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07-09-2005, 16:18
episode 1- the evil within

A motley crew of guard and mercinaries piled into the large breifing chamber. The selected seats from the many benches and looked down to the stage (think university lecturing rooms). In the center of the stage was a desk, sat at it was a beautiful women, her skin was pale as the moon, her hair red as flame. Behind her stood another women, a less prety one damadged from her years of battle and scared from her devotion to the emperor. On the right of the desk stood 3 different people. The first was a xenos- an eldar, the second a halfbreed and the third a mutant.

To the left a madgestic grey knight guarded a door. He held a halberd and a storm bolter and was'nt aroused by the new entrants at all.

[okay Calista, Salrian, kerin and radis are ojn the stage interact with each other, you know each other already. the rest are on the benches standard greeting phase]

07-09-2005, 20:38
Jackson took a seat at the back where he hoped to go unnoticed in order to avoid the meaningless introductions and small talking. He took a glance at the stage.

"Xeno filth" The wrinkled sergeant thought without a single change on his expression as he recognized the eldar features on the faces of two of the creatures on stage in the company of a mutant.
"What kind of madman joins forces with such beings?" He asked himself not really curious on the answer. After all his years of battle not many things impressed him and as of late he had lost any respect and faith he had in the inquisition. Not even the huge figure in power armour depicting him as a Grey Knight got to him.

Staring at his bionic arm checking for malfunctions he waited for either someone to talk to him or for the inquisitor to be done with this petty proceedings and brief them on their mission.


Adrian recognized Set. It wasn't difficult considering his size and outfit. In these situations it was always a good thing to find a familiar face among the crowd of strangers. The medic made his way to the seat next to the mercenary while his face concealed the impression of seeing a space marine for the very first time.

"Well we seem to keep getting into the same troubles." He said as he gave him a handshake.
"Any idea what this one's about?" He asked. Then as he looked toward the stage he was slightly puzzled.
"Aren't those Eldar on the stage?" He wondered with great interest in his eyes.

07-09-2005, 20:53
Calista's lips curled at the sight of the alien, the half-breed and the mutant. They were an afront to her and the Emperor and should be purged. But she knew she'd get her chance eventually.

Taking a deep calming breath, Calista became to silently chant the litanies of hate under her breath.

Thane McHammer
07-09-2005, 21:12
Thane sat in one corner, data slate on his lap, cigar in his lips. The Shadow was lurking somewhere, on hand if needed. Blowing a smoke ring, he sat back and ignored everyone.

07-09-2005, 21:16
Set saw Adrain and was some what glad to see him

"good to see a Face i know i really have no idea why im here to tell you the truth the money i made after that last little venture to be set for life. "

Set looked out at the 3 on the stage this is odd. a Eldar? here in front of some many people? This Inqustior must be out of his mind. Set smiled, They allways paid more.

"what do you think?" Set saw the space marine it was a grey knight no less this was just to odd not enough things were adding up.

07-09-2005, 21:24
Iki stood and paraded around the stage. She glanced over to Calista. "You insist on chanting those litanies, do you ever let your hair down" She asked, glancing to the shaved head of Calista.

07-09-2005, 21:30
Tes stood at the top of the room looking around reading a few of the weaker ones mind quite a crew was here he was most purplexed by the eldar that was here but it did not bother him he just stood looking out wondering why He was wanted here.

08-09-2005, 01:06
As Salrian surveyed the men and women around him, his frown deepened and he wondered what had posessed him to sign up for this job. These people were not going to get on with him, that much was more than obvious.
"Next time I get bored enough to take a job offer from an Inquisitor..." he remarked to Kerin, who was standing beside him glancing from face to face. "Hit me with something, ok?"
"Well, we're here my love." Kerin replied. "Lets make the most of it."
Kerin felt a sudden twinge in the back of her mind. There was a psyker here, idlly rifling through the surface thoughts of those around him. Frowning, she sent a gently mental charge into the wraithbone panels in her storm-coat. The psychic white-noise they generated wouldn't stop a determined snoop, but it would make him work a lot harder to get into her head. It wasn't an unfriendly gesture, but just enough to let whoever it was know that she didn't appreciate being spied on.

Sal wandered over to Callisa and Iki. "No need to give the girl hell about her faith." he said. "Everyone's go their own way of serving the Emperor." He fixed the Zealot with steely gaze. "Even me."

08-09-2005, 02:23
Calista stared right back at the man, at least she did with her real eye, her bionic just winked as it always did.
'Yes, in our own way.' she replied with a heavy dose of sarcasm but left it at that.

Those who did not gight were cowards, or faught for the wrong reasons. they were unworthy.

08-09-2005, 02:49
Radis pulled back the hood of his dark blue cloak revealing his face at last. He smiled at Sal and Kerin. "Next time brother, that you would like to be hit with something I would love to take you up on that offer!" He stood and walked to them nodding to Calista. "Do not be misguided by your hate faithful servent of the emporer. for Sal has pruven his metle time and again for him as well." with that he turned back to Sal and Kerin with a smile.

08-09-2005, 09:38
Klaas entered the room amongst a group of rag-tag mercenaries and other 'civilians', wondering why an Inquisitor would even deal with such people. He looked at the giant Space Marine with awe while walking past, then stopped dead in his tracks. Some of the people on the stage looked wrong. Mutants. Three of them. Klaas held back the sudden urge to retch. He had seen Mutants before, and he had shot them without a second thought, disgusted about their existence. But these ones were here for a reason, though Klaas couldn't possibly imagine why.
'Well that's none of your buisness, private van Welden' he thought. 'Just move on.'
He looked around the room for other imperial soldiers, finally seeing a grizzeld sergeant sitting in the back of the room. He idled over, his salutation almost lax enough to deserve flogging. "Private Klaas van Welden, Jopall 115th" he said, before dropping on his chair.

08-09-2005, 19:12
As the door the Grey knight was standing nexty to opened casting a dark shadow across the stage the room was turned to a sudden eeiry silence. Inquisitor lord Ruben paraded into the room. His crimson cloak flyed around his legs and he cast a glance to his minions on the stage that caused them to stand aside. He slammed his gauntleted hands onto the desk sending scrolls and an ink pot sprawling from the table. "You people have been dragged here to complete a simle and dangerous misssion" He growled in his husky, deep voice. "The silvershadow has ceased comunications with the imperium and we must investigate, It is belived a chaos activity is presence witch aloows the ordo malleus to step in on this" he contiued."We will reach the ship in two days time, interogator Iki take over" He finished and stormed from the Room back to his chamber followed by Stern.

Iki stood and clicked a balck switch. On a vid-screen flashed a picture of a large ship and information on its wereabouts. "The silvershadow ceased contact 64 hours ago, what your about to hear is top secret and I will personaly skin you alive if you choose to disclose it to anyone outside these walls. The silvershadow carries and orb contains a powerfull deamon prince. So as you can probably fathom this is a top priority mission witch was why we summoned any available scum we could find. So any questions?" Iki breifed.

08-09-2005, 21:14
Set just looked he didn't need to answer such a simple question like that.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Tes felt the small backlash he smiled. and sent a small message directly into Kerin's mind "no harm done dear glad to know theres some one else here" he hoped she didn't take it offensive cause it wasn't supposed to be besides tes was a little bit of a show off

08-09-2005, 21:27
Jackson turned his head towards Welden and saluted back. Perhaps 20 years ago he would not have left such a salute unpunished, but he was way to old for that kind of role.

"Sergeant Thomas Jackson, Adoris 57th." He said calmly. "First time under the orders of the Inquisition private?"

****** After briefing *******

Many questions grew on the old sergeants head. What kind of crew was aboard the Silvershadow? Why was such a dangerous device left under the protection of a single ship? What did those Xenos played in all this? What was the ships destination? But he chose one that troubled him the most.

"Are we to assume the daemon lord has been freed? If not... is it our objective to retrieve the orb unharmed? Or to destroy it?" He asked out loud to the interrogator. Hoping for the right answers.

08-09-2005, 22:01
"Well sergeant we are to assume everything and anything. This artifabt must be placed under containment and returned to the inquisition or failing that destroyed, next" Iki barked.

08-09-2005, 22:25
"God damn." Sal grinned. "Radis, what the hell are you doing here? You'd better not be after your Bonesinger..."
Raidis looked shocked for a second, before Salrian let loose a loud laugh, and pulled the Eldar captain into a brotherly embrace. "It's good to see you again."

"No offence taken." Kerin nodded to Tes. She'd had much worse mental probes. A memory came back to her, lecturing a rogue alpha named Xander Cage that the Eldar considered deep thought violation akin to rape.. "You're pretty polite, for a mon-keigh psyker. But please stay out of my mind. And Salrian's as well."
"Not that I'd care too much." Sal grinned, stepping away from Radis as he heard his name mentioned. "But I don't think you'd like some of the stuff you'd find there. I've been in some pretty bad places." He stepped forward and shook Tes' hand. "Salrian Magnum. This is Kerin Boneweld, and him over there is Radis Firestorm."
"I have a question." Kerin said, turning towards Iki. "If you Mon-Keigh have released another demon prince, do you have a plan to kill it?"

09-09-2005, 02:08
Calista was deeply digusted by all of this. But she knew that she must obey as help with this as she would be doing her part of The Emepror by completing this task. No matter how unsavoury it may be to her, she would comply.

09-09-2005, 02:24
"I wonder why is that any of your concern." Jackson spat at the eldar without hiding the contempt in his voice. "And you would know a lot about releasing daemons wouldn't you. After all you created a chaos god without anyone's help." The veteran added.

09-09-2005, 08:12
The more he overheard of that conversation, the less Klaas could believe it. Demons? Outside of an Ecclesiarchy book? Chaos gods? Either all these people were insane or he'd be in deep **** pretty soon. Dimly remembering that he had been asked a question, Klaas turned to Sgt. Jackson again. "Uh, yeah, first time for me. Do you really think there is a real demon loose on that ship? And why did the mutie call us monkeys?"

09-09-2005, 11:55
Radis placed a hand gently on Kerins shoulder and spoke to her with his mind. "we must remember that most humans still hate us and also it is not wise to call them Mon-kiegh I am sure they know it is not a nice word."He gave the veteran a not so nice look but left it at that. "Regardless of how you and your people feel about us we ARE going to be working togather in this and only togather will we be able to win this if this deamon is free from its prison.and Kerin is right good sir, if it is free we must have a plan of action on how to destroy it or atleast trap it in something then killing it. as your are a military man I am sure you already know this." He then truned back to Sal to ansewer his question. "Well someone other then poor Kerin needs to watch your back now and then." He grinned. "As I am sure you know that I have gifts for the two of you again."

09-09-2005, 12:00
Jackson had a smile of sympathy beneath his white beard as he looked at the expression on Klaas face. He was still too young to be getting in this kind of mess.

"Well son. I could bet my ass there is. All we can do is pray that when we board that ship the Daemon Hunter will find it before it finds us." The old man said not in the mood to give a speech on how faith in the Emperor would save him of any harm.

"And that isn't a mutant." He continued pointing at Kerin. "That is an Eldar, arrogant Xeno scum. I wouldn't trust them a peanut. In their language they call us Mon-Keighs which I believe is somewhat more insulting than monkey."

He patted the soldier's shoulder firmly with his bionic hand. "Cheer up private. You are in for some true eye opening experiences." If he managed to stay alive and sane that is.


Adrian was uneasy in his seat. One thing was losing your body, but losing your soul was a very different one. He remembered the stories that had left him without sleep as a child, about daemons and creatures of the warp haunting in the dark.

A goose bump fell down his spine. He was starting to believe it wasn't the brightest of ideas getting on that damned ship.

Thane McHammer
09-09-2005, 13:00
Thane sucked on his cigar, watching the squabbling erupt beneath him. The Eldar were being overly superior, and the other humans were being stupid. He sighed. How he ever got stuck in this mess, he didn't know. If the mission didn't kill him, then the sheer idiocy in the atmosphere would.

So Inquisitor...do you actually have any idea what KIND of deamon we'll be facing?

The rest of the room quietened as he spoke. All pairs of eyes were on him.

I'm suprised...looking over this data-slate, it looks like no-one actually has a single clue about what exactly was held in the containment orb. And your explanation of the plan isn't any better. Go in, kill deamon, leave? I think you're over-simplifying it.

He turned to the rest of them.

Now...the rest of you...shut up. Your bickering will get us all killed. If you can't even sit in a room together, how can you expect to fight together? This mission will be doomed from the get-go if you don't pull yourselves together. Set aside your differences, your racial tensions, and your petty ideals and morals. We will work as one. This threat is apparently big enough to involve outside help, and thus it must be treated accordingly.

He took another drag on his cigar, letting his words sink in.

I don't want to have to be replacing linbs because one of you ****** didn't coordinate fire, or rush headlong into the fight. That's all I have to say to you.

Cigar smouldering, he looked at them all in turn, letting the weight of his words sink in.

09-09-2005, 13:42
"Just remember Kerin." Sal cautioned Kerin quietly. The tech preist had a point, and she wasn't helping their cause much with her language. "Most of me is Mon-Keigh. I've been all over, but I'm still half human. Let's not slack off the folks who may end up saving our asses, ok?"
Kerin nodded. It was so easy to slip back into the Eldar way of looking down on the humans, but she knew it wasn't the way forward. Her face burned as she felt shame at having been caught out.
"Don't worry about it." Sal whispered to her, squeezing her hand.
He turned toward the Tech-Preist.
"You got a good point, Adept." he said. Oversimplification? Hell yes. But that was all they had. "Nothing that simple when an Inquisitors involved. But it's all we got right now. Reckon all we can do is wait till someone in charge tells us what else we're going to be doing."

09-09-2005, 15:48
Iki rasied her eyebrow at Thane "Im not an inquisitor, yet. Lord Ruben has laid dow what he wishes you to know, anything else is too classified to be given to untrustworthy mercinaries and guardsmen, we must investigate the slivershadow and if this deamon orb has anything to do with it it will be contained, now I tire of this, you will be assaigned quaters" Iki explained impatiently before storming out of her room.

[okay then there is a bar, your quaters and a training deck the eldar and mutant are confined to quaters :D]

09-09-2005, 21:39
Radis stood beside Sal and Kerin as the meeting came to an end. "I shall meet you in your quarters and we can catch up on what we have been doing the last several years!" He turned and headed off to his room to get a few things before going to sal and Kerins room.

10-09-2005, 02:26
Jackson rolled his eyes.

"Mechanicus." He sighed. "Gotta love how they always take the logical and intellectual high ground." He said to Klaas.

"Don't worry." The sergeant smiled looking at Thane. "My hatred to the Eldar pales in comparison to the place Chaos has earned in this old and rusted heart of mine."

"But enough of this talking business." The veteran added turning to the private and standing up. "Now, I have an appointment with my friend ethanol." He finished as his feet took him to the bar.


Adrian saw much wisdom in the Magos words. He had never felt hate for the Eldar, perhaps because he had never seen or faced them as foes before (Tyranids on the other hand were a different subject). Instead he felt great interest and excitement, in what ways where their bodies different from theirs? At a first glance someone careless enough could quite possibly mistake them for humans. He would see if the inquisitor could provide him with such information, after all, if they got wounded he would have to treat them ,as members of the party that they were.

The prospect of having such knowledge at hand made the slight fear he sheltered moments ago vanish. He stood up not sure if he would go for a round of target practice or straight for his quarters.

10-09-2005, 13:21
Ruben sat behind his desk, Stern opposite him. The two were in deep conversation "my lord, if la'magra has been released his minions will surley be with him, and theirs the question of the wherabouts of dragzeal" Stern anounced his voice a worried tone.
"Well my old freind we must hope that dragzeal is'nt behind this or he will already have started the prosses" Ruben replied.
"Surley the silvershadow wouldnt contain enough warp energy" Stern reasoned
"No my freind, but the blackstone..."

Iki followed Calista. "Hey you fancy a sparing match?" she asked.

"... we still hav'nt discussed the involvment of captain icarius" Stern finished his sentence
"The old fool, he was locked in the brig in the last transmition, surley he is in league with dragzeal. Of cource if the prosess has started teh crew will be dead, the deamons will come nad they will only get more powerfull" Stern sighed...

10-09-2005, 23:54
Calista looked at the Interrogator and nodded.

'I believe that would be exceptable.' she meerly replied. She was in need to blow off a little steam really. Especially after the indignity of having to work with aliens.

11-09-2005, 07:43
Adrian saw both women leave towards the training deck after overhearing their conversation and decided to follow them.

"My ladies, I hope you wouldn't mind a silent spectator of your match, would you?" Adrian asked them politely. After all, his strength had never been hand-to-hand combat and he was sure he could learn a thing or two. He had always been a quick learner.

11-09-2005, 10:52
Iki grinned "No follow me"

Ruben sipped his whisky while he converesed with the grey knight. "My old freind if the legacy is true we are in for a fight..."

Iki stood at one end of the padded arena. She had removered her heathy blackl fur coat and was in black leather. In her hand she held a not-so-sharp training blade. Calista stood oposite and Adrian watched from the side of the arena- Iki charged...

11-09-2005, 12:16
Muttering litanies to spur her into action, Calista allowed the interrogator to attack her, but dodged every shot swung at her. The chanting focusing her mind and keeping her in rhythm with the fight.

Calista had always trained in unarmed at first. Her best weapon and shield was her faith and so she trained hardest using only these tools to keep her alive. Actual weapons came later. But for now, and since this was only a practise run, Calista thought it best to at least appear less than deadly.

In truth, her physical presence was more or less forefit and such was testement to the extensive scarring she carried with pride. But she had discovered that she worshipped best in a physical form as she had not been deemed worthy enough to pass over to the Emperor's side. So it did pay to keep on her toes.

11-09-2005, 13:38
Iki was fast and acurate yet Calista dodged her attacks. She swung for Calistas head but she rolled away and contiued doging. Iki remained calm and kept her composeure, a swing came clse, glansing the zealots cheek.

Ruben left his quaters and began patroling the coridors. He found his way into the training arena and stood watching his aprentices battle. He stood beside and adressed adrain "Medical officer, you must go to the chaple and collect anti-deamonic and possion equipmnet- you will need it" He whisperd.

11-09-2005, 16:47
Adrian had been so concentrated in the fighting going on in front of him that he didn't noticed the inquisitor until he spoke.

"Yes, my Lord." He answered to the inquisitor after recovering from the surprise. He had never fought Chaos before and his med kit did not contain anything beyond the necessary tools to heal what the material realm could do. He saluted, but before leaving he turned back to the inquisitor.

"My Lord. If the Eldar are wounded, is anything I need to know? I doubt that all drugs used on humans will have the same effects on them." He inquired.

11-09-2005, 17:08
"If the xenos get injured help them in anyway you can, we don't have anything to heal them so they had better keep out of the way" Ruben barked before turning back to the spaing match...

11-09-2005, 19:44
Adrian nodded. It was obvious that the inquisitor was not very fond of the Xenos. He took a last glance at the fighting he was enjoying before leaving.

He hasted through the crooked corridors of the ship trying not to get lost in his way to the chapel. The words "You will need it" echoing in his mind while he imagined what kind of terrors they would be facing in the days to come. He was starting to believe he had missed it when finally he found the golden doors carved with the figure of the Emperor fighting an Ork horde.

He entered and, after his eyes got used to the dim light, found an old priest kneeled in deep prayer in front of the richly decorated altar. Adrian stood by the entrance until the father noticed him and made a gesture to the medic to come forward. “What is it that you seek my son?” The religious man asked him.

“I’m the medical officer under the orders of inquisitor Ruben. I was told to come here to retrieve crucial equipment for our mission.” Adrian answered.

“Ah, yes. The medic. But what you are here to receive is not ‘equipment’ but some of the most sacred of the Emperor’s blessings and you will use them as such.” The old man’s eyes glittered as he looked at Adrian.

11-09-2005, 21:52
Set walked around the comploex but nothing seemed to interest him there was nothing to do until the misson started. He hadn't faced deamons before but he had faced there mad worshipers but he wasn't worried he knew he could handle them with out to much a proplem but for the frist time in a long time he had a small sense of doubt deep with in him

12-09-2005, 00:00
Calista raised her eyebrow. 'First blood you to my dear' she simply said and attacked. Her hits finding their targets and hurting.

12-09-2005, 07:22
"You know ol' Ethanol too?" Klaas replied to the sergeant. "Well tell him I'll be over for a short visit later. Just gotta do something else first."
The soldier left the briefing room and headed for his quarters. 'Demons, aliens and Inquisitors - oh my!' he thought. 'I'll be damned if all that stuff is true.' He paused. If all this WAS true, being damned wasn't too unlikely.
Entering his quarters, he picked up his various weapons and lugged them through the labyrinthine innards of the ship towards the chapel.
He noticed another man from the briefing room speaking with the priest, so he kept his distance, making the sign of the Aquila towards the statue of the Emperor and muttering a short prayer.

12-09-2005, 07:31
Radis left his quarters and went to Sal and Kerins room and spoke to Kerins mind to let her know he was there. He held a small wraithbone case about one foor long, one foot wide and six inches hieght in his hands.

12-09-2005, 08:30
"Follow me, Xeno-scum." growled an Imperial Navy Security Trooper, gesturing with his rifle for Salrian and Kerin to leave the bar.
"I'm getting a drink." Sal growled back.
"Humans only." the Storm Trooper said. "Now...."
click went Revenge, as Salrian brought it out of his jacket, and leveled it at the Trooper.
"I said, I'm getting a drink." Salrian hissed. He eyed the troopers rife. "Next time, take the safety off before ya threaten me." He glanced at the barman, but his grip on Revenge never wavered. "I'd like a bottle of something strong. I got cash just like everyone else."
The barman considered objecting, but decided it wasn't really worth the damage. He placed a bottle of third rate amesac on the bar. With his free hand, Sal puled out a couple of high denomination coins, and flicked them onto the bar. Then, he scooped up the bottle, and slipped his gun back into his jacket.
"Good to go." he nodded to the trooper, who gestured for them to follow, looking a little confused. "Hey, they gonna to lock the door on me, that's why you're here, right?"
"Then I want something to drink."
"We should go." Kerin said, closing her eyes, as if she could hear someone. "Radis is waiting for us."
Salrian nodded and gestured for the trooper to lead them. They were taken up to an elevator, which took them down three levels. The Trooper escorted them to a small suite of rooms, and then left. As Salrian had guessed the elevator would not respond to commands from the panel. Kerin, Radis and himself would not be able to leave this accomodation deck till they were sent for.
Satisfied that they were stuck, the two returned to their rooms to meet Radis.

12-09-2005, 09:14
Radis Saw Sal and Kerin comeing his way. He noticed Sal was holding a bottle. "you couldn't resist could you my friend?" he laughed at Sal. "so how man people did you have to beat up before they let you buy that?" He smiled as he waited for them to enter the code for their door. "Well what I have here will go well with a few drinks."

12-09-2005, 12:10
Jackson sat at the bar. He had a few empty glasses about him and the barman kept filled ones coming. Yet he did not feel a thing. He stared at the little scene that was going on at the side opposite to him between the Eldar and what they called Storm Troopers these days.

"Idiot." He thought. "Too bad. Some nice shooting and fighting could have certainly made my day."

He drank his most recent beverage. Tossed the glass aside and sighed. He was bound for a headache in the morning.


Adrian did not even blink as the priest gave him the anti-daemonic equipment one piece at a time while explaining carefully the usage method and purpose. Together with the symptoms he would be seeking. He ended knowing more about Chaos that he would have wanted. Words such as; "possession", "infested limbs", "warp rot" and "daemonic fever" were only a few of the ones he couldn't take out of his mind.

