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25-10-2007, 23:58
Hi I am quite new to warhammer 40k and I need help on how to form a imperial guard/vostroyan army please drop some tips and dont tell me to get something just for the sake of you getting me to waste my money because i have good common sence

Cry of the Wind
26-10-2007, 00:03
Welcome to Warseer and to Warhammer 40 000! That said I think my first tip will be for you to check out the 40k tactics section of the site and read up on the Imperial Guard stuff there to get an idea of what you'll want to get.

As for getting a Vostoryan army up and running fast, grab a platoon box (25 guys), a Squad box of 10 guys with a Chimera to ride in as well as a Vostroyan Command box (5 guys with a Senior officer and Banner guy) and a IG codex. That will give you your basic HQ and 2 Troops to play a small game with and will make a decent core for your army.

26-10-2007, 00:19
The current codex allows for an impossibly diverse array of army archetypes, so I'd recommend playing your first couple of games without using doctrines until you've got a feel for how everything works.

That said, here's a simple truism that will hopefully help you out: Guard win through a combination of Manpower and Firepower...

Don't skimp on the basic troopers - It takes about two squads of Guard to achieve anything in a game, so make sure you enough. There isn't a lot that you can't kill in 40K simply by throwing large numbers of guardsmen at it. Secondly, cram as much firepower into your list as you possibly can - Although Guard have some handy counter assault units that can give you the edge if the enemy reaches your lines, it's the shooting that will do all the killing, so make sure you have redundant amounts of firepower...

26-10-2007, 00:39
What I would have liked to hear when I started my own metal guard regiment:

First of all Vostroyans are going to cost a lot of money and are limited in what they can take unless you want to convert. Given that you are going to need a lot of them too, that means an army that is very expensive and long to paint and convert... and I you choose do to it you'll love your army to death.

Now on what to buy, this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt:

Troops, the backbone of the IG you need lots and they must all have a heavy weapon team in them. I avoid putting special weapons in those squads because I want them to be as far from the ennemy as possible.

If you buy special weapons, plasmaguns should be your priority. Group them in squads with your lieutenants equiped with a plasma pistol and watch MEQs die in droves.

I would avoid getting chimeras. They aren't really that usefull and they and their content die too easily.

Leman Russ and Leman Russ demolishers are the tanks you should get first. They have a huge killing potential and they are relatively survivable.

26-10-2007, 00:43
Minimum, you are going to need a 5 man command squad, an officer and 5 guardsmen for the infantry platoon, 20 guardsmen for the infantry platoon, a chimera, and 10 guardsmen for the armored fist platoon.

Thats the minimum number of troops you could go with, unless you go with stormtroopers as troops choice (called grenadiers) then you would need the command squad, and 2 squads of stormtroopers (unless they made vossy versions of stormtroopers they will be the kasrkin models which look very cadian.)

Those are the minimums for a legal force. If you are going to start by playing combat patrols, you can skip the command squad for the time being.

26-10-2007, 00:44
Welcome to Warseer! my bro plays vastroyans, and i have to say hes only lost a few battles, a couples of things are......

1. stay away from ogyrens, they are expecive in every aspect

2. hes uses a baslisk in every game, there good aginst most units with str 9 ap3 ,so they can pop marines, hes killed 7 marines at once, twice!

3. take advantage of heavy weps teams, like mortor squads, they can really tear you appeart and las cannon squades.

4. this is just my oppion, but dont run the conscript army of doom, you have to have TONS of guys and since your vastroyan, youll be spending lots o cash

5. heavy support can be a russ or demolisher, and a basklisk, and you might want to get an exterminator for orks, it just mo's them down

26-10-2007, 00:45
Best advice for the Imperial Guard: Never go into a battle depending on a Lasgun to kill ANYTHING.

Da Reddaneks
26-10-2007, 02:12
You should check out the "Who Loves Oomies (http://warseer.com/forums/groups-and-factions/45698-who-loves-guard.html)" thread in the groups and factions section. Lots of good oomie advice there on everything from tactics to conversions. Its probably the best place to start for everything Guard related.

26-10-2007, 03:41
The back bone of IG is troops. If you have played the game before you will know that you need 2 troops choices and one HQ for the MIN in a normal game, but then there is Combat Patols which you only need 1 troop and a total of 400pts. That beening said one troop choice for IG is 25+ guys then you can take one Armored fist squad 10 guys+Chim.

Now other people might tell you to use Doctrines, but I say you should not. And here is why. Any time they release a new codex speciality armies (such as ones made with doctrines) normally go way, and you will lose most of your units that you made. But if you make your army using the basic rules for them those will not change as much.

The UnNamed One
26-10-2007, 03:54
If you want a cheap start i would suggest getting the Codex (most improtant) battleforce and a command box, that gives you a legal combat patrol list for a low cost. then to expand into a proper army, get another command box and another troop box to make a legal list, then from then on its just whatever takes your fancy.

On warseer forums we prefer people who take the time to type with correct grammar, and dont talk TXT speak (abbrevitions like ASAIK and BTW are fine)

26-10-2007, 04:37
Can we get back on subject? I'm a interested in some advice as well.

27-10-2007, 21:06
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27-10-2007, 21:18
A large number of off-topic and downright unhelpful posts removed. Please post in a way rellevant to the topi at hand.

Hey, there were other helpful posts here! Like the bit discussing how a new IG player should avoid getting tanks at first, and focus primarily on the infantry backbone before experimenting with other units found in the codex.

27-10-2007, 21:19
i just getting the platoon and tanks constintly