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07-09-2005, 19:41
Lord Edwin Murgoth was leading his retinue of knights, escorting the Lady Claire to her father in Alcoren. When they came upon the small sea going town Borteray. As his retinue approached the town Edwin saw a large ship sailing into port, something made him feel uneasy about that ship. It was not unusual since Edwin always felt uneasy, but this time something was different. Edwin continued to lead his retinue when suddenly he realized why he felt uneasy. He turned to his trusted friend Alfred and said, “Prepare for battle.” Alfred exclaimed, “Why?” Edwin replied, “There was no one sailing on the ship.” Alfred has heard stories of undead pirates, stealing ships then plundering ports, raping and pillaging, but he didn’t believe them. Could this be true? He wondered to himself, I guess I’ll find out he thought. Alfred then barked Edwin’s commands to his troops and they all prepared for the oncoming battle…

Luthor Harkon and his mates had been trapped on the isle of Lustria for some time, since their vessel was lost in a raging storm. It was only by chance that a Brettonian frigate happened near. Luthor signaled for help. The Brettonian frigate, approached to see what they could do to aid the trapped sailors. As they got close the commander realized it was a trap, but before they could escape Luthor’s Undead Pirate Mob, had already boarded the ship and begun to kill the crew. It was over quickly and the pirates overwhelmed and killed all the crew on board, cries of Hazah, Hazah broke out from the pirates. As they looked towards the helm of the ship where Luthor Harkon stood. He stated, “Mates we have a ship again, and we shall soon do what we mat’es do best. Rape, Pillage, and Plunder. Now let us head to the Brettonian port where this ship came from they have a nasty surprise awaiting them.” With that he turned to Carlos his assistant and said, “Guide the ship to Borteray, and the rest of us will remain below until we arrive.” And bring me the ships captain I have a special torture for him.

Note: Since this battle was in a league both Generals had no idea what army they were facing

Pitched Battle 2000 pts Zombie Pirates vs. Brettonians.

Lord Edwin Murgoth's Retinue of Knights: Brettonians

Edwin Morgoth – Lord, Barded Warhorse, Grail Vow, Birth-Sword of Carcassonne, Virtue of Stoicism, Mantel of the Damsel Elena – 249 pts.

Alfred - Paladin BSB, Barded Warhorse, Banner of the Lady – 174 pts.

Lady Claire – Damsel, Level 2, Chalice of Malfleur, Dispel Scroll – 150 pts

Lady Catherine – Damsel, Level 2, Brettonian Warhorse, Mane of Purebreed – 144 pts.

8 Knights of Realm, Full command, War Banner, Lead by Alfred – 241 pts
9 Knights Errant – Full Command, Errantry Banner, 221 pts
7 Questing Knights, Full Command, Valorous Standard, Protecting Lady Catherine -273 pts

19 Men-At-Arms – Halberd, Full command, Lead by Lady Claire – 122 pts.
10 Peasant Bowmen, Braziers, Musician, Villein, Defensive Stakes – 75 pts
1 Field Trebuchet- 100 pts.
5 Grail Knights, Full Command, Banner of Defense – 250 pts.

Total: 1999 pts.

Luthor Harkons Zombie Pirates: Zombie Pirates

Commander Luthor Harkon- 260pts

Carlos - Vampire Fleet Captain, Brace of Pistols, Light Armour, Slann Gold – 123 pts

Buck One Eye – Vampire Fleet Captain BSB, Dead Man’s Chest – 140 pts

Helenna – Syreen – 90 pts.

24 Zombie Deck Hands, Musician, Standard Bearer, Lead by Luthor Harkon – 159 pts
24 Zombie Deck Hands, Musician, Standard Bearer, Lead by Carlos – 159 pts
24 Zombie Deck Hands, Musician, Standard Bearer, Lead by Buck One-Eye- 159 pts

1 Queen Bess – 250 pts.
5 Deck Droppers – 125 pts.
1 Carronade – 70 pts.
5 Animated Hulks – 200 pts
5 Deck Gunners – 50 pts
13 Zombie Gunnery Mob – 91 pts
Bob - 1 Bloated Corpse – 30 pts

Total 1996 pts.

