show how it will look at the end. I still need to convert the arms. It'll be a pain in the ****..

Here's the testmini I also showed to SC, what do you guys think of it?


And some other random Militiamen.


I'll try to post as many updates as I can. This will be a problem as I'm running out of FW goodies..


25-10-2007, 08:02
Ok, I got an update!

I started to work on the Heavy bolter crew. I sculpted one arm holding one part of the HB from scratch.

http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/militiaHBcrew1.png http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/militiaHBcrew3.png


The only thing I have to do for this arm, is adding a hand from one of the Heavy weapon sprue's.
This guy will have an Ammo box for the HB. I was thinking to use this one. From the Tallarn, if anyone has one of these boxes (+arm) would you please contact me?

That's all for today folks, tomorrow I'll start on the other crewman.


25-10-2007, 08:03
Stupid picture limit..

The other crew man will have something like this. But instead of the lasgun it'll have an Autogun (from the Necromunda weapon sprue) and the leather strap will be a chain. :)

And here's the Limited Edition Renegade Ogryn Berserker with Powerweapon.



25-10-2007, 08:05
Ok, I got another update. I started to work on the second crewman's right arm. The upper part of his arm is beared,

http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/CRMHBcrew2-1.png http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/CRMHBcrew2-2.png
"That's what you get with fireworks.."

And this is how they look now, carrying the HB!

http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/CRMHBWIP1-2.png http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/CRMHBWIP1-3.png

How the team looks like now (http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/CRMHBWIP1-1.png)

That's it for today, not much indeed. But it's better than nothing right?

Next to do;
Adding hands to the arms.
Making the second Crewman's Left arm, carrying an Autogun.
Making an Ammo box for the first Crewman.
Reparing the left part of the HB's Tripod.
Adding some misc. details to the Crewmen
Get the damned thing painted!

25-10-2007, 08:06
Nice looking stuff so far.

25-10-2007, 09:45
The bolter carying militia's are a really nice idea, really looks great!
Looking forward to seeing some more.

Light of the Emperor
25-10-2007, 16:31
I like the conversion work. I could see traitorous militia carrying a bolter like that. The color scheme fits well too. Definately want to see more!

26-10-2007, 10:43
Really interesting, the part that really made it was me is the attention to detail, the wear and tear on the HB and so - nice touch. The GS is skillfully done aswell as the painting, keep it up and you'll have one heck of an army mate! :D

floyd pinkerton
26-10-2007, 13:35
ooh, more FW goodness:D

I'd like to see how you do then hands on the HB crew. Will you be sculpting them or stealing some?

29-10-2007, 17:22
Thanks for the replies guys. :)

@ floyd pinkerton: For the first Crewman I'm going to use one of those hands from the Heavy weapon team sprue's, and I think I'm going to sculpt some for the second crewman.

Ok, I finally got an update about almost one week without any. I worked some more on the 2nd Crewman's leftarm. I kinda screwed up this arm for 2 times, but I guess this time it looked ok.



Also, last week I finally found the perfect scale chain (as seen above). I only cost about 2,50 quid for 36"! It really is a great material for my Renegades, I think it's the same chain the Militia Veteran torso has.

Next to do is add the first crewman's leftarm carrying the HB Ammobox. I think I'll scratchbuilt the box.

Here's the 1000pts list;

32nd Vraksian Siege Regiment 1000pts


Company Command Platoon
- Champion w/ powerweapon. 1 Veteran: Chaos banner. 1 renegade: plasmagun. 2 Renegades: autoguns. [81]
- Rogue Psyker w/ bolt pistol [16]
- Enforcer w/ bolt pistol [41]
- Mortar Support squad: 6 Renegades: 3 mortars [80]
- Anti-tank Support squad: 6 renegades: 3 missile launchers. [95]


Renegade Ogryn Berserkers [125]
3 Ogryns: 1 powerweapon.

Renegade Ogryn Berserkers [125]
3 Ogryns: 1 powerweapon.


Renegade Militia Platoon
- Platoon Command: Champion w/ powerweapon. 2 Renegades: Missile launcher. [60]
- Renegade Militia squad: Heavy bolter, grenade launcher [78]
- Renegade Militia squad: Heavy bolter, plasma gun [80]

Renegade militia Platoon
- Platoon Command: Champion w/ powerweapon. 2 Renegades: Missile launcher. [60]
- Renegade Militia squad: Heavy bolter, grenade launcher [78]
- Renegade Militia squad: Heavy bolter, plasma gun [80]

[Grand Total: 999pts]


30-10-2007, 01:35
How did you paint the tester?