He swallowed hard as the priest finished the blessing rituals on his equipment, new and old. The father made the sign of the Aquila over Adrian and said. "May the Emperor protect you in this dangerous task you have been given. May He guide you in the moments of darkness so that you can do His work. May he grant you the blessing of dieing knowing that your duty is done."

Adrian got his equipment back on. Almost fearing that he would break the holy blessings so recently performed. He bowed at the priest and left slowly, his face slightly pale as he past beside Klaas without even noticing the man.

12-09-2005, 15:17
Seeing the other man passing by, Klaas noticed the Officio Medicae badge he wore - and the pale face. 'These eyes! Like those rebels we shelled in Starport City for two weeks.'
He hesitantly approached the priest. "Uh, umm, hello good Father. I'm assigned to Lord Ruben and I've been told that opposition on our next mission could be, umm, demonic in nature and I was wondering if you could bless my weapons maybe. Oh and another thing: I've checked my uplifting primer and there are all those litanies against the xenos, the mutant and the heretic but there's no specific litany that says 'Screw you demon!' Could you please give me some guidance there?"

12-09-2005, 16:58
Iki jumped back, several cut covered her body. She smiled beofre attacking again. She swunge her blade in a swift ark, taking Calista by suprise. She caught the zealot's chest as she dived back...

12-09-2005, 18:04
Calista stood up and gave the Interrogator a hard look.

'Enough! You go too far!' she said plainly.

12-09-2005, 20:13
Iki smiled, she bowed and holstered her sword before pulling her feather cloak around her. "prehaps some other time zealot" She chuckled as she walked smugly from the training bay towards the med bay.

Ruben aproached the deafeated Calista "You disapoint me zealtot. You should not shy from your aponents, consider this a lesson learned" He scalded.

12-09-2005, 20:43
Tes went threw some training exercises that by any onlooker would have seemed impossabile but not for tes pressing the body to the limits was what he did best. He just wished he would have a chance to use it aganist the things that waited for him in the warp.

12-09-2005, 22:22
OOC/ Well... since I made up the priest I guess I'll be using him :p /OOC

The priest smiled at the private’s attitude.

"Certainly my son. Bring your weapons to the altar." The old man instructed to Klaas. After the weapons were upon the altar and incense was being burned he ordered. "Now stay quite." As he started the blessings muttering prayers while he gently sprayed Klaas items with holy water.

The blessings took several minutes of ceremony before the priest was satisfied. After finishing he stood a few moments in meditation.

"Now, for your second request..." He began while he went to a bookshelf hidden in one dark corner of the chapel.
"Where did I leave it... Ah! Here it is." The priest exclaimed in triumph as he blew the dust from a very small tome. He handed the pocket size book to the guardsman. It didn't have any printing or drawing in the cover that explained its use.
"That's a small compendium of the most effective litanies used in such dark occasions. I pray that it will be of use. I believe the 'Litany of Banishment' is the one that most resembles the phrase you asked for." The Father said with a malicious grin on his aged face.

"Well my son, though my soul is strong my fragile body needs to rest. If there is anything else you need you can find me in the room next-door. May the Emperor smile upon your endeavor." He made the sign of the aquila giving Klaas the final blessing and left him to his thoughts.


Adrian left the sacred tools he had been given in his quarters. But as he was unable to get any sleep he left for the training deck. He needed some stress relieving activities.

He entered and saw inquisitor Ruben still there.
"I did as you ordered my lord." He said with a salute. "Anything else you require me to do?"


Jackson asked for yet another drink. The bartender baffled by the man’s resistance to alcohol just stared at him for a moment.

"What are you looking at? I'm still waiting for that drink." The veteran said angered at the delay.

12-09-2005, 23:12
'This was merely practise.....should all practise be to draw blood, or maybe to the death?' she asked the Inquisitor. 'I fight better all in one piece and my duty means I must remain utterly functional.'

Calista shrugged. 'So I can't allow upstart acolytes to believe that have superiority over an unarmed ally. She must learn control as much as anything. I cuold have killed her for this, and I have killed men for less.'

She bowed and left. As if they could ever understand. She wandered off to the chapel to pray.

13-09-2005, 00:25
"Ya know me too well." Sal grinned at Radis as he poured the drinks. "Idiot security monkey left his safety on, guess he thought I wouldn't notice. Lucky mistake. Barman didn't want to argue with a man carrying a bolt pistol. Reckon he had better stuff, but we ain't choosy."
"It's so wonderful to see you again, Radis." Kerin said, sitting down. "But what brings you here? This Inquisitor doesn't seem friendly towards us. Are you on a mission from the Farseers?"

13-09-2005, 06:32
"Yes I do indeed brother!" He smiled as he set down the case and looked to Kerin. "As it is to see you. but to ansewer your question my own seers have felt the deamons precince and I have come to do what I must. I would guess this inquisitor feels that my gifts will be of use to his mission as will yours but we must watch our backs just as much as we watch ahead of us. I dont trust most of these humans." He opened the case and inside was six small silver cylinders and raped in a red silk scarf was a neckless made from a clear green crystal. he passed a cylinder to each of them and gave the scarf and neckless to Kerin. He then picked up one of the silver cylinders and twisted the top off. inside was a good size cigar. "This comes from the planet Draconis. The Divine Dragons Space Marine chapter smokes these." he looked to see if they could open their cigars. "Its has no real effect on them other then they like the taste they say but to us it gives a slight feeling of uphoria. it is made from dragon weed." He light his cigar with a small wooden match then passed the box of matches to Sal and Kerin. "You should try them."

13-09-2005, 07:01
His fears dispersing, Klaas thanked the old priest and left for his quarters, putting the small book carefully amongst his weapons. He'd need to read that tomorrow before they approached the Silvershadow, but now was the time to meet Sgt. Jackson and his good old buddy Ethan at the bar.

13-09-2005, 11:34
"This is beautiful Radis." Kerin whispered, holding the necklace up to the light to admire the flawless stones. Beautiful, and priceless. But Radis' last gift had almost taken her arm off. She hesitated for a moment, then decided that her friend would only have her best interests at heart, and clipped it around her neck.
"What's it do?" Sal asked, as he slipped the cigar out of its tube and sniffed it. Aromatic, a lot different to the rotweed obscura that he used to smoke. It smelt of wealthy imperial society, something he didn't get the chance to taste often. It made him smile. He pulled out a lighter, and lit the cigars for the three of them. "Thanks Radis. These smell damn good."

13-09-2005, 21:47
"Zealot Iki has bested you in personal combat, it would not be wise to seek revenge, it was a lesson learned. Now i want you to go to the chapel and make your devetonal prayers and anoint your weapons, you may then do as you wish" Ruben spke sternly. he turned to the medic, "good guardsmen, now do as you wish until we arive at our target" Ruben ordered.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------A shipwide anouncement ordered all of the inquisitorila retinue to report to the hangar bay at 1100 hours.

[okay there will be some action soon. Do what you want to do then post that you have slept or whatever and report to the hangar bay, latecomers will be shot]

14-09-2005, 00:15
"Make that two." The veteran said to the barman as Klaas approached the bar.

"And here I was thinking I would have to drink this bar dry all by myself." He said at the private.

*After Announcement*

Jackson checked his watch and in the drunk blur that was his sight he estimated that they still had a few hours.

"Well... last drink. Here is a toast to... a damn good fight." And after leaving the empty glass on the table to the barman's relief he walked towards the door. He stumbled slightly as he entered his room and dropped on his bed. Feeling all the alcohol he had drank in one blow he was sure he was going to be asking for some detox pills when he woke up.


Adrian shot at his 30th target hitting it in the center with his stubber. He preferred dueling pistols, but this is what he had. His accuracy stood at a good 85% regardless.

*After announcement*

Being sure that he wasn't going to achieve any sleep even if he tried he decided to stay for a little longer. After that he would go to his room and check his equipment for the last time before heading to the hangar.


*Few hours later*

Sergeant Jackson had taken a long cold shower hoping it would help the headache, but it did not work. In his way to the hangar he met with the medic.

"Medic. Do you have by any chance some detox pills? And something for the headache?" Jackson asked after the mandatory saluting and introducing was over.

Adrian looked at the sergeant and avoided a look of disapproval. An officer should never be in such a condition specially when they are just moments away of going into action. He handed the usual cocktail he gave to such patients. The sergeant swallowed them all together and thanked him as they entered the hangar.

14-09-2005, 00:23
Tes went to the mess hall and grabbed up a few bites to eat he prefured not eating but rather only takeing what he needed. he then went his room he grabed his metal galents and straped them to his arms he would enjoy useing these on the empoers enimes. he then sat in medatation in the hnager bay waiting for departure

__________________________________________________ _______________

"well Adrain what do you think" Set said as he entered the hanger behind Adrain.
"im gonna wacth your back like last time if you don't mind you seem to take me to the most action" if Adrain could see Set's mouth he smiled. Set cocked his wirst mounted guns and then quickly pulled out his knives twirled them in his hands a few time then quickly put them back in there sheaths

14-09-2005, 03:35
Adrian watched Set's ability display and laughed at the mercenary's comment. Having the big guy with more knifes and guns than the ship's armory nearby was reassuring indeed. After all Set was right, Adrian tended to find himself where medics aren't supposed to be... in the deepest of troubles.

"I just hope I don't give you more work than you are able to handle." He answered with a smile.

14-09-2005, 09:30
"It doesnt do anything it is simply a crystal neckless. At leaset I dont think it does anything. it got it on an exodite world from a shamman after I saved her son." He took a drag from the cigar and let the smoke slowly roll out his mouth. "Yes the taste is the best of any imperial product I have come across." He injoyed his cigars(that he openly shared) and drinks with his friends and hearing the tales they had to tell of what they had been doing sense they last had met. then the call came for when to meet in the hanger. "I had better prepair for the mission ahead. I will see you both in the hanger." Radis stood and injoyed the buzz he felt from the cigars and returned to his quarters and gathered his things togather and started to meditate until he needed to go to the hanger. He doned his weapons and cloak before going to the hanger.

14-09-2005, 11:43
"No ****, you've been putting up a good fight against the vile hordes of shot glasses. Lemme try to catch up."
Four glasses later the announcement echoed through the old vox system.

"Well... last drink. Here is a toast to... a damn good fight."
"Hear! Hear!" Klaas replied, emptying his fifth glass. "And to Betsy from the med station, the lass that'll hopefully care for me tomorrow evening without me having to get injured first!"
Klaas went to his quarters and tied to read some of the lianies before sleep, but the letters swam before his eyes. 'Ah well, I'll try tomorrow.'

+++ Next Day +++

Waking up early, Klaas felt surprisingly good. He put on his battle dress and checked and re-checked his weapons before coming to rest on the uncomfortable chair in his chamber.
Not having much time left, he glanced over the small book the priest gave him and earmarked the Litany of Banishment for later.
Being as prepared as he could be, he started the long walk to the hangar bay.

14-09-2005, 19:36
Interrogator Iki and Stern enterd the hangar and assembled nest to a black boarding craft. Iki seemed laid back and relaxed while Stern was uptight, his aromor concealing any emotion.

14-09-2005, 22:37
Tes sat there wacthing the grey knight he wouldn't mind knowing what he thought of the eldar and other oddites that were in this group but he had to much respect for him and would not go near his mind. now the others well the surface thoughts seemed to be very nervous, some were afriad, but there where also a few strongs ones.

__________________________________________________ ___________

"I Doubt it I was able to get you out a mass of people that wanted all of us dead wasn't I? Just as long as I don't have to use my "medacations" on anyone I think we'll be fine"

Adrain knew that Set made his own combat stimms and other injections some that wasn't meant for him but the enmies.

15-09-2005, 00:17
Calista had not heard a single word that had been spoken, and she did not care.

15-09-2005, 08:07
Radis could feel his thoughts being probed and he quickly shielded his mind and gave a warning look to Tes and shook his index finger at him to let him know that this was the only time he would get away with such actions.

15-09-2005, 11:48
Tes simply nodded he wasn't used to have people realize he was scanning there minds. Mabye this made Radis affaird that some one besides a eldar could so easily scan minds what else could he do.

good thing Radis was on his side or at least for what tes could tell he was

Thane McHammer
15-09-2005, 13:25
The doors to the bay opened with a hiss, and Thane strode through, robes flowing around him. His face was hidden behind a mask, and a single, cyclopean eye glowed red upon it. In his gauntleted hands, he gripped a bared sword, tiny arcs of red lightening scurrying across its blade. With his crimson robes, facemask, and bared blade, he looked like an avenging angel ready to deal justice. Behind him came a tall, lithe figure, wrapped in black leather. Though it possessed no apparent sensory organs, it moved with grace and sureness. Strapped across it’s back were two, thin-bladed swords. It hung near Thane like a protective parent, though with a nod from Thane, it stopped and stood waiting. Thane looked out at the assembled group.

Are we ready?

15-09-2005, 18:30
The party asembled into the boarding craft with Ruben swiftly following. The ship shunted as teh docking clapms were released and it shot off towards the dark derelict silvershadow. 45 minuites later the ship landed and teh crew emerged into a dark and wrecked hangar bay. The ships lights swirled around providing some light. "Okay people search the ship, i suggest you dont get lost" Ruben uttered as he strolled nto the bay hounded by the hulking stern.

[ Okay search, find signs of combat but no corpses, its dark and scary no hostiles yet ]

15-09-2005, 21:24
Tes broke away form the group before most of them were out of it instead of takeing the stairs he ran and jumped to the top ot the hanger bay he did a quick scan of the area both with his mind and eyes nothing but something with alot of feelings had happened here he could feel it. He looked down form the I beam he was on

"ALL CLEAR" Tes yelled down he then gracefully swung between the beams and threw him self to the next beam again and again till he reached his target it seemed to be a viewing room of the Hangerbay he gracefully landed and quickly looked around nothing this place was a ghost ship


Set had his weapons rasied but he heard Tes's call he lowered them and waited for adrain to come out

15-09-2005, 22:23
Stern and Ruben enterd the main ship from the hangar. They strode throuigh a deserted and ghostly corridor. Some hastily preapared boxes with an added machine gun told of a hasty last stand. They entered a deserted lobby area covered in dried blood and srewn office equipment...

15-09-2005, 22:57
Jackson became alert, his hang over gone. It was time to get serious. With his master crafted chainsword in his right hand and his trusty lasgun in his bionic left he checked the surroundings, he did not care that the psychic told him the place was clear. After all, daemons are quite sneeky bastards.

He went to the hangar's exit and took a look at the left wall. Several chunks of the wall were missing.

"This is bolter fire." He said grimly. He looked at his lasgun. "I should have asked for a better gun." He said to himself as he watched the gory display of dried blood splattered on the wall.

"What kind of crew was aboard this ship?" He asked to no one in particular.


Adrian checked that his stubber had its saftey off and looked at Set.

"Well... lead the way." The medic said to the mercenary.

15-09-2005, 23:35
"An unlucky one." Sal growled, looking at debris on the floor. He knelt down and picked up a spent bolt casing. There weren't any identifying marks, but he didn't expect there to be. "Looks like whoever did this was human."
"Or used to be." Kerin offered. She shivered with fear, despite herself. She pointed at the blood stain on the wall. "That looks like the exit blast from a direct hit."
"So?" Sal asked. Most of the group had made that connection.
"Those are usually fatal, Salrian. Where's the body?"

16-09-2005, 02:28
"That a direct hit from a gun may be... but this one is the one I'm worried about." The sergeant pointed at another blood-covered area to the right. "The stain pattern is clearly from a slash of a sword... or more likely... claws..." He ended.

He was not surprised at the missing bodies.

"Those Chaos fiends love to have some fun with them." He thought as the horrible memories came back at him. He hardened the grip on the swords handle.

"Probably they have them crucified and eviscerated in the ship's chapel... poor lads." The veteran said as he shook his head, his voice filled with hatred. "And that isn't the worse case scenario."

"Stay sharp Xenos." Jackson added just to annoy them a little as he walked carefully down the corridor to his right.

16-09-2005, 03:41
Set marched down the hall way of the corridor looking for anything that would provide any hints to what had happened here he saw some symbols of chaos he didn't have any idea what they could mean and he didn't want to.

16-09-2005, 08:25
Having fixed his bayonet to the lasgun while in the shuttle, Klaas emerged carefully into the hangar bay. "Good Lord Emperor, this place looks like a slaughterhouse!"
He approached one of the doors and checked the auspex hanging from his belt for bio-signs. Nothing.
The ship's machine spirit was unwilling to open the door so Klaas cranked it open manually, cursing the faint squeeking noises the door made. The corridor behind it was dark and cold. Silently thanking the Mechanicus, Klaas put on the night sight goggles hanging from his neck and proceeded into the darkness.

Thane McHammer
16-09-2005, 10:41
As the others began their search, Thane looked for a wall-jack. A mechanical tendril snaked out from the palm of his hand, and inserted itself into a port on the wall. Within a few seconds, a beep sounded, and the lights above flickered to life. Another few moments, and the door that had been forced open now opened fully. The others looked at him. He simply walked past them.

Whatever is in here, it already knows we're here. Might as well have an eaiser time getting to it...

16-09-2005, 10:50
"Stay sharp yourself, human." Sal said to Jackson. Though he might not be prepared to admit it, Jackson was right. Guns were guns, but claws meant that there was something inhuman involved. Sal knew of only two things with claws that sharp that liked to be on board human ships, and would drag bodies off. Genestealers, or Daemons. And he would be willing to bet body parts that he wasn't going to be meeting Genestealers on this ship. "I'm gonna stay alive."
Beside him, Kerin turned to Thane.
"Can you get access to the ships logs or security pict recorders from there?" she asked. "It'd be nice to know what we're really up against. Or if it's headed this way."

16-09-2005, 17:13
Ruben and Stern were ahead of the group. They headed for the lobby exit hen a bloodcurdling scream rattled through the corridors...

16-09-2005, 20:32
Tes stopped in his tracks the scream not only a sound wave but a psyhic cry as well some one had just died. He slowed down and tighted his gaulents one more time and he then sat down beging to medatie something was comeing and he need to focus before it came

if anyone paid attetion to tes they could see that there was a slight shimmer around his body like a hot day and tiny lighting was danceing around his body.


Set stoped and point his guns at spots that a ambush could be lunched he didn't see anything

"stay close Adrain" was all he said he didn;t even turn around he then move down even more slowly and crouched looking in different shafts searchiong for any threats

16-09-2005, 22:26
"Bloody screaming... you never get used to it." Jackson murmured as the scream reached his hearing.

"Things are about to get messy." He warned as he approached the exit door.


Adrian had his stubber ready in his hand. He followed Set as the mercenary checked the surroundings. Then he saw a crack in the wall to his left, it seemed to communicate to another room. He slowly walked towards it while Set went the other way. He would catch up in a second.

16-09-2005, 23:28
Confused by the sudden light Klaas took his goggles off.
Then he heard the inhuman scream and paled. "No good" he murmured, fumbling for the switch on his lasgun and setting it to full auto. Then he checked the Auspex again. One dot, highly agile.
"I've got a contact on the 'spex" he shouted. "Moving fast. Damn! It's gone!"

17-09-2005, 00:27
"Where was its last location?" Jackson asked quickly with his eyes searching, his senses alert and his finger ready to start the chainsword's blade.

17-09-2005, 00:49
"I don't think we need to check the pict recorders." Sal growled, pulling out Revenge and thumbing it to burst fire mode. "It IS headed this way."
"No time like the present." nodded Kerin, drawing Injure and thumbing it to full auto. At least the lights were on.

17-09-2005, 03:12
Adrian closed at the crack and tried to look through it. It was incredibly dark in the other side and he could not see anything. Suddenly the strong smell of rotten flesh hit him in the face and the medic flinched for a second.

17-09-2005, 17:09
Ruben and stern neared the exit door when it burst open. A sea of bodies poured in. Men with wild hair and beards weilding svae blades, they wore tattered uniforms and had pearly white eyes, some looked mortaly wounded. stern keyed his intercomn "regroup at my position" he shouted before squeesing the trigger on his boltgun sending the crazed men sprawling. Stern moved infront of him as he drew his hammer...

[these guys are like realy fast zombies, crazed bezerker types. They apear to be everywere.]

17-09-2005, 21:46
Tes stayed crouched even when the the crazed fools were allmost on him then faster then could be seen he attacked. ducking there blades and deflicting them with his gaulents he stuck them kicking them in the head knocking them down fliping he was a whirlwind of hate. most of the men didn't even notice that there arm or leg were broken until Tes was long gone. He grabed one of the men and used him as a cludgle spinging around clearing a circle then he let the body go and it pushed a few more men over.

__________________________________________________ ____

Set quickly pulled out his knives and went to work he in side his helmet he gave a command for adrenaline and it was put directly into his system. he then went to work with his knives were were more like machttes to a normal man but cause of his size they were knives to him. He gave another command for his night vision to come on it showed in blue his team and everything else was soon gonna be dead. He quickly cut off a head of one of the nuts and another he stabbed in his neck all of his attacks were precise like a doctor of death.

17-09-2005, 23:53
Jackson's chainsword went alive with a cold mechanical buzz as the veteran made two walking dead stay dead after his lasgun punched holes throw their skulls. A hand grabbed his left shoulder and with speed forbiden for a man of his age hi turned and splitted the zombie's chest in two separate parts.

To his right another group of the chaos minions were making their way towards the group. He threw his lasgun in the air. Took one of his frag grenades from his belt and dropped it amongst the enemies. He catched the falling lasgun as the grenade denotated and sent bodyparts all over the place.

"Still worth it old man. Still worth it." He thought with a smile under his white beard ignoring the pain that his back was giving him for the effort.


A second before Ruben called them to regroup a dead hand went out from the crack and grabbed Adrian's neck.

The medic emptied his stubber into the hole until finnaly his neck was freed. Coughing he fell on his back reloading his gun just as the wall came crumbling down and several corrupted corpses made their way in.

Kicking the one he had on top oh him trying to bite his head off he yelled.

"A little help here!"

18-09-2005, 00:12
When Klaas saw the first attacking men ('Are they dead?') he squeezed the trigger of his lasgun without hesitation. Bright beams of energy burned the first of them to cinders, but more followed.
"Frag 'em Sarge, I'll keep them at bay!" Klaas shouted, slowly moving back while desperately fighting two zombies off with his bajonet.

18-09-2005, 04:26
Set heard Adrain cry for help and he looked back he then he dived at the creature freeing adrain Set then punced the rotten skull into a red goo.

"Mabye we got in to much for you to handle adrain?" then Set gave his nightmareish laugh

18-09-2005, 06:49
"I HATE BLOODY ZOMBIES." Sal roared, as three of the creatures launched themselves through the air and on top of him. He disappeared for a few seconds under a press of bodies before he managed to get Revenge around at a decent angle. Bolts exploded loudly, cutting two of the creatures into messy shreds. The half-man rose, holding the last one at arms length, and smashed the butt of his pistol into it's skull. As he paused to catch his breath, he heard a growl to his left. He spun around to see a beast sprinting towards him, too late to do anything about it. It was almost in arms reach when it was smashed aside by three bolts from Kerin. "Thanks lover." he sighed. "I'm starting to think we're not welcome here...."
"Ya think?" Kerin exclaimed, lashing out with her wraithgauntlet and slashing another zombie to ribbons. The pair stood back to back, picking off zombies as they moved quickly along the corridor towards the rally point...