Battlefield and Deployment:

As Edwin neared the town he saw it was too late, as the Pirates had already burned much of the town. Apparently, one of the Pirates had a looking glass and had seen the Brettonians approaching the town. Because Edwin saw the Pirate army deployed and ready for battle. Edwin turned to Alfred, his trusted friend and former Shadow warrior, and “Asked what you see?” Alfred used his keen vision and said “Next, to the hill a line of Deck Gunners, behind the hill, Men being carried by bats. Then, it looks like five undead ogres. On the other side of the hill a Large Ships Cannon followed by a line of Undead Handgunners, and a beautiful undead lady behind them. Finally, across from our woods 3 undead units, each lead by a spiritual creature. With the middle unit one being lead by a vampire. And in between two units a small cannon, with crew. Then, a grotesque undead man his skin is bubbling and falling off his body. Lastly, I see some undead hounds my lord.

Edwin yelled to his men “Prepare for battle “ then he started barking commands “Knights Errant you will be opposite the Deck Gunners and the Questing Knights shall protect your flank. Archers you will set up behind the hedge rows across from the handgunners. Alfred you will take the Realm Nights and line up next to the Handgunners and between the woods. I will take the Grail Knights and line up to the left of the woods near Lady Claire and the Men at Arms protectors. Finally, he ordered the Trebuchet crew to setup near the edge of the battlefield on an angle with complete vision of the Undead units.


07-09-2005, 19:42
To Battle:

Edwin and the Brettonians bowed their heads and began to prey. Edwin spoke loudly so all knights could hear. “Dear lady grant us the strength to defeat this evil undead horde and return them to the hell from which they came. Be sure that are Lances are on target…”

Luthor Harkon looked at the Knights across the field praying he could hear the words spoken by them, Blah, blah, blah, he murmured, Then turned to his mates and said “Kill them all and rape the women, that’s my what I pray. Now get them while they least expect it.”

The Scurvy Dogs bounded forward towards the Trebuchet, and Buck One-Eye moved his unit along with them. The bloated Corpse Bob, the captain of the Brettonian vessel that was captured, moved forward and in front of Buck One-Eye’s unit. While Carlos and Luthor both moved their units forward, Carlos’s unit staying slightly behind but protecting the flank of Luthors daring the realm knights to charge. The Animated Hulks and Deck Droppers moved to the other side of the hill using it as cover while the Hand Gunners realizing they had deployed out of range moved closed. The Carronade crew move up slightly and angle towards the Realm Knights. The Carronade fires at the Realms Knights still with their heads bowed. The cannon ball overshoots the unit and lands harmlessly behind them. The large cannon from the ship, opened fired, on the Realms Knights also, but the water had made the gun powder weak and the spinning cannon balls landed short of their target. On the other side of the battlefield, The Deck Guns opened fire on the Knights Errant, but the Lady’s Blessing was with them and none of them fell to the fire.

Edwin and rest of the knights had just finished praying. Lady Claire moved her unit in front of the Scurvy Dogs to block them from charging the Trebuchet, angling away from it. Edwin moved his Grail Knights to the Flank of the Scurvy Dogs, hopping Lady Claire and the Men at arms could hold a turn and protecting them from Buck One-Eye units and Bob the Bloated Corpse. Alfred moved his Realm Knights forward towards both Luthor Harkons and Carlos units of Deck Hands. The Knight Errants moved around the hill and headed towards the unit of Deck Gunners, while the Questing knights moved to the hill and used it as cover then wheeled to face the flank of Harkon and Carlos units.