Prince Sairion
30-10-2007, 17:06
Mate if you can continue to make all of those models with such pain-staking detail to make a 1k army then fair play to you!

What's been done so far looks excellent, I love the feel of it all.

I think some armoured cars would look equally good in this force, graffiti and all. Very inspiring, although I am painting high elves at the mo so it's entirely different to what I'm doing!!

05-11-2007, 17:55
Moved to SF project logs.

05-11-2007, 18:40
hey buddy, good to see you again.

Excellent start on the traitors... it's good to see fellow ex-dg.org members keep the faith.

28-11-2007, 15:21
Thanks a lot for the replies guys!

@ Darknation: Hi mate! Good to see that you've joined Warseer. :)

So.. I've been painting my Ogryn Boss. I'm painting him for a competition at GW Amsterdam next year. The winner will be 'Amsterdam's Painting God' which is an awesome title imho. ;D

Anyway, here are some PIP pictures of his current state. I'm almost done doing the metals, and the DKoK victim is also almost finished (I'll take some pics of him soon, it's starting to get dark here. So I can't take decent pics anymore..)

http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/Ogrynboss_WIP_1.png http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f323/Pfreck/Renegade%20Militia/Ogrynboss_WIP_3.png

And something about the HB team. It's on hold.. I kinda got stuck with it, I have no idea how to do the ammo carrying arm and such. And I'm still awaiting my order, as the torsoes I used for the HB team are horrible miscasts..

And here's a terrain piece I've been working on. I'm going to redo the base though, it looks horrible this way..


28-11-2007, 16:02
I love that heavy bolter conversion. It's very unique and your sculpting on the arms is very nice.

Mr Feral
28-11-2007, 16:32
Nice HB team and conversions.

Inquis. Jaeger
28-11-2007, 20:21
Lovely work, very impressive. Keep it up!

Colonel Stagler
28-11-2007, 22:20
Excellent job with the R&H there Pfreck, im loving the rusty ogryn, thats especially nice
Stagler Out

04-12-2007, 15:41
Thanks a lot for the replies guys!

Ok! I got an update... well in some sort..

A part of my FW order came in today!

What you can see in the pic is:
5x Torso pack
2x Command arm sprue
1x Enforcer set
1x Vehicle Crew
1x Artillery Crew

I'm still waiting for 5 Packs of Arm Sprue's...


04-12-2007, 16:07
Cool, i dont know whats more impressive, your sculpting, or the fact that your FW order has actually arrived! (Valkyrie on order, 32 days and counting........)

04-12-2007, 17:20
First I thought hmmmmm what does CRM stand for? Clicked the thread, noticed FW Chaos Renegade Miltia (CRM, eureka!) figures, cool conversion ideas, beauty sculpting and a big thunking renegade ogryn bezerker champion. My next thought is subscribe......done. Good luck at the painting comp, the rust looks great!


08-12-2007, 15:52
Hi guys!

Thanks a lot for the replies, it's much appreciated. :)

@ Burnthem: I placed my order 2 weeks ago, the order was above the 250quid so we had express mail (one guy ordered the Hierophant..)

I have been modelling this week. I still don't have the weapon arms for the infantry yet so I thought I'd start on the command squad!

The Icon Bearer is basically finished, I still need to add some very small rivets to his kneepad.
I also started on a 'Medic', in the CRM list there's no option for a Medic, although I really like the idea of a Renegade Butcher instead of Medic. I gave him a Medi-pack which includes dirty scalpels, dirty used needles, etc!
I was thinking to give him a dirty apron with blood spatters and such.
I also assembled my Enforcer, sadly enough the torso I used for him was the only torso that was casted right. The others where leaning forwards, leaning to the right and one looked like he had a fat belly..
I also started on a Rogue Psyker, using the dead body from the command squad. I resculpted a bit of his body today, inventually he'll get a robe just like FW's Rogue Psyker.



As for the commander, I was thinking to use one of these Tank Commander bodies. Then sculpting some legs on them. I really want him to give the Elysian Drop Troops commander's Powerfist, if someone has one for me that'd be great! I have a lot to trade it for.
Any idea's?



