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Warlord Kyle
26-10-2007, 03:00
alright im a 40k player and am planning on starting fantasy as the empire. Im getting a few models from a friend and i don't know what to do with them. I have a rulebook and codex(not sure if its a different name for the army book for fantasy). Im trying to get the army up to 1000pts and i dont know what to get next. any advice on how to play, what to get or tactics are much apprisiated:D

The models i have are:

1 captain on a warhorse with barding and a lance

5 kislev lancers griffon legion with full command (for now are being used as normal knights because i do not have the rules for them and my artillery takes the rare slot)

10 bowmen

21 handgunners

16 spearmen with full command (missing 4 guys in order to make it a %x4 squad)

1 hellblaster volley gun with crew

roughly 630 pts.

any advice on how to play, what to get or tactics are much apprisiated:D

01-11-2007, 10:55
theres good news and theirs bad news. the good is news is congratulations of choiceing the most flexible army and the easiest to get started with. the bad news is that some of the models you have are not much good at the moment (helblaster, which if you want to be even half way effective you hae to assign an engineer to) so will have to count as other things (winged lancers as knights) and you are despiratley lacking in the backbone units of any empire army (i.e. 3 block regiments of state troops of 25 to 30 men)

i would advice getting swordsmens and some free companiers to act as combat detachemtns (read the detachment rules/ the walk though on the UK GW website). i find that handgunners act best in units of 15 (10 front rank, 5 casulaty replacements). the 10 bowmen are great if you give them the scout upgrade for being generally annoying shooty skermishers who hide in woods sniping

your captain on a horse is in fact a brilient mini combat carater to go war machine/ skermisher/ wizard hunting. i find that the arch lector on a war altar is the best general, but a standard general ON FOOT is the next best option
i prefer warrior priests (magicy, combaty, leadery) but it is quite possible to take a mage heavy army.

empire have some of the best artilery, with a mix of cannons, morter and helstorm rocket batteries to suite your taste and oposition (personally i think that a 2 cannon 1 rocket battery gives the best mix but there is a large school of though that supports the mortar)

flagallents are great, (a block of 30, which if it maytrs some can get a bucket load of S5 attacks with possible re rolls on hits and wounds and +1 combat resolution to make up for lack of standard.... oh and unbreackability is a good thing)

greatswords are good but not super elite infantry

cavalry your spoilte for choice between hitty (knights, inner circle esp)
very shooty (outriders 5 can rack out 15 shots on bs 4 :))
or the best fast cavaly in the game pistolers (shooty, combaty, distracters etc)

these are just some starting musing on what i've found over playing empire for a few years. do you want anything more spacific? its hard with empire becuase they are so versitle there is no 'one way' like there is with the undead or beasts of chaos



01-11-2007, 21:57
And, just so you know, the Kislev rules can be found here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/download/download.htm?/empire/kislev/assets/kislev-book.pdf)

Warlord Kyle
02-11-2007, 02:09
Thank you all very much. For empire is it better to have big core units and few elite? Or can u balance?

02-11-2007, 18:42
as a general rule of thumb 'God is on the side with the bigger batallion' in other words have a strong base of core troops (and variety becuase empire have a multitude of differnt combat and missile units) with a smatering of more elite troops however a smaller unit of great swords (say 20) can easily take the place in the battle line of a regular infantry unit. flagellents are cool but a bit inflexible (no armour and frenzy so cleaver enamies can have them running in circles). what you want to make sure is that you have full rank bonus and possible outnumbering so 25 to 30 is your best bet as your average human is not going to go toe to toe with anything (except goblins and ratmen)

02-11-2007, 21:38
and codex(not sure if its a different name for the army book for fantasy)

correct, its an army book.

i would get a cannon and some halbadiers, then maybe a warrior priest :evilgrin: and some flagelents. then maybe some crossbowmen to give you some extra range. quite a nice army to field is a mounted general, 2 units of handgunners then some inner circle knights and pistoliers. this relies totally on shhoting, with the counter charge from the IC knights, with the general in. you could buy the new HE dragon and say it is the dragon in the imperial zoo and put a rider on top, saying it is the emporer. that would be quite a nasty shock to anyone you were playing.:D

Warlord Kyle
04-11-2007, 17:34
er what if u dont want a shooting army?

04-11-2007, 18:58
chamge the shooty bits for hitty bits, like halbediers or swordsmen, and some normal cavalry. i dont know much about empire that cant shoot, as i always play against shooty armies, with blocks of 25 spears with 10 man detatchments of handguns

04-11-2007, 23:45
As a side note: all codex means is the latin word for bound pages. Thus, every book every written by mankind can be called a codex and you aren't wrong.

Technically though, Fantasy uses Armybooks and 40k uses Codexs.

Get some decent artillery. Not that the hellblaster doesn't rock (it does) but, by itself, it'll get destroyed too quickly to matter. I think a pair of cannons will give your opponent something to think about and should be your first purchase. Mind though, I play Dwarves and am a bit biased toward artillery.

Warlord Kyle
05-11-2007, 03:18
i actually had my eye on 2 cannons, what is the most special units u can have in a 1000pt army?

05-11-2007, 06:49
3 specials at 1k, though for the new HE, its 5, so watch out

Warlord Kyle
06-11-2007, 02:38
HE? what is this?

07-11-2007, 08:50
short hand for high elves. also known as 'pointie eared, bath robe wearing poncy arogant gits' (no posibly speciesit bias honest ;))

Warlord Kyle
13-11-2007, 02:55
no bias eh? lol