18-09-2005, 13:58
Stern swung his force halberd into the sea of bodies. he was decapitating them in bunches and their rusted weaons did nothing to his armour. He unleased his storm bolter, shredding through the corrupt vessels like locusts would tear apart a tree. he stamped his armoured foot onto a zombie head, his only desire to protect his master.

Iki fired her pistol into a bunch of the zombie-things dropping a few as she retreated down the corridor. She turned and bolted into the lobby. Stern and ruben were like a storm, they cut swathes through the inumberable hord afore them. She smiled, one day she would hpe to be that powerfull.

19-09-2005, 07:18
The chainsword cut his way through another zombie's abdomen while Jackson moved towards Ruben. He ducked a rusted axe aimed for his neck and proceeded to use his bionic arm as a mace turning his attacker's head into a bloody pulp. He turned towards Klaas and saw the new wave of living dead closing in their direction.

A second frag grenade took care of most of them leaving the two Klaas was fighting and another three with some limbs missing. The sergeant took aim and sent two energy beams into one of Klaas' assailant's dropping him.

"You ok there kid?" Asked Jackson to the guardsman as he parried the sword that one of the blast survivors was swinging at him.


"I wouldn't start laughing just yet." Adrian said to Set as he pointed at the oncoming mass of crazed berserkers making their way throw the hole in the wall running straight at them.

Thane McHammer
19-09-2005, 09:49
Thane ignored the fighting, concentrating on probing the ship's memory banks. He felt a tug on his robes, and looking down, saw the remains of one of the zombies crawling towards him. He drew his bolt pistol, and as it raised it's ugly head, promptly blew it off. He sighed, and pulled out his plasma pistol. The gun whined, signaling it was primed and ready, and drawing a bead on a mass of roiling bodies, he fired two bursts. Steaming zombie goo splattered everywhere, but Thane somehow managed to remain spotless.

19-09-2005, 12:00
"Yeah, but what's wrong with these guys?" Klaas stumbled back when the last zombie impaled himself upon the bajonet and still pressed forward. The private emptied the rest of his ammo cell into the zombies chest, causing the thing to collapse. Drawing a two foot long catachan knive from his backpack, he threw himself at one of the remaining zombies, hacking indiscriminately at it.
"Tell you what," he panted "We should retreat to the hangar bay and when I have some room to breathe I'll get out my missile launcher and take care of those...things."

19-09-2005, 12:05
"Laughing's fine kid." Sal laughed, stepping up beside Adrien and looking around. He fired Revenge at a pipe in the ceiling, causing a blast of steam to boil half a dozen zombies where they stood. It didn't stop them for long though, and moments later, the horde was advancing just as quickly. "But keep shooting..."
He paused to deliver a right hook to a creature that had managed to get a bit too close. "And for love of the God Emperor of Man, Keep Blood Moving....."

Kerin picked her way over bodies to where Thane was standing, pausing now and then to snap off a couple of shots at creatures who displayed an unhealthy interest in them. They seemed smarter than most zombies she'd had to deal with though... Still alive, for the most part, and they didn't get back up. Could this have been part of the ships crew compliment, warp-blasted into madness? Only time would answer that question...
"You opened the doors, Tech-preist. Can you close the one's we're not using? We've got to stop this tide or we're gonna be pulled under..."

Thane McHammer
19-09-2005, 15:07
Thane chuckled.

Give me a few more minuets, and I'll give you one better

He concentrated, and a whirling sounded. Panels on the roof, ground, and walls began to open, and from them, gun servitor came thought, and weapons mounts swung out. The cold light reflected on the barrels of weapons, and the servitors advanced on the horde. From the heavy flamers, gouts of cleansing fire washed over the masses, burning dozens. The heavy bolters and assault cannons mounted on the ceiling whined and opened fire, a steady rain of shells falling on the combatants. Thane stood at ease, guiding each system with a casual thought.

As the Grey Knight struck out once more, the last zombie fell, and the corridors fell silent once more, save for the rattling of shells and the dripping of ichor off the walls. The servitors with the flamers moved down the corridors, burning the remains to ashes and finishing off the stragglers. Once done, they lined up behind Thane, ready to deal death again.

Well...that was fun. Shall we move on?

20-09-2005, 01:00
OOC: sorry guys been gone for 4 days but Back yet again!

IC: Radis shared Sals hate for zombies as he remembered the hordes in necromunda. He drew his witchblade and started what looked to others like a graceful dance with his sword. but as he danced zombies fell. he was a dance of death as all that came within his reach where sliced to ribbons. then he stopped and arcs of blue lightning danced down his hands and onto the witchblade. He swong the sword in an arc at a group of zombies that had been rushing him. from the tip of the blade sprang forth a blast of chain lighting that quickly fried a few of them. He fell back to Sal and Kerin after that so he would not be singled out from the group. "Having fun are we?!"

20-09-2005, 01:29
Set got up and looked around that was rather quick he thought to him self figured there be more but that would take care of them for a while.
"I told we I had this"
Set put out his hand for adrain to grab adrain grabed it and set pulled him up allmost hurting adrain with the force he used. set then put on his tacailt hud his freinds being hilted in blue and if anything with a heat signature showed up it be a bright blue.

nevere could be to carefull

21-09-2005, 17:21
As zombies fell to the floor sveral new creatures emerged from the swarm...
[okay we now have furies swooping around. They are very tough and have deamonic ward saves so heads up]

21-09-2005, 21:52
"Now we're talking." Jackson said as the winged beasts flew above them tearing the defense guns to pieces. One of them dived trying to flank him. But the veteran saw the move, turned and shot three times with his lasgun. The energized beams hit the beast right in the chest but the creature didn't even flinched.

"So you are a tough one." The veteran thought while he shielded himself from the claws with his bionic arm as the warp fiend flew past him.


Adrian opened fire at the nearest of the winged horrors. As several projectiles hit home the daemon only seemed mad darting towards the medic with a deafening screech.

"Not good." Adrian said as the stubber fired yet again at the furious attacker while the guardsman backed slowly towards the wall. He saw the teeth and claws preparing to tear him apart as the animal closed for the kill. But an instant before the medic was turned into bloody shreds he stumbled with the corpse of one of the zombies falling on his back as the fury's mouth took a bite from the space in the air where his head should have been and crashed against the wall falling to the ground.

21-09-2005, 22:37
Set opened up with his Guns sended round after round into the creatures nothing seemed to be affecting them at all the wounds that his bullet inflicted seemed to just close up just as fast as they had been made but blood had dripped ontot the floor and ate away at the metal.

"so you bleed? then I can kill you" Set pulled out his Twin blades and twirled them in his hands waiting for one of them to come and dive down at him
"come on you flith" right at that moment one came form behind him luckly he heard it comeing set smiled he ducked and it flew over him and he dove at it digging his knives deep within its deamon flesh. they may be deamons but there werent in there world they were in his. The creature lifted him off the ground and then spun set knew he was gonna fall so he twisted the blades in the creature so that he would stay up and not fall but to no avail the knives broke free of the deamons body and fell to the floor his weight cracking the floor.

21-09-2005, 22:52
As a furie swooped on stern he unleashed his storm-bolter. The beast flew straight at him as the bolts shreded its wings. He swung his halberd smashing the creature to floor and impaling it. As it turned to ash another slammed into his back sending him sprwaling into the darknss.

Stern swung his hammer smashing zombies aside. He turned upon a fury as it charged him. He suwng his hammer at its face but it rolled and slashed at his armour. Rube dived at it knocking it to the floor. They rolled around befor he managed to boot it off and clamber to his feet, he bought down his hammer but it jumped in he air flamming its wings. It kicked him in the face knocking him to the floor, as it came for the kill he span round and hs hammer hit home smashing its bony face into shards.


Iki fired her pistol inot the zombies as theyclosed in on the group. She twirled her sword, decapitating any that drew two close. Calstica was raging, flailing two blads, slicing the zombies apart...

21-09-2005, 23:13
Jackson kept his eyes on the fury that circled him.

"C'mon birdie. Come for a bite." He whispered as his finger stood ready to activate his chainsword again.

The fury made a sudden loop trying to get on his back. The veteran was almost taken by surprise but managed to retake position just when the creature was breathing in his neck. He took a step to the side and as he slashed with the chainsword the weapon came alive, its metallic teeth eating through the foul creature's upper body and right wing. The fury collapsed into the floor unable to keep itself in the air and as it tried to stand up the sergeant emptied the lasgun's charger on the wounded daemon finally killing it.

Jackson changed the charger and brought his chainsword up an attacking zombie's groin and punched another's brains out with his bionic fist. He turned to the inquisitor.

"This cannot last much longer. We cannot take out an entire ship's cargo of daemons by ourselves." The veteran warned him.

21-09-2005, 23:19
Tes started to tense his muscles and prepare for useing his powers against these creatures of the night. they all seemed to turn to him like a moth to a flame. they then begun to descend on him instead of waiting for them to come to him he went to them. jumping into the air that macth the speed if not faster then the furies he slammed his fist into one of the creatures faces sharrteing its skull. at the same exact moment he filled the creatures body with the hate he had inside for the creature seemingly killing it it droped to the ground twicthing he then flipped in the air once he hit the ground he would jump again but the furies were working as a group on slamed into him form the side while he was still in mid air slamming him into a pipe and bended it at the site of impact. Tes felt a rib break but this would not stop him form figthing the then kicked off the pipe and begun to make the hunters chase there prey jumping form wall to wall celing to floor trying to get as many as he could to follow him

22-09-2005, 12:37
"This is getting worse..." Salrian muttered, as he saw the bird daemons appear in the midst of the fight. Warp zombies he could handle, but Daemons in the flesh meant things were going to go down hill very quickly. Of course, the zombies were beginning to thin out, giving them room to fight. One of the Furies pounced at him, and despite taking several Bolts in the face, knocked him off his feet..
As its claws tore at him, he felt a tug deep down on the core of his being. It was all too familiar, the feeling of something that would not only tear his body apart, but his soul as well.. "GOD EMPEROR; HELP!" he yelled, trying to twist and get at his dagger.
"Salrian!" Kerin screamed, vaulting out of a fight with a zombie, and over it's head. She dodged and evaded nimbly, pulling out half a dozen wraith-seed crystals from her pouch. She flung them at the creature, and closed her eyes, focusing inwards. She opened her mouth and sang a single, crystal clear note backed up with her mental willpower. Each of the seeds grew rapidly in the air, elongating and sharpening. They struck the creature, punching through its leathery skin and delivering a lethal jolt of Kerin's psychic energy. It exploded into a cloud of black dust, and Salrian jumped up.
"Thanks.." he nodded.
"I don't think I can do that too many times..." Kerin breathed, looking woozy.

22-09-2005, 13:07
Klaas retreated to the shuttle ramp, covered in zombie ash. The servitors surely had been helpful, but they had almost torched him as well. Moments later the winged demons emerged. Most of them were concentrating on the psyker and the xenos.
'That's one development I can live with,' he thought while loading his missile launcher with a frag missile. When the psyker started his impossible run up the wall towards the ceiling, a big flock of the demons followed him. Good target.
"This one is for the Emperor!" Klaas whispered and took aim. His shot thundered through the hangar bay and flames and shrapnel engulfed half a dozen of the winged fiends. None of them died. They dropped to the ground, battered and dazed, but there was still unholy life in them. Klaas cursed.

22-09-2005, 20:47
Tes contiunied to give the deamons something to chase but they were getting faster and faster but it was hard to keep this up he could fight them one by one but he didn't have the time to do that. one of the clawed at his leg he kicked it in it's face some teeth broke but another quickly took his place. it was like a black and red tide chaseing after him. when he had a chance to hit one he did but soon he would be to tired to let them chase him he needed to find a way to get rid of them or for some one to get ride of them for him

23-09-2005, 01:13
Radis knew the deamons would have trouble finding him thanks to his ghost helm and he used this to his advantage. He stalked one and when it turned its back to him his witchblade burst through its chest before it vaporized. He saw what had happened to Sal and Kerin and he sent a bolt of lightning just past Kerin's head killing a zombie that was closing with her. He ran to them. "Sal, Kerin are you two alright? stay close to me the deamons can not see me as they do you I will keep them from you!"

Thane McHammer
23-09-2005, 08:14
As the deamons persued the psyker, Thane let loose mental commands. Once again, the servitors and weapons mounts came to life, killing Furies in their dozens. But these were smarter than the zombies. The servitors were cut down, flames gushing, and the weapon mounts were torn from their hangers. He grimaced. Raising his fist, he made a number of quick hand signals, and a dark shape detatched itself from the wall, streaking over the melee, and landing right behind the running psyker. The Shadow drew its blades, and met the daemons head on. The Furies were fast, but the Shadow was faster. It clashed the blades together, and white balefire engulfed them. Each thrust and weave and slash it made resulted in another banished deamon. As the Psyker moved, the Shadow moved with him, forming a moving barrier between the daemons and their quarry.

Thane drew his pistols, and began to fire. Uneringly accurate, each shot eliminated a daemon.

Inquisitor! Do you have any special tricks up that sleeve of yours? We can't keep doing this!

23-09-2005, 21:15
A furie flew out of a pitch black corner, i the ground and disentergrated into ash. Stern emerged rom the darkness, holding aloft his halberd. He unleased his storm bolter on a mob of zombies. They were blown into peices, their hedeous forms shreded to ash. He turned as three furies swooped towards him. He unleashed his zealous fury in the bolts from his gun, the fire shredding one of the furies to the ground, it tryed to rais itself even as its legs desintegrated.

He swung his halberd, choosing to decapitate one of the furies and let the other one hit him. He fell to the floor and grappeled with the beast on top of him. They rolled and his armoured shell was bashed and abused by the foul creature. He got atop it and slammed his fist hard into its head, completly destroying it.


Calistica and Iki fought together, their blades darting thorugh the heads of zombies.


As the zombies were dispatched Ruben turned as he heard a great roar. A beast emerged from the lines, its skin was a bloodied red and its hair a hellish black. It held a runic axe in its hand a leased a bestial roar. Ruben looked desperatly down a long corridor from were he knew these hellish creatures were coming from. "Mastyer go, I will hold of this feind" Stern roared as he charged the blood letter, the rest of the party ran for the corridor.

[Okay make your way down the corridor, there will be zombies, furies and mabey some other things...]

26-09-2005, 00:24
"BLOODLETTERS" Salrian screamed, catching a glimpse of the axe weilding humanoid. He'd seen these before. Beneith his mechanical left hand, the warp burned stump of flesh, cauterised by a Bloodletters hellblade, twinged. The zombies and furies were one thing, animals with sharp knives and claws, but he knew that Bloodletters had a cold intellect that could give them the upper hand. He lost concentration for a second, and found him face to face with a zombie. Gripped by sudden rage, he headbutted it, and it went down. "GOTTA GO PEOPLE! GOTTA GO NOW!"
"Khaine protect us." Kerin gasped, standing straight again. She was out of breath, but still fighting. She drew in a deep breath. They'd need all their strength to get out of this alive. Holstering Injure, she pulled her wraithbone sword from it's scabbard. Warp-magik was the best weapon they had. She leaned close Sal and Radis, to be heard above the screams of men and monster, and gestured to where Tes was being slowly run down. "We've got to save the Psyker."

26-09-2005, 01:06
Radis was shocked at the different types of creatures here. zombies, furies and not bloodletters! this was getting out of hand and fast. "I will help the man you two fallow the inqusitor!" He turned to aid Tes when a fury slammed into him. He hit the ground hard and lost his grip on his witchblade. The deamon grapled with him neather truely able to gain the upperhand at first unto his hands burst into blue flames and he immolated the deamon before it was able to do any real damage.

26-09-2005, 04:53
"Great... down the dark and creepy corridor we go." Adrian mumbled as he avoided axes and swooping claws. "Don't know if that is the greatest of ideas."

He jumped over some zombie corpses, ducked an attacking fury and slammed the stubber's butt into a zombie’s head as he ran towards the corridor while the marine and the bloodletter stood looking at each other. As he reached the corridor he almost crashed with the old sergeant. Jackson was going the wrong direction.

"Where in the Emperor's name do you think you're going?" asked the medic seriously concerned about the man's mental state. "Are you still drunk?"

"No. But it would be helpful." The sergeant answered with half a smile, after a pause for the joke to fade he explained.

"Son, I have no intentions of running my ass down that corridor away from one bloody bloodletter. Hell... we are supposed to face a Daemon Lord and the bunch of heroes suddenly go running for their lives. And for all we know there is another bloodletter at the end of that corridor, or something worse. I'd rather take my chances alongside the big fellow in power armor." The veteran said with not a trace of doubt in his aged face.

"This is suicide you crazy idiot! The marine will handle it... a MARINE." Adrian yelled back.

"I've seen marines die just like normal guardsman do so stop buying the fething propaganda that they feed you with! Yes they are tough as nails and will give a fight that not even ten guardsman can give but they still die!" Jackson said his blue eyes static on the medic. "And that huge Chaos fiend with the big scary axe? They die as well. Like the furies and zombies did back there. I've seen it with this old eyes of mine." Deciding that they had lost enough time on this useless discussion the sergeant kept walking to where the marine stood.

Adrian tried for the last time and pulled the old man around. "You are going to get yourself killed. And it will be a useless death. What do you want to achieve? Down that corridor you will be needed as much as you are needed here."

"Perhaps. Perhaps the corridor will collapse over our heads and that will be that. But everyone else is going so I'm somewhat redundant. Yeah... probably I'll die. But maybe the damn thing will make a mistake chopping my head off giving the marine a chance to end its wicked existence. Or maybe I'll get out alive. Only the Emperor knows... and He doesn't really give a damn. Now... go down that corridor and stop wasting both our times." With that the medic and the sergeant took separate ways, both wrong and both right.

Jackson then saw the eldar’s witchblade lying on the floor as the xeno struggled with a daemon. He shook away the temptation of leaving it where it was or even kicking it away form the alien and grabbed it.

“Xeno!” He yelled at Radis. “Catch!” And threw the weapon towards its owner. “Good luck.” He said low enough for the alien not to hear or so he thought.

26-09-2005, 16:07
Tes contined to keep moveing but he was not only getting exteremly tired his mind was being pushed to the limits he wasn't sure how much longer he could keep these Deamons busy. The only Sulloation he could see wasing useing Pure Pyshic engery attack but he had never tried this before and with the deamons he did not know what it would do.

Tes jumped the the celing then he dove down turned around and shoot a massive mass of pure psyhic hate at the deamons. he didn't get to see what the result was because the attack knocked tes unconsoiucs

26-09-2005, 18:09
[its a bloodletter champion.]
Ruben cahrged down the cooridor, smashing zombies aside like a huricane hitting a city. he emerged from the corridor into a large shining black dome, the others behind himfighting the chaos deamons. The ships master astropath lay sprawled at the entrance. His legs and arms were awkwardly bent and his face in an expression of eternal agony, his skin stopped near the dome of the skull and the dull bone was splintered like wood fibres, a dry crimson decorated his corpse.

Kneeling ahead was figure wrapped in a midnight blue cape. The cape was painfull to look at, asthough it was made of fear and agony, A grimn metalic staff rose from this hidden figure, atop was an eight pronged haf star with a siwrling orb in the centere, it shone purple, pink, white, black then orange, red and green constantlyu pulsating violenly yet it made none of the noise that comes with angre.

The cape slowly rose and the figure turned round. The man-things face took even Ruben aback. Its skin was so pale it would not be seen in a twilight. His eyes looked as though blood was flowing quickly through them, two small black dots i the center twitched exitedly as if they had minds of their own. His lips were inseperable from the fdace, the same coulor but shrivled and bloated in areas. He wore a suit of the blacked armour with robes and cloths hanging from it, inscribed with writing none would dare attempt to read.

Thew thing opened its mouth. "So inquisitor you have tracked be down, hahaha this little chaos is nothing compare to what you will face when he is relaced" The creatures voice wavered, it went from exremley deep to very high and everything in between. The things moputh opened, inside was nothing. A scream shocked through the bodies of the party and they all fell. As Ruben jumped up the thing was gone, a bag he knew contained the orb with him. As he went to pursue a horde of bloodletters burt into the chamber.


Stern clashed with the deamonic champion. Tey exchanged un fatal blows for what seemed like an ernity. Stern waited though, until he saw a crack in the deamons defences befre striking. He swung his blade and as the beast dived back its foot was sliced away, turning to ash. Stern quickly bought his halberd down and the creature screamed as it was reduced to ash. Suddenly a psycic scream echoed through the ship and it began to quake...

[okay fght your way back to the ship. All hell is breaking loose.. literaly and there are deamons everywere, they will fight each other but dont brass them off or theyll come for you, the ship is falling apart...]

27-09-2005, 00:55
Radis picked up his witchblade and nodded his thanks to the man who had given it back to him. his sensitive ears picked up what was said and he smiled though no one could see his face behind his helm. He cought up with Tes and kept any other deamons away

27-09-2005, 01:17
"help me Radis i can't stand" Tes sent a message to Radis he doubted he could open his mouth to speak even if he had to save his life

Set shoot and killed the zombies but they were to much he knew that evenautly there would be to many to kill. He saw a Gap in the zombie horde and he Grabed Adrain
"WERE GETTTING OUT OF HERE!" he yelled as he Had Adrain in tow. he let off a few shoots with the free hand he had to keep the zombies away once he was in the hanger he let Adrain go
"get on the shuttle!"

He turned back to the corridor and filped over a large tool box for cover he had his guns trained so that anything that wasn't fully human or a Eldar would be pumped full of lead

27-09-2005, 04:23
"Help those two." Sal instructed Kerin, pointing at Set and Adrian.
"You're going after Radis?" she asked
"Don't reckon he's gonna get back if I don't." Sal nodded. They could both see Radis and Tes struggling down the corridoor, lagging behind the rest. The Psyker had made a brave move, drawing the daemons off the rest of the party, but it had put them in a bad spot. It didn't look like any of the others were inclined to help them. "And I'd really love it if you lot didn't leave till I got back."
"Come back alive." Kerin whispered, grabbing Salrian and kissing him. When they broke away from each other, Salrian winked at her. "I know Sal."
Kerin turned, and ran towards the air gate. She vaulted over the impromtu barricade that Set had put togeather, and knelt down beside the Guardsman.
"Pray to your Emperor, Human." she told him, checking her belt bag. She was down to her last clip. "Pray that we have enough ammo." she added, as the first zombies began to enter the hanger.

Salrian sprinted down the corridoor, sidestepping daemons and zombies. It looked like they were just as interested in tearing each other apart as they were in the Inquisitors retinue. Hopefully they'd ignore him for the moment.
Finally, he found Radis and Tes. Radis was fighting a valiant guard action, but he couldn't hold out much longer.
He knelt, and grabbed the human Psyker, throwing him over his shoulder.
"It's now or never, Firestorm." he yelled over the din as he emptied his bolt clip into the face of a Bloodletter, knocking it back into the warp. He holstered Revenge and pulled out his dagger as he ran towards the airlock. "Get on that ship or die on this one..."

27-09-2005, 12:02
"Been doing so ever since we got on this Emperor forsaken ship." Adrian replied to the eldar as he felled a zombie with his last stubber rounds. He sighed, this would not do. He suddenly remembered something. The machine gun! He looked towards the corridor entrance where it lay together with the other last stand evidence.

"Cover me." He said as he darted towards the gun. He was unarmed except from a combat knife and an empty stubber and he was running right into the mass of zombies and other horrors he had in front of him. "I must be crazy." He thought as the first zombie tried to take a swing at him with its blade. Luckily for him the daemonic fiends seem to be also concerned in fighting each other. He was closing the machine gun. It was so close.