Lady Catherine raised her hands into the air and a large cloud appeared over the Large Cannon from the ship, Carlos attempted to stop the spell, but failed. It began to rain very hard drenching the cannon, the rain soon stopped, but the gun powder was soaked. Edwin yelled to the champion of the Men at Arms you must protect the lady at all costs. Lady Claire knew she was about to face a charge from the Scurvy Dogs and she summoned the power of the Beast, suddenly she grew into a ferocious bear like creature, and growled at Edwin I’m not as frail as you think.

The Trebuchet opened fire but the large rock landed harmlessly in front of Harkon’s unit. The Archers could now see the Pirates being carried by the bats and fired a volley towards them, but none of the arrows hit their mark.

The Scurvy dogs charged into the Men at arms and bear like Lady Claire. The dogs killed 2 Men at arms, while 1 dog was killed by the champion. The Lady Claire struck with her bear claws and killed 2 more. 4 More dogs fell to pieces as their magic failed to sustain them leaving only the Bad Dog remaining. Bob moved in front of the Grail Knights now dangerously close to them. Buck One-Eye then moved his unit of Deck Hands to the rear flank of Bob preparing for the Grail Knights charge Bob and overrun.

The Carronade had drawn a bead on the Grail Knights and fired, the cannon ball headed directly at the unit, the Banner they were carrying began to glow and the balls trajectory moved to the right, but one Grail Knight was still hit and killed. Edwin, looked skyward and stated “Praise be to the lady.” As the result could have been much worse.

Across the battlefield the large bats flew towards the Brettonian Archers and with a Pirate in their claws, but were suddenly stopped when they reached the defensive stakes hidden in the small brush in front of the Archers. Carlos saw the Deck Droppers were in need of help and summoned death magic towards them. Lady Catherine attempted to dispel the spell, but failed and now the Bats and the Pirates they carried began to glow an eerie green color. The Archers used their defensive stakes to strike first and killed one of Deck Droppers, but suddenly, the Pirate rose up and attacked along with the other Pirates, but the obstacle of the bushes protected the archers from being hit by any return attacks. One more Bat and Pirate fell as their magic failed to sustain them.

The Hand Gunners opened fire on the Knights of the Realm unit, but during the shooting two of the guns misfired and two Hand Gunners blew to pieces. Deck Gunners opened fired on the Knights Errants, but their aim was off and none of them hit target. All while Queen Bess crew attempted to get the cannon working again.

Edwin had seen enough, he knew it was risky, but he also knew if they didn’t charge Bob the Bloated Corpse, he would be charged by it. Edwin and his Grail Knights charged into Bob as Edwin swung his Birth-Sword of Carcassonne, Bob’s head popped off and his body exploded covering the Edwin and the Grail Knights in gas, even with the Lady’s protection one Grail Knight fell. Edwin had seen Buck One-Eye’s strategy and ordered his knights to hold instead of Overrun. Edwin looked for Lady Claire and saw her finish off the remaining Scurvy Dog. Edwin now realized this lady could protect herself.

07-09-2005, 19:42
Alfred had seen Luthor Harkon move his unit forward and dare him to charge. Alfred was a wise man of many battles and knew it was simply a trick, Alfred ordered his unit to charge Carlos unit that instead, hopping to break it and overrun. Carlos fired his pistols into the charging knights and killed one of them. Alfred and his Realm Knights Lance formation impacted into the Zombie Deck Hands, Alfred challenged, and it was declined by Carlos who hid behind the Zombies. Alfred and the Knights of Realm hacked down 7 zombies, causing 5 more to perish due to their magic weakening, but it was not enough to break the unit.

On the other side of the battlefield the Knights Errant, attempted to charge the Deck Guns, but they realized they were out of range and the charge sputtered. Lastly, the Questing Knights wheeled to help the archers with the battle against the Deck Droppers. Lady Catherine attempted summon another rain cloud and direct it to the Carronade, but she failed. Finally, the Trebuchet crew lobbed a stone on top of Harkons unit one of the zombies pushed Harkon out of the way and it along with 4 zombies were crushed by the stone.

