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26-10-2007, 07:37
Hey guys im building a slaanesh HOC army probably with the exclusion of BOC units. My question is what is the best lord choice for a 2000pts army or maybe a little larger. At the moment as I want to be reasonably magic heavy to be able to effectively use slaaneshi magic, I was considering an exalted sorceror of chaos, or a keeper of secrets (is this worth it in such a point cost battle?), or whether it is generally better to go with the brute force of a Chaos Lord.


26-10-2007, 08:11
I'm playing Slaaneshi HOC w\some beastmen (1 beastherd jf 10\10, 5centigor, 15 bestigor). for my 2500 army I use exalted sorcerer w\power familiar and a disp. scroll, hidden in a unit of chosen knights. I used to give him a skull of catham (+1 to cast) but I decided that it does not worth 50 pts.

My roster is quite new and I played about 10 games against skaven, dwarves, h. elves, blood dragon and carstein vampyres, night goblins. All the games ended as a solid victory or massacre (i won). And this sorcerer plays n importantrole in all these victories.

Keeper of secrets is to expenive imo. I'd take him for 2500-3000 pts army, not less. So, if u r talking about 2000-2250 pts army, than dont use him (or her)

And yeh, sorry 4 my english, as I'm not a native speaker =

26-10-2007, 08:31
Thanks For the help I must admit I was leaning to the exalted sorceror, purely on point cost. By the way your english is fine.


26-10-2007, 10:35
Personally I don't touch the Lord choices with my Slaanesh Mortals until at least 2500pts and even then I wouldn't be too keen on commiting those points to one model.

I prefer to invest my points in heroes and units. The chaos lord is 110pts more expensive than the exalted champion before you take advantage of his extra magic item allowance. When an exalted champion with a flail is already enough to take out the majority of enemy lord types I'd rather use those extra points to put a unit of marauder horse on the table, or a beastherd. Leadership takes a knock but then that's not too big a concern in a mobile, slaanesh list.

So basically think hard about whether you want that lord choice. You could be needlessly tying up points that could afford you another unit and unlike some armies, chaos does not need a lord's leadership or combat ability to function. As for the exalted sorceror, well that's an avenue open to you if you want to go magic heavy, but be aware that at 2000pts you won't have much of a chaos army if you invest seriously in spellcasters.

My advice though: Leave the lord at home.

26-10-2007, 12:44
I'd rather have 2 exalted for the price of 1 lord.

26-10-2007, 15:04
I would use a beastlord with the hellfire sword, chaos armor and a shield. It has got a good 2+ armor save and it does d6+1 wounds each succesfull hit, so he is great for challenging. Even a normal beast herd backed up with this guy can do some serious damage!