"Emperor damn it." Jackson cursed as he saw the marine end the bloodletter champion's existence so quickly. But he would have his revenge as another bloodletter stepped in the way between the veteran and the ship.

He barely managed to avoid the axe that embedded itself in the floor as the bloodletter charged him. Jackson brought his chainsword down and cut one of the bloodletters hand. With a hellish scream the thing dropped the axe and with the remaining limb it slashed at the sergeant's chest its claws going deep in his flesh and sending the human to the ground. The veteran refused to scream as he rolled to avoid the second blow going for his head. He managed to stand up and shot at the bloodletter with his lasgun, but the creature did not even shrugged. The thing screamed as he charged the guardsman yet again.

Ignoring the burning pain in his chest Jackson parried the daemons claw with his chainsword gave in return a hard punch with his bionic arm and shot one of the daemon's eyes with his lasgun vaporizing it. As the daemon covered its face in pain he plunged the chainsword right through the cursed fiend's rib cage. As it vanished the veteran turned and walked towards the ship. His pain growing as blood dripped to the floor.

27-09-2005, 15:56
Klaas was still reloading his missile launcher when suddenly all hell broke loose. Abominations of all kinds and forms were pouring into the hangar bay and quickly closing in.
He saw how the others got bogged down by the hordes as more and more of the things threw themselves at the Inquisitors retinue.
Klaas took aim with the launcher again and prayed to the emperor. This shot wouldn't be easy. Too close to his comrades and he'd injure them. Too far away and his shot wouldn't help. Reciting the litany of true-shot, he fired. The blast tore a group of zombies apart, shrapnel wounding several more of them as well as the medic. Klaas whooped and darted towards the dazed Adrian, using his launcher like a club against the remaining zombies.

27-09-2005, 19:27
Iki fired bolt after bolt into the zombies. She twirled her blade above her head and decapitated a zombie. She noticed someyhing in front of her, A deamonet, a creature disturbing and pure evil, ye something she felt tempted even atracted to deep inside was fighting one of the beastly bloodletters. They battled until the bloodletter dropped with a deeep roar. The deamonete meade eye contact with Iki and everthing seemed to fade. Everything around her was grey and as the creature walked towards her Iki dropped her balde...

A criy if pain and pleasure encircled he ship, towards the end it was replaced by angwish, fear and pain. Iki screamed and cried, as Sal cae across her body. Her face was in sheer terror, she twisted and fitted on the fllor, tas streamed from her eye and she screamed horribily. Her veins stood out against her now pale skin...

[someone (sal) get iki and take her with you]

27-09-2005, 22:52
Adrian was confused. He was on the floor again for what seemed to be the eight time that day, he could bearly hear anything and his right shoulder hurt badly. He then remembered the explosion and more importantly what he was trying to do. With no time to assess his injuries he grabbed the machine gun got it into position and send a hail of bullets into the creatures that survived Klaas shot taking care not to hit the guardsman. When a path wide enough to the ship was clear he dismounted the gun, grabbed as many ammo as he could and ran as fast as his legs could manage together with Klaas back to where they started.

"Thanks for giving me a hand back there." The medic said to Klaas as he mounted the machine gun. "Now... lets give those daemons some well deserved Emperor's justice, shall we?" He then openned fire into the closing swarm of warp-monstrosities.

"I think we have enough ammo now." The medic said at Kerin to tired and bruised to smile.

Thane McHammer
28-09-2005, 08:48
Thane sighed as the fight went to hell.

Enough of this...

Reaching into his robes, he pulled out a string of small black orbs, linked together by a fine silver chain. He looked around, and grinned. A small air vent was mounted on the opposite wall, and he put his foot through it. He touched each of the orbs in turn, and a small blue light blinked on the side. Tossing the orbs through, he heard it bounce down, before fading away. He nodded, and turned, drawing his pistols as he went. He ran along, skirting around the conflicts.

A scream caught his attention. One of the women had been snarred by a daemonette. His robes billowed, and four mechanical tendrils shot out. Two snaked around and grabbed the woman before she fell, and another two blocked a decending talon. The daemonette turned it's lurid head, and attempted to exert it's will over Thane. He raised his plasma pistol. It's eyes widened in shock.

No eyes, bitch.

He pulled the trigger. It dissentegrated in a hot, white flash.

He opened a com-link to everyone in the party.

Ladies and gentlemen. There are 5 specially modified void grenades making their way to the main engine. I suggest we all get off the ship to watch the fireworks

One unconsious woman in his arms, he began a run toward the ship, a dark shadow covering his back.

28-09-2005, 17:32
Ruben smashed a bloodletter to the floor before jumping into the transport. He fired his bolter out across the landing pad, killing many zombies. He shouted to the party "We have only a few minuites, hurry or I will take off" He bellowed into the hangar. Thane dumped the now motionless and pale Iki into the hangar and jumped in himself, nodding to Ruben. Calistica also climbed in, her body decorated in ash and blood.
Stern ran his halberd through a horror, it screamed and turned to ash. He ran, smashing his way through the zombies and deamons, ash swirling around him as he vanquished the beasts. He watched as Jackson blew a zombies head off and clambered into the ship followed by Klaas, Adrian and Kerin. As he moved the rest of the partclambered in. He slashed at a bloodthirsters back, it fell and he bolted towards the levitating transport. He jumped, his heavy form taking from the ground and grabbing he boarding ramp. He slid in as the ramp clamped shut.

The ship jolted and sped from the hangar, the speed slowing as they shot into space. Behind them a large boom was heard, then there ears popped. As everyone looked out the window the ship falshed white hot and then exploded, a white shockwave pooling away. The ship shook, it went dark and it seeemed as if this was the end until thelights flashed back on and the silence replaced by the hummnig of teh transports engins. "what happened to her" Thane exclamed, Ruben looked heartlessly at his aprentice, he had trained her since she was a child.

"She has failed a mind war with the deamonette, she is possesed by slaneshi" Ruben muttered, then he held up his bolter and fired, Ikis head splattering against the metal of the transport....

[okay I had to get that wrapped up, tonight or tomorow we will arive back at the spear, until then discuss what you have seen and you may be shcked by Ikis death.]

28-09-2005, 18:16
OOC: Sorry you posted as I was typing my post this morning I will change my post now.

IC: Radis Nodded to Sal. "Right, lets get out of here!" He drew one of his shurkien pistols and placed shot after shot into the head of any zombie or deamon that came to close to them. "I think we are the last of the pary my brother! let us be going!" He used his powers to make both himself and Sal faster as they came closer to the ship. Once on the ship he rested agenst the wall and took off his ghost helm. He took a few deep breaths and as he cleared his mind Iki's was blown across the ship. "What in!"He stopped when the inquisitor gave him a hard look. They both knew Radis could have helped her or one of his Farseers could have for sure but clearly the man didn't want to do this. Radis was clearly angery but walked toward Sal and Kerin when Tes came too and almost stabbed him with his pointy object. Radis calmly reached into his mind. "You are safe now Tes, you have nothing to fear here." He held out his hands to show Tes he was not going to attack him.

28-09-2005, 20:15
Adrian's jaw dropped as the interrogator was executed. He could put up with being shot up, beaten and die a horrible death in the hands of whatever enemies they could find, but this was outright wrong. He would have protested if he had a rank that gave him enough authority, but being a guardsman the only thing he would achieve was to get the same treatment as Iki's.

"Why then did I go to the chapel and stuff myself with all this supposedly anti-daemonic equipment if the cure is 'shoot them in the head'?" He asked himself angered, he did not understand. "To hell with this." He swore that if such a thing happened to himself he would but the barrel of his own gun in his mouth and pull the trigger.


Jackson did not even flinch as the woman's skull decorated the walls. He didn't let his face show the hate he felt at the moment.

"Bloody Inquisitors." He thought. "Emperor damn them, Emperor dam them all to hell." He cursed in his mind as the memories of his homeworld suffering exterminatus flashed in front of his eyes.

The pain in his chest brought him back to reality. "Medic. I need you over here." As he pointed to the wounds left by the bloodletter. "I must be getting old."

Adrian went to the sergeant and took a look at the deep cuts that went from down right to the high left of Jackson's thorax. He disinfected and cauterized wounds and got broken ribs stabilized. Minutes later Jackson was bandaged and left with an appointment to the ships Med-bay when they got back.

28-09-2005, 20:27
Set rested his head against the shuttle he didn't know what to make of all had happened aboard that ship. he put some relaxing chemicals into his body to help ease the pain that his muscle would surely be feeling the next day. then the gun shot went off in the shuttle Set jumped out of his seat allmost letting off a few rounds. then he realized what had happened it wasn;t the frist time he had seen someone been killed for being possessed. He had done it himself once. Set had never been a reiglous man but the events he had just seen made him think about talking to a preist when he got back to the ship
Tes awoke at the moment that Iks's life ended he awoke in a scream of agony

"what happened! where am I!"

Tes shoot out of the seat and grabed a small tool that was on the floor and backed him self into a corner and looked around.

"DON'T ANY OF YOU COME CLOSE" he twirled the tool in his hand ready to plunge it deep into anyone that got to close to him something had happened when he was uncoinus and the death of the other Pysker seemed to have effected him he had changed Tes was not the same

Thane McHammer
29-09-2005, 08:30
As the psyker raved, Thane lifted his hand, pointed with a finger, and spoke a command word. The psyker crumpled to the floor, unconsious. Walking around the body of the interregator, Thane bent down over the still form of the man and picked something from his neck. He held it up to the light.

Neuro-dart. Can carry enough juice to knock out a Beserker.

One of the Eldar looked like he was about to object, but Thane simply held up his hand.

He's not stable. The psychic backlash of the fight, and then the death of the lady there must have been too much. If he wasn't put down, he would have gone insane.

"What will happen to him?" A voice asked, somber and dull.

He'll be out for a few days, no permenant damage. We can condition him so that he won't remember much, just the basics.

He turned to the Inquisitor.

Now...one damaged psyker and a dead comrade. Did you achieve anything with this little outing?

His voice was soft, but steely at the same time, his question one that was surely on the minds of the rest of them: What was the point?

29-09-2005, 19:48
Ruben remain calm and stared at Adraian, "Guardsmen, I don't expect another outburst like that or I will send you to hell" He scalded. For around a minuite he stared at sargeant Jackson, was the inquisitor a psycic?. Stern stood by the inquisitor, his noble blue lenses scanning them, chalenging them to try and harm Ruben. The ship suddenly slowed and jolted. A clunk indicated the docking clamps were active and the boarding ramp dropped. Stern and Ruben were the first to leave, followed by the others straight to the de-breifing room.

Ruben stood at the front of the room and began speaking. "The chaos sorceror we know as dragzeal has stolen the orb. He needs power to release the deamon prince, the power of a blackstone fortress". The room was silent, shocked. Ruben continued "We are heading after him and must stop him summoning la'magra at all costs. Oh yes and Calistica will be elevated to the status of interogator, your training is complete. This leaves A possition for a zealot so anyone intrested will report to the training bay in 10 hours" With that ruben and stern left...

29-09-2005, 20:18
Tes was taken to the Med-bay where he was set up in a bed and had doctors around the clock watching him checking in on him. it seemed that besides the nerual dart he had dove into a deep coma. and there was double the amount of brain activty going on inside of his brain. no one knew what was going on. the Dr's could not be sure if he would ever come out and the Astropaths that attempted to contact him all they got back was a garbble of words nothing that made sense

Set went to his room and cleaned his weapons disassambleing the guns and reassmbiling them makesure they where honed to perfection. he was still unsure about what had happened. He never really had belived in the Empeor as the savoiur of mankind but something about seeing the grey knight battle the deamons with his holy weapons had made he begin to belive. He didn;t want to be a merc anymore he couldn't stop fighting but he needed to do something. He then decied to do something on a whim so far that had served him well. He walked to the training bay and waited until some one showed up. He had Decied to Start on the path of becoming a Inquistor

30-09-2005, 01:34
"She wouldn't have thanked you for anything you could have done." Kerin said to Adrian, looking down sadly at Iki's corpse. She knew that the Medic was taking it hard, but he had to understand the truth. Slannesh had already torn Iki's soul from her body. "To save her would be to inflict a lifetime of madness and pain. At least we can hope her soul is now with your Emperor." She shook her head slowly. She needed something to dull the horrors of the ship, at least for the moment. "Come on human. We both need a serious drink."

Salrian shook his head at Thane.
"We don't need to mindwipe him." he argued. He knew that the touch of the daemonic was dangerous, damaging, but he knew someone could come through it and be stronger for it. "He's hurting right now, angry and scared, but I knew he can come through this."
With a roar of anger, he spun around and smashed his bionic hand into a bulkhead, leaving a dent. "Emperor damn it, we've lost one person, we don't need to torch anothers mind."

30-09-2005, 04:57
Adrian sighed and followed Kerin to the bar. "There is always something you could have done." He kept saying to himself in his thoughts. The medic shook his head.

"May I ask how did you get in this mess? I mean... an Inquisitor's retinue can't be a healthy place for an eldar to be." He asked trying to make the numbness he felt in his head go away. "By the way. I'm guessing you are not longer banned from the bar, right?" He added as the barman gave them a not so friendly look.


Jackson grumbled as they checked his wounds at the Med-bay. Adrian had done a good job and the only things they gave him were some painkillers and some drugs to accelerate the bone regeneration.

He looked at Tes. "Poor kid." He thought. But he wasn't a doctor nor a priest and left to let the ones that could help him do their jobs. He walked slowly thinking about reaching the bar, but perhaps he would just get to his room and get a well-deserved sleep.

30-09-2005, 13:12
"Salrian always said that once you've been through hell with a man, you earn the right to drink with him." Kerin shrugged. She smiled at the barman, and flicked a couple of high denomination coins into the table. "Something nasty, for the two of us."
The barman glared at her, and Kerin opened her jacket just enough to show a little flesh. And Injure in it's holster.
Half hypnotised, half intimidated, the man decided not to argue with the Xenos woman, and passed Kerin a bottle of amber liquid and two shot glasses.
"If life is a waste of time." she announced. "And time is a waste of life." She paused to throw back the first shot and gestured for Adrian to do the same. It had lightning in it. "Then let's get totaled, and have the time of our lives."
As they drank, Kerin explained the adventures she'd had with Salrian..

"Salrian and I have been togeather for about eight years now, here and there. We met when he was recovering from..." She thought very carefully about her next word. "an injury, on Radis ship, and we've been togeather ever since. I know, I know, he's as rough as they come, and I'm, well, Eldar. But he's really very lovable and strong once you get to know him. Too many of you humans judge him because he's a halfbreed, but you'd be surprised how noble he can be, when he wants to be. Whilé he's here to protect me, I feel safe anywhere, Inquisitor or no. So, what about you Adrian? Is this just an assignment, or did you really want to be here?"

30-09-2005, 22:53
"Wise words. Though I believe you have plenty more life and time to waste than I do." Adrian replied as he emptied the first shot glass and felt the liquid burning down his throat. Definitely good stuff.

He laughed at Kerin's question. "Where a guardsman wants to be does not matter... never has... never will. But to answer the question I'd rather be here getting nearly killed by a daemon than tending to some fat ill-tempered commander's cold back at my regiment. At least here I might be useful. Cheers to that." He said having a second glass. "But if I had the choice I would like to be back at my home planet being a regular doctor, but the time for that has come and gone. Now there is nothing left for me there." The medic said with a sad smile on his face staring at his family ring.

He took another glass, paused and then continued. "So I'm guessing the reason I'm here is because I already did an inquisitorial job before, nothing big. I must have done something right and got recommended to this one."

"I imagine it must be hard being a half-breed... eldar must judge him just as humans do if not harder. After all being half... what was the word... mon-keigh?... can't be something widely accepted by the eldar society." Adrian concluded suddenly thinking about Salrian while having another glass. He was starting to feel the effects of the beverage.

02-10-2005, 10:32
"The Farseers teach us that a touch in the right direction can sometimes be enough to counter the force of a terrible sledge hammer." Kerin offered, throwing back another shot. "Or to turn it to your will. Don't underestimate the potential your very presence can have..." Thinking of Salrian, she nodded slowly. "Yes, a lot of Eldar looked down on Salrian and I when he first came aboard Radis' ship. But we had an, incident a little while later. Genestealer invasion. Salrian saved us all, just threw himself into the open jaws of hell."
Shaking her head, she laughed loudly. "He swears he was drunk out of his mind at the time, of course. After that, everyone knew he was as good as any Aspect Warrior, or Seer, in his own way.. You're about to ask what else he is, right? Everyone does sooner or later. Well, we don't know. Salrian never knew his male parent. Hell, he's only got dim memories of his mother." Her eyes drifted to Adrians ring. "Your family crest?"

"We can't let them do this Radis." Salrian barked angrily, following the Eldar captain down the ships corridoor. "I know you can reach Tes, drag him back. Hell, you did it for me. If he's mindwiped, it's like he's dead."

02-10-2005, 16:01
All in the bar suddenly looked up as stern entered the abr and stood next to bar. The barman quickly reached for a bottel under the bar and placed it on the counter. Everyones eyes were gingerly fixed upon him as he reaced up to his helmet and realeased it. As hesilently lifted it off and placed it on the bar his face was revealed. He had a copletly bald head, his skin was a dark peach and he was decorated with devotional tatoos. His eyes were the deepest, purest blue to match his helmets lenses.


Inquitor Ruben entered the training bay, he was suprised to see set but did'nt show it. "So you wish to take the path of zealot" Ruben boomed, the man nodedd, clearly unnereved. "Well" Ruben spoke while deep in thought. He seemed to decide something and pointed to a pile of books on the floor. "You wil study these books carefully, i will have them delivered to your quaters, but for now follow me" Ruben lead set to the chapel were he was placed on an altar and aproached by a dark hooded figure.

In teh following hours set was enscribed with a tatoo, it bore Rubens coat of arms and much holy text. He was made to swear several unbreakable oaths and given ancient texts to study. He was given instructions to train with Ruben every day and shut all from his life save his master and his faith.

03-10-2005, 04:09
Adrian stared at the marine in silence for a few moments. His eyes went back to his ring for a second.

"Yes... one of the few remainings of my former life." He answered to Kerin looking at the ring's carvings.

"So apart from Salrian and Radis... any family or friends on some distant craftworld?" He asked while his fingers played with a shot glass.


Jackson had decided for the bar but as he made his way through the corridors he crossed paths with Salrian and Radis. They were talking about something but went silent as the guardsman came near.

"What are those two up to?" The veteran thought. They were going straight for the Med-bay, what did they want with Tes? He would have liked to follow them and find out, but his chest disagreed, he was going to be anything but sneaky at the time and he had no chance in hell of not being noticed by two eldar.

He entered the bar and saw the three other members already there. As he past beside Adrian he patted on his shoulder. "Good job with my chest Doc. I'll be as good as new in no time." He turned at Kerin and smiled. "My lady, forgive me for not joining in, but I do not drink with the enemy." He paused and came closer to the eldar. "By the way, would you, by any chance, know what your two other xeno friends pretend with the poor mind wiped psyker?" He asked Kerin almost in a whisper.

03-10-2005, 08:51
"I'm certain Salrian and Radis have nothing but the best intentions towards Tes." Kerin replied, quietly. "Eldar ways are different from yours, and there are techniques that may be able to help him." The smile faded from her face, and cold venom entered her voice. "Perhaps you did not fully comprehend the situation on that ship Mon-Keigh, but this entire event drips with the Ruinous Powers influence. Mutants, Daemons and Zombies, oh my! You may call me enemy, but I may still save your soul in the end. Or when the time comes, should I salve your pride and watch you die?"
She turned her attention back to Adrian.
"My family lives on Altaioc Craftworld, though I haven't seen them since I stepped on the path of the Bonesinger. Except for my sister, Jekara. She's a on the path of the courtisan and the Banshee. She shows up from time to time."

03-10-2005, 16:51
Jackson kept smiling. "Don't worry, there are enemies... and enemies. I'm still able to recognize the greater threat. Enjoy your evening." He started walking to the other side of the bar, but he turned for a moment and added. "And by all means do not worry about my pride, it has taken a few hits before and another one won't mean a thing."

The veteran sat on the other side next to the marine. The veteran gave the huge warrior a nod as he took a seat. The barman looked at him and quickly recognized Jackson from the other night and could not help to give him a look of horror.

"That's right. It's me again." said the sergeant almost laughing at the barman's face. "You know the drill."


Adrian saw Jackson on the far end of the bar having his first drink.

"Forgive him. That man has too much hate tucked in his soul." The medic apologized to the eldar. "But sometimes, hate is all that you have left." He added still looking at his drink.

03-10-2005, 21:10
Radis nodded to Sal. "Yes you are right. I can help Tes recover and it would be easyer then when I helped you. I have all the things I would need here already without risking any of my ships by coming here to bring me suplies." He looked over his shoulder. "Should we find the inqusitor first or should we just go to the med bay now?" He then thought for a moment. "Do you think Kerin will be alright alone with the medic at the bar for a while longer?"

04-10-2005, 10:04
"Reckon that medic's harmless." Sal shurgged. Kerin was more than capable of taking care of herself for the moment, even if some of the Imperial Guardsmen decided to get, friendly. Adrian didn't look like the type to get friendly, except in a good way. "And if the grunts get friendly, they'll get hurt. Besides, the kid looks like he needs a confidance boost and nothing like a bit of attention from someone like Kerin for that, even if she's attached."
He considered the question of the Inquisitor for a few moments.
"Bloody puritains." he muttered. "I don't know if he'll let us do this, but if we don't terll him what's going on, he's going to cry heretic and sic the bloody grey knight on us. Remember what they did to Xavier? We're going to have to talk real quick."

04-10-2005, 19:55
The ships rtelaxed pace was suddenly interupted by the shrill wail of klaxons "all inquisitorial retinue... tomorow at 01100 hours you will report t the hangar for the asasult on the dead blackstone drakmhazel".

04-10-2005, 21:02
He nooded. "True that man seems to be pure of heart and Kerin should be able to cheer him up one ay or another. He smiled at the thought of some poor grunt picking a fight with Kerin. With the sound of the alarm and the order for the next day Radis shook his head. "Well brother if we are to aid Tes we will have to do so now. we have little to no time left." He waited for Sal to eather agree with him or to give other adivce on what they should do.

05-10-2005, 00:06
Tes was fighting a battle for his own body. he couldn;t see what it was but it was familar and he didn;t know what it was doing here. even though it was his mind the intruder seemed to be able to shape it just as well as Tes could. what was going on he had fought this for what seemed to be a entirty.

in the real world Tes heart would race then slow down to allmost stopping his body's tempture becomeing to hot to touch and then freezeing the sweat on his body. he has allready broken the nemors straps that the dorctors have put on him but he does not seem to leave his bed he has broken the rails on the bed. any attempt to sedate him the needle will either melt when it touches his skin or break like trying to puncture power armour.


Set had stayed up all night and day. and he still only had a basic understanding of the way the Inqistution worked. but he knew he wouldn;t have been a desk inqiustor oh no he would be a field tracking down and killing hertics. that was what his fate was set to be or at least he prayed ot the empoer that he would let him get that far

05-10-2005, 18:56
Ruben silently prayed as he anointed his thunder hammer in oils and cleaned the blood from it. He carefully placed it in his weapon cabinet, It displeyed his power arour, cloak, thunder hammer, bolter and various other weapons. He sat at his desk and massaged his temples, his new zealot would have to porove himself and could Iki hack it as an inquisitor?.