Luthor’s Harkon’s eyes were now red with Frenzy and he charged his unit into the flank of Alfred’s Realm Knights. Luthor challenged Alfred who accepted, Luthor’s skill with the sword is too much for Alfred, who was knocked from his horse to the ground and killed. The sight of Alfred’s death, strains heavily on the Realm Knights, who only kill 2 more Zombies. With Alfred dead and being flanked, and outnumbered by Zombies the Realm Knights break and run, both Luthor’s and Carlos unit pursue. Luthor’s unit barely catches them and slaughters them all. Luthor looks up and now see the Questing Knights preparing to charge near by.

Meanwhile the Archers continue to fight the Deck Droppers and kill one more, in return the Deck Dropper still cannot hit the archers who skillfully use the bush obstacle to their advantage. Another Deck Dropper is destroyed as it magic fails to keep it together. The Animated Hulks had now reformed towards the Knight Errant unit preparing to charge the Deck Guns.

Lady Catherine attempted to summon the Rain cloud on top of the Carronade again, but Carlos was able to dispel the attempt.

Lady Claire and the Men at Arms moved foreword towards Buck One-Eye and his Deck Hands daring them to charge. While Edwin and his Grail Knights wheeled slightly and moved to the flank of the Buck One-Eye’s unit.

The Questing Knights charged into Luthor’s unit which just wiped out the Knights of the Realm unit. The Questing Knights Champion issued a challenge which was accepted by Luthor Harkon. The Champion swung in great sword and landed a blow on Harkon causing a wound. Harkon struck back, and the champion was unable to parry all of his attacks, one attack penetrated his armour, but it was enough to kill him. The rest of the Questing Knights killed 5 more zombies leaving none to attack back. 2 more Zombie fell due to magic flux from the combat.

The Knight Errant, now in range, charged the Deck Gunners, who opened fired and killed one of the Errant Knights on the charge. But his loss would be avenged as the Knights errant slaughtered every Deck Gunner overrunning off the battlefield, away from the Animated Hulks preparing to charge them.

The Trebuchet attempted to target Buck One-Eyes unit, but the rock missed target and instead landed on Carlos’s unit and crushed 3 more zombies.

The Brettonian Archers kill another Deck Dropper and the last one falls to pieces with no more magic to sustain them. Now seeing Carlos unit of Deck Hand heading towards them the Villein orders the archers to open fires and 4 of the Deck Hand zombies fall to the volley.

Buck One-Eye sees the Brettonian Lord on his flank and knows his only hope is to charge the bear like woman and her men at arms. Hoping to break them and overrun away from the Edwin and the Grail Knights. He charges his unit into the Men at arms, Carlos attempts to dispel the spell granting the wizard all her bear like abilities, but fails to do so. Buck One-Eye challenges and it is accepted by the Men at Arms champion, Buck decapitates the champion and stabs his body again as his headless body is falling to the ground. Lady Claire in her bear form swings her claws and kills 3 of the Zombie Deck hands and the Men at arms kill 2 more with their Halberds. Buck’s unit begins to fall apart due to magic loss, and loses 2 more Zombies.

The Carronade crew knows Bucks unit will be charged in the flank by Edwin and the Grail Knights next turn and must weaken the unit before it can charge. It fires a shot and the cannon ball lands in front of the Grail Knights and sticks in the mud failing to bounce.

Luthor gives the command and now the rest of the Undead Pirate prepare for a counter attack. The Hand Gunners move on the flank of the Questing Knights fighting Luthor Harkon unit. Carlos moves his unit towards the archers hiding behind the hedges. Animated Hulks move down the hill and near the point where the Errants left the battlefield.

A Syreen nearby begins to sing a beautiful song and its melody clearly consumes the Questing Knights. Soon they begin to think of home and how they miss it, this distracts the knights from the battle momentarily.