Mr Feral
08-12-2007, 17:44
Nice Command Squad
*wants CRM models even more now*
That's a really good idea for the Rogue Psyker you've got there, it should look really good when done, so I demand regular updates :p

08-12-2007, 18:23
what are the rogue psyker's arms gonna be doing?

09-12-2007, 09:35
Thanks guys! :)

@ Mr Feral: I'm liking your Project Log a lot too, you should update it more often too.. :p

@ durbar11: They probably will hang down, it's hard to explain how I want them though. You'll see once I finished it!


Mr Feral
09-12-2007, 10:45
Your commander idea sounds great, I think with the Elysian powerfist he'd look really mean. IMO you should use the body on the right for the conversion, because it would seem to fit the powerfist more than the other, pose wise.

(BTW I have updated my Project Log now, and pictures will follow later on today :))

09-12-2007, 13:31
i agree use the one on the right

04-01-2008, 18:21
Thanks guys, since the new command squad is out now. I'll be using thatone instead of my crappy version.. :D


I'm not dead. I've been working on my Ogryn, I was supposed to finish it for tomorrow. Though because of the hurry, I totally screwed him up. No pictures because I'm really ashamed how he looks like now...

I re-worked the crewman for the HB. I replaced the torso, made a DKoK style ammobox, and started to work on a new arm.


Here's the 1st squad, I'm only limited to give 3 of them arms, because I still don't have the Arm sprue's!


And I'm deciding on what bases they'll get. I was thinking to give them Desert bases. Though I need to know which one of these, can you guys help me out?



04-01-2008, 18:29
I like the one on the left. The one on the right looks like it was just raining and everything it a bit like mud.

I really like your whole army so far. Very impressive!

I hope you are going to give them some tatoos or some chaos symbols etched into their skins when you are working on the arms.

I will have to subscribe to watch as you do more.

04-01-2008, 18:31
Very nice, your greenstuff skills are superb! Personally i would go with the desert base on the left :) I think the one on the right looks too shiny.

04-01-2008, 18:36
Looking great so far, love the work on the hvy bolter, i'll be watching with interest :)

04-01-2008, 20:02
yep, the base on the left wins :)

Really nice work mate, inspiring me to add some CRM to my Death Guard...

Lord Zso Sahaal
04-01-2008, 20:12
the base on the left. looks really good, really like the look of the renegade ogryn so far cant wait to see that finished as well as the heavy bolter crew. subscribed to this!

21-01-2008, 20:40
Cheers guys! :D

Alright! Yesterday I finally got my arm sprue's! So here are pictures for my first infantry minus GS'ing.
I already painted the first trooper.


Militiaman - still needs details, like blood on his blade, and glowing lences.
(very bad picture..)

Close-up of the 2nd HB team's Gunner, as you can see. I used the HB of the Steel Legion HB team!
The leaning arm is far from finished, this is just the start of the armature!

That's it for now folks!


Mr Feral
21-01-2008, 21:56
Nice work, I'm liking the paintjob, very drab and dirty looking. Hmm rusty metal... *dribbles*

I like where you're going wth the HB as well. In fact, I like everything!

Colonel Haizelhoff
30-01-2008, 15:00
Once again a great traitor guard log. Really like the coloring although I'd like to see more painted:)

30-01-2008, 18:01
Nice work so far!

I think I have one of those elysian power fists laying around. I'm looking for elysian style plasma guns... or something :) PM me if you're still looking.

30-01-2008, 20:24
Is the paint scheme really as green as they look in the pics? I tried painting a trooper based on your recipe, and it doesn't have a bit of green about it.

01-02-2008, 15:56
Thanks for the replies guys! :D

Is the paint scheme really as green as they look in the pics? I tried painting a trooper based on your recipe, and it doesn't have a bit of green about it.
I think it's the pictures fault. In real life it looks more Khaki/Brown, no green involved.

So.. I finally got something painted. My Enforcer! I'll enter this model for the Monthly painting competition at GW Amsterdam. I hope I make a chance..
He'll get some weathering tonight, and I need to finish his base.

Excuses for the bad picture...



Better pictures!


01-02-2008, 16:28
Looks great, I realy like your army so far.
Love tho models, I've got som of my own, but I'm building adetus-mecanicus of them instead of renegades.

Mr Feral
01-02-2008, 17:27
I like the glow effect on the mask and the black armour, that's good.

01-02-2008, 18:48
Great job! You've got a really nice scheme.