He picked up a data slate and read more about the dead blackstone, he had scanned the text several times alreay and his new read told him nothing new. He poured himself some whisky and laid back in his chair. He clicked a button and clasical high gothic played. He relaxed in the soothing atmosphere.

06-10-2005, 00:03
"Like you said, not a helluva lot of time." nodded Sal, as they headed towards the medical bay. If they were concerned about time, no doubt Thane was as well, and if they weren't quick, he'd have gone ahead and 'helped' Tes before they could. Emperor save them from well meaning fools..... "You just tell me what you need me to do."

"A Talisman of Vaul?" Kerin exclaimed, choaking on her drink. No wonder the Inquisitor had sounded worried. If the Daemon they were after was able to take over the heart of a Blackstone Fortress, the damage it could do would be unthinkable. It also explained why the Inquisitor was tolerating the presence of Eldar in his retinue. She looked at Adrian, and put her hand on his shoulder. "This is going to be very bloody, my friend. Prepare your soul, for the fight will be hard. But we will get through this."

06-10-2005, 03:28
Adrian stared at Kerin and for a second he was convinced they would get through anything. Just a second. He had no idea what a Talisman of Vaul or a Blackstone Fortress was, only vague stories and myths. But he knew one thing, he had a tough trip ahead of him.

"May the Emperor hear you." The medic replied with half a smile.


Jackson listened to the announcement and let out a grumble. "A handful of madmen trying to take over a Blackstone, dead or not, is just suicide." He emptied his glass. "Ah well... who wants to live forever."

06-10-2005, 20:04
Radis nodded. "Just make sure he doesnt kill eather of us!" He let a small laught escape his lips as they made there way to Tes. "I dont thingk it will be as bad as when you and I both have needed this kind of help before so just make sure there is nothing for him to use as a weapon when he wakes up. He might panic again when he come out of this." He makes sure Thane is not around. "And make damn sure that magos is not around eather!" He smiled as they reached the med room and the doors opened. He shook his head as a male nurse was trying to restrain Tes yet again only to have the restraint snap like a twig. "All of you are to leave this room NOW!" He walked to the side of Tes's bent and broken bed. He looked to Sal and nodded. "Let us begain." He placed his right hand on Tes's forhead and closed his eyes.

06-10-2005, 20:36
Tes was cornered in his own mind what ever it was that was trying to take him over had somehow been able to control the very mind that used to be Tes's all that was left now was to destory him what ever it was that the invader was it was strong Tes now wished that he had spent more time protecting his mind building up stronger defences and prehaps not useing his powers in such a flashy way, the sky above him cracked with red lighting as the storm clouds broke and would then reapper. he knew that this was no longer his mind but as long as he still was within it the invader could not use it. though he had fought deamons before the invader did not feel like one it was famaliar to him. he did not know why it was.

"I just want to live just as you do Tes"

tricks they had to be he looked around and saw that the black cloud which appeared to be the form that the attacker had chosen was acclacerateing towards him. no more running he though to him self.\

he turned to face his foe.

"you may kill me but you'll never have my body"

at then end of his word he jumped towards the smoke demetirmed to destoy it though he knew it could destory him he planned to drag it screaming down to hell with him

Thane McHammer
06-10-2005, 21:17
Thane knew that something was wrong as soon as the screaming started.
He had just removed his mask, and was putting on the goggles that covered the glittering remains of his eyes. He knew that scream: The scream of a man that was fighting for everything he had left.

He snarrled out an order, and the Shadow detatched itself from the wall in a fluid motion.

The priests, go, now!

It nodded, and sprinted out the door in the direction of the chapel. Thane rummaged through his belongings, and eventually came up with an old, dusty leather pouch.

I've not used you in a while, old friends...

He ran down the halls, the screaming echoing in his ears. As he rounded the corner to the medic room, he slowed. Two guardsmen were standing guard, nervously looking at the door behind them. One of them caught sight of Thane walking towards them, and started towards him, hand up.

I'm sorry, Magos. You cannot ent-

He was cut short as Thane whipped out his pistol, and the man suddenly tasted cold, hard metal as it was shoved in his mouth. Light reflected ominously off of Thane's goggles, his voice as cold and as brutal as the weapon in his hand.

I am Thane McHammer, The Hammer of Iron, Senior Priest of the Blessed Omnissiah. I act with the blessing of the Fabricator General, and it is to the High Lord himself that I answer. You will step aside, NOW!

The man gulped, and shook, spittle dribbling down his chin. He moved aside quickly. His partner suffled out of Thane's path, and the man's eyes widened with shock as he looked past Thane. The Shadow was hurtling around the corner, two robed forms carried over it's shoulder. Thane grimaced.

About time...open!

The door slid open smoothly, and a wave of hot, acridic air hit his face. Tes was on a large table, his clothes ashes around him, his face contorted in pain. His mouth was open in a silent scream, and his sightless eyes stared upwards. One of the Eldar had his hand on Tes' forhead, and it looked up quickly, and started towards him, anger billowing around it in a cloud.

How DARE you! We were about to heal him!

Thane tried to push past him, but the other Eldar joined him, blocking him off, eyes hard, jaw set.

Fools! You think that because you are attune to the power that is the Warp, you know everything he snarled.

And you do? One of them answered.

I know more than you think. I am no mere mon-keigh...

He shoved past them, stopping short of Tes' bed. Heat rose off the mans form in waves, rising quickly. He has been suppriesed the Eldar had been able to touch him, but he couldn't worry about that now. He waved a hand, and the Shadow entered, and dropped it's extra weight.

The two priest stood up, rounded on Thane, and were preparing to give him hell when they finally caught sight of Tes.

Holy Father! They intoned as one, before making the Aquilla sign over their chests. By the look in their eyes, Thane knew that they understood what they were dealing with.

What can we do? Tell us how we can help.

Thane opened his bag, and threw it to one of the priests.

Open it, and give me a spike and the Hammer.

The man opened it, and withdrew a wicked looking spike and an ornate hammer. The spike was of silver, its length inscribed with intricate script and litanies. The hammer was equally ornate.

Thane grabbed hold of Tes' wrists, and held them away from his body, untill the man was spread eagled on the table. The smell of buring leather filled the air as Thane's gloves began to burn.

Take the spikes, and drive it into his palms...

As the priest moved to comply, the Eldar stood in their way.

Who do you think you are?! You will cause more harm to him. Let us work!

Her pose and tone was angry and assertive, but her eyes betrayed uncertainy. Thane motioned with his head.

Once the shell of his skin is pierced, the silver will provide a better link to his mind. Do you see now?

Understanding lit up in her eyes. With the shell broken, they would have an eaiser time accessing him, and the blessed silver would help expell the deamon.


One of the priest held the spike, and the other swung the hammer, once! Twice! On the third blow, the spike went in smoothly, and Tes' body bucked. One of his arms was now secure.

The other one!

The priests moved again, and pulled out another spike. It went though on the first try. Tes was now stuck to the table, crucified though his plams with the spikes. They began to smoke, the blessed litanies in them reacting to the evil in his blood. Thane grabbed Tes' head, which by now was whipping back and forth rapidly, red foam frothing from his mouth. His face contorted as he struggled to hold it still.

He motioned with his head to the xenos.

Each of you, touch one of the spikes. Do not touch his flesh. Do your work now. We will do ours.

He jerked his head to the priests, and they flanked him, each one holding a lit candle and a stick of sweet smelling incence, and a small prayer book.

Now...pray with me...

As the Eldar touched the spikes, and closed their eyes, Thane and the priests began to chant, low and harmonious.

Ave Empori, gratia plena, Dominus tecum, benedicta tu in muliéribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui Tes. Sancta Empori, Padre Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in ora mortis nostrae. Amén

They repeated this chant, over and over.

The battle for Tes' soul had begun...

07-10-2005, 02:07
Tes battled in his mind he couldn't fight but there was something odd the being was not destorying him or causeing and harm it was restraining him. this was not odd he was surpised that he was not being torutred or raped by the deamon something was amiss try as he might he could not break the bonds that held him down.

08-10-2005, 17:24
The med-bay dppr opened and ruben strolled into the bay, he looked to the eldar pinned on the bench, his expresion did'nt change. He walked over and studied his form. "If the eldar has not stabalised in an hour kill him" Ruben growled...

09-10-2005, 04:19
/OOC: WGB: I'm pretty sure the scene is Tes pinned to the bed by a silver spike, with Thane and Radis holding onto it, trying to dispel the daemon from his body..

"He'll either be stable in an hour, or dead." Salrian nodded at the Inquisitor. No doubt whatever was inside Tes wasn't happy at being psykerwhacked, and would probably retaliate in kind. Not having any detectable psychic talant, he couldn't do anything except provide moral support for the mortals. He looked on at the cold sweat beading Radis' face, and frowned. He didn't like being this helpless, especially since the entire thing was his idea. Clearing his mind, he took up the chant from Thane and the preists.

Kerin knew that something was wrong as soon as Radis began his work. A palpable shockwave shot through the warp, triggering every warning instinct in her body.
"Gimme a detox." she rasped at the bartender. When he hesitated, she pulled Injure out of it's holster. "I'm a drunken eldar with a boltpistol, do you really want to make me mad?"
A few moments later, the barman gave her the detox shot. Kerin looked at Adrian.
"Something's happening, we may need you." she said, sharply, getting up and running in the direction of the medical bay. She walked in on an exorcism in full swing, and nearly doubled over from the psychic turbulance in the air. Radis and the human Magos were deep in Tes's soul, using imperfect silver spikes as a conduit. "Let me help." she said, pulling a couple of wraithseed crystals from her belt pouch...
what are you doing? demanded the Magos, breaking the chant for a second
"She knows what she's doing" Sal assured him, as Kerin placed a crystal on top of each of the spikes. With a single clear note, she sang the crystals into the structure of the metal, the wraithbone increasing the spikes psychic bandwidth five fold.
"Opening the door a bit wider." Kerin assured him, before placing her hand on Radis shoulder, and lending her mental strength to his own.

09-10-2005, 05:47
The medic emptied the last glass and followed Kerin to the med bay not sure what she was saying. He followed Kerin into the room never expecting what was waiting for him in there.

"What the..." Adrian stood speechless at the sight of the crucified Tes. After an instant he recovered understanding what was happening, his brain searching for a solution. He checked in his mind for any drug he knew that could help Tes in his psychic battle. But through standard medicine he was not going to find the answer.

'The stuff from the chapel!' Adrian's eyes suddenly were wide open and his hand searched franticly through his med-kit. He produced a flask of a thick red liquid that changed constantly from a dark blood to a shinning red. "Emperor's blood" The medic whispered staring at the sacred liquid.

He took a blessed adamantium syringe so it would not be stopped by the heat or cold of Tes' flesh and took 100ml of the fluid, on the verge of a fatal dosage. He walked towards the psyker and before anyone could stop him he plunged the syringe deep into Tes' heart releasing the potent psychic liquid into his bloodstream. He felt something crawling up his hand as it got near to Tes' body, and as the needle pierced into the his chest a psychic bolt traveled through Adrian’s body and threw him against the wall at the end of the room.

He felt as if all his internal organs had just been squeezed by a gigantic hand. He looked at the syringe stuck to his hand after the psychic bolt burned it into his flesh. It was empty, the medic smiled. ‘You didn’t liked that, huh? Bastard.’ He muttered in his mind hoping the daemon could hear his thoughts.

"That... should weaken if not... severely damage any daemonic presence... and give Tes quite a strength boost..." The medic said between coughs in reply to some angered looks.

"I'll be fine damn it. Go help him." He said giving a hard look to a priest that left the chanting to check on him as he pointed at Tes. He saw the priest turning as reality became a blur, and then nothing.

Thane McHammer
09-10-2005, 11:12
Thane forced a grin as the wraithbone fused with the silver.

Ahh...what I wouldn't give for that ability...

He had failed to notice the medic inject Tes, and the only thing preventing him of laying into him was the fact that from Tes's chest, something looked like it was trying to push itself out. The hard shell of his skin cracked and bulged as what looked like a claw ran it's edge along the inside. It receded, and was replaced with the outline of a beastial face. Everyone looked aghast, and Thane cursed colourfully.

Damn! It's trying to skip possesion, and go straight to manifestation.

The skin began to push upwards as the daemon strove to birth itself, but Thane acted. He lifted both his hands high over his head, fists clasped together, and brought them down hard onto the rising mound. It collapsed with a sickening squelch. Everyone looked at him, eyes bulging. He took his place again, holding Tes's head firmly.

I don't want to have to do that again...any chance we can speed this up?

He looked over at Radis' still form.

And will someone get some help for him, as well?

09-10-2005, 13:04
[kl- i know]

Ruben unholstered his revolver and held it loosley by his side. "If that deamon tries to birth again we may have to kill it, Ive seen these foul creatures get fused to the human beforfe and it isnt prety, prehaps the xenos can survive longer" Rubens voice showed no compasion or care for the eldars life.

10-10-2005, 00:58
Tes was fighting for his life. in his own mind he knew why the Deamon was familar it was the that possessed the Inqistors Female. Tis creature would fight and tear at him it seemed that all was lost but just when the sky seamed to break and he saw not the fire and lighting of the deamon but blue sky though it was only for a moment but the sunlight caused the deamon to pause to sheild the light form it.

Tes took this chance he ran this thing was to powerful for him to fight here but there was one place in his mind where he could fight it. once place he had not been to in a long time.

at the very thought Tes was there inside of his mind cave last time he was hear was when he was a little boy when he had allmost been beaten to death by his father. but he was also afaird of it when he last emerged form it he had been changed and his father was no where to be found execpt for the blood in his hands and the guts and bone in the room. he hoped that this would not happen again. the deamon would not find this place easily he decied that he would be ready for it. and begun to make the cave a fortress within his mind

10-10-2005, 23:34
Radis stepped forword again and as he did so he chanted in Eldar a chant normaly used by farseers as Kerin would know it was a dangers chant. Blue arcs of lightning begain to dance up and down his arms. He stepped up to Tes's side and with speed unseen by human eyes grabbed his head at the temples. the lightning slamed into Tes and ran straight into the deamon as it tried to claw it way out again. the lightning did no damage to Tes or his body but it was clear that it hit the deamon dead on. it quickly retreated back and Radis knew it was now or never. He focused once more on Tes and kept his hands on his temples as he joined with the Man. Radis could feal the deamon. it was close. He could not find it yet but he knew it was close. He flew through Tes's mind learning about most of the man life and events he had been through. He found a Cave that he knew would be a haven for Tes. "Tes It is Radis. The deamon is week for now, we must find a way to banish him! will you be ready to attack if I lead him in here!?"

10-10-2005, 23:49
Tes appeared form around the corner with a blade in his hand that did not seem to be real but rather made form his own mind.

"Radis I can and Shall, It had weakened me but something you or someone had done not only weakend it but gave me strength, Hurry Radis there is not much time"

Tes then disappered back into the darkness

"Bring the abomnation here and I can take care of it it fears me for some reason Thats why it has not come I can feel it. It is bidding its time trying to kill my body as you must allready know Hurry Radis there is not much time"

10-10-2005, 23:57
Radis nodded and flew away. He suddenly felt the deamon as a bolt of evil energy just missed him. it was now that he abilities would be tested. he formed a spear of energy and the spear flew at the deamon. The deamon dodged but underestemated the power Radis held of the spear. It returned and slamed into its back as the tip burst through its cheast the tip split into a clawed hand. the hand grabbed the deamon as Radis took the spear he dragged the deamon kicking and screeming back into the cave. He ripped the spear back and stepped away and waited for Tes to finish what the deamon had started. "Now Tes, strick true."

11-10-2005, 00:37
Tes was reday he let go of the Roof of the cave and kicked off it as he flew at the deamon he formed to large Blades there were covered in blue fire he stabed the deamon makeing a x with the baldes and were the blades met in the middle of the Deamons body he stood there and looked at the deamon and vice vsera red and blue lighting begun to crackle in the wounds that Tes had made but he had not noticed the wounds that the Deamon had made on him self.

"If you want to live Radis leave now"

Tes begun to craclke with more and more blue light until he seemed to be lighting and nothing else he englufed the deamon in thw lighting and a ball of pure engery in the begun to destroy the cave.

(in the real world) Tes broke free of the slive spikes that cruficed him he begun to flail around the room his skin becomeing whiter and whiter until it was to bright to look at. a Flash that burned every ones shadow into the room occured. Then When the light faded and Sight was returned to every one Tes was in the corner naked in the fetal Postion he rose form it but he was not the man he was before.

He had grown taller and black and blue tattos were all over his naked bodys the end of his fingers seemed to have sharped nails btu on a closer look it could be seen that they were in fact claws all hair was gone form his body. He smiled and his teeth could be seen with blood seeping threw them and large incsior (like a vampires) could be seen as well. Tes then finally opened his eyes and at frist they were compelte black but like a fire they the black was burned away and then his eyes were competletly white swicth colors form red to blue balck to white he closed his eyes again and opened them they were not Tes's eyes something was odd about them but form a distance it could not been seen that he did not had a black pupil but instead a compelte color that seemed to slowly change color

"it is done" was all Tes said before he collapsed again but this time it was natural he was Tired and needed sleep

11-10-2005, 10:23
Slowly, Kerin picked herself up from where she'd fallen, knocked down by the psychic shockwave of Tes' victory and apotheosis. She shook her head, trying to clear the fog of psychic exhaustion. Just aiding Radis had drained her, so she could barely begin to imagine how he must feel. She felt strong hands around her arms, and let Salrian support her.
"Take two, and call us in the morning." The half-man remarked, quoting an old human phrase. His voice sounded husky and cracked from chanting and praying. "You done real good love."
"I hope he thanks us, Salrian." Kerin replied, nodding as she looked at Tes' new form. She smiled over at Adrian. "Remember this day, human. Your intervention, and ours, saved this man's soul and mind. Remember this, and tell me your single guardsman life doesn't matter."

Thane McHammer
11-10-2005, 10:56
Thane's voice sounded from under the table, where he had been thrown by the explosion. Pulling himself up, it became apparent that he had gotten the brunt of the force. Half his face was melted away, showing extensive bionics.

"Ughh....yep...I'm all-right too, thanks for asking...."

He looked at his reflection in the metal table, and frowned, something that was made especially grotesque due to the melting.

"Damn me...I'm ugly..."

With that, he fainted.

11-10-2005, 22:08
Ruben turned and headed from the med-bay
[right, its gonna be next day, everyone report to the hangar, tes and Thane may not be in good shape but Ruben won't care, if he doesnt come he might as well be exicuted. You should all prepare for deamons- lots of deamons]

11-10-2005, 22:35
OOC/ Hey Adrian also had a rough time with our daemonic friend. :p /OOC

Adrian's body was one big mass of pain. He had stuffed himself with painkillers after being waken by one of the nurses at the med-bay alongside with Thane and Tes.

"You must be kidding me." The medic replied to the nurse telling him he was supposed to be at the hangar. He watched as the mechanicus and the psyker got up as heavily as him.

"Anyone in need of some painkillers?" He offered. "I know I do."

He went over to Tes and filled a normal syringe with serum and one drop of the 'Emperor's Blood' diluted in it. "This small amount is just to aid the regeneration of the psychic wounds left by the battle."

After administrating the drug he looked at his right hand. The palm was now one big scar after the adamantium syringe had been removed.

"I forgot to soak it in holy water before touching you. But there wasn't time for that anyway. Could have been worse." He said smiling at Tes' who seemed about to ask how that happened.


Jackson stepped into the hangar one of the first this time. Since he had nothing to do with the exorcising. He had taken a few extra frag grenades from the armory together with a bolt pistol since he was unsatisfied with his laspistol performance, but he still had it at his side just in case.

11-10-2005, 22:52
Radis nodded to Tes and left his mind just before the shockwave plastered him agenst the wall. He landed hard on his hands and knees and left a good sized dent in the wall were he had hit. He drew his witchblade and used it to pull himself to his feet. "Its is as he says. he has won this fight." He nodded to Sal and Kerin. "Thank you Kerin, had you not aided me I dont think I would be alive right now." He gently placed a week hand on her shoulder. "Get some rest." He smiled and headed off to his quarters.

Radis walked into the Hanger as though nothing had happened to him. He looked at th few suprised looks he got but payed them no mind. He simple stood silently and waited for Sal and Kerin to come as he had the first time they had met in the Hanger.

11-10-2005, 23:48
"I feel like I've been hit by a wraithship." Kerin sighed, as she and Salrian walked into the hanger. Her ears were still ringing from psychic overload and her entire body ached. Still, a job's a job.
"Well, at least we're alive." Sal remarked, checking the clip in Revenge. He waved over to Radis. "Ok, back to work, I guess..."

11-10-2005, 23:49
Tes looked at Adrain he had changed so much in such a short time.
"Thank you sir, I hope that I did not cause injury to you. But there was no other way I could have lived."

Tes got up form the bed and pulled on some pants didn't even bother with putting on a shirt. He walked over to Thane's bed

"I'm Terrabily sorry for what i have done to you This is the least i can do" with That tes put his hand over Thanes body and slowy mummbled something under his breath and begun to heal Thane, it all most looked like his face was melting but in reverse. all thane felt was a cool sensation under his bandages

"your skin may be back but it is still quite tender I owe thee my life and i Thank you for what you have done do you need help to get to the hanger Priest ofr the Machine god?"


Set walked into the hanger bay he had heard about the excorizemie and wanted to go but the INquistor told him him to contuine he sutdying. He stood next to the Inquistor the only thing different about him was that he had a large ][ on the front of his chest and around his neck that he wore with proud pride

12-10-2005, 00:27
Jackson was standing in the hangar as all the eldar arrived. He had been briefed on the psyker’s exorcise. He had heard something last night, but he concluded he would just be an annoyance.

He walked towards Radis and Kerin. Hostile looks were in order, but nothing he wouldn't expect. "Good job with the psyker." He said coldly with a slight nod of approval before turning back to where he was. He wasn't comfortable with his comment, but he still had the decency to give the xenos credit for being of use at a situation he had nothing to offer.


Adrian stepped into the hangar after Tes. He saw Set in the inquisitorial outfit and for a moment he thought he was having a bad dream. He would have laughed at the idea not days ago. But he did not laugh; he walked towards the new zealot dead serious.

"Congratulations Set. Didn't expect it from you though." He said with a smile as he waited for the inquisitor's instructions.

12-10-2005, 02:42
"Thank you Adrain" he would have smiled but his large helmet blocked a view of his mouth so he decied not to.

Set checked his Guns clean and oiled he hadn't been given any new equipment by Ruben which was fine these were his prefered weapons of choice.


Tes walked up to Kerin and Radis and gave them a deep bow on a bended knee

"I owe you my life Eldar and thank you for allowing me the chance to take destory the deamon myself I am forever indebted to you." Tes rose and offered his large clawed hang out to shake both of there hands

12-10-2005, 12:31
After last day's terrible events, Klaas was deeply troubled. Seeing 'real' demons was quite different than hearing about them from the regimental preacher. Klaas had never thought of this much, but he had always assumed these beings were just an old man's ramblings - now he saw that he was dead wrong.
The young soldier took his sorrows to the ship's chapel, but strangely there was noone there. Not wanting to leave without doing something for his eternal soul, he prayed for guidance in the battles to come as well as for forgivance - for he needed to illegaly use some church equipment.
After finishing his prayers, Klaas liberated the chapel's library of several holy books and fed them into a scribe-automaton. The mindless servitor copied several dozen pages with prayers and admonishments for Klaas before he brought the books back to their rightful place.
Klaas took the copies to his chamber and started to fix them onto his armour, his backpack, even his weapons. When he was satisfied with the result, he tried to memorise the Litany of Banishment again, but gave up on the ancient text. He'd better read that directly from the book before screwing up in front of a demon.