Luthor attempts to use this to his advantage, but the Questing Knights are strong and only Luthor himself kills 1 Knight, while the Questing Knights kill 4 more Zombies from Luthors unit. 3 more fall due to magic loss from the combat. Luthor’s unit has been weakened substantially by this combat, but knows if he can hold only a little longer help should arrive.

The crew of the Large Cannon Old Bess has been attempting to get it to function again and finally get the black power to ignite. This time the cannon fires, and the 2 balls with chains hurl towards the Grail Knights, the bounce takes it straight through the Knights, but the magic banner began to glow and the shot goes right and hits the trees instead of the Knights leaving them unaffected by the shot.

Edwin sees the Lady Claire and her unit in battle with the Zombie Deck Hands and Buck One-eye, he yells “We must save Lady Claire!” and he charges into the flank of the unit with his remaining Grail Knights, Edwin issues a challenge and it is accepted by Buck One-Eye, Edwin attacks swinging his Birth-Sword of Carcassonne, Buck One Eye is able to parry all but one attack and Buck One-Eye is wounded, but attacks back. He lands one attacks and it strikes Edwin in the neck, but is amazed as his blow should have decapitated Edwin, but the Mantel he was wearing around his neck and covering his body deflected the blow, and it only caused a wound. The Rest of the Grail Knights, attacked the Zombie Unit, and killed 3 more while their horses stomped 2 into the ground also. Now Lady Claire attacked the unit and killed 2 more Zombies with her Halberd men kill 2 also. The onslaught was too much, and the rest of the Zombie unit including Buck One-Eye crumpled to the ground in a pile of bones and dust.

Now knowing she must help keep Edwin and the Grail Knights safe, Lady Catherine summoned the rains on top of the Carronade and this time Carlos was unable to stop it. The Carronade and its crew were drenched with water.

While Archers opened fire on Carlos Deck Hand units and 2 more zombies fell. The Trebuchet attempted to fire at the unit also, but one of the crew didn’t tighten the ropes correctly and the machine refused to fire.

The Knight Errants finally circled around after destroying the Deck Gunners, but now were in a direct line with the Animated Hulks. Who charged into the Errant Knights
swinging their massive weapons and slaughtering 5 of them and taking only a wound in return. The Errant Knights broke and fan from the horrifying Hulks only to be caught and scattered. The Hulks then began to dine on the remains of the fallen Errants.

On the other side of the hill, Luthor sensed Buck’s demise, but knew he had to focus on his current combat or the same would happen to him. As Luthor hoped the Hand Gunners were able to charge the Questing Knights on the Flank and now this time Luthor dispatched 2 of the Questing Knights, while the Knights could only kill 2 Zombies and 2 hand gunners, The Knights and Lady Catherine had lost combat, but the Syreen’s song was still in their heads, but Lady Catherine encouraged them to stay and fight they ran. They were caught and destroyed by what remained of Luthor’s unit. Lady Catherine was carved into 4 pieces by Luthor’s sword.

Edwin and his unit turned to survey the battlefield and saw none of his unit remaining but the Archers behind the hedges. He charged his Grail Knights into the Carronade and its crew. Slicing them into tiny pieces then continuing forward and overran, but failed to reach Carlos Deck Hands unit. Lady Claire’s Halberd warriors also moved along with Edwin’s unit, but could not keep up with them there horses were just too fast.

The Trebuchet lobbed a large rock, but it landed just between Luthor’s unit and Carlos’s unit killing only one zombie. The Archers opened fire the Luthor’s unit, but only killed one Zombie.

Luthor commanded his Hand Gunners to protect the rear of both his and Carlos’s unit, and the Hand Gunners Wheel to protect the flank and angled themselves to protect against overrun.

Luthor moved his unit forward along with Carlos unit and prepared to charge the Archers hiding behind the hedges.