I actually visited GW Amsterdam while on vacation a year ago.

02-02-2008, 06:36
Some really nice work done so far. What did you use to clean off the release agent that is on the resin? I am trying to find a nice, quick way to clean off my FW goodies that doesnt require me washing them several times. Right now I am soaking in dish soap for an hour, scrubbing them with an old tooth brush, then soaking and scrubbing again...finally, scrubbing them with windex, which works pretty well...thanks goes to the local Bunker manager for that tip...any help would be nice as I plan on getting a ton of FW stuff soon...

02-02-2008, 08:47
Some very cool conversions here, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread

02-02-2008, 15:21
Some really nice work done so far. What did you use to clean off the release agent that is on the resin? I am trying to find a nice, quick way to clean off my FW goodies that doesnt require me washing them several times. Right now I am soaking in dish soap for an hour, scrubbing them with an old tooth brush, then soaking and scrubbing again...finally, scrubbing them with windex, which works pretty well...thanks goes to the local Bunker manager for that tip...any help would be nice as I plan on getting a ton of FW stuff soon...

That's pretty much what I do. I take some water, add dish soap, mix it up, then let the model soak overnight. In the morning, I take the model and scrub it with dish soap, then put it back in the soap-water. Then, that night, I take it out and scrub it again and I'm done.

The way to check whether it's all off is whether or not water beads up and rolls off it.

02-02-2008, 17:00
Thanks for the replies guys.

Unfornately, I didn't placed in the Painting Competition. The competition was sorted in 3 different categories;

Scout - beginners
Space Marine - TTQ and good painters
Terminator - Good painters, and Pro's.

My mini was placed in the Terminator section. Each category had 3 prices.
IIRC I got 4th of the Terminator section, ah well.. maybe better next time. :)


17-02-2008, 18:47
Cheers guys!

Long time no update.. I picked up a part of my second order today. A Ogryn Berserker squad and CRM Brass Etched. I'm still waiting on; CRM Command Squad, Nurgle Priests and Graia Pattern Hellhound. This will make enough to get my list up to 1500pts. Still have to wait until GW released Platoon Commands though..

Pic of what I recieved!


The Ogryn Berserkers are also going to be my entry for this year's Golden Demon UK, for 40K squad. :)


17-02-2008, 19:16
Nice! By the way, do you have any spare arm sprues? I've got two of the torso set that I'd be willing to trade for arm sprues.

27-09-2008, 15:36
@ Catbarf: nope, sorry..

So.. after a century of not updating, I finally got my lazy **** into gear..
The main reason I found inspiration and motivation is because of Gamesday. But also because soon there is going to be the biggest GW related event we ever had, called Frenzy! The first Frenzy! was almost 2 years ago, but this time it's definitely going to be a lot better, mainly because Forgeworld, the GW Design Team and the Black Library will be around!

The main purpose of the event is the Doubles Tournament for 40k, Fantasy and LotR. In 40K and Fantasy each player will be playing a small 500pts army. Luckily for me, there is only a 1+ troops restriction hehe.. I'll be going to play with my Renegades using the IG codex, to prevent people from whining.. if I'm going finish them in time. Basically what I need to paint is the following:
1 Command Squad
1 Command Section
3 Infantry Squads
1 Hellhound

Bringing a total of 41 models!

For me, that's like an eternity to paint.. so that's why I'll keep track of everything I assemble and paint, and maybe even get some comments and idea's!

Anyway, onto the pictures.. First what the army currently looks like!


What I still need to assemble is:
3 Heavy Bolter Teams
1 Missile Launcher Team
2 Random Command Section Renegades
And give arms to 2 Infantry squads...

Here's a picture of one of my command squad grunts, he's still WIP, but will be finished soon enough!


Everything's gotta be finished before the 8th of November!



27-09-2008, 15:38
... and another update!

Alright, I worked some on the Missile Launcher team for the Platoon Command Section. Anyway, pictures!


The missile silo idea is 90% based on Rictus' concept... hehe, but it works so well! Cheers for the idea Rictus. :)

Next up, is to give arms to 16 or more Militiamen.. and built 3 Heavy Bolter Teams :)

As always, C+C is appreciated!


Light of the Emperor
27-09-2008, 16:20
Great work Pfreck! I love the scheme on that trooper, especially the black/chipped metal. Looks very chaosy.
The conversion and plasticard silo looks great too.

Looks like you'll be busy but that's good news for us!