================================================== =======
Next day
================================================== =======

Klaas entered the hangar bay, covered in holy scripture and with a good night's worth of sleep. Seeing everyone else being rather pale and beaten up, he gave his most cheerful smile and asked "'sup, people? Ready to go?"

12-10-2005, 20:08
As the last of the crew stumbled into teh bay the ship rumbled to a stop. The door to the hangar sho open and Stern marched in, Ruben alongside him. The team piled into the transport, Stern and Ruben were last. As the door slammed shut a deafaning silence echoed around the transport, no one knew what would happed next, no one knew what to expect. The docking clamps were removed and the ship shunted before motion was felt and it left the hangar. For the next fifteen minuite everyone sat in silence, broken by the occasional cough.

The ship eventualy shunted agin and the crew all took a deep breath before the transports door slammed open, a dull clang echoing for miles. As tey emerged into the ded blackstone they were all engulfed in awe. Everything was black, silver shimmered across surfaces and everything was so quite that no one dared speak. An odd noise suddenly pooled through the ship, holding to the walls, it was as if this leviathan was alive. Ruben broke the silence "Stern and I will head straight to the center, the rest of you search this place, I don't recomend you split up" Ruben barked, his voice somehow odd. Ruben and Stern moved away at a blistering pace, disapearing ito the black.

[okay you heard him]

12-10-2005, 20:26
Radis smiled at Sal. "Yes I guess so." He nodded to Jackson when he actualy commented them. He then looked to Kerin. "Are you alright?" He turned to Face Tes when he acme to them and he gave the man a slite bow in return. "You own me nothing Tes, It did what I could to Save a life, all life is importent in some way you will see that in time." he smiled at the man and shook his hand.

He doned his ghosthelm and drew his witchblade as they entered the blackstone. "agreed." he stood with Sal and Kerin as they started their patrol.

12-10-2005, 22:40
Jackson stepped ahead bolt pistol and chainsword ready. He turned to Klaas.

"Keep that missile launcher of yours loaded. We will need it." He warned before he started to walk slowly along the left wall.


Adrian entered into the ship while giving himself another painkiller. The scar in his hand started to become numb along with the rest of his right arm as the blackstone’s air touched it. 'Bad sign.' He thought as he checked the surroundings.

13-10-2005, 00:06
Tes felt a tingle in the air but didn't let it bother him so far he hadn't felt anything besides resuial Pyshic impressions they were storng but he couldn;t tell what had caused them.

He startled to walk casually down the hall like he reconized while the others stay close to the walls and peered around corners. What ever was here didn;t know they were here not yet anyway.


Set followed Ruben down the corrodior unsure of where they were going but that was not for him to worry about. he kept his trust in his lord Ruben and the God-empoer

13-10-2005, 10:49
"Probably Warp burn resonance." Kerin said to Adrian, noticing the way he was looking at his hand. No doubt Salrian was also feeling the effect of the soul-stormed air of the defunct Talisman of Vaal. "Your flesh knows how evil this place is, now."
"We really shouldn't be here." Sal growled, as he shifted Revenge into his right hand. Beneith the bionics on his left, his hell-blade burned flesh was twitching and shaking. His normally excellent aim would be next to useless. He was also afraid. Very afraid. "What is this thing, Kerin? You and Radis seem to know a lot."
"It was a weapon." replied the Bonesinger Adept. "Forged by Vaal himself during the War in Heaven, to be used against the Star Gods.""
"I know I'm gonna regret asking, but what did it do?"
"It blows up planets." Kerin answered, grimly. "Get a couple, and you can blow apart a star."
"Figures." Sal muttered. "Eldar Psychic tech, right? Means the whole damn thing can be posessed?"

14-10-2005, 00:01
Radis too was on edge even though his fetures where hidden he was not happy to be on one of these things. "I agree Brother we should not be here but if we can we should take the opritunity to get rid of this thing for good." He keeped his guard up as they walked the empty halls.

14-10-2005, 01:44
Tes was wandering the halls of the massive fortress knew this used to be a poweful war station but something was odd about it something didn;t feel right. and it wasn't the deadness there was something else

behind him

Tes spun but nothing was there. something was following him he didn;t know what though.........

14-10-2005, 07:10
"Loaded and ready, sarge. Don't wanna be going through the Litanies of the Missile, of Loading and of Readying the Sacred Launcher while some mad warp-spawn is clawing for my throat!"
Klaas balanced the missile launcher on his shoulder while checking the Auspex.
He shuddered from the chill breeze sweeping through the giant corridor. How big was that station that it would create it's own wind patterns?
"Guys, I know you don't like to hear that, but the Auspex signal is bouncing off those walls. Whatever is waiting on this station, we'll only see it when it sees us."

OOC - I'll be off for the weekend. Toy fair, hooray!

Thane McHammer
14-10-2005, 09:06
Thane sighed.

"Ancient Eldar tech, corrupted by chaos..." He looked around.

"Kinda makes you wonder why they leave these things around. I mean, anyone could just come up and take off with it..."

Everyone was giving him a "shut the hell up" look, so he just shrugged, and checked his pistols.

14-10-2005, 16:21
Ruben and steren entered the centere of the balckstone. A dark black bridge was encircled by the darkest sphere. The haunched figure of the chaos sorceror stood in the centre of the bridge.. laughing. The thing raised its staff and an evil violet flame flashed, reflecting from all the surfaces. The area surrounding the bridge was encased a streaming sea of the violet light. Flame engulfed teh sorceror and a huge black blob emerged, landing behind Stern and Ruben. The balck blob emploded and a blodthirster of khorn remained. It roared and Charged.Stern Turned and raised his halberd hig, ready for the beast. Ruben ran at the sorcere, shouting litanies of the emperor.


The balckstone flashed white and in a scene that mirrored the previous engagement and then made it worse deamons engulfed the ship. The powers of chaose caused the ancient ship to buckle and wreathe, the leviathan groaned.

[Im going t leave this to your imagination, nothing is impossible. Basicaly you cant get to stern and ruben. The sorceror has began to summon teh deamon prince so warp energies are flooding the blackstone ansorbing it.

14-10-2005, 21:45
"In the name of Isha!" Radis screamed as the Warp around them formed. "It has begun! Sal, Kerin stay close!" He formed a ball of lightning in one hand and waited for the first of the deamons to appear.

15-10-2005, 00:01
"Good... I hate the bloody waiting." Jackson said as the walls became alive as painful faces streamed down the structure and screams filled the chamber. A horror leapt from the wall only to find the sergeant's chainsword in the way. As the thing vanished many other daemons made their way into the room.

The veteran blew a fury's head out of the skies with his bolt pistol and jumped to the side avoiding the rest of the body that came crashing down. As he turned to pick a new target he barely managed to put his sword in the way of the huge axe coming right at him almost dislodging his shoulder. A very angry bloodletter stood in front of him. Somehow Jackson knew it was the same as before.

"You want a rematch? I guess daemons do not learn." The human spat at the thing giving in return a few blows waiting for an opening or a chance to use his bolt pistol.


Adrian was in the middle of the room as all hell broke loose. He took the safety off his stubber and tried to walk. But his legs wouldn't respond. He looked down and found his legs had sink up to the knees into the apparently solid floor.

Frustrated he tried to pull his lower limbs free, but it was no use. "I'm... errrr.... well... stuck... it seems." But there was no time to think on the hows and the whys of his situation, he should start shooting or he would be daemon meal in no time.

15-10-2005, 01:27
"Should've kept my bloody mouth shut." Sal growled, as he and Kerin formed up around Radis and prepared to give hell to the impending hellspawn. All around them the walls were rippling and moaning as the tortured souls of the fortresses previous owners struggled to make themselves known. "Watch out." Sal barked, grabbing Kerin and firing Revenge at a limb that had grown out of the wall and reached for her. It exploded in a gory mess, but others were beginning to form. He thought about drawing his dagger, but his hand was shaking so badly he'd likely stab himself.

15-10-2005, 12:09
Sern dived away from a huge stream of fire. The bloodthirsters whip cracked next to him. He fired his storm bolter into the huge beast while he charged. A menacing blade came down on him, he dived away and rolled behind the thing, slashing his halberd before being kicked back. He stood and roared as he charged the rotated bloodthirster and they slashed at each other savagley, their weapons tasting each other, black sparks flying. Stern hopped away from the whip and again fired his storm bolter, the bolts however couldnt activate in time and bounced from the things torso.

Ruben swung his hammer, it found its mark on the sorcerors chest but his armour absorbed the energy. Ruben ducked from the staf and swung his hammer to block another blow. He swung again, smashing the staff away. The sorceror jumped back and pulled a horific blade from his robes, screaming faces tryed to get out, it shimered obsidian black, broze and gold. The thing struck his hammer for ethe first time and a force blew them back, black and blue energies swirling around.

Ruben atacked, swinging the hammer into the sorceror, every time it was blocked. Ruben punched the libraiaran who opened him moth, a fould black liquid spewed out, Ruben hopped to teh side as it hit he floor steaming. He quickly tackled the foul chaos prophet and they rolled along the floor.

16-10-2005, 21:57
"Keep shooting kid, we don't abandon our own." Sal barked, as he and Kerin made their way to where Adrian was trapped, rattling off shots at the advancing hordes. "Love, can you sing him out of here?"
"I'll try." Kerin nodded. Singing corrupted Wraithbone was something that many had tried, but few had succeeded at. The stuff resisted control. Of course, she didn't need to control it, just loosen it enough to drag the medic out. She summoned up her energies, and sang a note, guaging the resistance. It was going to take a lot out of her, and several minutes. "Salrian, you'll have to protect us.."
"Yeah, I know." he nodded, gesturing for Radis to aid him. He glanced over at Jackson. "Hey, ape. We ain't never gonna be friends, but you don't help us, the medic's hamburger. What'cha say?"
With Radis and Sal at her back, Kerin holstered Injure, and knelt down. Placing her gauntleted hand on the floor beside Adrian, she closed her eyes and reached out with her psychic energy, feeling the tortured wraithbone matrix around her. Taking a deep breath she began to sing. Almost immediately, the floor began to ripple gently, but it would be several minutes before it had weakened enough for Adrian to be pulled out. What she hadn't told everyone was that anything also connected with the matrix would sense the intrusion. As she worked, she realised to her horror that every daemon on the station would know exactly where they were.

17-10-2005, 03:11
Jackson turned away from the vanishing bloodletter on the floor to face Salrian.

"Sounds fair to me xeno scum." The human replied as he took his stance beside the eldar and emptied the bolt pistol on the attacking daemons. As he reloaded he grabbed two grenades from his belt and gave one to Salrian.

"Don't waste that." He said throwing the other one in the middle of the daemon swarm.


Adrian felt how the pressure on his legs dropped slightly as Kerin started to sing. He tried desperately to free himself from the corrupted floor's grip, but it was still too tight.

He stared around and saw how the daemon ranks seemed to increase with every passing moment as they poured from the walls. He looked at his stubber and cursed for not having time to get himself another gun. Adrian was about to suggest that one dead medic isn't as bad as one dead team, but Kerin must have heard his thought because she gave him a look that kept his mouth shut. Suddenly the explosion of Jackson's grenade gave him an idea.

"Sarge! Throw me a grenade!" The medic yelled at the veteran.

Jackson wanted to ask an angered why at the medic's request, but he was too busy avoiding getting his head taken away by a passing fury.

"I hope he knows what he is doing." He said as he quickly tossed one of the explosives at the immobilized guardsman. As the fury came for a second try Jackson activated his chainsword and beheaded the daemon as it flew by him. He paused to catch his breath and saw how the room started to look more and more as the warp itself as the daemon numbers seemed to double by the second.

"This may take time." He said as he lifted his bolt pistol, no need to aim, he was bound to hit something.

17-10-2005, 15:42
Klaas fired his missile launcher directly at the ceiling when a gaping mouth formed there and tried to swallow him. A shower of blood and flesh rained down on him and the rest of the group.
The guardsman quickly drew his bolt pistol and started shooting wildly into the enemy onslaught. It jammed after the fifth shot. After cursing roundly, Klaas produced the small book he received from the priest and leafed through it to find the Litany of Banishment.
His voice stumbled into the prayer's unfamiliar High Gothic, but gained shurety and volume after the first two verses.

OOC - I'll leave the effects (if any) to you, warlordgrubnatz.

17-10-2005, 18:12
As klass mutered the last of teh litany of banishment the horrors swarming around jacksone began to transform rapidly. The screeched and screamed before setteling into dust. They grouped together and mored deamons attacked...


Stern blocked another blow from the hedeous beast. He sprawled from teh floor were he had been knocked and swung attacks at the beast, ocuping its sword. The whip crashed down, snapping at his bolter arm. Steng roared as he was cast to the ground and his arm becamed deatached. The bloodthirster reared up preparing to attack, Stern pushedhis halberd up into its belly. It roared and bought its sword down on Sterns head, decapitating the fearless kinght as it disolved into ash.

Rubens eyes were filled with fury as Stern was killed. He unleased a flurry at the sorceror adn then blasted his face with pycic lightnig, his flesh was seraed but he showed no pain and kept fightig with his tormenting blade...

18-10-2005, 00:20
Radis nodded to Sal as he moved to protect Kerin and the Medic He lobbed a plasma grenade into a group of deamons and sent a ball of lightning into another. He took up his witchblade and comtinued to defend his friends and teammates from the foul hordes. He took a few hit but his armor keept him safe. His ghosthelm was what was saving his life more then his armor however and he used it to his advantage whenever he could. A deamonet lept from the wall at Sal and another at Kerin. as they closed with him he slashed the one coming for Sal in half before doing a backflip over Kerin and stabbing that one in the chest. "Keep them off her no matter what!" He stayed closer to Kerin now that more deamon seamed focused on her.

18-10-2005, 01:51
Set unleashed on the deamons with his guns he didn;t know if they were working but it seemed to keep them at bay which was enough for set


Tes knew the deamosn weren;t sure what to make of him which was for good reason he was half deamon/human he didn't want to tell Ruben but th only way for Tes to have survied was to take a part of the deamon inside of him.

he walked past them if they didn;t attack him he wouldn;t attack them yet he had a idea were the sorceror was for the deamon inside of him was supposed to foil there plans but faild

the gig was up

He knew he didn;t have much time tes statred to run as fast as he could and the deamosn begun to chase him Tes smiled he rembered this for before but he know it wouldnl;t end like it had last time

18-10-2005, 11:26
"I'm doing my best." Sal barked back at Radis, as he ducked some sort of flying stingray beast, and fired Revenge into it's underside. The beast disappeared in a cloud of gory mist.

Deep in concentration, Kerin barely percieved the battle raging around her. She was fully immersed in the art of the Bonesinger now, both feet firmly on the path, and it was rising to meet her feet. This must be how an Exarch feels, completely given over to their path. The Wraithbone matrix of the station glowed and pulsed before her, part of it writhing away from her touch, part of it straining towards her. She nearly cried as she percieved the agony that the nearly living psycho-plastic had been through, the daemonic posession and torment, the reactions to those who had come aboard before.
She could hear the Daemon whispering too. It percieved her, spoke to her, offering her unlimited power if she only gave in to it's twisted disires. Cold sweat beaded her face and body as she struggled against the temptation.

18-10-2005, 20:16
Radis stopped as he suddenly felt a great power around Kerin. He urned and through the vision of his ghosthelm his heart almost stopped. around her body was a great deamon trying to get into her. "SAL COVER ME!!!" he ran to Kerin and knelt infront of her and placed his witchblade next to him. Then he took both hands and held Kerins tempels gently and started to giver her his own energy and whispered softly to her with his mind. "I am here sister and Sal stands with us. never give into the darkness for you are the light that sends it back to the hells it was spawned." Once he was completly conected with her he felt the pain of the wraithbone and he body winced from it but it was not enough to brake him and he stayed with her.

18-10-2005, 23:09
Jackson thanked Klaas and gave him his spare laspistol, even though the litany seemed to work better. He watched as Radis knelt near Kerin and stood completely still beside her while Salrian did his best to keep the swarm of warp spawned creatures at bay.

"This people and their great rescue plans." He grumbled as he started hacking with his chainsword at a newly formed group of horrors. Then something bothered him, he looked at one side and saw one huge bloodletter amongst the other lesser daemons taking his axe and throwing it straight for Kerin as if the thing knew what she was trying to do. The veteran was standing not two feet away from the eldar and the axe would go right by his left side. Jackson didn't know when he made the conscious decision but in one reflex move he extended his bionic arm just in time to get in the way of the flying axe and its target.

He felt how the muscles around his left shoulder snapped, how the bond between his flesh and the metal limb was twisted and wrecked in pain. He heard the crashing noise of the breaking mechanisms as sparks jumped from the impact of the daemonic blade before the arm hung lifeless from the punished shoulder as a spare part of a broken dummy.

The axe after the impact against the obstacle placed in its way performed an arc only inches above Kerin and Radis heads and imbedded itself into the corrupted floor beyond them.

Jackson fell to one knee biting away a scream of pain that tried to escape his throat. He let out a silent groan and forced himself to stand up again, with the left half of his upper body now useless and drowning in pain he held his chainsword high and prepared for the furious bloodletter that came to recover its weapon. He had no chance.


While the battle developed around him Adrian took some bandages from his med-kit together with three bottles of holy water retrieved from the chapel. He strapped the bottles tightly around the grenade while he mumbled incessantly. "This has to work... this has to work..."

Then with a prayer to the Emperor he took the pin off the grenade and tossed his improvised device with all his strength to the ceiling. The grenade exploded and holy water started raining over the battle.

19-10-2005, 17:11
[good posts guys]

Ruben headbutted the sorceror, pain throbbing arund his skull. The two fought, both twirling, slashing and blocking, none able to get the upper hand, time was against Rubens side though and he knew it...

20-10-2005, 10:17
"KERIN DON'T LEAVE ME!" Sal cried out, hoping she could hear him through her fuge state. The Holy rain was doing some good, Daemons were screaming with pain, faltering in their attacks, some of the weaker ones beginning to disappear back into the warp. He drew in close to the kneeling pair of Eldar, and slipped Revenge into his holster, pulling out his toxin dagger. A hiss to his left caught his attention, and he whirled around, finding himself face to face with a Daemonette. Instantly entranced, he froze...

Deep within herself, Kerin felt the warm surge of power from Radis. Part of her mind heard Sal cry out for her, and the knowledge of the love they shared gave her the strength to rebuke the daemon whispering to her. As she did so, she felt the Wraithbone yeild to her will and power. She felt the daemonette near her, advancing on Salrian. So many times, he had stood over her, protecting her while she was helpless. It was her turn to help him.
"Get away from my man, BITCH!" she willed her body to say, as a sharp spike of wraithbone erupted from the floor, impailing the beast.
With Sal safe, she concentrated on Adrian. The wraithbone around the medic began to become unstable. She couldn't will it to spit him out without kiling him, but a good heave would get him free.

Sal blinked rapidly as the Daemonette disappeared. Suddenly free from the enchantment, he turned his attention to the Bloodletter advancing on Jackson. With a quick flick of his wrist, he flung his toxin dagger at it. The corrosive poison wasn't going to kill the Daemon, but it would hopefully level the playing field a little for the soldier.
"I want that back, Ape!" he remarked.

20-10-2005, 13:04
tes saw that the mob of deamons chaseing him was getting to large he couldn;t take it to ruben or stern they would be crushed by them he had to "skim a bit off the top" tes stoped and turned around and looked at the deamons

the deamons stoped as well. they were crying out to him tes was unsure what was going on then he saw his reflection in a puddle of water he looked more deamon then human

he had started to grow spikes form his shouldars elbows and knees his hands were scaled much like the rest of his body his legs were bent back wards. it seemed like he had traded his body for one of a deamon but able to keep him mind. it didn;t matter the foes before him needed to be destoryed.

Tes screamed at them and charged towards them the deamons seemed confused but only for a moment the begun to attack him as well.

(finish post later)

20-10-2005, 16:39
Ruben swung his hammer again and agian, the sorceror blocked. He kicked into the torso onyl to be punched. He recoiled and his enemy atachked only to be rammed back. Ruben flicked his hammer up, narrowly missing the sorceror. He was treated witha volley for the deamon blade, scaring his golden armour. TYhey fought back towards the black orb, spinning, blue lightning spinning from it, red heat burning, pain flowing.

Ruben pushed out his hand and a blast of psycic energy as released, causing the sorceror to jump back, ruben fell to one knee as the sorcors psycic pain meleted through him. He slowly raised his hand blocking the energy. They clashed again, sparks were flying and Ruben swung his hammer again and again, it caught something, the orb.

The sphere shattered and the sorceror dived to grab the fragments, only to have his head smashed open by Rubens hammer. Black mist rose from the shattered skull, drifting up and dissapearng. A lound noice waved through the ship and the blackstone buckled. It shook and buckled and groaned. Parts of teh indestructible hull began to tear open and fire exploded from the walls...


[sorry about the abrupt ending, its up to you weather your character was killed or not. Part to will ebgin in a few week and it will be quite different, Ruben will only apear now and agin, and I will take a manegaerial role, please sign up]

28-10-2005, 00:10
Episode two- frozen darkness

On the deck of the spear, orbiting the planet Malphesteron primus in teh imperial fleet

Inquisitor lord ruben leaned over a table. He owned a scared and bald head, partialy covered by his armour. His suit was a dark black, as if chared by some great flame. Flapping behind him was a crimson cloak and a golden hammer across his back. Sat at the tabel were several indivduals, some xenos eladr, an inquisitor, a gaggle of imperial guardsmen, two familiar to Ruben, the rest were green, they were the best on paper but lacked comabt experience.

Ruben sopoke, silencing the seated peoople as even those who knew him feard him. "This is maphesteron Primus, an iceworld" his voice was deep, husky and almost mechanical "it is currently besiged by the forces of chaos. The pdf is fighting with blood pact, world eaters, various traitor cults these in turn are fighting each other". Behind him a mapp flashed up showing an urban landscape, "this is the law quater, outside the main hive on the boarder of a vast ice plain, You will be inserted here. it is vital this area is secure so reinnforcments can be dropped there. From here you will proceed to a second objective, any questions?"

28-10-2005, 14:34
Tes stayed in the back he wasn't even sure if Ruben could see him. He knew that Ruben didn;t trust him. just on the simple grounds of what he was. He knew he wasnt human any more but it didn;t bother him at all he liked it.

Tes skimmed the surface thoughts of people nothing interesting he saw some people he knew. over the past few weeks people have come and gone. and there was that small incadeant with Set and Ruben Tes didn't know what that was about but he wasn;t gonna worry about it unless he saw Set on the other side. Set was a force to be reckond with. allmost as good or just as good as a tough marine.

"When do we start Ruben?" Tes's voice had also changed it was harsh and craclkeing. and sounded like something that had come for the depths of the warp. Which he had

28-10-2005, 19:54
Radis took his place next to Sal and Kerin as he always did noding to those he worked with on the last mission. He listened to what ruben had to say about this mission but looked back at Tes when he spoke. he feelt sorry for him. any Eldar in his case would have killed themselves or begged to be put out of their missery.

28-10-2005, 20:38
"Which of the enemy factions is in control of the law quarter or is it still being fought over? Will this be a combined operation with the PDF on the ground?" Jackson asked out of curiosity more than concern. His new bionic arm shinning to his left still waiting to deliver some Emperor's justice.


