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25-10-2007, 16:01
Even though I've been playing Tzeentch for a couple of years now, I have to admit that I don't 'get' Horrors. Yes, they have a ward save, cause fear and can cast a bound spell once per turn... But they still have the stats of an average goblin, and are insanely expensive (especially if you add Flamers, which they more or less need to make them effective). Personally, I've always find a better use for the points in my army (another, more capable infantry unit, for example).

Am I missing something here? Is there a viable use for the squirmy little buggers other than making them with Indigo Fire? I would love to hear some of the experiences of other players out there...

25-10-2007, 16:33
making a unit of 25 of them and having a bound 10 magic missile? also a huge fear causing unit for about the same points as a warrior unit.

Wings of Doom
25-10-2007, 19:10
You'd spend over 300 points to get one not partcullarly jaw dropping bound spell off once per turn (the enemy isn't going to bother trying to dispel it)?
As for combat, ooh, they cause fear, but won't win combat on three or four basic, as they won't get any kills, and if but up against something they would win against are being wasted as the only things they'll beat are going to be far, far cheaper than them and expendable.
I use them in reasonably small units either to eek out enemy dispel dice or (in my DL) to provide a red fire and dispel dice a turn with the champion.

25-10-2007, 19:19
No, they're fairly worthless in a normal chaos army. Pretty good in a daemonic legion near a ld10 lord and witha real ward save... then they become insanely durable. And that's what you need. You need them to be able to hold in combat so they can cast their better, short range spells.

With anything less than Ld10, i just find they pop so quickly as to be virtually useless. (I use mine a furies because they look like they could fly and are just about the best daemon models on the market IMO.)

26-10-2007, 14:18
I've tried to do a demon army for each chaos god. Tzeentch was probably the worst of the 4. They didn't vanish but they didn't do any real damage. My demon prince and the change bringers were the only ones in the army that really did anything worthwhile.

26-10-2007, 14:30
I've begun debating using a small unit of horrors just to get the flamers honestly and seeing if that works. I've been trying to use them in my tzeentch minotaur army for a few months now and honestly its just not working at all. Recently I dropped them for favor of chariots and the chariot support my units so much better.

I'm figuring a minimum size unit with 4 flamers to start. If i'm keeping the horrors out of combat then I just need to keep each flamer within the safety distance? The bound spells almost never go off, and the only time I had a nice run of luck was against a skink army which I keep hitting them with the everyone in the unit takes damage bound spell.

26-10-2007, 15:10
Horrors only really work in a Tzeentchian Daemon army, and that only really works one of two ways, either -

A. Have as few of the compulsory Horrors as possible in your Flying Circus.
B. Have as many as possible and crank out the Bound Spells and Level 1 Wizards.

Despite other's predictions to the contrary... A huge amount of Horrors (an Exalted Daemon, a few Screamers and the rest Horrors with Champions in 2000pts) is incredibly nasty.