07-09-2005, 19:43
Edwin knew he had one chance he must charge the Hand Gunners and wipe them out then overrun into Luthor’s unit and destroy the Vampire Lord himself. Edwin and his 2 Remaining Grail Knights charged into the Hand Gunners, avoiding their volley of rounds. Edwin killed 3 Zombies, and the Grail knights killed 2 more, but one of the Knights was too over confident and was toppled from his horse by a Zombie sword. This meant combat was won, and 3 more Hand Gunners crumbled due to magic instability, but still left a lone Hand Gunner and stopped Edwin’s charge. The Hand Gunner had done his job and now Edwin watched in horror as the Archers were charge by Carlos unit and Luthors units of Deck Hands.

Luthor now had his chance and charged his unit into the Archers hiding behind the hedges. At the same time Carlos charged his unit into the archers behind the hedges. The archers opened fire and killed 2 more zombies. Now the Archer would once again have to rely on the hedges and defensive stakes, but even so Luthor’s skill was two great and 2 of the archers were killed by his flashing blade. The Archers attacked back, and killed one Zombie in Luthor’s unit, and 2 zombies in Carlos unit. Carlos killed another archer however, and now the archers had lost combat and were outnumbered and so fled. They were pursed by Luthor and Carlos’s units, caught and scattered.

Edwin easily killed the last Hand Gunner and then gave the order to leave the battlefield. Stating “We must protect the Lady Claire, but we shall return and rid this city of its evil”.

With that he and the remaining Grail Knights along with Lady Claire and her Men at Arms hurriedly left the battlefield and continued their journey to Alcoren.

Luthor laughed, “Let the cowards leave we have the town and when they come back we will crush them again.” Carlos said,”Whatever you say my Captain, Whatever you say.”

Final scores:

Zombie Pirates 1535 total points
Brettonians 1205 total points.

Zombie Pirates Win.


I didn’t participate in the battle. I was asked by my store to attend the battle and write a report. I must say it was very interesting watching this battle and how the Zombie Pirates units work. I had a blast watching and hopefully, I will be able to battle the Zombies with my High Elves some time soon.

Let me know what you think?


Ethereal Alpaca
07-09-2005, 19:49
Very nice report, an odd style though, seemed to switch between story mode and report mode quite abruptly. It's good to see the zombies triumphing over the tinpot ponces...er, I mean Brettonians. ;)

07-09-2005, 20:00
Wow, what a close battle! You wrote it up very well, although a bit too much rape in there for me (Do zombies have sex drives? I don't want to know...)

Just a rules query, but do zombie pirates get to stamd and shoot? I know undead can only choose "hold" as their charge reaction generally, but do the ZP's have a special rule that lets them do that?

07-09-2005, 20:27
Thats a good question. I don't know. I just assumed they could be cause they had guns. When I see Tom I will ask him maybe they do.


08-09-2005, 09:11
Nope, the Zombie pirates cannot stand and shoot.
In addition to that, Carlos should not have been able to use his magic powers, because he wore light armour.
Otherwise it was a nice report, nice to hear that the zombie pirates can actually win :p

08-09-2005, 13:23
Well Tom confirmed that it doesn't say they can stand and shoot. And Wow your right about the armour thing too. I tell tom about it.



08-09-2005, 17:18
your list is also illegal, having 5 special choices. whoops

08-09-2005, 21:47
Second your are correct about that. Man I typed the report and I didn't even notice. I will let Tom the Zombie player know.


Chaos and Evil
03-10-2005, 18:21
Carlos could indeed use light armour and the slann gold wizard powers, check the Zombie Pirates FAQ.

Also, he had not 5, but 6 special choices, the Queen Bess counts as one rare and one special...

03-10-2005, 19:11
Carlos could indeed use light armour and the slann gold wizard powers, check the Zombie Pirates FAQ.
That kinda sucks, why should a zombie be different from the rest of the models in the game?

(as an aside, where did you find the FAQ?)