Adrian watched the map showing the landing location silently while playing with his ring.

"How are we going to be... 'inserted'?" The medic inquired. It sounded too much like a bumpy ride through a storm of artillery fire, he hated those 'insertions'.

28-10-2005, 21:52
"You will be inserted via dropship a mile ut of the city. The anti-aircraft fire is too great for any ship to get higher than a few thousand feet so you cant be inserted directly. From an imperial instalation you and some imperial guard will move through the subtaranian tunnel to the law quater. Once their you will move with imperial forces to capture the arbites prcinct and then the rest of the sector" Ruben explained. "it is expected you will face chaos forces but an ork fleet is heading this way and will fall on the planet in 2 days time. You are dismissed"


Malphesteron Primus, law quater, administration building 147

Sergeant Cellar dived to teh floor as an explosion rattled the building. Las-fire hailed above him and smoke belowed around the room. Cellar grasped around above his head, he felt metal, his las-rifle. As he grabbed it he stood and ran to the wall, hitting it hard before more death reined around him. "Sergeant their shooting at us" trooper Jenks shouted, "Shoot back" Sergeant Cellar screamed back. He turned to face the courtyard, snow covered it like a blanket, stained with blood.

Light glinted on he metal face plates of teh hundereds of blood pact who poured for the adjacent building. He aimed his las rifle and fired, as did him men, all around him the administaration building erupted as fire poured out. The traitors were charging, some were only a 100 metres away. He fired his rifle, hitting a traigtor in the chest. An explosion sent him to the ground and bullets flew over-head, as he sprawled to his feet a darkened figure ran at him. Quickly he swung up his rifle smashing the intruder to teh floor. He pulled his knife from his belt and stabbed it into his opponents neck...

[right that was a little background, this will be a cityfight-style mission 9at least at first) you will need to requisition equipment from the quatermaster, after that the bar is free. You may controll teh guardsme going in with you.]

28-10-2005, 23:40
Once the breifing was over Radis walked up to Ruben. "Lord inqusitor if I may be so bold. You say an ork fleet is heading this way. I have a fleet of my own that can help turn the green tide from this world should you need my forces to aid us They wait in the webway as we speek." he sent a mental message to Kerin. "if you and Sal need anything that this mon-keigh does not have my ship is close by and I am sure I can properly equip you both."

28-10-2005, 23:45
Ruben looked at radis funnily, he frowned "i don not apreciate being called mo-keigh xenos" Radis looked suprised "You forget my psycic poweres were increased after the blackstone incident, The imperial fleet doesnt require the help of any xenos, the ork fleet will be delt with but it is likely several landers will rach the surface despite our efforts, the oks are very numerable. your fleet would only be a furthur hindrance to us" With that Ruben continued to head for the bridge.

28-10-2005, 23:53
Radis nodded "very well I will keep my forces in hidding until such time as they become of use." he too turned and walked back to Kerin and Sal. "well my friends let us prepair for war." he looked at Jackson and smiled "I do hope your new arm does not freeze down there human." he knew that jackson hated his race for not being human but jackson had a sense of humor about him. he then looked to Adrian. "Prepair yourself good sir for you will be needed by many loyal guardsmen down there." he patted the medics shoulder. He liked Adrian because he was a truely honorable man with a good heart. one of so few humans.

28-10-2005, 23:57
Ruben arived on the bridge and the door loked behind him. His leiutenant, Pike nodded to him. The bridge was a triangular sort of shape, very dark, the edges were lined with computers and their operators and a stairwell lead up to a smaller elevated deck. Ruben walked up onto this and sat at his cahir, gazing at the monsterously huge ice world before him.

29-10-2005, 04:01
"Another day, another world, another ass to kick." Sal remarked, grinning at his fellow warriors. "Ork's will make a change from monsters. Reckon we've got everything we're gonna need, Radis. Kerin and I both got plenty of ammo, and I think Murder... " He held up the sword Kerin had sung for him after he'd lost his toxin dagger. The Bonesinger shook her head in amusement. Typical for Sal to give it a name like that.. "Is about ready to be broken in."
"This, insertion.." Kerin whispered to Adrian, curiously. She'd never been on a dropship before. At least not an Imperial one. "It's not a comfortable ride? I've never done this before."

29-10-2005, 17:18
Tes left the room and walked around the ship not needing to do anything to get ready. He started to feel his deamon side of him comeing up form the depths of his soul. That meant only one thing. the warp and real space was growing thin. no one saw him last time when this happend after staying in the blackstone he looked like a full fledged deamon. He had started to learn more about his inner deamon. He knew it was powerful. possaibily even a deamon prince. but so many un anwsered questions and it did not like to talk and when it did it tried to hurt tes. but he was not possessed by the deamon he was rather one of the deamon. no matter what either of them tried there were soul bonding for ever made one. he didn't even know if death would seperate them.

30-10-2005, 02:21
"Not comfortable in the slightest.” The medic said laughing. “Most of the time it is like falling from the skies inside a metal box while some ogryns try to dismantle it with huge iron maces." Adrian explained to Kerin. “But Emperor willing we should be alright."


Jackson gave Radis a malicious smile. “If it does freeze I will hold you responsible.” Then as he left for the bar he remembered something, brought his hand into his pocket and walked towards Salrian.

“It’s the last time you send me fetching for your weaponry xeno.” Said the veteran in his common angered tone while he gave back the toxin dagger to his owner. Before the eldar could say anything he left to get himself something to drink, enough civilized treatment with xenos for today.

30-10-2005, 08:27
"Last time I throw it at something trying to eat you, Ape." Sal nodded at the guardsman, his voice barely disguising the gratitude. He'd missed the weapon, a reminder of someone he'd respected. He and Jackson would never like each other, but there was mutual respect there, something Sal didn't give lightly.
"His arm shouldn't freeze." Kerin remarked quitely to Adrian, holding up her own mechanical hand. It was a crystalline structure, seamless and beautiful, if cold, containing the same dynamic wraithbone matrix that her old gauntlet had used, giving her a ready supply of wraith-seen crystals. "It's had plenty of time to bond to him, and I know the one who sang it. It's not a masterwork, but compared to human bionics, it's extremely high quality."

30-10-2005, 12:21
Radis smiled at his new and old friends as he sat back down and pulled out another of the cigars he had befor the first mission started. "I have more of these if anyone would like one." he held up a few for the silver cigar cases to show the others. "The marines who make them tend to do so in bulk so I will not be running out any time soon."

30-10-2005, 15:47
[time to get this show on the]

Ruben stood watching as the party of guardsmen and xenos piled aboard the trident, a higly customised dropship, slieek based up a valkire but larger. Itwas a sliver with red inquisiton insignias on each side. Is engins roared into life and the door slowly closed, the party sent of with a convinent smile from Ruben, his lips slightly turned up but his eyes deep, determined and unfrgiving as ever.

Inside the ship rattled as it left the hangar, the pilots caefuly maovering the joysticks and pedals out over the hangar to wards the drop bay. A set of clamps attached to the ship and it was lowered into a hole, suspended ver the planet, protected by an invisible force feild. After what seemed like hours teh clamps released and the ship dropped. Inside it felt like being shot into the air at an extremly fast speed.

The ship plummeted towards the planet and one of the guardsmen howled "Whooooooo". It was so fast you couldnt see, your eyes bluredand it was hard to breethe, it felt like being pulled upwards while evrithing around you was pulled down. The ship shot through the atmosphere and suddenly straighted out, flying normaly. The ship headed for the imperial compound, in teh distance was a huge black spire with a grey drab polled around it: malphesteron hive and the surrounding city.

Everything else was white of an icy blue. The pilots marvelled at the planets beauty before keying the intercomn. "Imperial base this is teh trident imperial craft, requesting landing code 112376" The pilot waited for a esponce. They looked at each other, something was up, the radio kicked into life "land, land now, we are under atack and are request immediate assistnace.

The ship sped up and the pilots sped towards the outpost. They saw gunfire in the distance and below 3 skif like transports, black and spiked fired green ordinance at the outpost. The pilots flicked switches and two missiles launched from the side of the trident. They rolled and barreled into one of the skiffs and it exploded in orange and green flame. The ships autocannons kicked in, pattering the deck of two others sending figures diving over the sides.

As it got closer to the outost it slowed and suddnly stopped, the jets spinned round and it desended on an exposed landing pad, the doors slid open...

[Okay dark eldar (were did they come from) are raiding the outpost. They are very skilled in close combat, very fast. Some can dodge las rounds and kick grenades back. Jackson is in charge and outside is chaos. They are mainly warriors with somesybarites (squad leaders) they wont kill you because they want you alive but will put you in serious pain. Rp the guard in your squad who are hardened veterans with a sniper, plasma gun and medic with loads of riflemen. Also rp the guard around you, a junior oficer is in there somewere.]

30-10-2005, 19:47
When Radis saw that they where facing the dark kin he roared a battle cry in Eldar as he dawned his helm and drew his pistols. one the door opened he charged out into the fighting his shurkn pistols sending razor disks into the dark Eldar. He ran up to one warrior as he holstered his pistols and before the warrior had a chance to attack him he grabbed the dark eldars head and snapped his neck. "RAAAAAA" Sal and kerin had never seen such rage and hate from Radis sense his wife's soul stone was lost and the brutality he showed was shocking to say the least as he showed no mercy to his enemies.

30-10-2005, 22:03
"Very well men. You know what to do. Coordinate fire, this bastards like to dodge shots. If close combat is inevitable do it in pairs or you'll get butchered!" Jackson stepped barking out from the dropship's open doors as the freezing wind hit his face and the sound of battle raged around them.

A hail of fire from the hardened veterans disrupted the eldar forces around the dropship allowing them to disembark without major difficulties. He saw one of the dark eldars who seemed to be one of the leaders in the middle of combat, more spikes and more elegant fighting moves. He turned to the sniper.

"I want that eldar and any other that looks like him out of action fast!" He ordered and while the sniper left for a suitable location to start shooting he saw Radis' berserker onslaught.

"Kerin." It was the first time the veteran called the eldar by her name. "I would advice you and your xeno friends to stay near our troops. The ground forces could easily mistake you for the enemy." With that he went back to yelling orders at his men.

“Watch that left flank! Govin, Henson, Bergman go help those men.” He fired his bolt pistol hitting a coming dark eldar in the chest. “Don’t get isolated, stay close!”

This was his place, standing tall in the middle of battle commanding the forces of the Imperium. He was once more the long forgotten colonel that was erased from the Imperial records along with all his achievements, but he was still alive.

He grabbed a nearby guardsman. “Go tell whoever is in charge that inquisitor’s Ruben reinforcement are here.”

Adrian had no time to analyze the battle situation before he was already working at the call of 'Medic!' that came from all around. He knelt beside a convulsing soldier while his friend tried to keep him steady. He checked the man's body and found a few cuts from shuriken fire. 'Dark eldar poison' thought the medic searching for the antidote in his med-kit.

Later he was containing the hemorrhage from a guardsman that had tried to grab a grenade that had been kicked back at him by an eldar and the thing went off in his hand talking away almost half the upper limb with it.

It was going to be a long day.

31-10-2005, 00:41
Tes sprung into action. He jumped into the the trech. and quicly cut at one of the warroirs. he exchanged blows with the warroir but he was no real macth for Tes with his power. He punched the creature he fell back wards a little bit and then he stabed the creature threw his glass eyes into the real one he grabed the inside of the creatures skull.

"you think your a childen of darkness, FACE YOUR PAST!!!!!" he said as he let the creature it would die soon.

31-10-2005, 09:29
"Good point, Jackson." Kerin yelled back. She turned to Radis. "He's right, humans aren't too choosy about their targets. Better keep them in front of us."
"Who are these guys?" Salrian demanded, as a Dark Eldar warrior closed on him, swinging a curvy bladed knife. Sal ducked, and fired a bolt round into the warriors crotch, blowing both of his legs off. The warrior combusted in a ball of fire as the drugs in his system reacted with each other. "Emperor's teeth, why'd he explode?"
"Combat narcotics in his system." Kerin yelled back, trying to remember the few times that she'd encountered the Dark Eldar. Only once, long ago and it hadn't been at all pleasent. She shuddered. "These are the fallen kin, the Dark Eldar. We can't let them take prisoners, you have no idea what they'll do to them.."
"No prisoners, no worries." Sal nodded, pulling Murder out and whipping it in a wide arc, liberating two Dark Eldar from the tyranny of their heads. One of them exploded in a fireball, the other dissolved into a puddle of green slime. Obviously the combat drugs were a little unpredictable.

31-10-2005, 12:20
Kerins voice broke him from his rage and he nodded just before cutting another warrior in half from right shoulder to left hip. He used his blink generator to teleport himseld next to Sal. "Save some for me brother!"

31-10-2005, 16:18
As the battle raged the eldar numbers were thinned. As the imperial forces started to get the upper hand a nearby tritanum wall section exploded and two large raiders zoomed in, brushing the balck smoke aside.

Colonel o'neild span to see a dark eldar leering on him, 3 quick bolts from his pistol blew the eldars back open. Corporal henderson was running towards him, gasping for breath. "Sir" he panted "The inquisition forces have arrived" he gasped. O'neild nodded "we need to take those raider" he motioned to the skifs and they cahrged, followed by several other guard.

Dark eldar umped off into the guard ranks, kicking down guad and spiking them with blades and armour. Others dived from teh raiders, females, partialy clothed with wild hair. as thgey landed they span, blades slicing. Corporal hederson howled as his arm was chopped away and a warior spiked him with a terrific bayonet.

[two raiders armed with dark lances and a selectionof witches have joined the fray. Something is wrong, eldar kabalites dont ally with wytches and they seem to be killing the guard not capturing.]

01-11-2005, 06:40
Adrian was just leaving another unconscious guardsman stable when the two raiders made their entrance. He grabbed the wounded man and tossed him to the side as a huge piece of the wall’s structure hit the place where he was laying.

“Now what.” The medic said sighing as the wyches killed with horrific efficiency the guards around them. He had blood on his hand and face along with several missing pieces of his uniform that had been used to perform tourniquets; he could have been confused with a casualty if he had not been standing.

He felt how something landed behind him. He pulled out his laspistol and turned around at the attacking dark eldar. But before Adrian could pull the trigger the xeno spun and kicked the weapon out of the medic’s hand. The creature grinned at his helpless prey and started to close on him slowly, enjoying the desperation of the mon-keigh.

Adrian backed a few steps keeping his hands open at the eldar looking as harmless as he could manage.

“Pitiful mon-keigh. You should at least try not to die in a way unworthy even for your kind. Now you d…” But the eldar was cut off in the middle of the sentence as an unexpected blow from the medic’s right hand hit him right in the face with as much strength as Adrian could muster.

“Next time use a helmet arrogant grox!” Adrian yelled as he tackled the dazed xeno to the ground making him lose his weapon. The medic knew he had few seconds to take advantage of the eldar’s carelessness before it was too late.


“This is new.” Jackson said. “These wyches shouldn’t be here.” He whispered confused. He shook his head, no time to think about technicalities now.

“Men! To me!” Yelled Jackson as the wyches clashed against colonel O’Neild’s forces. He knew wyches were deadly specially when they charged, but they were also very vulnerable to counterassaults. The sergeant gave a quick look at the nearby veterans and riflemen that rallied to his position as he took a deep breath.

“For the Emperor. Charge!” He yelled at the top of his lungs with his chainsword stained in dark eldar blood and toxins showing the way and began running towards the dreaded xenos.

They joined the fray just in time to keep the guardsmen from breaking. With great momentum they took the wyches by surprise and many of the female warriors were crushed between the two imperial forces since they were still concentrated on their previous targets. But they were far from defeated and started fighting back viciously as the dark eldar around them came to their aid.

01-11-2005, 20:57
Colonel oneil clambered onto the raider deck were close comabt raged. He activated his cahinsword and quickly pushed it into an engaged warriors back, showering him in blood and treating him to a sick gringing noise and a shreik from the xenos. He withdrew it and along with help from some guardsmen fought his way to the front of the ship, his sword finding another dark eldar.

Mounted to the skiff was a dark lance, a heavy weapon used by the dark edar. "demitris, mann that gun" He shouted to one of his troopers.

01-11-2005, 21:43
Tes jumped onto the ship that Oneil had commenddred.

"get me close to another ship!" Tes said as he held onto the railing as he stabed a warroir in the gut and threw him over the edge.

if tes could get on a movieng skiff he could do some real damage.

01-11-2005, 21:58
O'neil swung his chainsword decapitating his fourth kill. He turned to Tes "We need to take the command deck" he shouted and motioned to the other end of the ship. As his men bagan to battle forward, slowly making headway due to numbers.

01-11-2005, 22:17
Tes jumped over the guards men and a few of the warriors he landed on one of the dark eldar and snaped its tiny neck. He elbowed another one in the face grabing the gun with the other hand he swung it around and sunk it into the chest of a warroir that was about to attack him. he tripped the xenos he just stabbed and riped the blade out and threw it at another Dark eldar across the ship. Reailty was starting to weaken soon he woudl start changeing. He just hoped he didn;t get mistaken and killed by a fellow servant of the empoer. allready he started to have claws on his hands and a sliver hard skin was working its way up his arms and legs. his eyes and turned compeltly white. Tes focused for a moment and then let out a force wave at the other Dark Eldar they were foolish to think that they could fight him off.

02-11-2005, 20:52
"Salrian, our ride's here!" Kerin yelled at the halfman, as she deftly disengaged from the Dark Eldar warrior who'd cornered her, and hoofed it towards the Raider that Tes and O'Neil were fighting to commandeer. With elf-like dexterity, she made a flying leap towards it, the wraithbone claws in her artificial arm lengthening to puncture it's hull and hold on. With her other hand, she got a grip on the guard rail, before a strong arm reached down and dragged her up onto the deck. O'Neil nodded at her, but didn't spare the breath to speak as he resumed his fight.
"You're going to regret coming here, BITCH" Kerin heard a wytch spit from close by, in Eldar. She whirled around, and brought her artificial hand up just in time to parry a blow from a poisoned dagger. As it was, it bit deep into her wrist, disabling the metanerve connections, and rendering her hand useless.
With her other hand, she brought up Injure, and sprayed the wytch with bolt shells.
"That's Bonesinger Adept Bitch." she spat at the corpse, as she holsterd Injure and drew her sword, catching up with O'Neil and Tes

02-11-2005, 21:30
Oneil reached the back end of the ship, his sword stained with many xeno's blood. Tes was changing rapidly, witch was worrying but wouldhave to wait. O'neil grabbed the controll pannel of the raider and pushed the joystick forward. The ship zommed forwards, smashing through warriors and wytches, heading straight towards the other raider.

The raider shoock and many were thrown o their feet as it collided, the second raider flying into the air and rolling over, landing in a ball of flame and strange xeno smoke. All aroun the dark eldar were diying, the battle was won. Tes took dep breaths and hid deamon side began to push itself back inside him.

O'neil was on teh ball and quickly began giving orders. "captain hedrix, take command. Re-fortify this base, get the wounded into teh med-bay. Inquisitroal retinue and, err, jhonson, come with me" He barked.

the veteran squad had stayed calm under jacksons calm command and had suffeered no losses, and the retinue followed oneil to a large hangar and entered via a side door. Inside was dark and cold as teh biting, frosty, air outside. A rockface driped with dank sweat and a gleaming train stood before them, decked in guns and imperial guard.

"this is our way into teh law quater gents" O'neil anounced as he hustled everyone on board.The doors hissed shut and clamps disengaed, a few seconds later the plain shot off at a terifying speed. Oneil opened up a lap-top device and pressed buttons before a small 58" hologram of Ruben poped up, a light buzzing noise furthering its presence.

"We have noticed warp anomalies in your area, must have been teh dark eldar kabal you encountered" Ruben began but was interuptred by radis
"Those were no meer kabal, they had wytches in their ranks" he informed ruben. "Hmmm, realy. I will look into this but xenos are not by buisiness. I have decided to place jackson and radis under joint command. High command inform me that due to the... unusual crcumstances we will ally with the xeno forces of prince Radis and farseer Garaon, but i am... unhappy. You are to expect heavy fighting in teh law quater, bloodpact troopers and traitors are fighting room for room with our loyal guardsmen. It is unclear why the blood pact are here so far from the sabbot worlds but prehaps you will descover why that is. If we can free up the AA guns we may be able to drop you some guard and xeno forces, Ruben out" The hologram went dead, leaving teh carradge in silence to discuss the sit rep from Ruben.

03-11-2005, 03:19
OOC/ I'm confused here, does that mean that Jackson and Radis are in command of the inquisition forces alone? Or that includes the rest of the guard aboard the train? /OOC

Jackson looked at Tes and barely managed to conceal his shock at the changes the psyker was suffering. 'As long as he doesn't turn to the enemy...' the veteran thought and shook his head to mind other business.

He was annoyed by the fact he had to share command with a xeno, but at least he knew this one and, as much as he hated to admit it, would do a good job.

The train shook as it sped towards the law quater. Jackson was pleased with his new bionic's performance; he barely noticed it was an artificial limb and not his own arm, a feeling he had forgotten a long time ago.

"They sure know how to built bionics... I'll give you that." He said to himself as he moved the bionic fingers slowly before checking his bolt pistol and counting the rounds he had left.

“How many men are on this train?” Jackson asked O’Neil.


Adrian was exhausted after killing a dark eldar single handedly and had a bloodied bandage on his forehead as a reminder of his action. He sat silently while he checked the dagger he had taken from the xeno, much more sharp and lighter than any combat knife he had seen before.

03-11-2005, 09:32
"Battlefield repairs are a lot easier too." Kerin remarked to Jackson, holding up her hand. She'd taken advantage of the brief lull in the fighting to sing repairs to her damaged wrist. "The materials humans use don't have the conductivity to create true feeling, and the electrical energy doesn't translate well across the syanpse gaps. Wraithbone mesh's directly to your nervous system, so there's no signal loss."
"You're expecting anyone but you and Radis to understand what you just said?" Sal asked, glancing around at the blank looks that the Bonesinger adept was getting.
"Point made." nodded Kerin. She turned back to Jackson. "If you get it damaged, I can patch it up for you. Or make any modifications you'd like."

03-11-2005, 17:46
occ[ will arive soon, there are 10 veterans under your command and the other characters, you can however atempt to commandeer other guardsmen but they are likeley to be reluctant to follow you]

04-11-2005, 18:59
Tes looked around on the Train as it rockted along the tracks the wind in his face felt good. he noticed that a few more tattoos were either on his body or had changed.

The other men were set off by him not just how he dressed with the simple white clothes but aslo how he looked being 7 feet tall and bald with eyes that change color he would be set of if he was a normal human but then again was he even human?

06-11-2005, 13:46
The train suddenly came to a screetching halt. O'neil looked around, he opened his moth before his head exploded and blood was splattered around the carradge. Explosions rocketed the train and shots whirled around outside. Guardsmen shouted and everyone looked suprised.

[Ambush, traitor guard and cultists are everywere, they have snipers [as O'neil discovered] but most are untrainhed and poorly equiped hordes]

07-11-2005, 00:53
“Emperor’ balls!” Swore Jackson as he jumped to his feet and looked around at the chaos that had been unleashed around him. Fortunately his veterans stood fast and ready many of them already at the windows sending shots at the oncoming traitors.

“Hanz, the traitor snipers are all yours.” Jackson told the sniper. The sharpshooter nodded and quickly got near a window and started scanning the surroundings for a suitable place for a sniper to be hidden.

