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26-10-2007, 05:55
Edit: yarg, posted in the wrong forum, could a mod move this to army lists, please?

Righto, I've been following the new lists for a while now and tailoring my choice Here's the third incarnation of my non-con chracian army

Prince: Armor of caledor, great weapon, sacred incense, amulet of the flame (goes with big seaguard)

Dragon mage: level 2, silver wand, ring of fury

Mage: level 2 jewel of dusk (also goes with big seaguard)

27 lothern seaguard: Full command, banner of balance, shields

10 seaguard: shields

16 white lions: full command, banner of arcane protection

1 lion chariot

1 lion chariot

5 dragon princes

5 reavers: bows

1 bolt thrower

The concept is the reavers, princes and dragon mage make a flanking force, running around the side where they're somewhat protected from enemy firepower (and hopefully my antimagic will hold). The big seaguard unit (with the little one as a flanking detachment) will deploy on a hill if possible, flanked by the smaller unit and with the lion chariots hiding behind cover and providing cross charge lines. The white lions will either go on another flank or with the main firebase, depending on where terrain is. If there are woods, they will deploy in them.

This forces the enemy to shoot/magic units that are highly resistant (-1 to hit the seaguard and I'll try and get a 5+ WS spell on them early, and the white lions with their 3+ save and hopefully a -1 for deploying them in terrain) while my bows, magic and bolts trim down their more vulnerable support units. then present my two anvils (lions and guard) to take charges from their elite units, hold them and ultimately flank or rear them with the cavalry, chariots or dragon.

Just Tony
26-10-2007, 16:51
27 seems to be an odd number. Me personally, I think having both characters in one unit is a little dangerous. I'd try to get both of them to 19 man, and stick one character in each. I'd also trim them down to JUST spearmen, but that's me...

27-10-2007, 02:46
27+1 is 28, 28 = four ranks of 7. The mage will stick in the unit only until a viable enemy threat approaches, upon which point he will hitch up his skirt and prance daintily to behind the nearest large solid object, strewing flowers and horrible flaming death in his wake. Since the unit is ITP, I won't have to worry about them panicking and all those points running off, so it's about as safe as it can be to have him in there at least initially.

The reason I have seaguard is to provide a big incentive for the enemy to attack the block. a unit of spearmen is easy to ignore, a unit of archers can just prick at you turn after turn until you basically have to charge them. It forces the enemy to take the initiative and pressures them into attacking a unit that is extremely hard to beat.

27-10-2007, 15:40
a nice list

is it for tournaments or friendly? For friendly I would say it's great. For tournament I think it will have a problem against anything that can outshoot/outmagic it. Your magic defense is pretty low and all your troops are fragile so against someone with 8+ levels you might burn.

Also an ennemy with a decent amount of shooting (even just non thorek dwarfs) can put a serious dent in your troops. The -1 to hit is all very nice but there are a lot of auto hits in magic and warmachines and the armor on the seaguard wont save them.

I dont know the point costs so thats all that I can comment on (I have a feeling the dragon mage is pretty vulnerable for his price though).

29-10-2007, 05:28
I don't distinguish between friendly and tourney. If tourneys aren't friendly I don't want to be at them :).

I think there's plenty of threat there to keep gunlines occupied- 2 lion chariots, the dragon mage, the princes and the reavers. if any one of those get through they could cause havoc to even a tough gunline like dwarfs. Thorek wouldn't be much of a problem the dragon mage can make a mess of him. outnumbering and terror and all that jazz, even if I don't get the sword off, the dragon will probably kill a couple of dwarfs, and the two striking back will have to do pretty well to even draw, let alone win against that. If they lose... buh-bye...

My plan for antimagic is to hurt their users early- charge em with a dragon, even if i have to sacrifice him to take out a tough archmage, the dragon will usually stick around and make a mess of something. Other than that, I'll be aiming to have drain magic off every turn, so lets see you get through a -6 penalty at those seaguard :P. armies usually don't have powerful shooting AND magic, and if they do then they usually have ******** leadership. One or two terror tests later and half their army is running and looking a lot less threatening, or so I hope.

Like you say though, dwarfs will be my toughest ask, methinks...