As the sniper’s first shots were being heard Jackson turned to Henson and signaled one of the defense turrets that was still operational after the first volley of enemy fire.

“Man that gun!” The sergeant said bluntly.

“Gittz, Govin. Find out why we aren’t moving and fix it. We need to get out of here fast.” As the two men leaved he got beside a window and emptied his bolt pistol on the traitors surrounding the train, each shell finding its target.

He took cover to reload and grabbed a nearby guardsman. “O’Neil’s dead. Who’s in command now?” The sergeant inquired.


Adrian had his eyes still fixed on O’Neil’s headless corpse when Jackson spat orders in every direction. He looked around and the guards were either dead or defending the train despite the injuries. Since his medical knowledge was not needed he knelt besides O’Neil’s body and as he whispered a quick prayer for the man’s soul he took the colonel’s bolt pistol.

He went to a nearby window and started shooting.

07-11-2005, 02:27
Tes stood at the top of the train he ran below decks there wasn;t enough time to get off the ship and fight the eninme in close combat and he couldn;t do any damage with his psyhic powers form here. but he could do something else

"you 2 go below decks and grab what ever weapons you can find and bring them up here. you 3 start shooting give us covering fire we just need to buy us some time!" Tes ran below deck and helped the men bring up the heavy weapons such as a heavy bolter and heavy stubber they couldn;t carry it but tes had no proplem He put the bolter on one side and the stubber on the other.

OoC/ if thats not fine Warlord just tell me/OoC

07-11-2005, 04:47
OOC: Sorry been so long I am workin 2 jobs now so I will be posting when ever I can.

IC: Radis did not mind sharing command with Jackson. he would leave the human forces primearly to him and as soon as he forces could make planet side then he would take care of them. He laughed at Sals comment to Kerin about wraithbone. but his laugh ended with othe attack on the train. He drew he pistols and sent his own shots into the enemy around them.

07-11-2005, 04:50
"I'll help those two." Sal shouted to Radis, gesturing to the two guardsmen who were headed down towards the engine section. If nothing else, they'd probably be swamped with cultists, and they'd probably need someone who wouldn't be afraid to offend the machine spirit, or hit the starter without praying for it. Thanking his lucky stars that that Tech-Preist, McHammer, wasn't around, he ran after the pair, reaching the engine door just as a gunshot sounded from within, and one of the guardsmens heads exploded from a point blank bolt shell.
"Ëmperor's teeth!" he swore, barging into the room and swinging Murder around, decapitating the Master Chief Engineer weilding the bolt pistol. As he died, electro-tattoos flared on his face and arms, displaying the obscene symbols of Chaos. From Salrians point of view, it was pretty obvious what had stopped the train. "Sonofabitch, we gotta be more careful who we hire...." He turned to the remaining Guardsman, who looked newly conscripted and about to wet himself. "You Gittz, or Govin?"
"Gittz, err..."
"Name's Salrian Magnum, Gittz. Call me Sal. You know anything about engines like this?"
"Yeah, used to drive stuff like this before I got scripted...""
"Good, Reckon that means you're Master Chief Engineer now. Reckon we can make this go, Master Cheif Engineer Gittz?"
"I guess... I mean, yes. Hell Yeah." replied Gittz, seeming to get his confidance back by degrees.
"Primo. Tell me what ya need, I'll guard the door."

08-11-2005, 07:20
Suddenly Radis stopped shotting as he felt the all to familliar presence of a warp jump generator. moments later from the top of the train he could see momofiliment nets fly down on the chaos cultusts befor them. he smiled as they ened up ripping themselves apart. The squad of warp spiders then teleported inside the tain. "Ah it is good to see you Altor!" Radis nodded to his spider exarch. "As it is to see you sire. We came as quickly as we could." Radis nodded. "your timing is perfect old friend now we have enemies to slay!" the exarch nodded before the squad vanised and more screaming from the cultests could be heard.

08-11-2005, 21:49
[occ- this will explain whats going on above ground, and explains the eldars precence :p]

Above ground hundreds of fighters, bombers and landers swarmed over the city. this sudden onlaught taking up all the aa guns. Landers wre droping all over teh city, providing loyalist renfrcments, some eldar.

dragnon peered into the distance through his wolfcub's cotpit, a chaos counter assault was coming, a black line in the distance. He keyed his intercome "Jade leader to all jades, move to formation 114, prepar missiles" He relayed his orders and teh squadron of 4 other wolfcubs moved into a rounded V formation around him. He looked down to the ground, horrific fighting,blastas and arms fire lighting the early morning streets up, fighters and plans going down everywere.

The squadron was aproaching the chas wave, along with hundreds of other fighters. The chaos planes were worse, in madjhority, but their hellblades, bats, were fr better than any wolfcub.

He keyed his vox again "Ready jades, fire one missile then break of, ready... ready... jade leader, shark 1" he cliked the red missile launch button, everal targets already locked, it launched off into the distance and he pulled down the joystick, piloting left and low.

As the other jades broke off his wolfcub was buffeted, explosions laced the sk and jade squadron was desroyed, 3 black objects swooped past teh flaming wrekage, bats.

"Nooooo" he screamed, before noticing a bat in his rear veiw miror. He yanked hard on the joystick, shooting towards the ground, the wings rocking wildly as if tehy would snap off. He pulled up, flying low, a couple of hundred feet above the ground mabey. His plain shook as the bat leveled out and small arms ire patted his cub's underbelly.

Sparks flew out of the console and the seat shook, a explosion seding the plane lopsided, the engin.

The cub swooped past a statue, of an arbite, he looked round to see a beseiged presinct before another explosion sent the plane upside down. he secreamed as he lost flight and felt his cun connect with teh ground, sliding across the floor.

09-11-2005, 03:04
OOC/ Ok. I'll assume that Jackson is the only officer left, either because O'Neil was the only other one or snipers downed them all. :p /OOC

While Gittz tried to smash the machine spirit back into operation a very confused guardsman stood staring at Jackson.

"Errmm... I believe that would be... you sir." The man answered to Jackson's question.

"Bugger." Mumbled the veteran. He looked at Tes bringing the heavy weapons and for the first time he wasn't disturbed by his appearance. "Good. We need that heavy stubber on that window and the heavy bolter should go on the the other side." He yelled over the gunfire.

He then stood up. It was obvious that the guards were at the verge of breaking after seeing their commander's head splattered on the wall added to the seemingly endless tide of traitors that surrounded them. There was no time to give anything close to an inspiring speech so he hoped he didn't need one. He started walking down the train barking orders with all the confidence and authority his voice could have.

"Get on your feet!... You call that shooting? I've seen orks with more accuracy!... You have grenades so use them!... Are you going to let those xenos embarrass you?... Don't let those bastards get close!... Your duty is to defend this train and by the Emperor you will!" He yelled keeping his head high as explosions shook the metal beast. He was getting exposed to the snipers, but if he didn’t then the train would be lost.

Suddenly an aircraft crashed not too far away from the train making the earth around it shake with the impact.


Adrian watched the crash and since the cockpit was still fairly intact the pilot could still be alive, it was close enough to the train to launch a rescue attempt. He caught up with Jackson and asked permission to get the pilot out of the wreckage.

"I will not risk the lives of several men... men that I need to keep this already fragile defense in a suicidal mission to rescue a pilot that, for all I know is already dead." The bearded veteran replied angered by the very proposal the medic was giving him.

Adrian stood in silence for a few seconds. He looked at the crashed wolfcub. Then the cockpit hatch opened and a half-conscious pilot tried to get out of the smoking junk-pile failing in his attempt.

"Well... now you know he's alive. And he may have valuable information on the battle situation surrounding us." The medic insisted. "At least give me some covering fire."

"You're crazy kid." The sergeant sighed after thinking on it for a few seconds. "Dorentt! Follow the Doc and help him bring that pilot in here. We'll give you covering fire." He turned to the rest of the men on the train. “Anyone else would like to volunteer?”

Meanwhile Adrian nodded and stood by an exit ready to start running for the plane.

09-11-2005, 12:18
Tes heard Adrian below getting ready to go save the pliot. Tes looked over and saw the plane it was indeed close enough.

Tes Grabbed the railing and launched him self over. before he hit the ground his skin had allready hardened and his claws grew out form his fore arm down it was covered in sliver green allmost metal skin.

"figured you could use some help" Tes said to Adrian He begun to run ahead Adrain he looked around waiting for a theart

09-11-2005, 20:08
gretle fired rapid blasts from his autorifle, two guardsmen dropped from the train entrance. He rolled as a hail of fire swarmed overhead killing tens of men behind him. He tood and fired a volley before being cut down.

Corporal Pike ducked, his first kill of the engagement. "lets get this damn train moving" he suggested before hopping back up and firing random shots from his las rifle.

Overhead teh skybattle was hectic. planes flew in all directions, missiles and explosions making it look like the very sky was alite. Leiutenant Houron flew a modified thunderbolt, heavily customised. He was an ace, totting 43 kills prior this engagement.

his plane swooped across the battlefeild and the besiged train. He pulled on teh joystick trigger, he had no tarets but his 4 cannons opened fire on the massed chaos infantry anyway, explosions from trucks and screams following their wake. He swooped up, two targes showing up, chaos mk124's, the worse planes they had. He fired two missiles and burst from his cannons, the planes transforming into fireballs as he swooped past.

[get that train moving and get teh hell out of there]

09-11-2005, 22:12
Tes ran and grabed the injured pliot and brought him quickly back to the train he jumped up to the top and brought adrain with him


09-11-2005, 23:25
"Let's get this thing moving, Gittz." Sal barked, as he smacked his umpteenth cultist upside the head, putting him out of action. The small gap between the carrage and the engine was proving to be a popular entry point for the cult, and they just kept coming. Fortunately, the press of bodies waiting to get in made it impossible for snipers to target the halfman, but he was really starting to tire, and if they didn't get things going soon, Gittz was going to find himself without much protection.
He lost his concentration for a moment as he yelled, and someone took advantage. Something heavy hit him in the back, and all of a sudden he was down on his knees, expecting to feel a knife at his throat. It didn't come. Instead, all the hair on his body bristled with static, and there was a dull wet pop beside him. An armored glove appeared in his field of vision, and he looked up.
"Sonofabitch." Sal growled to the Warp Spider, Altor. "You're not going to let me forget this, are you?"
"No, I don't think so." Altor replied, helping him up before disappearing again.
Sal shook his head, before turning back to Gittz, who was busy reciting the litany of combustion to the machine spirit.
"For the Emperor's sake, haven't you heard ot the litany of emergency starting?"
"No. What's that?"
"Machine Spirit, we give you honour, now is our time of need. Fire the chambers and let us fly." Sal said, loudly, before leaning over and hitting the starter control. The engine started with a roar, and the train began to move slowly along the track.
"Did you make that up?" Gittz asked, skeptical. The Machine Cult didn't do things quickly.
"It started didn't it." Sal replied, ducking the question.

10-11-2005, 17:09
The train rapidly picked up speed and before long entered through a set of steel blast doors flanked by two large turrets. The doors slowly beagn to stop and the train entered a heavily defended compound, surrounded by tritanium walls and full of bunkers, machine shops and other military buildings. The part left the wreked train and entred the compound propper.

mounted on watchtowers and the walls hydra turrets blazed away at enmy ships and infantry, surface to air missile also shot off from various btteries. makeshift tunnels of corrugated sheet metal housed tensof injured guardsmen, bloodied and wailing as medics bustled around them.

Techpreists walked calmly towards the train followed by a gaggle of biomechanic servitors and augmented acoylates. in one corner of the complex sat two modified valkires, they could fly below the impassable aa fire around the city. Above a battle still raged in the sky.

An important looking individual hurried towards the party, he was flanked by two guardsmen of the malphesteron guard, donning cadian style fatigues matching the urban/ snow cross of the city. The man wored a stout cap and a sword sheathed on his waist. he intorduced himself, "hello, I am colnel Reeves of the malphesteron 100th infantry division, welcome to instalation 311416, law central" by his voice you could tell he was the executive type, not ealy a cdombat solder but a man who was sent in starigt as an officer, probably from a rich family.

He lead them towards a large rockrete bunker, a swirling radio dish its only decoration. they went down a set of metal steps into the warm bunker. Against one wall some of price radis's warp spyders and guardians stood, smart and to atention, in the middle of teh room was a holgram of Ruben.

"I see you survied, good. As you know the law sector is important to imperial forces, its position provides a veiw of teh whowl city and is a greatlocation to assault the hive from. Once taken imperial forces can move into teh city and you will be moving out of the city for your other objective. now your next objective is to aid Colonel Reeves forces in saving teh besiged arbite presinct and a stranded judge named Deed. How you do this is up to sergeant jackson and prince Radis, Colonel reeves will lead half teh assault fore while you will lead the rest. The Xenos ork fleet is also inbound and I willbe engaging them, they will hit you in a couple of hours but The imperial fleet may be able to stop them, Ruben out" the holgram vanished.

[okay you can relax for an hour and plan your mission, the base has the valkires and some chimera transports, Reeves will be leading a lema russ demolisher. You have a couple of hundred men and bear in mind some will need to defend the compound. The trators are mainly infantry surrounding the presinct but some also have armoured vehicles and light tanks. you also have 12 new guardians and 5 more warp spiders]

11-11-2005, 03:06
Tes thought he could assault much of the enimey but he would need support.

"Radis May I lead the Warp Spiders into Battle, We can get behind our foes and you know the kind of Damage we can do" Tes smiled and his eyes flickered for once the Deamon in him agreed with Tes.

"Besides I am no use fireing a gun or maning a turrent."

11-11-2005, 03:58
“Well… if nobody needs my services I’ll go help those men. Let me know when we are leaving.” Said Adrian before leaving to tend to the numerous wounded that filled the place.

The first man he tended to had severe burns at least on 80% of his body. By the way the skin seemed almost melted it was probably a flamer, only promethium left those kind of burns. There wasn’t much to do, give him morphine and cover the burns in wet tissues to give some relief to the pain.

From the portion of the face that wasn’t burned Adrian could tell that he was only a boy. He probably wasn’t more than 17 years old. He shook from the fever and the pain. He became lucid for a moment and looked at Adrian.

“How I’m doing… Doc?” Came the painful question throw his dried throat, the kid somehow managed to gave the medic a smile.

After a few seconds of silence Adrian managed to say. “You need to rest now.” While he hold the dieing man’s hand until he fell unconscious again. With a sigh Adrian moved to the next one.


Jackson studied the possibilities of liberating the objective. The veteran turned to Radis and Reeves.

“We need to free the arbite precinct before the orks hit us, I have learned from experience to never hope for the imperial navy to do their job properly, that meant orks, lots of them.” He started saying grimly.

“Now the desirable goal would be to clean the area from chaos presence without damaging their defensive positions too much. That way we could in turn use them to keep the orks at bay once they arrive. But since we don’t have the time we cannot aim for this.” He explained.

He paused for a moment looking at the hologram showing the objective. He pointed to two fairly undamaged main streets that traveled parallel to each other to each side of the precinct and were connected by a smaller passage to the north.

“Here is were they will have their tanks. These streets are the only paths that you could move tanks on effectively without the risk of getting half your vehicles immobilized. Therefore we should launch a preemptive strike to neutralize the enemy tanks, if we do not do this our chimeras will get blown to pieces as they must also move through those same streets.” He watched and waited for a few moments before continuing. “The only way to do this, without the risk of destroying the objective we need to save with artillery fire, is to have a team of heavy weapon troopers armed with anti-tank weapons and demo-charges transported by a valkyrie to this ruined building behind the enemy positions. I'll leave the selection of this men to colonel Reeves as this will be his troops. This will be an extremely dangerous task. And someone has to lead those guards.”

Right at that moment Tes asked for permission to lead the Warp Spiders, the sergeant turned.

“Tes, you will be in command of the team assigned to destroy the enemy vehicles. Expect heavy resistance. You will have a vox-trooper so you can keep us informed.”

He turned to Radis.

“If you agree with this course of action then the warp spiders would prove useful aiding in this task disrupting the defenses so the imperial guardsmen may do their job.” Jackson suggested.

As he finished he asked. “Any objections?”

He was impacient, there was still much planning to do, time was against them, they where outnumbered and with little chances of success.

He smiled. Just like the good old days.

11-11-2005, 13:09
Tes smiled Air drop into a city and being allowed to blow up tanks what could be better

"how soon can I leave and whos' comeing with me Jackson? What kind of tanks are we talking about as well"

Tes begun to get his Mind and body ready, killing humans was one thing but machines different. But if he could rip a Metal door open he'd be fine

11-11-2005, 17:10
Reeves looked at jackson a moment, he knew more about tactics thjan the Colonel and was non-commisioned. "I think Sergeant Black can lead a team, he is my best man" Reeves looked up to a man in urban fatigues, the look of a grizzled veteran on his face. He meerly saluted and left the bunker.

"prehaps you would like to send some of your men with him sergeant" Reeves offered.

the spear, orbiting malphesteron primus in formaton with teh imperial fleet

Ruben looked down at leiutenant gren, one of his offcers "Sir, the andromeda coil is fully charged and the fleet is in position, and sir justicar Wayne wishes a link up with you" The man reported, Ruben meerly nodded.

A blue hologram flashed up net to his chair, a noble space marine of teh grey knights stood, his head bowed. "Inquisitor lord, I have 10 grey knights aboard my lander, they are yours to command as am I" he spoke with politness and respect.

"Justicar I request you send 3 of your knights to teh law sector while the aa guns are occupied and the rest may join my ship" Ruben spoke with an equal respect although technicaly this knight was below him. The knight nodded and teh holgram flashed away.

"How far out are the xenos" Ruben asked, leiutenant pike turned and neatly saluted "Sir they should be in firing range in 15 minuites" she reported. Ruben cursed "DAMN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE IN TWO DAYS" He bellowed and cursed imperial inteligence. "How long will the black templar fleet take to arrive" he asked impatiently,
"the astropath reported 5 hours sir" Pike reported, Ruben cursed again.


12-11-2005, 03:00
"Let me and Kerin head in with Tes." Sal offered, looking at the sitrep display. He'd been standing in the back of the breifing silently, his scowl making it clear to anyone who was inclined to talk to him that while he didn't really have a rank entitling him to be there, it'd take a squad of Kasrkin to actually eject him from the room. Radis had seen that look before, and every time a guard had approached him, he would quietly shake his head in warning.
Between the Eldar Prince's warnings and Salrian's general air of malevolency, no one had been quiet brave enough to challange him. "I know a few dirty tricks that might bring a few extra men home safe, and Kerin'll make it a damn sight easier for the team to co-ordinate with the Eldar crews. Plus, they know me, so we might be able to avoid any cases of mistaken identity. No offence, Tes.." he said, gesturing to the psyker. "But you're a little, odd, in a fight and I'd rather you didn't have to fight off guardians and cultists.."

12-11-2005, 03:14
Tes nodded

"Understandable, I can go in solo if that would be better." Tes also sent a mental message to Sal

"Aslo make sure you don't Go hellbent on killing the frist deamon you see cause it'll proply be me."

Tes had a feeling for this little adventure he would need all the help he could get.

12-11-2005, 04:17
Jackson deliberated a moment. He hadn’t planned on risking almost the entire party in this particular task. Added to the fact that they all represented important assets in such an operation it seemed most unwise to gamble with all of them at once. But then again the sergeant also knew they would work best together.

“Very well then. Sergeant Black and a squad of colonel Reeves’ men together with Tes, Salrian and Kerin will depart as soon as we have everything set for the main assault. Also I’ll be adding two of my veterans to this task force. This is no suicide mission, after a reasonable number of enemy tanks have been destroyed the thick of our forces will hit fast and hard to save you from the inevitable swarm of enemies that will try to overwhelm your position. This will of course work to our advantage. Also I’ll be adding two of my veterans to the team.” Jackson paused thinking about the battle to come.

“We will leave fifty men defending the compound. More should not be needed and if the situation calls for it the injured ones that are still able to fire a gun would add at least another 25 guards.” He checked the numbers a last time before continuing. “The rest will be the assault force. At least half of this force can be transported either on chimeras or valkyries. The guards moving on foot will come behind the faster elements and will maneuver to reinforce the places were the first wave of attackers are having difficulties. I will be on the first valkyrie to take off and command the first wave. I would recommend Colonel Reeves to be in command of the second wave of attackers, unless you wish to leave a trusted officer in charge of this force.”

He waited in silence after he finished explaining his battle plan.


Adrian had just finished amputating both legs from a guardsman that got ran over by an enemy chimera. He would live, but the chances of giving a mere guardsman bionics were, to say the least, low.

The medic sat to catch his breath after struggling with the poor man to keep him still since the stock of anesthetics had run out. He could still hear the screaming in his head. But he was used to it, he had done it before and he would probably do it again.

He saw that the party was getting ready for something.

12-11-2005, 11:47
Radis nodded to Sal's statements as well as Jacksons plans. He then looked to his spider exarch who silently nodded his agreement to go with the team and help in any way they could to keep the ground troops away from the team. "I will also have a wave of jetbikes make a distraction so your team can get into position. They will fall back after that so they can aid you if we do not get to you soon enough." He looked around the train at the guardsmen. "I will also have a reaper team placed here in case some heavier weapons are called for." He turned to Sal and Kerin. "If things start to go bad I want both of you out of there." he looked into sal's eyes. "dont do something stupid." he remembered how sal had almost gottin killed by the genestealers on his ship and was not about to have him kill himself here.

~the bridge of the Hammer of Vaul~
I want all fighters and bombers in all ships ready to launch a quickly as possible." Wraithlin sat in the command chair for Radis as he was on the planet. "Seer Wraithlin all crafts report ready for launch and all torpedos are loaded and ready." one of the helms men spoke in return to wraithlins orders. "Good all ships into attack formation lets send these vile beasts back to the hells that spawned them!" A massive fleet of eldar ships suddenly started to appear as more landing crafts made there way to planetside. At the forfront of the fleet was a voidstalker class battleship flanking the flagship where a number of cruisers and sworms of smaller escorts(1 battleship, 4 cruisers, 2 Light cruisers, 6 nightshades, 5 aconites, 3 hellibore, 6 hemlocks)

OOC: if thats to much for my fleet as it is its actual size I can tone it down

12-11-2005, 12:16
[that fleet looks good to me, you can rp it in the upcoming space battle]

Sergeant black and his squad of 4 other veterans piled aboard a valkire. Two of jacksons veterans and Tes followed. Salrian,Kerin and 5 more veterans entered the second. As the valkires took off a convoy of chimeras, rhinos, light vehicles and tanks headed out the gates followed by a long line of infantry.

Above the sky war was hotting up, more and more planes joining, hundreds mabey thousands of pilots were dying. The valkires zoomed over the ruined cityscape, every building could contain enemies.

The main body stopped out of the enemy tanks range sheltered by rubble and the infantry swarming into buidings waiting for the battle.

The valkires settled behind a building in an alley adjacent to the besiged presinct. It was sheltered by high sheer walls covered in abites and enforcers battling to keep their base under controll.

The squads departed silently from the valkire, a snails pace away were the traitor lines, massed infantry and tanks firing at the precinct, on the left a clear road chocked with enemy light tanks and artilery peices.


Pike bowed down "Sir the grey knights of justicar wayne have just arrived, the orks wil be in firing range withing 5 minuites" she reported "he has sent a drop pod of 3 knights to the planet, they wil arive in a few minuites" She continued. Ruben noded and stood up, gazing at the swarm of the ork fleet in the distance.

[laudren you can rp your fleet, anyone else can rp imperial ships but focus on your ground battles]